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"Dear Sam" "Dear Sam" Narrated Drama Series Before she died, a cancer patient left a series of voice recording for her younger sister, who is starting her first week of university.This is a one-episode audio drama that is under four minutes in length. Website RSS Feed , , ,
"Saint" Nick and the Big F*ck Up "Saint" Nick and the Big F*ck Up Narrated Drama Christmas Series Nick is a part-time mall Santa, who really hates Christmas. And with good reason. But here he is, on Christmas Eve, wearing the red suit. He shouldn't be working today, but he is. And he's about to meet a terrible child who will ruin everything. This is not going to end well. But what's about to happen, isn't the worst thing he's ever done , , , , ,
#MATTER #MATTER Full Cast Drama Series When Gerald Hayes (Amin Joseph, SNOWFALL) witnesses his teenage son Niles's (Nile Bullock, POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN) brutal beating by police officers, a split-second decision leads him to being barricaded in friend Jayce's (Steve Harris, THE PRACTICE) nearby restaurant with one of the officers, Sergeant Place (Haley Joel Osment, THE KOMINSKY METHOD). As the situation deteriorates and the press paints Niles as the offender, Gerald fights for justice for his… , , , ,
(Some Kinda) Love Stories with Trina (Some Kinda) Love Stories with Trina Narrated Drama Anthology Trina is on a mission– to write love stories. Unfortunately, that is the hardest thing for her to do! So each week, she will read her attempt at a love story for the week. Mature Website RSS Feed , , , ,
  1001 Stories Podcast Network 1001 Stories Podcast Network Homepage * Website: <http://www.1001storiespodcast.com/> Description 1001 Stories Podcast Network offers a pair of podcasts – 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales and 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries – that present readings of classic stories and audio documentaries about historical events. , , , , , ,
24 Hours in Isolation 24 Hours in Isolation Narrated Drama Anthology Before Covid19, before “self isolation” and “social distancing”, there was already an epidemic of loneliness in British society. It is most acute in North East England, where 53% of adults feel lonely. That's half of us reading this right now. How many of us have told someone else what it feels like, what it is looks like, what it sounds like? It's time we did. , , , ,
  35 Litre Theatre 35 Litre Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://35litretheatre.wix.com/35litretheatre> Description 35 Litre Theatre produces a series of dramatic audio dramas. Titles A Bubble Full Of Sunbeam The People Watcher Additional Links * SoundCloud page * YouTube channel drama free ,
36 Questions 36 Questions Full Cast Musical Drama Series In a last-ditch attempt to salvage their crumbling marriage, a couple uses the 36 questions—an experiment known for making strangers fall in love—to save their own relationship. Starring Tony-nominated actor Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton, , , , ,
  3DF Productions 3DF Productions Homepage * Website: <http://3dfproductions.blogspot.com/> Description 3DF Productions is an amateur voice acting group that produces several fan fiction audio dramas based on Japanese animated series. The audio files are available for download or as a series of streaming YouTube videos. , , , , , ,
5 Women Now & Then 5 Women Now & Then Full Cast Drama Anthology Created during the Covid lockdowns, 5 Women Now & Then, is a brand-new, female-led, three-part audio drama that questions how much has really changed for women over the last 200 years. Beautifully told as a series of interwoven stories, a tapestry of rich narrative is juxtaposed with piano-driven bar songs, spoken word, cello composition, and evocative sound design. , , , ,
  500 OTR Christmas Shows 500 OTR Christmas Shows Homepage * Website: <https://archive.org/details/500OTRChristmasShows/> Description 500 OTR Christmas Shows is a collection of five hundred Christmas holiday-themed old time radio shows, from a variety of genres and formats, hosted on the Internet Archive. adventure comedy drama free full_cast mystery old_time_radio sound_effects , , , , , , ,
A Blind Play of Social Forces A Blind Play of Social Forces Full Cast Drama Anthology Adapted from the short fiction of Michael Mau, season one of this anthology narrative podcast series explores the relationships between children and the adults who influence them. Featuring voice talent from around the world, our low-fi DIY series pulls no punches. , , , ,
  A Budget of Christmas Tales A Budget of Christmas Tales Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/a-budget-of-christmas-tales-by-various/> Description A Budget of Christmas Tales is a collection of Christmas-themed short stories and poems by various authors, originally published in 1895, including the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol ,
  A Christmas Carol (1960) A Christmas Carol (1960) Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5B2E42CD2CA98644> Description A Christmas Carol (1960) is an full cast recording of Charles Dickens's famous holiday story, starring Sir Ralph Richardson as Ebenezer Scrooge, and Paul Scofield as the narrator. The original recording was released in 1960. It is presented as a series of streaming YouTube videos. , , , ,
  A Christmas Carol 2011 A Christmas Carol 2011 Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/lennylyons/a-christmas-carol-2011> Description A Christmas Carol 2011 is a full cast audio drama adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic Christmas story, produced by Florida radio station WWBA AM 820 News. drama free full_cast sound_effects spiritual , , , ,
  A Christmas Carol: A Radio Drama A Christmas Carol: A Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <https://www.wnyc.org/story/christmas-carol-radio-drama/> Description A Christmas Carol: A Radio Drama is a full cast audio drama adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic Christmas story, produced by New York Public Radio station WNYC. Mark Linn-Baker , , , , ,
A City Sidewalk Christmas A City Sidewalk Christmas Full Cast Drama Christmas Series A friend discovers his high school buddy homeless and on the streets of snowy Salt Lake City. A news reporter is there to capture their reunion and cover the story. The world responds with support and donations, but the homeless friend is ashamed and not willing to accept the help. A City Sidewalk Christmas is the story of how a friend's unrelenting love eventually conquers stigma and addiction. This original Christmas tale is is a no… , , , ,
A Drink Before the Dark A Drink Before the Dark Full Cast Drama Series A stranger stumbles into a lonely bar at the edge of the world to find he must face the inevitable.This is a one-episode audio drama that is under seven minutes in length. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts SoundCloud , , ,
  A Family Life Christmas A Family Life Christmas Homepage * Website: <http://www.fln.org/radio/christmas/> Description A Family Life Christmas is a collection of full cast holiday audio dramas with religious themes. The audio dramas can be steamed from the website. Titles Heard on High A Christmas Carol , , , ,
  A Furry Christmas Carol A Furry Christmas Carol Homepage * Website: See below Description A Furry Christmas Carol is a full cast audio drama adaptation of Charles Dickens's famous holiday story, but with all the characters portrayed as anthropomorphic animals. It is presented as a pair of streaming YouTube videos. , , ,
  A Journey of Words A Journey of Words Homepage * Website: <http://www.vincentmeis.com/> Description A Journey of Words is the website for writer Vincent Meis, who has made his stories available as free audiobooks. Titles Down in Cuba Eddie's Desert Rose Tio Jorge Additional Links , , ,
A Lesson In Swimming A Lesson In Swimming Narrated Drama Series Writer/performer Michael Shutt is a three-time stroke survivor. This is his story. Hilarious and poignant, A Lesson in Swimming is a five-part radio play that takes you inside his brain as it “breaks” , , ,
  A Lollypop or a Bullet A Lollypop or a Bullet Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvxvzs-L1HuNSiNiKK_-T1O1qicOdI6p-> Description A Lollypop or a Bullet is an amateur full cast audio drama adaptation of the Japanese manga comic Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai. It is available as a series of streaming YouTube videos. , , ,
A Man Reads Romance A Man Reads Romance Narrated Drama Anthology Join A Man Reads Romance, a podcast delivered in soothing baritone register courtesy of the dreamy Dudley Manchester. Each episode, you'll enjoy a Happily-Ever-Chapter of new and (sometimes) steamy romantic fiction. , , , ,
  A Moment In Time A Moment In Time Homepage * Website: <http://echoromeokilo.com/blog/?page_id=12397> Description A Moment In Time is a story by Eric Brook that has been made available as a free audiobook. ... Additional Links * iTunes link * Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
A Monkey With Cymbals A Monkey With Cymbals Full Cast Drama Series Theatre company A Monkey With Cymbals are proud to announce their first ever audio play, 'The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith' by Arthur Wing Pinero, adapted by Claire Louise Amias and directed by Pradeep Jeyaratnam-Joyner. , , ,
A Practical Guide to Death A Practical Guide to Death Narrated Drama Anthology An anthology of short-form dramas exploring the theme of death, the extraordinary subject that literally affects us all. Each drama is accompanied by a discussion episode – where the writers reflect on the themes of their plays with end of life specialists including end of life doulas, therapists and morticians. , , ,
A Simple Herstory A Simple Herstory Full Cast Drama Anthology From outsiders to insiders, and outsiders again, these are the women who ran. A Simple Herstory is a theatrical and high concept podcast series about the women who have run for President of the United States. , , , , ,
A Walk with Ghosts A Walk with Ghosts Full Cast Drama Series A lone wandering man stumbles across a radio talk show and tells the audience his story. This story takes us through his hard and interesting life and the people he had come across. His struggles with life are showcased in this dark, dramatic and romantic story. , , ,
  A Work In Progress A Work In Progress Homepage * Website: <http://www.aworkinprogress.org/> Description A Work In Progress is a serial Christian radio drama. Each episode explores the personal relationships and ongoings in the small college town of Progress. drama free full_cast sound_effects spiritual , , , ,
  Abdulai Abdulai Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/bahjoy> Description Abdulai is a SoundClound page that, among other content, has a pair or short audio dramas. Titles The Experience Of Immigrant-Life In the U.S. -- When Santa Gets Kidnapped A short skit about a reporter investigating the disappearance of Santa Claus. , , , ,
ACA Radio Reps ACA Radio Reps Full Cast Multigenre Anthology These Radio Plays were recorded by the Academy for Classical Acting at Shakespeare Theatre Company and George Washington University (Class of 2020) in Washington, DC., during the global pandemic. Each performer recorded alone, listening to each other via the Zencastr platform. Our season is generously sponsored by Dr. Julie M. Feinsilver, and Arthur and Shirley Fergenson. , , , ,
Academy Days Academy Days Narrated Drama Series Academy Days is a fiction serial podcast for teenage girls. The Christian high school story follows four girls as they navigate school, family, friends, and the choices that each day brings. Carmen, London, Nora, and Lacey differ in personality, but life in a small Christian school brings them together as each one grows closer to God. , , ,
Address: House of Corrections Address: House of Corrections Full Cast Drama Series Unfolding against the backdrop of ugly southern tradition, the great Migration North and Detroit's former glory, “Address: House of Corrections” seamlessly weaves between the time periods of 1947 to 1968 and follows the journey of MERRY, an ex-con and recovering addict, from a rarely seen Black woman's point of view. , , , ,
Adelita: Changing the Key Adelita: Changing the Key Full Cast Drama Series What would you do for the world of pop music to know your name? Would you risk it all, or play it safe? Presented by Sonoro and My Cultura Podcast Network, Adelita: Changing The Key is the fascinating story of Adelita Paz, a Tejano superstar who dreams of becoming a famous pop star. In her search for the crossover dream that few Latin artists have accomplished, she will compromise the security of her established career, fanbase, and brand th… , , , , ,
Adelyne's Apothecary Adelyne's Apothecary Narrated Drama Series Adelyne's Apothecary is a fiction podcast exploring the world of folk herbalist Adelyne Hutcheson. Adelyne's storytelling takes us deep into the hills of Northern Appalachia where we meet her eccentric neighbors, family, and dearest plant friends. , , ,
Adventures In Rovenhill Adventures In Rovenhill Narrated Drama Series Adventures In Rovenhill is a story series written and read by Jamie Dyer. It follows the lives of the residents of Rovenhill village, including the Rovenhill friends; consisting of the Daniels Twins, Maddie Fielding and Joe Adams. , , ,
Aishi Online Aishi Online Narrated Drama Series Do you know who you are? That was the question the game, known to a select few as The Funhouse Hallway was asking its players to answer, but Aishi, MJ, and The Forum were never able to complete it. That was in the early days of the internet. Aishi and MJ grew up together as the internet came into its own. But suddenly, Aishi was gone, leaving MJ to make sense of a person who didn't give her much if anything to work off of. After all, you can be anyone onl… , , ,
  Alex Austin Alex Austin Homepage * Website: <http://www.alexaustinnovels.com/> Description Alex Austin is a writer who has made his story The Red Album of Asbury Park Remixed available as a free audiobook. The production is a mix of spoken word and original music. Additional Links , , ,
All Around the Square All Around the Square Full Cast Drama Series All Around the Square is an improvisational soap-opera drama inspired by classic radio dramas. Performances are script-free, socially-distanced, and completely improvised. The cast from KWLT are performing together virtually each week during the series and episodes will be released as they are created. , , , , , ,
All The Way Down All The Way Down Full Cast Science Fiction Series Action/Drama podcast series set two years after a viral pandemic causes 3 million deaths in the United Kingdom, The government successfully develops a vaccine that immunizes 80% of the population but fails to work on the other 20%. Segregating the population that have no immunity and enforcing a lock-down, the government now must rush to develop a new vaccine with the hope of getting the country back to normal. , , , , ,
  Allen Johnson Jr. Allen Johnson Jr. Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/my-brothers-story/> Description Allen Johnson Jr. is a writer who has mas his young adult story My Brother's Story available as a free digital audiobook. It is the first book in the Blackwater Novels series. Additional Links , ,
Alone: A Love Story Alone: A Love Story Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Alone: A Love Story is an award-winning memoir by Michelle Parise, named by The Atlantic as one of the 50 Best Podcasts of 2017. In each episode, with candour and humour, Michelle delves into the deepest, darkest aspects of her divorce and her new life as a part-time parent, part-time partier. Millions of listeners around the world have connected with her relatable, intimate storytelling that speaks to the loneliness, grief, hope and resili… , , , , ,
Alternative Fictions Alternative Fictions Narrated Drama Anthology Michael Fine, MD has been an advocate for communities, healthcare reform and the care of under-served populations worldwide for 40 years. His career as a community organizer and family physician has led him to some of the poorest places in the United States and dangerous, war-ravaged communities in third-world countries. His experiences across the globe have enabled him to craft numerous short stories, novels and healthcare policy books about how … , , , ,
Am I Old Yet? Am I Old Yet? Full Cast Comedy Series Series of short plays—a radio soap opera without the soap—entertaining and a wee bit provocative, especially if you are a woman of 'a certain age'. Helen is in her mid-70s, adjusting to the reality of her ageing body, determined to claim her status as 'elder', 'crone', 'senior' with dignity, honesty and joy. Her family have other ideas, refusing to accept that she is, quite possibly, old. Written, performed and produced by actress, singer-songwriter and p… , , , , ,
Amber Alert Amber Alert Full Cast Drama Mystery Series The fictitious story of the abduction of 5 year-old Charles Howe, the impact it had on his family and a father's hunt for his missing child. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode One - The Introduction , , , , ,
America 2.0 America 2.0 Full Cast Drama Series Seth McGuire (Patrick J Adams) is a first term Congressman. He’s also an unflinching idealist and a profound optimist. When embroiled in his first ever controversy, Seth is completely ill-equipped to navigate D.C.’s political treachery. Hope comes in a EUREKA moment, putting him at a crossroads: can his bold and revolutionary plan really save this country, or is he going to talk himself right out of office when people hear his crazy idea? Find out in our 6-p… , , , ,
  An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/an-old-fashioned-thanksgiving-by-louisa-may-alcott/> Description An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving is a short story by Louisa May Alcott, first published in 1882 in Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag #6. It is presented as a dramatic reading by several narrators on LibriVox. , ,
And Now Live And Now Live Full Cast Drama Series A singer-songwriter duo trying to find their voice - while being desperately in love. A sweetheart manager trying to get them there - while staying a sweetheart. And an arranged marriage proposal gone wrong. India's first musical podcast featuring original music performed by the actors. , , , , ,
And Then I Sing And Then I Sing Full Cast Nonfiction Drama Series The [...] podcast musical about the life of Frank Sinatra, the most popular entertainer of the 20th Century — created and written by Fred Travalena with John Dayton. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts , , , , ,
  Anna Henley Anna Henley Homepage * Website: <https://www.mixcloud.com/annahenley/> Description Anna Henley has a number of full cast audio dramas in a variety of genres available to listen to online. Titles Biff the Pirate King Faster Percy Archibald Living Monument “”“” Pillowtalk , , , , , , ,
  Anne of Green Gables (Librivox) Anne of Green Gables (Librivox) Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/group/525> Description Anne of Green Gables is a series of classic children's novels written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, with the first book, Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908. LibriVox offers narrated versions of most books in the series, with full cast readings of books 1, 2, 3, and 5. , , ,
Anne of Green Gables (Mary Kate Wiles) Anne of Green Gables (Mary Kate Wiles) Narrated Children's Drama Series Mary Kate Wiles and friends read L.M. Montgomery's classic, Anne of Green Gables. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter One - Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised children drama narrated podcast series , , , ,
Annex Annex Full Cast Drama Series Annex is an audio serial (podcast) where Knots Landing meets Chinatown in the Pacific Northwest of the early twentieth century. Five seasons or connected arcs (consisting of 13 episodes per arc) tell the story of Halfway-There, one of the neighborhoods just outside the fictional port city of Harborview between World War I and the Great Depression. , , ,
Anthem: Homunculus Anthem: Homunculus Full Cast Musical Drama Series From the creator of Hedwig & the Angry Inch comes a revolutionary podcast musical, written and composed by John Cameron Mitchell and Bryan Weller. Broke artist Ceann Mackay (Mitchell) starts an online telethon to crowdfund his survival. Cynthia Erivo, Glenn Close, Nakhane and Patti LuPone co-star in a darkly hilarious musical retelling of Ceann's life as he realizes what's killing him may be the very thing that saves us all. , , , , , ,
  Anthology Anthology Homepage * Website: <https://www.anthologypodcast.com/> Description Anthology is a podcast featuring Gothic and pre-Gothic stories narrated with sound effects and music. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * SoundCloud page drama free horror mystery sound_effects , , , ,
Anyway, What Else? Anyway, What Else? Full Cast Drama Series Anyway, What Else? listens in on the lives of four millennials who are approaching breaking point. They have never met, yet they share so much in common. Like reading a diary over the author's shoulder, these audio journals reveal their confessions, anxieties, loves and losses. , , , ,
  Appaloosa Summer Appaloosa Summer Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/appaloosa-summer/> Description Appaloosa Summer is a romance story by Tudor Robins, who has made it available as a free digital audiobook. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
Appearances Appearances Full Cast Drama Series There's the family you grew up with: your mom, your dad, your siblings. And then, there's the family you carry around in your head for the rest of your life. This show is about that second family, the one that lives within you. , , , ,
  Araby Araby Homepage * Website: <http://araby.podomatic.com/> Description Araby is a podcast that features readings of classic short stories by authors such as Katherine Mansfield, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and more. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
  Aram Schefrin Aram Schefrin Homepage * Website: <http://aschefrin.libsyn.com/> Description Aram Schefrin is a writer who has made his stories available as free audiobooks. Several of his stories are based on historical events. Titles Consider The Elephant A historical fiction novel about John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, as told by his brother Edwin. The story is soaked in the ambiance of life in the American theater in the mid-nineteenth century, and lays out in detail the path Wil… , , ,
  ARD Radio Tatort ARD Radio Tatort Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiotatort.ard.de/> Description ARD Radio Tatort is a German-language radio crime drama series that is broadcast on German radio and available to listen to on the website. drama free full_cast original_music sound_effects , , , ,
Ark City Ark City Full Cast Drama Series These sanctuary cities are strewn across the planet. Most world powers have setup cities to make a last stand in a hope to save mankind. There is a selection process going on as we speak. People from all races, religions and walks of life are being brought in to sustain the human race. This is a place for procreation and preparedness in our battle to win the right to exist! , , , ,
Around the Sun Around the Sun Full Cast Drama Anthology A scripted, episodic podcast that explores human connections, made and missed, with an existential New York flare. Whether consumed together or independently, the comedy, tragedy, and soul of Around the Sun embraces one character's assertion that, , , , ,
Asanté: The Audio Series Asanté: The Audio Series Full Cast Drama Series Asanté: The Audio Series, is a [...] coming of age story told in a way like never before. This self-titled audio series, Produced by Actor, Writer and Artist; Asanté Deshon, follows the life of the main character, Asanté Hall. Made specially for the ears, this dramatic storyline manages to entertain, uplift and remind its listeners they are not alone in this thing we call , , , , ,
  Ash Dogs Ash Dogs Homepage * Website: <http://www.podiobooks.com/title/ash-dogs> Description Ash Dogs is a dramatic story about a recently discharged US soldier, written by Justin Nicholes. It is available as a free audiobook and also for sale as a bound print book. 20% of the profits from Ash Dogs ,
  Ashby Court Entertainers Ashby Court Entertainers Homepage * Website: <https://www.mixcloud.com/futureradio/ashby-court-entertainers-radio-play-a-little-on-the-lonely-side/> Description Ashby Court Entertainers is a group of Norwich, England amateur actors aged 60 and over who have produced a short audio drama titled A Little On The Lonely Side that highlights the issue of loneliness that some elderly people experience. It was originally broadcast on Future Radio. , , ,
Asking For It Asking For It Full Cast Drama Series A queer contemporary take of the Goldilocks tale: about love, music, and breaking the cycle of abuse. Goldie escapes a chaotic childhood only to go from a partner who starves her of love to a partner who nearly drowns her in it, before learning to be just right on her own. , , , ,
At The Table At The Table Full Cast Drama Anthology A podcast that puts the listeners in a seat “At The Table” of a New York City play reading. New plays from emerging playwrights are produced as audio dramas featuring Broadway and New York actors. Plus get to know the playwrights as our hosts Rachel and Ned interview them about their work. , , , ,
Atlantic: A Scottish Story Atlantic: A Scottish Story Full Cast Musical Drama Series Atlantic: A Scottish Story is an 8-part musical drama inspired by the true stories of Scotland's most remote and forgotten island - St Kilda. This exciting new podcast is written by award-winning musical theatre partnership, Noisemaker (Hi My Name is Ben, My Left/Right Foot, Oor Wullie) and produced by The Big Light - Scotland's podcast network. The series features a soaring original score and traditional Gaelic song, immersing listene… , , , ,
  Audio Factory Audio Factory Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiofactory.co.uk/> Description Audio Factory is an audio production company that specializes in spoken word content. Their website contains article that describe the process of creating spoken word audio. It offers a free full cast audio drama titled , , , ,
  AudioRising.com AudioRising.com Homepage * Website: <http://audiorising.com/> Description AudioRising.com is a website and podcast with the goal of writing and producing “recovery related” audio drama, with a focus on spirituality. It currently offers an audio story titled The Wrong Armor , , ,
  Audioshorts Audioshorts Homepage * Website: <http://audioshorts.wordpress.com/> Description Audioshorts produces a variety of short full cast audio drama, ranging from drama to comedy. Additional Links * SoundCloud page comedy drama free full_cast sound_effects , , , ,
  Audiostorium Audiostorium Homepage * Website: <http://www.radionz.co.nz/collections/audiostorium> Description Audiostorium is a collection of audio dramas and book readings produced and broadcast by Radio New Zealand. Titles Audiostorium - Dramas Audiostorium - Readings comedy drama free full_cast sound_effects streaming , , , , ,
  Avalina Kreska Avalina Kreska Homepage * Website: <https://avalinakreskafictionauthor.blogspot.com/p/recorded-drama.html> Description Avalina Kreska produces a series of short narrated audio dramas and monologues available as streaming audio and YouTube videos. Additional Links * SoundCloud page * Podomatic website * YouTube channel comedy drama sound_effects streaming , , ,
  Azure-Productions Azure-Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.azure-productions.com/> Description Azure-Productions is working on several full cast audio dramas. Titles Follow My Ruin Serenity in the Azure Currently in pre-production. drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
B is for Bisexual B is for Bisexual Full Cast Drama Anthology The author, Laura P. Valtorta, reads stories about queer romance from her short story collection, B is for Bisexual. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleRobin and Zen anthology drama full_cast mature podcast , , , ,
  Baba Chaghaloo Baba Chaghaloo Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/mikeshephard/baba-chaghaloo-by-mike> Description Baba Chaghaloo is a short Christmas-themed audio drama about a British soldier in 1899 Afghanistan, written by Mike Shephard. drama streaming ,
Babalu Babalu Full Cast Drama Series Sherry Zhang committed suicide in 1989. When she died, she left behind a baby daughter, a mysterious goodbye letter, and unbeknownst to her family, dozens of cassette tapes recording her innermost thoughts. Years later, Luisa, the child Sherry left behind, learns about these tapes and decides to finally get to know the mother she lost through her own words. But the more she listens, the more questions she has. , , , ,
Baby It's Cold Outside Baby It's Cold Outside Full Cast Drama Christmas Series Chris O'Dowd and Anne-Marie Duff star in this three-part drama series about a recently separated father trying to spend the perfect Christmas Eve with his 9-year-old son, whilst struggling to hide the truth of his circumstances. Written by BAFTA-nominee Regina Moriarty and directed by BAFTA-nominee Virginia Gilbert, Baby, It's Cold Outside is developed by Duck Soup Films and produced by Ben Walker for Storyglass in association with UK ho… , , , , ,
  Backwell Playhouse Podcasts Backwell Playhouse Podcasts Homepage * Website: <http://www.backwellplayhouse.co.uk/Podcasts.php> Description Backwell Playhouse Podcasts is an audio drama series from a theatrical group located in the south of Bristol, England. Titles: Series 1 Reputation Tom Phillips, Ferryman Poisoned Apples , , , , ,
Badger Watching Badger Watching Full Cast Drama Series Late summer 2020. A brother and sister go for walks around Norfolk's wild places as a lockdown alternative to watching the football in the pub. Andy has discovered a new passion for nature; Alice struggles to muster the enthusiasm required to put on her walking boots. , , ,
Baggage Claim Baggage Claim Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Baggage Claim is the gritty, real story of what happens when a man-child follows one too many travel “influencers” on Instagram, mumbles “hey I can travel too” in the mirror and strikes out for adventure, whatever that means. Join Will as he leaves behind his life - his career, his fiance, his apartment in New York City - to explore the globe only to find that the world out there is just as rife with confusion and awkwardness as life back home.… , , , , ,
Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series 1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred. Thats the premise behind Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, hosted by comedian Chris Gethard (the Chris Gethard Show, Broad City, This American Life, and one of Time Outs 10 best comedians of 2015). Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, and he cant hang up first, no matter what. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical d… , , , , ,
  Becca Productions Becca Productions Homepage * Website: <https://www.beccaproductions.com/> Description Becca Productions is “an arts collective created by Jared Sarnie and Shazeb Meraj. Across theater, film, podcasts, music and more, we are dedicated to telling socially aware and diverse stories. , , , ,
Believe Me Now Believe Me Now Full Cast Drama Series a fictional podcast about a fictional family divided by fictional satanism Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBelieve Me Now (M4A File) drama full_cast mature podcast series , , , ,
Beneath the Waves Beneath the Waves Full Cast Drama Series Jaded engineer Tony arrives in the tiny Welsh coastal village of Abergaron to plan its demolition, the final phase of the council's plans to abandon the site to rising sea levels. But as Tony starts to meet the residents, he soon discovers that the task is not as straightforward as he was led to believe. , , , ,
  Benjamin Dancer Benjamin Dancer Homepage * Website: <http://benjamindancer.com/> Description Benjamin Dancer is a writer who has made is his native American fiction story In Sight of the Sun available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * In Sight of the Sun Podiobooks.com page * In Sight of the Sun Podiobooks.com RSS feed * In Sight of the Sun Podiobooks.com iTunes link drama free ,
  Better Angel Better Angel Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/better-angel-by-richard-meeker/> Description Better Angel is a Librivox recording of Forman Brown's (under the pseudonym Richard Meeker) 1933 coming-of-age novel about a young gay man. It is considered to be one of the first American novels to present a homosexual experience in a positive light. ,
Beyond Shakespeare Beyond Shakespeare Narrated Drama Anthology From the earliest drama in English, to the closing of the theatres in 1642, there was a hell of a lot of drama produced - and a lot of it wasn't by Shakespeare. Apart from a few noble exceptions these plays are often passed over, ignored or simply unknown. This podcast presents full audio productions of the plays, fragmentary and extant, that shaped the theatrical world that shaped our dramatic history. , , ,
Beyond The Story - "Wonderful" Beyond The Story - "Wonderful" Full Cast Drama Christmas Series “Wonderful” - The Battle Behind The Classic Holiday Movie: “It's A Wonderful Life”. A historical fiction, anthology podcast series. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
  Be|Spoke Be|Spoke Homepage * Website: <http://www.shu.ac.uk/tourdefrance/bespoke/> Description Be|Spoke is a project by Sheffield Hallam University in which residents across the city share their cycling stories, which were then adapted into audio dramas by playwright Chris Bush. The project was created to celebrate their partnership with the Tour de France. , ,
  Big Box Theatre Big Box Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://bigboxtheatre.blogspot.com/> Description Big Box Theatre is working on an audio drama version of It's a Wonderful Life, currently in pre-production. The website also states that it will produce audio version of several O. Henry stories. , ,
  Bill Schmalfeldt Bill Schmalfeldt Homepage * Website: See below Description Bill Schmalfeldt is a writer who has made his collection of stories and essays - several of which deal with his coping with Parkinson's disease - available as free audiobooks. Titles No Doorway Wide Enough , ,
  Black as Snow Black as Snow Homepage * Website: <http://vocal-loco.com/index.php?/topic/1616-black-as-snow-the-audio-drama/> Description Black as Snow is a full cast audio drama about four orphaned sisters who are reunited by a mysterious woman for Christmas. Additional Links * MP3 audio file version * YouTube video version drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
Blackbirds Blackbirds Full Cast Drama Series Blackbirds is an audio book series that follows a family struggling with race, justice, loss and the pain of growing up during Jim Crow in the Deep South. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Captivate Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1: Summer , , , ,
BLDG EVELYN BLDG EVELYN Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series BLDG EVELYN is a twice-monthly fiction inspired by true stories podcast about the crazy life and family of Evelyn Munoz in Brazil. Each chapter is adapted by a different writer and they place their own spin to it. Original story by Jackie Pesal. , , , ,
Bleeding Love Bleeding Love Full Cast Science Fiction Musical Series In a world where it's too dangerous to go outside, a starry-eyed teen cellist risks leaving her apartment to win the love of the rebel punk next door. A twisted musical with a good, pure heart. , , , , ,
Blis-ta Blis-ta Full Cast Drama Series Kat and Cherry meet on the streets. Kat is wily, funny, and fierce; Cherry is a lost dreamer. Blis-ta is the story of their adventures to survive as homeless girls and the transformative power of friendship. Written by the late Sonya Hale, who was a Clean Break Member, it is a visceral, bold and startling audio drama about hidden homelessness and the lengths women go to for survival. , , , ,
Blockbuster Blockbuster Full Cast Nonfiction Drama Anthology Award-winning miniseries about the filmmakers who revolutionized the movies. Season 1: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and the 1970s Movie Revolution. Season 2: The Story of James Cameron. It's a movie for your ears. , , , , , ,
Blood on the Tracks Blood on the Tracks Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Blood On The Tracks is part true crime, part historical fiction, part spoken word lo-fi beat noir brought to you by Jake Brennan, [...] featuring the fictionalized voices of [numerous musicians]. Because you can't push the needle into the red, without leaving a little blood on the tracks. , , , , , ,
Blossom Smile Sky Studios Blossom Smile Sky Studios Full Cast Drama Anthology Blossom Smile Sky Studios is a production team that specializes in audio drama, and fandubs. We're planning so many things for the future. Join us for the ride! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts SoundCloud , , , ,
  Blunt Youth Radio Project Blunt Youth Radio Project Homepage * Website: <http://www.bluntradio.org/> Description Blunt Youth Radio Project is a weekly public affairs radio show on broadcast on WMPG in Portland, Maine. It is run and staffed by teenager trained in radio production. While the show is primarily a a series of discussions and interviews on various topics, they did produce a short work of audio drama about a suicidal teen, seeking counseling, titled ,
  Bola Akande Bola Akande Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/HPGMedia> Description Bola Akande is a Nigeria filmmaker who has a YouTube channel that, among other content, has a series of audio dramas. drama full_cast streaming , ,
  Bolti Kahani Bolti Kahani Homepage * Website: <http://boltikahani.com/> Description Bolti Kahani is a website devoted to audio stories presented in Hindi and other languages spoken in India. Additional Links * YouTube channel drama full_cast mature_content non-english streaming , , , ,
Bonnie Screws Up Bonnie Screws Up Full Cast Drama Series Bonnie Martinez is a talented actress who's starring in a popular mystery web series called Special Cases. She's torn between the career plan her manager has designed and her desire for a life away from the cameras. And maybe a relationship with a regular guy like the cute bartender Bonnie has been stalking on social media for over three months, Duante Smith. All it takes is some liquid courage after another failed date with a Hollywood producer for Bon… , , , ,
Boom (Observer Pictures) Boom (Observer Pictures) Full Cast Mystery Series BOOM is a story about loss and recovery. Porter, a computer technician and outdoor enthusiast, must come to terms with the murder of his best friend--love of his life--Genevieve. It's far from an easy road. Porter suffers through a long physical recovery as well as a mental one. The lead detective on the case believes Porter is the killer, and his two best friends are trying their hardest to get him back to the guy he once was. , , , , ,
  Branka Cubrilo Branka Cubrilo Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTNwt6vNaXaYNGUtdzawLw> Description Branka Cubrilo is a writer who has readings and dramatic performances of several short stories and book excerpts available as streaming YouTube videos. drama full_cast sound_effects streaming , , ,
Breaks Breaks Full Cast Drama Anthology Ten minute bite sized dramas, each played over a game of pool. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SamplePromo! anthology drama full_cast podcast , , ,
  Brian Sibley Brian Sibley Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/brian-sibley> Description Brian Sibley is “the author of over 100 hours of radio drama and has written and presented hundreds of radio documentaries, features and weekly programmes.” A SoundCloud page is host to streaming audio selections of his works. , , , , , , , , , , ,
  Briarwood Girls Briarwood Girls Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/briarwood-girls/> Description Briarwood Girls is a young adult story by Julia Lestargette Glover, who has made it available as a free digital audiobook. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
  Bronwyn Mauldin Bronwyn Mauldin Homepage * Website: <http://www.bronwynmauldin.com/> Description Bronwyn Mauldin is a writer who has made her collection of short stories The Streetwise Cycle available as a free podcast audiobook. Additional Links * The Streetwise Cycle website * The Streetwise Cycle iTunes link * The Streetwise Cycle Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
Bronzeville Bronzeville Full Cast Drama Series Starring Laurence Fishburne, Larenz Tate and Tika Sumpter, and written by Academy Award(r) and BAFTA nominee Josh Olson (“A History of Violence”), BRONZEVILLE will chronicle the lives of players in the lottery games while illuminating the self-sustainability of the community's African American residents. , , ,
Brother, Mine Brother, Mine Full Cast Drama Series Malcolm O'Brien, a young man adopted into a life of advantage, returns to the neighborhood of his birth seeking credibility from a father he's never known. To determine his own destiny and apply privilege to a societal cause, he finds himself at odds with everyone he's ever called family both old and new. , , ,
Bug Soup! Bug Soup! Full Cast Drama Series Chase falls head over heals for Ollie from the moment he hears her voice over the phone. When he meets her IRL however, he finds that her personal traumas run deeper than he's able to reach. As time passes, Chase's feelings grow more intense, and he must choose which is least selfish: To save Ollie's life against her wishes, or to abandon the person he loves in their time of need. , , , ,
Burning Gotham Burning Gotham Full Cast Drama Series New York 1835: A City at its tipping point. It's ten years since the completion of the Erie Canal. New York City's population is now over 270,000. Most of these people live below Fourteenth Street in wooden or brick buildings no taller than five stories. The gap between rich and poor is rapidly expanding as each week thousands of new men and women pour onto New York's dangerously overcrowded streets. Many come to earn an honest living. Others for more nef… , , , ,
  Buzz Bookstore Buzz Bookstore Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYF-VdpNoa1VacmbsJ_Xwog> Description Buzz Bookstore is a YouTube channel for an online bookstore (of the same name) that presents, among other content, readings of classic stories. Titles include short horror stories and a complete reading of Jane Austen's , , ,
  Caesar and Cleopatra Caesar and Cleopatra Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/caesar-and-cleopatra-by-george-bernard-shaw/> Description Caesar and Cleopatra is a Librivox full cast dramatic reading of George Bernard Shaw's 1898 play about the Roman occupation of ancient Egypt and the political maneuvering between the seasoned veteran Julius Caesar and a young Cleopatra. , , ,
  Callaloo Callaloo Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/mediaimpact/sets/callaloo> Description Callaloo is a full cast audio drama series that takes place in the Caribbean. Callaloo drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
  Campbell Playhouse: A Christmas Carol Campbell Playhouse: A Christmas Carol Homepage * Website: <http://archive.org/details/CampbellPlayhouseAChristmasCarol12241939> Description Campbell Playhouse: A Christmas Carol is a set of archival recordings of the class Charles Dickens holiday story performed narrated by Orson Welles and starring Lionel Barrymore. There are two versions of the dramatization: one of the original radio broadcast from December 24, 1939, complete with original commercials; and version of the same production… , ,
  Cascade Arts Podcasts Cascade Arts Podcasts Homepage * Website: <http://www.cascadearts.org.uk/past/open-threads> Description Cascade Arts Podcasts is a series of podcasts showcasing work created by Cascade artists and workshops participants. Among it's offerings, it has produced a full cast audio drama titled Open Threads , , ,
Catharsis Catharsis Full Cast Drama Series Meg returns from a year abroad to find that her sister Sammi's death was more than what she was told. As Meg sets out to understand Sammi, she discovers more questions than answers while coming to terms with her own grief. , , , ,
  CC Prose CC Prose Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/user/CCProse> Description CC Prose offers audio versions of classic literature as a series of streaming YouTube videos, complete with large print closed captions. * Learning to read? What better way than to follow along with an expert? , , , ,
Centered Centered Full Cast Drama Series Recent college grad Selah Copeland (Jerrika Hinton) is being groomed to take over her mother's accounting business, but after a life-changing weekend away at a yoga retreat, she's considering other options. Centered is an audio drama about finding yourself on and off the yoga mat. , , , ,
Chained Chained Full Cast Drama Series Iris Reed has been faithful to her husband, Austin, since high school when they first fell for each other. When a handsome stranger moves in next door, their marriage is tested like never before. Things get messy and Iris, Austin, and Chase have to fight for what they want amongst the drama, secrets, lies, and betrayal. They have to fight for their happy ending. , , , ,
  Charles Sheehan-Miles Charles Sheehan-Miles Homepage * Website: <http://www.sheehanmiles.com/> Description Charles Sheehan-Miles is an writer who has made his stories available as free audiobooks. Titles Prayer at Rumayla: A Novel of the Gulf War Republic: A Novel of America's Future ...... , ,
  Charles Souby Charles Souby Homepage * Website: <http://www.charlesrsouby.com/> Description Charles Souby is a writer who has made his story Winifred available as a free audiobook. “” Additional Links * Winifred iTunes link * Winifred Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
Charlie's Mailbox Charlie's Mailbox Narrated Drama Series The show is a lyrical and poetic tale told through the eyes of Charlie, a lonely girl who stumbles upon a mailbox and the power of dreams.Charlie's Mailbox is part of the Modern Audio Drama podcast. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn , , ,
  Chase Around The World Chase Around The World Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/chase-around-the-world/> Description Chase Around The World is a romance story written by Tiara Fay, who has made it available as a free audiobook. Chase Around The World ... Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
  Chatterbox Audio Theater Chatterbox Audio Theater Homepage * Website: <http://www.chatterboxtheater.org/> Description Chatterbox Audio Theater was created in 2007 by four friends with a lot of creativity and ambition but very little money. Based in Memphis, TN, and conducted in spare rooms, basements, and other miscellaneous spaces, Chatterbox creates fully soundscaped audio works for free download. With rare exceptions, Chatterbox shows are recorded live, with manual sound effects and as little post-production ed… , , , , , ,
Chocolate and Joy Chocolate and Joy Full Cast Drama Series Charlotte “Charley” Miller has avoided all things Christmas since a tragic loss five Christmases ago. Jackson “Jack” Douglas stays home all holiday season in the hope that the good townsfolk of Jane's Holler will eventually forget his very public personal tragedy three Christmases ago. But this year Evie refuses to let her BFF Charley off the hook. It's time to come back into the winter wonderland of the living. Connor has the same thought toward his B… , , ,
CHOKKA CHOKKA Full Cast Musical Drama Series With original beats, flowing melodies and poetry to stretch your mind and heart. CHOKKA follows the journey of 16-year-old Jem who is coming to terms with the world around them. How they fit into a community in which they feel other and what happens when love punches them in the gut. , , , , ,
Chow for the Koi Chow for the Koi Full Cast Drama Series Jay Stringer is wired - he's listening through the wall. Is his neighbour Don really saying those things about him or is he going paranoid on the drugs? His best mate Owen says its weird. If he carries on he's going to lose his daughter, Fi. , , , ,
  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/christmas-eve-and-christmas-day-by-edward-everett-hale/> Description Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is a collection of Christmas-themed short stories written by Edward Everett Hale, who was an American author, historian, and Unitarian clergyman who lived from 1822 to 1909. The stories are in the public domain and read by David Wales. ,
  Christy Christy Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/christy/> Description Christy is a story written by Michael Thomas Cunningham, who has made it available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
Chronicles Unleashed Chronicles Unleashed Narrated Drama Anthology Welcome to a new reading experience. Chronicles Unleashed brings audio drama to the ears of the modern reader by way of fiction and nonfiction stories. It's a weekly hearing you do not want to miss. , , ,
  Chronosphere Fiction Chronosphere Fiction Homepage * Website: <https://chronosphere.podbean.com/> Description Chronosphere Fiction is an anthology audio drama series, presenting a mix of one-episode and serialized stories in a variety of genres. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Alternate website drama fantasy free full_cast horror mature_content sound_effects , , , , , ,
  Classic Literature Podcast Classic Literature Podcast Homepage * Website: <http://classicliteraturepodcast.blogspot.com/> Description Classic Literature Podcast presents audio versions of classic literature. Additional Links * RSS feed drama free ,
  Classical Radio Drama Classical Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-QCHQHOqMCdKoUlyOrE2w> Description Classical Radio Drama has produced two full cast audio dramas based on the works of William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet. They are adapted, abridged, and edited by Niki Mylonas and available as streaming YouTube videos. , ,
Clear Heart Clear Heart Full Cast Drama Series Carpenters and craft, friendship and rivalry: Wally is building a mansion for a dot-com multimillionaire in the Silicon Valley of California. As the dot-com's stock keeps rising, the size of the house - and the owner's ego - keep growing. Wally and his colorful crew may be into something that's over their heads. When little guys work for bigshots, who gets nailed? , , , , ,
Clorox Confessional Clorox Confessional Narrated Drama Anthology Everybody calls Pepper Lawson Pop, officers and inmates alike. Blue-collar in the free world, he didn't discover his ability to write until he got to prison. He gives the inmates the opportunity to tell their stories, and he gives it back to them written in a way they wish they could tell it themselves. He may get a few soups or snacks in return as payment, but he does it mostly to keep his own mind in check. , , , ,
Closing the Distance Closing the Distance Narrated Drama Anthology We're all watching the news. We're all doing our part. Some are even putting their lives on the line to contribute. We're learning how to work from our homes, and we're contending with lost jobs and the temporary (hopefully) shutdowns of entire industries. , , ,
Clusterf**k Clusterf**k Full Cast Drama Series Violet is a psychologist-in-training struggling to navigate young adulthood and a challenging master's program at a prestigious university. People are the most interesting thing in the world to her, and she wants nothing more than to understand them. If she helps someone along the way, cool. The catch? Violet might be sociopath. When Violet's professor diagnoses her with Cluster B Antisocial Personality Disorder and the news spreads throughout campus, the wo… , , , ,
  Cold City: A Modern-Day Radio Drama Cold City: A Modern-Day Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/watej419/cold-city-a-modern-day-radio-drama> Description Cold City: A Modern-Day Radio Drama is a short audio drama about a depressed man. “” drama full_cast mature_content sound_effects streaming , , , ,
College Road College Road Full Cast Drama Series Full season episodic radio drama about living in transition under the shadow of the University of Galway in Ireland. Students, academics and the surrounding community struggle with change in their lives but are all unified by their relationship with the university. , , ,
Confessions of a New Grad Confessions of a New Grad Narrated Drama Series When Brooklyn Winters graduates from university, she thinks that her adult life will “just kind of figure itself out.” SPOILER ALERT: this doesn't happen. Six weeks after graduation, she has no job, no money, and is frantically calling her best friend to come and rescue her from the basement suite she has unwisely moved into with her dud of a boyfriend. , , , ,
Confessions of a Small Town Florist Confessions of a Small Town Florist Narrated Drama Series Romantic mystery as read by the author: Susanna Hightower needs an escape from her life in New York. When she happens upon an ad for a flower shop for sale in Cartman, Texas, Susanna finds herself on a path to small-town life in search of the peaceful way of life she's been so desperate to find. But in a town the size of Cartman, she soon discovers that arranging flowers isn't the only job description. Keeping the town's secrets is … , , ,
  Congo Congo Homepage * Website: <http://www.dr.dk/p1/congo/> Description Congo is a Danish-language audio drama about a young doctor stationed in the Congo who is searching for her father. Titles Translated to English (using Google Translate): Additional Links * SoundCloud page drama free full_cast sound_effects streaming , , , ,
ConSensual ConSensual Narrated Drama Series Romance for riot grrrls. Join us for season one, Ten Week Turnabout, a contemporary romance story featuring a strong heroine in New York City and her small town turnabout date from the life she thought she left behind. , , , ,
Conversations Conversations Full Cast Drama Series Several groups of people having dinner discuss their issues and wonders. They are unaware of how their conversations affect those around them. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroduction drama full_cast podcast series , , ,
  Cornucopia Radio Cornucopia Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.cornucopia-radio.co.uk> Description Cornucopia Radio creates and broadcasts original audio sketch comedy, audio drama, monologues, streams of consciousness, music, and other eclectic productions. Shows are broadcast by podcast and on their own internet radio station. They have an open door policy for writers and performers. Potential applicants can contact them by email at , , , , , , ,
Corrections - Survival of the Fittest Corrections - Survival of the Fittest Full Cast Drama Series A serial audio drama created by real inmates in a real maximum security prison. Over a period of three years, a team of a dozen inmates worked with university teachers to create a script for an unfolding audio drama – one that would entertain their peers while confronting the health issues they all face. Then, using nothing but the most limited recording equipment, these men performed and recorded what they had written. The result i… , , , ,
  CraftLit CraftLit Homepage * Website: <http://crafting-a-life.com/craftlit/> Description CraftLit is a podcast that discusses crafts and also reads chapters of classic literature. A companion podcast titled Just the Books offers the readings with the discussion about crafts. Additional Links ,
  Crazy Gone Love Crazy Gone Love Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/crazy-gone-love/> Description Crazy Gone Love is a romance story written by Cate Brody, who has made it available as a free audiobook. --- ------------ Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
Crimson Hearts Collide Crimson Hearts Collide Full Cast Drama Series As one of the top lawyers in New York City, Sonora Williams (Malinda Williams) is as driven as they come. On track to make partner at her law firm and being one of the youngest to ever do so, she has little time for a personal life. One day she receives a letter in the mail that changes everything – Sonora has an uncle who just passed away and left her an inheritance, a farm in Greenville, Alabama. For her entire life, growing up in foster care, s… , , ,
Crocodile The Audio Play Crocodile The Audio Play Full Cast Drama Series Fall in love with a Crocodile? You just might.... Crocodile (Heather Peace) tells the story of a woman dealing with her recent Autism diagnosis, the death of her dysfunctional mother and a new girlfriend. The play provides stark flashbacks and insights from the 8-year-old Crocodile in Halifax, Yorkshire, set against the chaotic adult life Crocodile has in London. , , , , ,
Crystal Dear Diary Crystal Dear Diary Narrated Drama Series Short love series... Inspired by comic, reality, imagination and love Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroduction and Chapter 1: New apartment (M4A File) drama narrated podcast series , , ,
  CTD Productions CTD Productions Homepage * Website: <http://ctdproductions.blogspot.com/> Description CTD Productions is a non-profit audio drama group. They have been operating since 2006 and to date have released twenty audio dramas, all of which are available to listen to for free on their blog. , , , , , ,
Cupid's Arrow Cupid's Arrow Full Cast Drama Series The year is 2003. Bruce O'Dea, a sixteen-year-old, gay Junior who is still in the closet, struggles to accept his identity as his religious-toting parents push to enroll him, without warning, in an out-of-state Christian Science boarding school for the upcoming winter quarter. , , , ,
Dana Is Her Name Dana Is Her Name Full Cast Drama Series Dana is a Berlin-based episodic audio comic following our girl, Dana, in her transition from girlhood into womanhood. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleDana Is Her Name - Episode 1 - The Power , , , ,
Darian Blue Darian Blue Full Cast Drama Series Private Investigator Darian Blue is THE one to call when you need answers. Is it a man's world? Not when Darian Blue is on the job. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleDarian Blue Episode 1 (One Shot) , , , ,
Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron Narrated Historical Fiction Drama Anthology Wild and wicked romance novels for those who love serious historical romance. Whole books read chapter by chapter.This podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. , , , , , ,
Dark Side of the Web Dark Side of the Web Full Cast Drama Anthology A fictional account of real risks for kids and vulnerable people online. Each episode will dive into a new risk packed into a dramatic audio story. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
  Dark Smile Productions Dark Smile Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.darksmile.co.uk/> Description Dark Smile Productions creates audio drama in a variety of genres. Most productions are available for purchase on the website. Audio samples are available to listen to and there are some productions and short works for free. Some of the productions are available as streaming videos on YouTube. , , , , , , , ,
  Dave Cornford Dave Cornford Homepage * Website: <http://www.davecornford.com/> Description Dave Cornford is a writer who puts out a podcast – titled Live-Fiction Podcast – of his own contemporary short stories. Some of the stories are also collected into free digital audiobooks. Titles , , ,
Day By Day Day By Day Full Cast Drama Anthology From Must B Nice comes Day By Day, a bi-weekly series of narrative stories inspired by our new normal. Created and produced by Adam Faze and Jamie Dolan. For the best experience, listen with headphones. Website RSS Feed , , ,
Day Dream Day Dream Full Cast Drama Series Day Dream is an audio drama inspired by the life of jazz artist and composer Billy Strayhorn. It contrasts Billy's journey, looking back on his life during a radio interview, with the journey of Andre, an aspiring jazz vocalist struggling to find his voice in today's world. Released in 8 episodes starting October 11th, Day Dream is set in two time periods: Billy in 1965, and Andre in Modern Day. 1965 takes a look at the musical genius, whom worldrenowned artis… , , , ,
Days of My life Days of My life Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Autobiographical Audio Drama Podcast - created by Aidan Rosewell Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 0 -Things I wish my mum knew drama narrated nonfiction podcast series , , , ,
  Dead Ends Dead Ends Homepage * Website: <http://strangetown.org.uk/listen-dead-ends/> Description Dead Ends is an eight-episode audio drama series about a group young people working as tour leaders in Edinburgh, Scotland. it is produced by Edinburgh theatre company Strange Town as part of Voices In Your Head, Radio Summerhall. , , ,
Deadbeats Deadbeats Full Cast Drama Series When Kassidy Jones, a single mom with a daughter fresh in the throes of teenage delirium, and her newly unemployed friends decide to take child support enforcement into their own hands, a new business venture is formed: DEADBEATS INC, and No Child will be left behind , , , ,
Dear Konstantin Dear Konstantin Narrated Drama Series A series of letters written from Masha to her unrequited love Konstantin, 20 years after his death. Inspired by The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. Written, performed, and artwork by Ghazal Azarbad. Sound designed by Debashis Sinha. , , , ,
Dear Young Rocker Dear Young Rocker Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Dear Young Rocker is a scripted non-fiction storytelling and audio memoir podcast featuring stories from women and trans musicians. In seasons 1 and 2, host/creator Chelsea Ursin tells her own story of finding an outlet for anxiety and her place in the world via falling in love with listening to and playing rock music. Along the way she writes letters of advice to her younger self on topics from mental health to relationships. In season 3,… , , , , , , ,
  Decorated Air Theatre Decorated Air Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://decoratedair.com/> Description Decorated Air Theatre offers This Thing of Ours, a full cast audio drama about an up and coming New York mafioso named Carmine Santorelli. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free full_cast mature_content sound_effects , , , ,
Deep Shadows Deep Shadows Full Cast Drama Series Joelle Franklin, a senior social worker in Chicago, is fearless, intelligent and totally committed to her job but a mess when it comes to romance. She gets drawn into the investigation surrounding the death in suspicious circumstances of a former client, running headlong into systemic racism, classism and corruption in Cook County. At the same time she's trying to balance life with Irish émigré girlfriend Siobhan and conflict with both her superiors and her… , , , ,
Deliberations Deliberations Full Cast Drama Series What really happens when a jury retires to deliberate? Find out each week on Deliberations, a modern day, improvised audio drama that allows criminal justice enthusiasts to step inside a jury room. Each season explores a different courtroom drama inspired by real life criminal trials in the news. Six improvisers serve as the jury and passionately react, negotiate, and argue opposing interpretations of the evidence. , , , , ,
Dem Times Dem Times Full Cast Drama Series A trouble maker in high school, Samuel finds himself on a plane heading to Ghana; a different country, needless to say, a different life. His formative years have begun. These are 'DEM TIMES'. The show is in the broader sense, a serialised teen odyssey, set within the closed-off microcosm of Ghanaian boarding school life. At its core, this is a cultural migration; a fish-out-of-water story stemming from an outsider's identity crisis inside the Ghana educati… , , , ,
  Digital Drama Digital Drama Homepage * Website: <http://www.digitaldrama.org/> Description Digital Drama is a UK-based multi-media production company that creates, among other things, audio drama and audio documentaries. Titles Deeds Not Words Noël Coward's Peace In Our Time , , , ,
Dirty Diana Dirty Diana Full Cast Drama Series As an escape from her carefully curated life and dying marriage, Diana secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies. The 6-part show stars and is produced by Demi Moore alongside an impressive and expansive cast. With DIRTY DIANA writer/director Shana Feste has created a sex-positive podcast that tells the story of a marriage on the brink of collapse and the hard work that goes into finding your partner again. DIRTY D… , , , , ,
  DMV Audio Theater DMV Audio Theater Homepage * Website: <http://www.dmvaudiotheater.com/> Description DMV Audio Theater produces full cast audio dramas about the lives of ordinary people. There are currently two titles available to listen to online: “Metro Meetings” and “The Seasons”. , , , ,
Do We Smell Like Oranges? Do We Smell Like Oranges? Narrated Drama Series Our heroine, Diane, a young mother of three, finds herself admitted to a psych ward in 1997, struggling to live. Colliding memories amid hallucinations with her great-great-grandparents, help bring her through the other side of her current situation. This radio drama, based in truth, is a gripping piece about mental health and the battle to slay your own dragon. , , ,
Double Bubble Double Bubble Narrated Drama Series Double Bubble is a nail-biting five-part prison drama about loan sharks. Experience the tough reality of prison life, and the difficult decisions which force Mark down a dark path he quickly regrets... Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
  Drama of the Week Drama of the Week Homepage * Website: <http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nrv5m> Description Drama of the Week (formerly Play of the Week) is a weekly BBC broadcast that presents a full cast audio drama. The plays cover a variety of genres. The last broadcast is available to listen to online for seven days. , , ,
  Driftplume Driftplume Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/driftplume> Description Driftplume is a podcast featuring audio adaptations of theatrical plays. It currently has two episodes of a romantic story titled Nocturnal Notes. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
Driving Home for Christmas Driving Home for Christmas Full Cast Comedy Christmas Series Join the festive fun as a dysfunctional family battle their way home, towards the festivities and each other. Comedy Drama by Dafydd James, Rachel Tresize, Philip Ralph, Kevin Dyer & Niall Griffiths. , , , , ,
  Earshot Earshot Homepage * Website: <http://earshotplay.com/> Description Earshot is an audio play and theatrical sound installation that lets listeners explore “a bar full of hidden dramas, featuring 12 original audio plays with 28 characters that interact in unexpected ways. , , ,
  ECHOES FROM THE EAST ECHOES FROM THE EAST Homepage * Website: <http://www.menagerietheatre.co.uk/writer-development/radio-plays-recorded-by-the-bbc/> Description ECHOES FROM THE EAST is a series of twelve short audio dramas written and performed by the Menagerie Theatre Company and broadcast on BBC Radio. Each audio drama takes place in the eastern portion of England. , , , ,
  Eclectic Voices Literary Journal Eclectic Voices Literary Journal Homepage * Website: <https://eclecticvoices.org/> Description Eclectic Voices Literary Journal is a podcast that presents short works of audio fiction. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Libsyn website drama free ,
  Edgar Allan Poe's Politian Edgar Allan Poe's Politian Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjnx-O_CTI0> Description Edgar Allan Poe's Politian is an audio performance of Poe's melodrama theatrical play set in 16th-century Rome. It is directed by Misan Akuya and presented as a streaming YouTube video. , , ,
  Edward II Edward II Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/edward-ii-by-christopher-marlowe/> Description Edward II is a Librivox full cast dramatic reading of the 16th-century play written by Christopher Marlowe. Additional Links * RSS feed drama free full_cast history , , ,
El Cielo Que Nunca Vi El Cielo Que Nunca Vi Full Cast Drama Series Una conmovedora historia que enseña que el amor verdadero está por encima de cualquier obstáculo. Idea original de José Maya con la actuación estelar de la primera actríz Lupita Lara y el primer actor Néstor de Barbosa. El Cielo Que Nunca Vi es una radionovela clásica que no te puedes perder, ahora en su versión podcast. , , , ,
Elizabeth R Elizabeth R Full Cast Drama Series 2022 is the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth Windsor being the monarch of the four nations of the United Kingdom. 'Elizabeth R' is a series of drama podcasts that follow a normal family through each decade of her reign, from 1952 right up to 2022. , , , ,
Evermore Poe Evermore Poe Narrated Horror Drama Series Evermore Poe follows the untold story of Edgar Allan Poe's teen years as he navigates a dysfunctional foster family, a disturbing love of gothic horror, juvenile vices and his obsession with a married woman twice his age. , , , ,
Every Year on My Half Birthday Every Year on My Half Birthday Full Cast Drama Series Start with Year 1: 2006. From age 15 ½, an unusual young woman records at least one private minute of her life every year... no matter what. Starring Megan Seely, Dan Bakkedahl, Peter Vack, Alex Hudgens, and Danny Deferrari. , , , , ,
  Everyday Moments Everyday Moments Homepage * Website: <http://www.theguardian.com/stage/series/everyday-moments> Description Everyday Moments is a series of twelve short audio dramas designed to be listened to in a specific place, at a specific time of day. The audio dramas are produced by Fuel Theatre and hosted by The Guardian Culture Podcast. , , ,
Evie Prince Series Evie Prince Series Narrated Drama Series Hello and welcome. Join me Victoria Wright, inspirational writer and series author as I narrate the Evie Prince Series. A fictional trilogy that tells the story of Evie Prince, a 40-something single woman who experiences a spiritual awakening. Her journey is one of beauty, discovery, and remembering her true self. Ego and fear have limited her world but leaps of faith and self love guide her to a life she never thought she could live. , , , , ,
Exuberance Is Beauty Exuberance Is Beauty Narrated Drama Series Eve Miller, a young war widow, rebels against the ordinariness of womanhood in the post-war era. Eve is enlightened as she succumbs to the sensual temptation of an adulterous affair. In its aftermath, Eve Miller's life unravels and leads to unexpected violence and moral isolation. Exuberance Is Beauty, is a contemporary interpretation of Adam and Eve's biblical allegory and Eve's fall into desolation. The story examines the consequence of erotic obse… , , , ,
  Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkIEjHpWBv2lZqR_O1B4SNQ> Description Eye of the Storm is a soap opera-styled audio drama series portraying life in Lafayette, Louisiana. Episodes are available as streaming YouTube video. drama free full_cast sound_effects streaming , , , ,
F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for Adults) F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for Adults) Full Cast Multigenre Anthology F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for adults) features seven short stories written by Alissa Anne Jeun Yi, Amy Jephta, Anthony Neilson, Dipo Baruwa-Etti, Matilda Ibini, Tim Crouch and Vivienne Franzmann all exploring the weird and wonderful world of dreamscapes and nightmares. , , , , , , ,
f*cking sober f*cking sober Narrated Drama Series F*cking Sober Podcast is the unflinching first person narrative of Anita Drake's first 90 days of getting sober in NYC. Twenty-eight-year-old Anita counts from 1 to 90 days immersing herself into the awkward world of sobriety and what it means to grow up. This 8 episode serialized show features music by artists in recovery. , , , , , ,
Fabler Files: Togetherness Fabler Files: Togetherness Full Cast Drama Anthology Welcome to Fabler Files: Togetherness, a collection of original short-form audio plays. A series of four pieces commissioned by Fabler, written by Italian and American playwrights and published as a bilingual Italian-English collection. , , ,
Fairview Heights Fairview Heights Full Cast Drama Series From Jaime Molina and James Lott jr comes a tale of an unlikely friendship between a gay black man and a straight Latino man in the North section of Inglewood, CA . As they get older, their friendship changes and so does the neighborhood. Part Comedy and Part Drama. , , , ,
Faith through Horse Fiction Faith through Horse Fiction Narrated Drama Anthology God gave Hilary a passion for horses, and she draws on it in her Christian writing. This podcast includes chats about her novels, author-narrated short stories and books. She hopes you find them entertaining and glean something useful from them. , , , ,
Fake Heiress Fake Heiress Full Cast Nonfiction Drama Series The rise and fall of Anna Delvey, who conned New York high society into believing that she was a multi-millionaire heiress. Vicky Baker and Chloe Moss dig deeper into the scandal. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Falling Birds Falling Birds Full Cast Drama Series Hopeless romantic, Kit Holloway, has written a love poem. Unfortunately, it's been read by the wrong person - the Moon. She, until now devoid of human emotion, unwittingly falls in love with him. And she'll stop at nothing to make him hers. Now Kit only has so much time before the sun sets on him for good. , , , , ,
Falling Paper Planes Falling Paper Planes Narrated Drama Series Falling Paper Planes is a podcast apart of the HerStory Series. It's a segment of narrated romantic drama stories that follows the main character, Haley Isla Burrows. Haley is a young entrepreneur combating the worrisome woes of being in control of a remote brothel. While struggling to be a trustworthy , , , ,
  False Face False Face Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-l7qAsE61w> Description False Face is a short Tagalog-language (with some parts in English) audio drama written by Rebecca Roque. It portrays a young woman who is a new student in a high school and who falls in love with a troubled young man. It is available as a streaming YouTube video. , ,
False Truths False Truths Narrated Drama Series Ron B Audio presents: False Truths, an audio drama. Tyson and Simone Bradshaw have been married 2 years out of the 5 years that they have been together. Everything was going well until Tyson's work load began to take a toll on their marriage. On top of that, Tyson and Simone's mother Ms. Carla does not get along at all. Listen weekly as the drama unfolds revealing hidden lies that have been presented as inculpable truths! , , ,
Famous Potatoes Famous Potatoes Narrated Drama Series Willy Middlebrook is a nice boy from the suburbs, a Vietnam vet, a college drop-out majoring in Human Kindness. Framed for the murder of a cop, Willy goes on the lam from the law. With hopeful heart and broken balls he lives among the people of the humble cafes and dusty bars, underground: , , , , ,
Fangirls Fangirls Full Cast Drama Series After a disappointing date with a male Star Wars fan, Ally and her fellow Fangirls, Kristy, Rish, Dani and Lexy find out about a secret screening of Episode IX in 3 days time. They decide to embark on a crazy road trip to attempt to see the movie before anyone else… but most importantly together. Fangirls is an 8 Part Audio drama release monthly about Fangirls in the Star Wars Fandom. It’s about Girls, Relationships and about what they all love… Star Wars.… , , , ,
  Fireside Christmas Short Stories Fireside Christmas Short Stories Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/fireside-christmas-short-stories/> Description Fireside Christmas Short Stories is a LibriVox collection of public domain Christmas short stories by various authors. Additional Links * RSS feed drama fantasy free , ,
First Street First Street Narrated Drama Series Four recent law school graduates clerk for the Supreme Court, navigating life and love while confronting the toughest cases of their generation. As any young lawyer knows, clerking for a Supreme Court Justice could make or break your career before it even begins. Tensions are already high as four very different candidates vie for the highly coveted positions, their reasons for being there informed by their backgrounds— and personal baggage. But as they ta… , , ,
Follow The Ripple Follow The Ripple Full Cast Drama Series An audio movie created, performed and produced by the 2022 Living Wisdom International Online High School Performing Arts class. It's a modern coming-of-age tale about Alice, an ambitious teenage fashion designer who runs a virtual high school fashion club with her best friends geared toward getting its members into top academies, until her friends ridicule her passion for 1950s design, causing Alice to disband the club and seek guidance from her idol,… , , , ,
Forever And A Day Forever And A Day Full Cast Drama Series Forever And A Day follows the trials and tribulations of the Harper, Bennett, and Marshall families, as they face life's complexities head-on in the fictional town of Augustus, Illinois. The Harpers and Bennetts are butting heads, as the gubernatorial race in Illinois heats up; and brings with it multiple twists and turns that could end up destroying both families! Meanwhile, the Marshalls face new challenges, as they try to continue their almost outda… , , ,
Forever Foreign Forever Foreign Narrated Drama Series The Forever Foreign podcast is a fictional story following the audio diary of one English teacher and his friends in Japan. It's whimsical, sometimes funny, and it's often based on real experiences from people who've lived in the land of the rising sun. , , , , ,
Foreward (Taylor Fraser) Foreward (Taylor Fraser) Full Cast Drama Series Foreward is an audio drama podcast that chronicles one family's story after the tragedy of a school shooting. As a nation, not only have we become numb to violence in schools, we have failed to recognize that the actual event is merely the spark that creates a fire that burns in families indefinitely. With the joys and triumphs of everyday life, the event continues to weave its way through every aspect of a family for the rest of their lives. , , , ,
Forties AF Forties AF Full Cast Drama Series Forties AF is a sexy, sassy, and funny fiction drama podcast about three forty-something single friends and their complicated lives. Hope, a newly-forty entertainment magazine reporter by night and aspiring writer by day, picks up the pieces her thirties left behind. Chanise, a postal carrier in her late forties, is a new empty nester and is adjusting to her new-found freedom. Brianna a hopeless romantic in her mid-forties, is a hairstylist at a very popular … , , , , ,
Four Dog Riot Four Dog Riot Full Cast Drama Series Four smart kids. One busy town. Bowie Brown plays guitar - and uses it as an assault weapon. Mimi Bucher lives in a secret bedroom in a shopping mall. Jaz McGuire is determined to never grow up and to never hear mention of ess ee ex. Hoot Howard collects waterfalls - until somebody steals them. , , ,
Fractured Fractured Full Cast Drama Series “Fractured” is a set of stories about a fictional family living through the War of Independence and the beginnings of the Civil War in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. It is a Down at Heel production written by four Kildare based writers, Martina Reilly, Claire Joyce, Joe Bergin and Brendan Farrell who also acted as sound engineer. The project was sponsored by Kildare County Council through a Creative Ireland Bursary. , , ,
Free Shakespeare on the Radio: Richard II Free Shakespeare on the Radio: Richard II Full Cast Drama Series ROM OPEN AIR TO ON THE AIR! Join WNYC and The Public Theater as we bring Free Shakespeare in the Park to the airwaves with William Shakespeare's RICHARD II. Brought to you in a serialized radio broadcast over four nights, listen as the last of the divinely anointed monarchs descends and loses it all. When King Richard banishes his cousin Henry Bolingbroke and deprives him of his inheritance, he unwittingly creates an enemy who w… , , ,
Frente al Escenario Frente al Escenario Full Cast Drama Series Bienvenidos a “Frente al Escenario”, un audio drama que te sumergirá en la apasionante vida de Anna, una adolescente del nuevo milenio que descubre su verdadera pasión a través de su primera desilusión amorosa: la música. , , , ,
  Frequency Theatre Frequency Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://www.frequencytheatre.co.uk/> Description Frequency Theatre is an audio theatre company operating in Colchester, Essex. They produce full cast works of dramatic audio drama which are available as a free podcast. Additional Links * , , ,
From Timber Falls, With Love From Timber Falls, With Love Narrated Drama Anthology Join author Fiona West for sweet stories of small-town romance for busy readers. Set in Oregon, these stories will steal your heart in thirty minutes or less! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
FRUIT FRUIT Narrated Drama Series A professional football player X, recounts his journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration both on and off the field, in this first-person narrative. FRUIT chronicles X's relationship with his friends, teammates and family as they impose their own perceptions of his role in an alpha-male dominated industry of professional sports. Amidst questioning for a larger league-related scandal, X must ultimately decide how he wants his story to be told, for himself, and… , , , ,
  Full Cast Audio Full Cast Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.fullcastaudio.com/> Description Full Cast Audio produces unabridged recordings of children's novels using a full cast rather than a single reader. Whenever possible, they invite the author to serve as narrator. The recordings are always unabridged — the only things deleted from the text are those attributives ( , , , , ,
Full Circle Full Circle Full Cast Drama Series Full Circle is an audio drama series about how the lives of South African University students had come “full circle” when they had to go home and face their demons as most students leave their homes to forge new identities and escape from their realities. , , , ,
  Fun and Games Fun and Games Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/cally-marie-baldwin/radio-drama-fun-and-games> Description Fun and Games is a full cast audio drama about a woman who opens a new business, but then receives threatening phone calls. It is presented as episode 1 of a series, but seems to be the only episode available. It is written and produced by Cally-Marie Baldwin. , , ,
  G.R.E.E.D. G.R.E.E.D. Homepage * Website: <http://marqlewis.com/audiodramas.htm> Description G.R.E.E.D. is a full cast audio drama about a pastor who struggles with his inner demons as he attempts to build his dreams while trying to juggle his family life and his church life. “” Additional Links , , , ,
Girls on Jane Girls on Jane Narrated Drama Series GIRLS ON JANE is an unapologetically sexy, raw and downright hilarious window into the vibrant underworld of mid-2000s lesbian culture in Manhattan's West Village. So dust off your sexiest pair of motorcycle boots, pour yourself a tall glass of your chosen poison and step into a whole new world. A wild and wonderful world made up of lesbians and lipstick, dykes and Dr. Martens, queer babes and champagne, sex and salaciousness, heartbreak and hedonism, glamo… , , , , ,
  Give Me Fiction Give Me Fiction Homepage * Website: <http://givemefiction.net/> Description Give Me Fiction is a monthly prose reading event that happens every first Sunday of the month at San Francisco's Lost Weekend Video. Recordings of the shows are available as a podcast. Additional Links , , ,
Glass Letters Glass Letters Narrated Drama Series Glass Letters is a limited series audio fiction story about loneliness, connection, and letters in bottles. Brought to you from an island in the middle of nowhere, and created by Anna Godfrey. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
  Glitter Girl Glitter Girl Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/glitter-girl/> Description Glitter Girl is a story written by Erin O'Briant, who has made it available as a free audiobook. “” Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
  Globe Radio Repertory Globe Radio Repertory Homepage * Website: <https://archive.org/details/globe_radio> Description Globe Radio Repertory is a group of Seattle-area performers that has produced a collection of audio drama adaptations of classic works of literature, originally broadcast on radio. drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
  Go Solo Go Solo Homepage * Website: <http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/gosolo> Description Go Solo is a series of short audio dramas performed by graduating actors from Toi Whakaari, New Zealand's National Drama School. The show is broadcast on Radio New Zealand and is available to listen to on its website. , , ,
God of Obsidian God of Obsidian Full Cast Drama Series God Of Obsidian is a dark fairytale about a gaslighting relationship, as one woman desperately seeks the story that will take her back across the narrow, dangerous bridge to freedom. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
God Talks to An Agnostic God Talks to An Agnostic Full Cast Drama Series GOD TALKS TO AN AGNOSTIC is a 12-part audio play written and directed by Don Mays, and pitted against the backdrop of the racial and cultural issues of today. Featuring Rose Weaver and Don Mays in the titular roles, this innovative new work is a compelling exploration of the impact of religion on race, Black culture and a collective need for faith in something larger than ourselves.​ Presented by The Wilbury Theatre Group, in collaboration with … , , , , ,
Gold Diggers Gold Diggers Narrated Drama Series An audio drama that guides listeners on how to go from being a Gold Gigger to a Kept Woman. Daisy sits down and recalls the time she and her boyfriend participated in a couple's retreat that took a deadly turn. Mature , , , ,
Good Enough Good Enough Narrated Drama Series Eva has ambitious plans to return to work but when fate conspires to jeopardise her future she has to dig deep to cope with current turmoil. Enjoy a feast for the senses as you interactively engage with this romance novel written for the modern world. , , , ,
Gossip (Gordon Harris III) Gossip (Gordon Harris III) Full Cast Drama Series Gossip is [an] audio drama about how gossip can ruin your life. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 (M4A File) drama full_cast podcast series , , ,
GoZen! Stories GoZen! Stories Narrated Children's Drama Series Welcome to GoZen! Stories, a podcast for humans of any age, because, let's face it, life is full of challenges for all of us. Stress. Pressure at home or school. Insecurity. Anxiety. GoZen! Stories is about kids and teens who face these same challenges, and overcome them. They're exciting stories of resilience that teach real tools to help you overcome those same challenges. Every season of GoZen! Stories introduces new characters and tells a ne… , , , ,
  Grapevine Audio Visual Grapevine Audio Visual Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/grapevine-audio-visual> Description Grapevine Audio Visual produces a serialized audio drama titled The Block, about two siblings starting a new life after dealing with the death of their mother. There are two episodes available to listen to. , , , ,
  Great Plains Radio - A Christmas Carol Great Plains Radio - A Christmas Carol Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RbvpFZ55NY> Description Great Plains Radio - A Christmas Carol is a live full cast performance of Charles Dickens's famous holiday story. It is available as a streaming YouTube video. drama full_cast sound_effects spiritual streaming , , , ,
Greenborne Greenborne Full Cast Drama Series In what is the first UK radio soap to be broadcast nationwide since Waggoners' Walk, which ended in 1980, John Altman (Eastender's Nasty Nick Cotton) plays Alan Godwin, the landlord of The Fox and Dragon. An ex-detective inspector and a real rough diamond, he is a tough, streetwise, but honest man with a copper's nose for trouble. His village, Greenborne, is slowly waking from the long nightmare of Covid-19. , , ,
Greenhouse Greenhouse Narrated Comedy Series Rose Green wants two things out of life: to watch movies and be left alone. She has one obstacle keeping her from those goals: an unusual clause in her famous father's will that requires that she write regular letters to his favorite local florist. , , , , ,
Greyshading Greyshading Full Cast Drama Anthology An anthology series about the black and white of life, and all the grey in between. Created and written by Quinn Letendre. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleDetour anthology drama full_cast mature podcast , , , ,
Gridiron Glory Gridiron Glory Narrated Drama Series When 29 year old New Jersey Spartans Owner Jeremy Spears looked at college Quarterback T.J. Ripper he didn't see the dark past that would shove him out of the early rounds of the Global Football League Draft. He saw a familiar drive, a fire in his eyes that he believed would lead his organization to the playoffs and beyond. After a crushing injury threatens the Spartans playoff hopes, it is up to their rookie quarterback to win over his teammates and save … , , , ,
  Grizzly's Growls Grizzly's Growls Homepage * Website: <http://grizzly.libsyn.com/> Description Grizzly's Growls presents readings of public domain stories. Titles The Biography of a Grizzly “”-- “” “” The Defendant “” Eugenics and Other Evils “” “” “ , ,
  Ground Zero Media Ground Zero Media Homepage * Website: <http://www.groundzeromedia.org/gzpod/?p=episode&name=2011-12-24_gzlive-2011-12-23.mp3> Description Ground Zero Media is a radio broadcast and podcast that primarily deals with paranormal and political topics, but the 2011-12-24 episode includes a couple of short full cast audio dramas that mix Christmas stories with conspiracy theories. , , ,
Grounds Grounds Full Cast Drama Series GROUNDS is the story of 5 Black Professors at a 4 year PWI. A fictitious college and town in the rural south, which is the home of a predominately white 4 year college with students totaling 1700 with 15% of those self-identifying as students of color. 7% of those are Black. The story follows the lives of five Black professors. The only full time, tenure track Black lecturers who work at Morris & Wilkins University. It highlights the trials, obstacles, and jo… , , , ,
Grunge Musical Grunge Musical Full Cast Musical Drama Series Based on true stories and the unreleased songs of “Charley Django” recorded between 1993 and 1995, the plot follows an up-and-coming band at a turning point in the era begrudgingly known as “grunge. , , , , ,
  Gypsy Audio Gypsy Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.gypsyaudio.org/> Description Gypsy Audio, established in December of 2008 by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Laura Nicole, MJ Cogburn, and Alex Gilmour. It is now run by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and Alex Gilmour, and they produce primarily original audio, with one fan fiction show and the odd old time radio-style show. Their stories often feature strong female leads — both protagonists and antagonists. , , , , , , , , , , ,
  Half-Light Audio Theatre Half-Light Audio Theatre Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQf7hMMpkLQqh1PmQRw6DHQ> Description Half-Light Audio Theatre is a YouTube channel that presents short audio dramas recorded at Half-Light Audio Post Production Studio in Cork City, Ireland. Titles Disappear Down by the Sea , , ,
Hamlet: A Modern Retelling Hamlet: A Modern Retelling Full Cast Thriller Series After the death of his father under suspicious circumstances, Hamlet tries to convince his friends Ophelia and Horatio to help him investigate. Together, they must delve into the inner workings of the family business in order to discover the truth. They will face down family drama, corporate espionage, and the supernatural alike. , , , , ,
Hand In Glove Hand In Glove Full Cast Drama Series Jake Corliss is a 26-year-old “quadruple-A” pitcher trying to get one last shot in the majors. Javy Correa is a 22-year-old catching phenom ready to take baseball by storm. They're both about to meet in the minors for the first time, though, and when they do, they'll find something neither of them ever expected. , , , ,
Harlem Queen Harlem Queen Full Cast Drama Series “Harlem Queen”, an audio drama based on the life and times of “Numbers Queen” Madame Stephanie St. Clair during the Harlem Renaissance. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Megaphone Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHarlem Queen Season One - Trailer , , , ,
Harness Your Hopes Harness Your Hopes Narrated Drama Anthology 'Harness Your Hopes' is a series of 6 podcast episodes of 30 minutes investigating and showcasing fiction. Six of the West of Ireland's upcoming authors have written a new short story inspired by the theme of 'harness your hopes'. , , , ,
Harry the Guitar Player Harry the Guitar Player Narrated Drama Series Harry is about to play his nightly gig at the Cry Baby Bar. He once walked with the gods of rock and played sold-out stadium shows around the world. He now plays an out-of-tune guitar for beer and plates of fries. Harry is about to make a come-back, though, with a song called, , , ,
Hatstand Productions Hatstand Productions Full Cast Drama Series Eighty years between them, 1940 & 2020, two mothers live in very different times but share a profound challenge - how to find hope to act for their baby's future. Margot does not know if her child will grow up under fascist rule. Ishbell worries about an uninhabitable planet. How can they navigate their fears, denial, hopes and dreams and find their own unique journey to living with no regrets? , , ,
Have You Heard George's Podcast? Have You Heard George's Podcast? Narrated Drama Anthology The award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast from George the Poet delivers a fresh take on inner city life through a mix of storytelling, music and fiction. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , ,
  Heather Stallings Heather Stallings Homepage * Website: <http://heatherstallings.com/> Description Heather Stallings is an author of False Alarm, which is available as a free audiobook. False Alarm Additional Links * RSS feed * Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
Heavens Well Heavens Well Full Cast Drama Series Heavens Well is an audio drama created by Anthony Dunne O' Regan that centers around June and Belle Johnson, and deals with everyday issues along with some strange and unexplained happenings. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Helen Of The Iron Horse Helen Of The Iron Horse Narrated Drama Series What if reincarnation were true. Helen believes it is. She believes that if she lives her life correctly this time she can find a way to survive and keep the woman she so desperately loves safe. The problem is the person she believes she is and the life she has to redeem is that of Helen of Troy. , , , ,
Here Comes the Break Here Comes the Break Full Cast Drama Series Here Comes the Break is a groundbreaking podcast sparking real conversations about creativity, mental health, friendship, family, hope, and music. Hosted by our protagonist Ruben (Asante Blackk), this fictional narrative featuring real interviews with emerging artists will bring voice to young creators who use social media platforms to amplify their own messages. , , , ,
Here Lies Me Here Lies Me Full Cast Drama Series Middle school will bury you. Or at least that's how it feels to 13-year-old Noa—a shy and witty misfit who endures the horrors of living in an affluent New England town with a dark side. It's the first day of eighth grade, and The Olivias are already icing her out. The weird kid who calls himself God publicly proclaims his love for her and then punches the guy Noa kinda sorta (definitely doesn't!) have a crush on. Desperate to get God to leave her alone, No… , , , ,
Heritage Heritage Full Cast Drama Series The lives of the Jacobs family and those they meet along the way are explored in this audio soap opera. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleSeason 1, Episode 1 (#01): Chapter One drama full_cast podcast series , , ,
  Het Bureau Het Bureau Homepage * Website: <http://programma.ntr.nl/10488/hetbureau> Description Het Bureau (The Office) is a Dutch-language radio play series about life at a research institute in Amsterdam, and of a man who works in the same office for thirty years. The series is based on the novels by Dutch author J. Voskuil. The radio series has so far adapted the first three (of seven) books. NTR, a Dutch public-service broadcaster, offers it as a podcast. , , , ,
Him and I Him and I Full Cast Drama Series Him & I is a story inspired by true events of a love story that went horribly wrong between a girl next door and a charming handsome boy. He won her heart then tried to stop it from beating permanently. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
  History Media History History Media History Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/HistoryMediaHistory/> Description History Media History is a Seattle-area arts organization with a YouTube channel presenting streaming video versions of, among other content, live performances of adaptations of classic radio drama shows. , , , ,
Hold Me The Forgotten Way Hold Me The Forgotten Way Narrated Drama Anthology the most private things happen in public Consisting of seven brief audio monologues, playwright Harrison David Rivers' cycle explores intimate confessions made in public spaces about love and sex. TigerBear Productions partnered with six remarkable queer theaters across the country, using this virtual moment to connect organizations through our shared mission to serve our queer communities and celebrate the talented artists across boundari… , , , ,
  Holding Esther Holding Esther Homepage * Website: <http://www.rivercrossorg.org/> Description Holding Esther is a full cast audio drama series that deals with the topic of abused children and the caregivers that attempt to help them. Additional Links * SoundCloud page drama full_cast mature_content sound_effects spiritual streaming , , , , ,
Home for Mom Home for Mom Full Cast Musical Drama Series The award winning musical digital web series, “Home for Mom” is a heartwarming story told through music with a stellar cast. This meaningful musical exploration of care-taking for those we love at a difficult time is an uplifting inspiration. A compassionate and moving journey for the listener. A testament to the power of family. , , , ,
Home Front Home Front Full Cast Historical Fiction Drama Series Drama serial tracking the fortunes of a group of characters on the home front as they try to maintain normality while Britain is involved in the First World War.Early episodes are not included in the RSS feed, but all episodes are available on the podcast website. , , , ,
Hometown Hometown Narrated Drama Anthology An anthology audiodrama about finding community, what it means to have a home, and the stories that make us who we are. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer anthology drama narrated podcast , , ,
Hometown Hero Hometown Hero Narrated Drama Series A Midwestern Gothic Tale that centers in a small town called Circleville. In season one, we follow the events that take place during a single Friday night. Various characters lead us through their eerie, macabre, tragic, and even mundane lives as their paths cross, creating unthinkable outcomes. Each episode is a small glimpse into an existential reality that is life in the gothic midwest. , , , ,
How to Bury the Pets How to Bury the Pets Full Cast Drama Series How to Bury Your Pets is a dramatic comedy in one part. Starring Hugh Ross (The Assassination of Jesse James) and Jonathan Daviss (The Outer Banks). When a middle-aged White man attempts to solve bigger issues stemming from divorce with a pair of mice for his young daughters he forges an unlikely relationship with a young Black man working at a big-box pet store. , , , , ,
How We Manage Stuff How We Manage Stuff Full Cast Drama Anthology Let us tell you a story. A story of work. A story of pleasure. A story of the daily grind. A story of transcendence beauty. A story you like because its fun. Imagine a cast of characters trying to make their way through the bleak promise of the modern industrial landscape. Machine Intelligence to the left of them. Disruptive Innovation to the right. A boss often absent from the scene. And the wrong person for the wrong decision at the wrong … , , , , ,
Human Story Theatre Human Story Theatre Full Cast Drama Anthology Co-founded by joint artistic directors Amy Enticknap and Gaye Poole, Human Story Theatre focuses on producing new writing with a health and social care issue at heart. The productions 'pop-up' in any designated space with minimal set, giving a shared light, shared space experience. , , , ,
Humane Humane Full Cast Drama Series Based on the incredible true story of a small town in Essex that blockaded itself for 10 months protesting live animal exports, Humane is a timely new six-part audio drama by writer Polly Creed. 1995: Brightlingsea, a small port in rural Essex.Two women, Alice and Linda, wake up to find lorries thundering through their town, carrying live animals in horrendous conditions for export. Although from very different worlds, the pair unite to try to stop the lorries… , , ,
  I Can See My House From Here I Can See My House From Here Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/farrokh-soltani/i-can-see-my-house-from-here> Description I Can See My House From Here is a short audio drama about a couple celebrating their marriage anniversary by going skydiving. It is written by Vina Patel, with sound design by Farrokh Soltani. , , , ,
I Stand Corrected I Stand Corrected Narrated Drama Series A story recounted from two very different points of view, that will not leave you indifferent. Rosario and Balou need each other for hugely different reasons... But for one of them, it is a matter of life and death. , , ,
Icaro, Texas Icaro, Texas Full Cast Drama Series When rising rodeo star Chris Joseph loses everything, he must return to his home town which has been decimated by the '86 Oil Bust. Icaro, Texas is an original audio drama written by playwright Straton Rushing and produced with the help of Arizona State University. The play was directed by Victor Arevalo and features original music by Kelly Damann. , , , ,
  Ichthus Family Productions Ichthus Family Productions Homepage * Website: <http://ichthusfamilyproductions.weebly.com/> Description Ichthus Family Productions produce a series of family-friendly audio dramas with religious themes. Titles Lies and Otherwise Sarah, Plain and Tall Treasure Seekers Additional Links , , , , , , ,
ICONS: Harlem Renaissance in Motion ICONS: Harlem Renaissance in Motion Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Travel back in time and be enthralled by unheard, unseen voices of The Harlem Renaissance as they are brought to life in half-hour radio dramas written by playwrights of color. , , , ,
Idaho Street Workshop Idaho Street Workshop Narrated Drama Series The Idaho Street Workshop is focused on presenting new fiction written specifically for podcasts. It creates dynamic narratives that harken back to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and The Mercury Theater, as well as more contemporary radio/podcasts such as The Truth, Alice Isn't Dead, and Homecoming. The aim of this project is to collage different aspects of storytelling and sound to create sonically unique fiction in podcast form. , , ,
If I Fall Back Down If I Fall Back Down Narrated Drama Series “Romance that kicks you in the teeth like a sixteen hole doc marten boot” Having recently been dropped by my publisher, my books canceled and finding myself out of work, rather than seeing my beloved 'Fall Back Down' trilogy homeless, I've decided to relaunch them in a brand new format. Every week I am going to work through the books, chapter by chapter. This is not meant to be an audio book, it's not a professional recording, it is casual and info… , , , ,
  Imagination Lane Imagination Lane Homepage * Website: <http://www.imaginationlane.net/> Description Imagination Lane produces family-friendly audio plays, often with a historical emphasis. adventure drama free full_cast history sound_effects , , , , ,
Imagined Life Imagined Life Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology What is it like to be famous before you're famous? What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? Each episode of Imagined Life takes you on an immersive journey into the life of a world-famous person. It'll be someone you may think you know, even admire , , , , ,
In Good Company In Good Company Full Cast Drama Series The drama onstage is nothing compared to what's happening behind the scenes in this original episodic series. Bay City Theatre Artistic Director Lola Grant is performing the ultimate balancing act: running a small, LGBTQ+ theatre during a pandemic, keeping her family together, and producing a new play- that's still missing an ending. A new kind of podcast for a different kind of world, New Conservatory Theatre Center's , , , ,
In Isolation Monologues In Isolation Monologues Narrated Drama Anthology The IN ISOLATION Monologue Suite is [a collection] of monologues recounting the life stories of four British octogenarian women from very different backgrounds. Each monologue explores LGBT experiences, as well as women's relationships to men and wider society. , , , ,
In Strange Woods In Strange Woods Full Cast Musical Drama Series After a tragedy in the Whitetail National Forest, 18-year-old Peregrine Wells seeks out survivalist skills from an enigmatic old recluse. In this fictional documentary musical with an original folk-pop score, listeners will follow producer Brett Ryback as he explores themes of grief, adolescence, and our precarious relationship to the wilderness - all set against a sleepy northern Minnesota town reeling from a loss of innocence it will never get… , , , ,
  In The Library In The Library Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxzJYcTEUho8HLEDOONiHXg> Description In The Library is a YouTube channel featuring streaming video versions of public domain audio, including audiobooks, poetry, and old time radio programs. children comedy drama science_fiction streaming , , , ,
In This Economy? In This Economy? Full Cast Drama Anthology In This Economy? is an audio fiction series made for, by, and about the gig economy. This series of eight short, self-contained radio plays relies on the agility and diversity of the gig economy to reimagine the process of creating scripted drama, and enjoys all of the advantages and , , ,
Incite Playwrights Incite Playwrights Full Cast Drama Anthology Incite Playwrights is a playwriting challenge: Writers are given a news article and a week to write a play responding to that news article. These plays are then recorded as podcasts. Mature RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Inconceivable Inconceivable Full Cast Drama Series Inconceivable is a scripted narrative podcast about two best friends navigating different fertility challenges and the ups and downs that come with it. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroducing: Inconceivable , , , , ,
  Ink Still Wet Ink Still Wet Homepage * Website: <http://www.inkstillwet.com/> Description Ink Still Wet is an audio drama podcast in which listeners can submit ideas for the plot of each episode. The producers also accept music contributions. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * SoundCloud page drama free full_cast interactive sound_effects , , , ,
  Inside the Whale Inside the Whale Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/inside-the-whale/> Description Inside the Whale is a story, written in verse, about a poet who attempts to keep hold of his gift while battling alcoholism. It's author, Joseph G. Peterson, has made it available a free digital audiobook. , ,
  Intermine Studios Intermine Studios Homepage * Website: <https://interminestudios.wordpress.com/> Description Intermine Studios is an amateur audio drama producer, offering several of horror and science fiction series, as well as a few short one-shot audio dramas that explore other genres. Most productions are available as streaming YouTube videos. , , , , , ,
Intimate Fame Intimate Fame Narrated Historical Fiction Drama Anthology What if you were there? Intimate Fame presents a series of full-length, one person performances of a rare, unforgettable moment in time with some of the most remarkable individuals that have ever lived. , , , , , ,
Iphigenia in Aulis (Untitled Theater Company #61) Iphigenia in Aulis (Untitled Theater Company #61) Full Cast Folklore Drama Series Iphigenia in Aulis is an adaptation of the play by Euripides, translated by Edward Einhorn and performed by the actors of Untitled Theater Company No. 61. It is designed to be a companion to the book published by Image Comics, a graphic novel/script hybrid that is part of Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze series, but it can also be experienced alone. , , , ,
It Makes A Sound It Makes A Sound Full Cast Drama Series When was the last time you were struck by the EXTRAORDINARY in your life? What wonders are you forgetting to look for? Do you remember how things used to sound? Do you remember the music that first cracked you open and revealed to you the infinite possibilities of the universe? , , ,
It's Nice to Hear You It's Nice to Hear You Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology A story about human connection told through an anonymous matchmaking experiment, one pair at a time. No names, no direct contact, no pictures. Over 30 days, matched participants exchange 1 voice memo a day with each other. In creating this experiment, the creator and narrator of this show learns about compatibility, vulnerability, and empathy. , , , , , ,
J[our]ney J[our]ney Narrated Multigenre Anthology J[our]ney is an original all-Singaporean digitally presented production exploring an essential component of every Singaporean's life - the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) commute. We will be presenting 4 newly commissioned short stories by Singaporean writer Joel Tan paired with newly commissioned pieces by 4 Singaporean composers. The music will be performed by K口U and stories told by Brendon Fernandez. In this collection of four short stories, we follow diff… , , , , , ,
Jim Jim Full Cast Drama Series 'Jim ' is a fictional 'rock and roll' love story, written as a radio play, and set against the backdrop of the psychedelic counter cultural scene of the late 1960s. Laura remembers her love affair with Jim, a well known American rock star, who she met quite by chance when she was a young aspiring writer while on a trip to California in the spring of 1968. We follow her story over a series of their meetings that take place in California, London and Copenhagen wher… , , , ,
  Jim French Productions Jim French Productions Homepage * Website: <http://jimfrenchproductions.com/> Description Jim French is an American radio personality and producer who has written and produced hundreds of radio shows, including The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes , , , , ,
Joanna Joanna Full Cast Drama Series The audio drama, Joanna, is the internal monologue of a young woman's mind, thoughts, decision making process and stream of consciousness. The series tackles many subject areas people face, addressing subtle tones of mental health, social anxiety, and self-doubt. While tackling these strong subject areas, there is an air of comedy and relatability to the stories played out by the three characters with the intention to explore shared experience and addressing the … , , ,
Joao Nsita Joao Nsita Narrated Drama Anthology This Is The Joao Nsita Podcast, is A Podcast Channel Dedicated About Exploring The Delightfully Strange worlds of love through drama and Comedy. I'm grateful for your kind support. thank you. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
  Jocelyn's Stories Jocelyn's Stories Homepage * Website: <http://jocelynjohnson.com/?cat=22> Description Jocelyn's Stories is a podcast by Jocelyn Johnson, who reads from her collection of short stories titled The One You Remember. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
  Joe Bevilacqua Joe Bevilacqua Homepage * Website: <http://www.joebev.com/> Description Joe Bevilacqua is an award-winning voice actor, radio producer, dramatist, humorist, and documentary film producer. His site contains an audio library of some of his works. children comedy drama free full_cast mystery science_fiction , , , , , ,
  Joe Cottonwood Joe Cottonwood Homepage * Website: <http://www.joecottonwood.com/> Description Joe Cottonwood is a writer who has made several of his stories available as free audiobooks. Titles Boone Barnaby Book 1 of the San Puerco trilogy Danny Ain't Book 2 of the San Puerco trilogy , ,
  John R. Swift John R. Swift Homepage * Website: See below Description John R. Swift is a writer who has made his Prohibition Era gangster stories available as free audiobooks. Titles The Chicago Connection Living With Capone Additional Links * The Chicago Connection Podiobooks.com page * , ,
  Jon Sindell Jon Sindell Homepage * Website: <http://jstevensonstories.blogspot.com/> Description Jon Sindell is a writer who has made his story Mighty Roman Shorts – a collection of select scenes from his novel The Mighty Roman – available as a free audiobook. The story is described as “a modern ,
  Jonathan Winters' 'A Christmas Carol' Jonathan Winters' 'A Christmas Carol' Homepage * Website: <http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4225458> Description Jonathan Winters' 'A Christmas Carol' is a reading of Charles Dickens's famous holiday story by comedic actor Jonathan Winters, who provides a variety of voices for the characters. The production also includes occasional music, sound effects, and performances by Mimi Kennedy. It is produced by National Public Radio and KCRW and available as streaming audio on… , ,
Joseyphina's World Joseyphina's World Narrated Religious Drama Anthology Born to Write, On a Mission to InspireThis podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHis Phone, My Rival (M4A File) anthology drama narrated podcast religious series , , , , ,
  Journey Into... Journey Into... Homepage * Website: <http://journeyintopodcast.blogspot.com/> Description Journey Into... is a podcast that plays a variety of audio dramas, including old time radio shows, flash fiction, and full cast readings of new and classic stories. The stories that it presents range in genre, including adventure, drama, fantasy, horror, and science fiction. , , , , , , ,
Jules and James Jules and James Full Cast Drama Series Jules is a British writer and director who's currently making a film in London. James is an American who's given-up his 9-to-5 life in the states to become a painter living in Paris. Through a misdialed phone number, these two young artists connect and decide to continue a conversation that started by chance. During weekly calls, Jules and James talk about their lives, their dreams for the future, the world around them and everything else that the comfor… , , , ,
  Julian Simpson Julian Simpson Homepage * Website: <http://juliansimpson.uk/radio/> Description Julian Simpson is a UK-based writer and director who has had several audio dramas produced for BBC Radio, several of which are available to listen to on his website. Titles Bad Memories Fragments , , , , , ,
Junan Junan Full Cast Musical Drama Series Current Season: The Jade Bracelet An original musical released as a musical narrative podcast about the Asian American experience, mother/daughter relationships & interracial dating. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
June's Journey: The Lost Diaries June's Journey: The Lost Diaries Narrated Drama Series Autumn Driver is living an unremarkable existence as a 30-something in the 21st century. Trapped in a job she hates and a lackluster love life, she finds solace, wisdom, and a little rebellion in an old, dusty diary from her great-grandmother, June Parker. She discovers that things weren't so different in the 1930s, and that a woman from another era can help us navigate the problems of the modern age. , , ,
Just Am Just Am Narrated Drama Series Leanne Bowers performs Chloe Stanaway's deeply moving and beautifully written Just Am. Outstanding, sensitive, and insightful; this revealing piece of performance writing explores many of the anxieties and difficulties of gender identity experienced in our early formative years, and beyond , , , ,
Juvie Juvie Full Cast Drama Series Alana McKenzie an idealistic psychology grad discovers her purpose working in a juvenile prison. Thrown into a world of systematic corruption and rampant chaos, she soon realizes that the classroom was much easier than the real world. Juvie is a gritty Podcast Dramatic Series highlighting the injustices and multiple challenges of juvenile incarceration. , , , ,
Kate Dreams of Love: Romantic Short Stories Kate Dreams of Love: Romantic Short Stories Narrated Drama Anthology Kate closes her eyes at night and dreams of romance. If you’re looking for historical accuracy, grammatical perfection and literary works of art, you’ve come to the wrong place. These are short and casual romantic stories. These are Kate’s dreams. Some of these stories are very vanilla and others tease a little more detail. In the title: V=Vanilla and S=Sexy/Steamy , , , ,
Keep It Steady Keep It Steady Full Cast Drama Series Seventeen-year-old Zach is not a moral crusader. He's a snarky, well-liked stoner who attends detention about as often as Algebra. Unfortunately, he's also a closeted bisexual in 2005, in a town where even the potheads are conservatives. When school firebrand Gabe suggests they pretend to date in order to take the heat off two female students who are actually in love, Zach knows it's the worst idea he's ever heard. Then he does it anyway. , , , ,
  Kenn Crawford Kenn Crawford Homepage * Website: <http://kenncrawford.com/> Description Kenn Crawford is a writer who has made his horror story Dead Hunt available as free a audiobook. His website also offers several short works of audio fiction. Titles Dead Hunt Dead Hunt The Parsec-nominated podcast was narrated by R.E. Chambliss and it is a full cast audio production starring the voice talents of: Kimi Alexandre, Brian Brown, Ry Stevenson, Melissa Bartell, Kim Butler and Erk, with special guest … , , ,
kilburn (not london) kilburn (not london) Full Cast Drama Series Charlie is growing up in the care system, and has just moved to a new home next door to his classmate Grant. As they begin to walk home and spend more time together outside of school, an unlikely friendship and relationship blooms. Over a school year in the middle of nowhere, kilburn (not london) explores young love, sense of self and making somewhere home. , , , ,
King Kirby King Kirby Full Cast Drama Series Heroes aren't born, they're made. This is the epic tale of Jack Kirby, the most famous cartoonist you never heard of: Born in the Lower East Side slums, veteran of the battlefields of France, co-creator of CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS, THE X-MEN, Kirby had his biggest fight after his comic books became an international sensation: He had to fight for his name, and the recognition he was denied. An audio version of the New York Times Critics' Pick play by awar… , , , ,
Kings of the Ring Kings of the Ring Narrated Drama Series KINGS OF THE RING takes the real life people, events, legends, and road stories. But also the rumors and “what if's” of wrestling's history, puts it one big pile, modifies it, re-arranges it, and re-assembles it in the context of one giant fictional story. , , , ,
  Kit Kapowski Zauhar Kit Kapowski Zauhar Homepage * Website: <http://kitzauhar.com/Sound-Projects> Kit Kapowski Zauhar is a writer and filmmaker who has produced a short audio story and audio drama. Titles A Six-Year-Old's Guide to Dying A young child contemplates death. Toothache A man derives pleasure from from experiencing trauma on his teeth. , , ,
  KSDB Radio Playhouse KSDB Radio Playhouse Homepage * Website: <https://ksdbfm.org/tag/ksdb-radio-playhouse/> Description KSDB Radio Playhouse is radio program that presents a variety of adapted and original audio drama presented in the style of old time radio shows. The program is produced and aired on KSDB, Kansas State University's student-run radio station. , , , , , , ,
  L.A. Theatre Works L.A. Theatre Works Homepage * Website: <http://www.latw.org/> Description L.A. Theatre Works is a theater company that produces audio plays based upon the works of well-known writers and uses many famous actors in their productions. Their productions can be heard on several radio stations and their recorded works are available for purchase, as well as a podcast. , , , ,
  Laddie's Magical Glowing Balls Of Colored Gas Laddie's Magical Glowing Balls Of Colored Gas Homepage * Website: <http://www.podiobooks.com/title/laddies-magical-glowing-balls-of-colored-gas> Description Laddie's Magical Glowing Balls Of Colored Gas by Richard Stephenson is a story about a schizophrenic inmate. It has been made available as a free audiobook. Additional Links ,
Leaving the Puzzle Factory Leaving the Puzzle Factory Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series The reflections of a former Police Officer going back to deal with his experiences from the beginning of his career to the decision to move on while dealing with unfinished feelings. He takes a look back to relive some of his experiences and the feelings about his time with one of Canada's largest Police Services. The story is approached in a straight forward manner using humour, vulnerability and honesty. , , , ,
Lennie Gray Lennie Gray Narrated Drama Series Lennie Gray is a biweekly audio drama podcast set in the American South during the early part of the 20th Century. Lennie Gray yearns for life beyond the suffocating walls that enclose her within. She has known from an early age that she is meant to live a better life, but she is hemmed in by the limits imposed on women. Lennie Gray is set in motion when she attempts to escape from marriage to a loathsome man. Under the cloak of nightfall, Lennie rushes towar… , , ,
Letters I'll Never Send Letters I'll Never Send Full Cast Drama Series A podcast based on the book, Letters I'll Never Send by Nicole Zelniker. After spending eight months in the psych hospital for attempted suicide, Sadie still isn't sure if she's ready to confront her demons, specifically the death of her infant son. , , , ,
Life Lines Life Lines Full Cast Thriller Series Al Smith's award-winning series set in an ambulance control room. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 BBC battersea_poltergeistThe Battersea Poltergeistbody_horrorBody Horrorcall_jonathan_pieCall Jonathan Piecase_of_charles_dexter_ward_the_lovecraft_investigationsThe Case of Charles Dexter Ward (The Lovecraft Investigations)children_of_the_stonesChildren of the StonescipherThe Cipherdark_is_risingThe Dark I… , , , ,
Life On Pause Life On Pause Full Cast Drama Anthology Life On Pause: A Quarantine Anthology is an audio drama set in a world that has been forced into lockdown due to a global pandemic. Each story follows a different version of the new normal, three years after humanity has been forced inside. Seven different households search for love, connection, and humanity in their new normal. , , , ,
  listenupnorth.com listenupnorth.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.listenupnorth.com/> Description listenupnorth.com presents audio drama, poetry, short stories, and extracts from novels that focus on the North East of England. Additional Links * RSS feed drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
  Literal Systems Literal Systems Homepage * Website: <http://www.literalsystems.org/> Description Literal Systems records free MP3 downloadable audio books of classic literary works that are in the public domain. children drama free horror science_fiction , , , ,
Little Did I Know Little Did I Know Full Cast Musical Drama Series The Broadway-scale musical comes to the world of podcasts – spearheaded by a creative dream team that includes three-time Tony winner Doug Besterman, Tony and Pulitzer winner Mitchell Maxwell, Oscar and Golden Globe winner Dean Pitchford, Tony-nominee Patrick Page, Olivier-winner Lesli Margherita, Disney star Laura Marano, and YouTube superstar Kurt Hugo Schneider. , , , ,
Little Women: A Modern Audio Drama Little Women: A Modern Audio Drama Full Cast Drama Series Listen in on the March Sisters as you've never heard them before... When Jo March's dad is sent overseas to serve as an Army chaplain, she and her sisters, Meg, Beth, and Amy start recording messages to send to him as a way of keeping in touch. They end up— sometimes accidentally!— capturing the family's highs and lows as the girls each find their own path in life. Meg finds herself tempted by wealth and glamor like never before. Jo… , , , ,
  Little Written Extra Little Written Extra Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/uclu-radio-drama> Description Little Written Extra is a supplementary podcast to The Little Written Podcast (which features interviews with writers). It presents – along with other content – short full cast audio dramas. , , , ,
Local Hero Local Hero Narrated Drama Series In the wake of a horrendous car accident, Chris finds his life torn apart as his mind struggles to comprehend what he has seen. As the dreams and flashbacks intensify, he isolates himself from those he loves; not realizing that the demons are not around him, they are within. , , , ,
Long Time No See Long Time No See Full Cast Musical Drama Series An original musical drama in five episodes. Written and acted by a cast of NYC teenagers based on the stories of their lives and experiences. Listen to the voice of today's young people as they confront the real-life issues youth face and strive to change our complicated and unjust world. , , , , ,
Look Up Look Up Full Cast Drama Series Two young men meet on a beach every night with a telescope and the unanswered questions from years of a friendship lost as they await their parent's return from a mission to Mars. As re-entry draws closer...so do they. Starring Evan Bittencourt (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists) and Briggon Snow (The Bright Sessions). Produced by Atypical Artists and created by Briggon Snow. , , , , ,
Lost Souls Monologues Lost Souls Monologues Narrated Drama Anthology Fictional monologues exploring the idea that we're all a little lost from time to time. Beautiful new writing, performed by an impressive cast including Maggie Wheeler ('Friends', 'Everybody Loves Raymond'), Tamla Kari ('The Inbetweeners Movie', 'The Musketeers') and voiceover superstar Rupert Degas ('Red Dwarf X', 'Pope Joan'). , , , ,
Lottie's Diary Lottie's Diary Narrated Drama Series Lottie's 1930 diary showed up years ago in a jumble sale in the south of England. Written in a Collins' Royal Diary, it's the story of a young woman from North London. A story of English privilege between the wars. Each episode brings another month from Lottie's 1930 life. Some things are familiar; at other time she inhabits another world. , , ,
Loud Whispers Loud Whispers Full Cast Drama Series Loud Whispers is about the untold sexual and reproductive health and rights challenges of adolescent girls and young women in Nigeria. From issues of unplanned pregnancy, to sexual assaults, to worries about unsafe abortion, unprotected sex etc are addressed in this radio drama in 18 episodes. , , ,
  Louve Studio Louve Studio Homepage * Website: <http://louvestudio.tumblr.com/> Description Louve Studio is an amateur audio drama group specializing in gay- and lesbian-themed stories. Their audio dramas are English-language productions, but the stories are written in the style of Japanese manga. Titles are available as steaming YouTube videos. , , , ,
Love Before Covid Love Before Covid Full Cast Drama Series This Audio Play is not exactly fiction and not exactly philosophy, but something in between. Dr Greg Scorzo has developed Post Socratic dialogues as a new kind of philosophy. These dialogues are called “Post-Socratic , , , ,
Love Don't Live Here Anymore Love Don't Live Here Anymore Full Cast Drama Series “Love Don't Live Here Anymore,” is a fictional, original audio drama podcast series by writers Terrell Jackson and Ember Stone. The lead, Naomi Martin, is a young woman from Kansas City, MO, torn between her dream of becoming a world-renowned vocalist, and the more seemingly realistic goal, set for her by her father, to finish school and have a practical, , , , ,
Love in Gravity Love in Gravity Full Cast Drama Anthology The first time you fell for someone, a high school in Miami, hidden secrets, the 6 train running express through the Bronx, and the complications of family. Love in Gravity is a collection of original stories about love and the forces that we exert on each other. Each episode features its own cast including Robin de Jesús, Harvey Guillén, Jessica Marie Garcia, Jason Genao, Wilson Cruz, Kevin McHale, Javier Muñoz, Jillian Mercado and Karrie Martin Lach… , , , ,
  Love Kills Love Kills Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blhqcet43Es> Description Love Kills is a full cast audio drama episode that was recorded for a college project. It tells the story of a man who has been accused of murder. It is available as a streaming video on YouTube. drama full_cast sound_effects streaming , , ,
Love Me Love Me Narrated Drama Anthology Deep down we all just want to be loved, so why is it one of the toughest things to get right? Love Me is a podcast about the messiness of human connection. It's a son shielding his dad from a painful family secret. A widow confronting her grief by dating her worst match. A pair of robots stumbling through an awkward courtship. , , , ,
Love, Lust & Lapland Love, Lust & Lapland Narrated Drama Series The controversial coming of age story of an Australian guy in the Nordic wilderness. Life changes forever when he falls in star-crossed love with a beautiful young Finnish marine biologist. Based on true events. , , , ,
LOVERS IN THE FOG LOVERS IN THE FOG Narrated Drama Series Set in the late 80s, Hamlet Sarkissian's LOVERS IN THE FOG podcast series is told by the candid voice of human rights attorney Luke Forsyth who embarks on a solo drive up the east coast of the United States to rendezvous with the love of his life, a mystery woman who went missing a decade before. As Luke's obsessive journey unfolds, the foggy road provides Luke with an empty canvas upon which he paints his memories: his old love affair, his young family… , , , ,
Loveville High Loveville High Full Cast Musical Drama Series LOVEVILLE HIGH is a 9-part musical podcast series hosted by David Zellnik and Eric Svejcar. Each ten-minute episode is a self-contained love story in the fictional town of Loveville, Ohio on prom night: new love, old love, romantic love, friend love, gay and straight, cis and genderqueer. , , , ,
  LSM Showcase LSM Showcase Homepage * Website: <https://www.mixcloud.com/LSMShowcase2014/> Description LSM Showcase is a collection of audio productions by the University of Lincoln's School of Media. Titles Asylum (Radio Drama) Asylum (Sound Installation) Mind Control 100 Years Ago The Retreat , , , , ,
Lucky Dip Lucky Dip Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Lucky Dip is an anthology series of full-cast audio drama from a wide range of genres. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleSeventy Five (M4A File) Third Time Lucky Productions christmas_buffet_rouletteChristmas Buffet Rouletteelizabeth_rElizabeth Rlucky_dipLucky Dip thirdtime.co.uk anthology drama full_cast multigenre podcast , , , ,
  Lynch Multimedia Lynch Multimedia Homepage * Website: <http://www.lynchmultimedia.com/> Description Lynch Multimedia provides adaptations of the works of William Shakespeare, using simpler language and a more novel-like format. There are audio and text versions of each story, along with the original text. ,
Mac (and Bonnie's) Mac (and Bonnie's) Full Cast Drama Series One man looking back, one woman looking forward, together trying to forge a way to make everything fit - and work; and serving up a drink or two while they do it. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
  Made in Manchester Made in Manchester Homepage * Website: <http://www.madeinmanchester.tv/drama/listen-to-made-in-manchester-drama/> Description Made in Manchester is a collection of free full cast audio dramas produced as part of a collaboration between British newspaper The Independent and independent production company Made in Manchester. , , , ,
Magic Locker Magic Locker Narrated Drama Series Based on the hit Hooked story read by millions around the world, Magic Locker follows outcast teen Raina Sen as she tries to get revenge on the popular girls and rewrite her high school destiny. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Majoring In Her Majoring In Her Full Cast Comedy Series From the creator of Majoring in Me comes the show Majoring in Her. A comedy about a young Black woman in college, trying her hardest not to get lost in her man and actually succeed at being a friend, daughter, and heck, a student. And this all takes place in 2007. , , , , ,
Majoring in Me Majoring in Me Full Cast Drama Series In 2006, Tritan Steele arrives at Hamilton University. And if being a freshman at a school far from home wasn't enough, he's dealing with his newfound sexuality, his recent healthcare, and resurfaced old familial wounds. , , , ,
Make It Up As We Go Make It Up As We Go Full Cast Musical Drama Series Make It Up As We Go is a first-of-its-kind blockbuster musical written by David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights) specifically for the podcast space. Centered around the creation of seven new songs, one per episode, it tells the story of a female songwriter in Nashville’s predominately male driven, high-stress writing rooms, where songwriters big and small get together hoping to pen Country music’s next #1 hit. Our lead character, Charlotte, gr… , , , , ,
Make the Yuletide Gay Make the Yuletide Gay Full Cast Drama Christmas Anthology Lunar Light Studio presents Make The Yuletide Gay, a network wide annual holiday audio narrative that we will bring to you every year on Christmas Eve. Thank you to our podcast family for making this happen, and happy holidays to everyone! , , , ,
Making the Cut Making the Cut Full Cast Drama Series Listen in as the true-life story of Dr. Michael Marwan Meguid's coming of age is shared in an unforgettable way. Dr. Meguid, born in Cairo and raised in Germany and England, grew up to become an internationally renowned surgeon, founding a medical journal while practicing and conducting research at Harvard's Mass General, Brigham & Women's, MIT, UCLA, and Syracuse University. , , , ,
Manchester Avenue Manchester Avenue Full Cast Drama Series We follow the life of one of the cousins of a character in Fairview Heights (the spinoff of this series) as she moves into her new place on Manchester Avenue in Inglewood, CA. It's a Comedy and a drama and a MYSTERY! , , , ,
  MangaNav MangaNav Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/MangaNav/videos?query=radio> Description MangaNav is a YouTube channel with – among other content – several short amateur audio dramas. Titles The Break-In A man recalls a crime he committed as a youth and the consequences of that night. , , , , ,
March March Full Cast Historical Fiction Drama Series Berlin, 1921. Democracy teeters. Zealots battle in the streets as the Bechsteins, Europe's famed piano makers, host an elegant soiree. A surprise guest arrives – a combat veteran – unknown and seemingly unremarkable. He unveils powers of seduction, manipulation and demagogy that will soon change the course of history. , , , , ,
  Marie Tueje Marie Tueje Homepage * Website: <http://www.marietueje.com/> Description Marie Tueje is a sound editor who creates different audio projects, including interactive installations, music, spoken word pieces, and audio dramas. She has examples of her work on her SoundCloud page. , , , ,
  Mary from Michigan Saves the World Mary from Michigan Saves the World Homepage * Website: <https://www.empirepodcasting.com/> Description Mary from Michigan Saves the World is a soap opera-style audio drama series about a young woman dealing with various family issues, as well as some mysterious occurrences. -- , , ,
Men, Divorce, Porters, and Hurricanes Men, Divorce, Porters, and Hurricanes Narrated Drama Series Men, Divorce, Porters & Hurricanes follows a popular fictitious blog about divorce with a pretty cool sci-fi twist that will keep you wanting to know what happens next! Some stories based on true events. , , , ,
  Methodical Studios Methodical Studios Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/ecbond> Description Methodical Studios produces a number of full cast audio dramas, in a variety of genres. Titles The Groomsman An audio drama “about a New York cab driver that gets into a dangerous situation before his wedding day and needs to hire a eccentric bodyguard to keep him safe. , , , , , ,
  Michael Bannister Michael Bannister Homepage * Website: <http://www.mick-bannister.co.uk/> Description Michael Bannister is a writer who has made his story Gibbous Moon available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * Gibbous Moon Podiobooks.com page * Gibbous Moon Podiobooks.com RSS feed * Gibbous Moon Podiobooks.com iTunes link drama free ,
  Michael Lund Michael Lund Homepage * Website: <http://www.route66book.com/> Description Michael Lund is a writer who has made several titles from his Growing Up on Route 66 series of novels available as free audiobooks. Titles Growing Up on Route 66 “”“”---- Route 66 to Vietnam ,
  Michele Bekemeyer Michele Bekemeyer Homepage * Website: <http://michbek.com/> Description Michele Bekemeyer is a writer who has made her historical romance story Trapping a Duchess – which is Book 1 of her Scandals of the Heart series – available as a free audiobook. Trapping A Duchess ,
Middle Third Middle Third Narrated Drama Series A short fiction podcast about people in a park. Created by Casey Irvin. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 drama mature narrated podcast series , , , ,
Midnight Tales From The Bluff City Midnight Tales From The Bluff City Full Cast Drama Series Midnight Tales From The Bluff City is a 1930s inspired radio serial podcast taking place over the course of 100 years in Memphis, Tennessee. The Bluff City is chock full of gothic history, the birth of several era defining styles of music and host to a myriad of unique and outlandish characters. Each episode takes place in a different decade – starting with the 1980s and working backwards to the 1880s – and tells the sordid tales of an… , , , ,
Mija Mija Narrated Drama Series Hosted by a narrator known only as Mija (daughter in Spanish), each episode tells the story of how members of her family experience immigration. Launching September 25th, 2019 in English, French and Spanish versions. Mija Podcast is produced by Studio Ochenta, a multilingual podcast studio dedicated to raising voices across cultures. , , , ,
  Milford-Haven Milford-Haven Homepage * Website: <http://www.milfordhaven.com/> Description Milford-Haven is a radio soap opera about the fictitious town of Milford-Haven. Episodes are available to purchase on the website. drama for_sale full_cast original_music sound_effects , , , ,
  Mina Samuels Mina Samuels Homepage * Website: <http://www.minasamuels.com/> Description Mina Samuels is a writer who has made her collection of short stories, titled Crucifixions and Other Fictions available as a free audiobook. “”“”“”“”“” Additional Links * Crucifixions and Other Fictions Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
Mind Support Mind Support Full Cast Drama Series A young man calls a mysterious high-tech emotional support hotline looking for help with his depression and loneliness when a system error leads to an unexpected connection. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
  Mind Theatre Mind Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://www.mind-theatre.com/> Description Mind Theatre is a series of binaural audio stories that are intended to be a meditative experience. Titles Stories that Fade with Time “” Additional Links * RSS feed * Stories that Fade with Time Podiobooks.com page drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
  Mind's Ear Audio Productions Mind's Ear Audio Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.minds-ear.org/> Description Mind's Ear Audio Productions is an award-winning audio theatre production house. They produce full cast audio drama in a variety of genres. Titles are available for purchase on the website, with audio samples. , , , , , ,
Miniature Masterworks Miniature Masterworks Narrated Drama Anthology Welcome to Miniature Masterworks, a podcast dedicated to premiering the work of young authors, musicians, artists, and actors through a collaborative multimedia storytelling platform. We're developing an eclectic collection of new short fiction, narrated by talented voice actors, and set to original scores. Our goal is to create and share uplifting, light-filled content that illuminates the best of humanity and reflects the Christian tradition… , , ,
  Miranda Born Miranda Born Homepage * Website: <http://miranda.sinandvinegar.com/?page_id=16> Description Miranda Born is a writer who has made several of her short stories available for free on audio. Additional Links * SoundCloud page drama free ,
  Misfits Audio Misfits Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.misfitsaudio.com/> Description Misfits Audio produces free full cast audio dramas, including fan fiction stories for such series as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Firefly, and more. Additional Links * RSS feed adventure comedy doctor_who drama fan_fiction free full_cast history science_fiction sound_effects star_trek , , , , , , , , , ,
Mod Rocker Mod Rocker Full Cast Drama Series In 1980 Stephan went out with the best-looking girl in the school. She looked like someone from The Human League, but turned out to be in a different league. When there's a chance encounter at a salsa class 40 years later, has anything changed? Written by Martin Sketchley and produced by Listening Shelf Audio. , , , ,
MODERATION MODERATION Full Cast Drama Series Two social media content moderators struggle at work. He's her manager. She's his new trainee. How long can they stay sane when their job is to confront the worst possible content online? How far will they go to win a promotion and escape their daily grind? , , , ,
Moira Moments Moira Moments Full Cast Drama Series From the same team that brought you THE POGLEY WOOD MURDERS comes a new weekly podcast serial, MOIRA MOMENTS. [...] MOIRA MOMENTS [...tells...] the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking story of the Berrecam family, across 60 years. , , , ,
  Mojotooth Productions Mojotooth Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.mojotoothproductions.com/> Description Mojotooth Productions is a New Orleans-based independent producer of a number of videos and audiobooks. Titles The French Quarter Hustle Crescent City Heat season one - the story of a con artist in 1990s New Orleans. , ,
  monkeyfudge.com monkeyfudge.com Homepage * Website: <http://monkeyfudge.com/category/audiodrama/> Description monkeyfudge.com is the website of Gavin Byrne, who is involved in producing radio drama for near_fm_90.3 in a variety of genres. The website offers links to the radio shows, as well as some details about their production. , , , , ,
MOONFACE MOONFACE Full Cast Drama Series A fiction show about a Korean American son (Joel Kim Booster) who wants to come out to his mom (Esther Moon), but can't because they don't speak the same language. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEP. 1: Moaning , , , ,
More Than Just Spots More Than Just Spots Narrated Drama Series Nafessa, a 25-year-old is getting ready to attend her regular doctor's appointment for her hormonal acne. As she gets ready, she stumbles across her reflection in the mirror, unable to recognise who she is and truly see past her acne. , , ,
More Than Roses More Than Roses Full Cast Drama Anthology More Than Roses is a scripted fiction podcast that adapts and sculpts radio dramas about love from plays, short stories, novellas and poetry. Often atypical and always character-centric, these stories eschew tropes and conventions, illustrating love from a diverse array of perspectives and experiences. Each story may start with its own circumstance and avenue to romance, but each finds its own way of showing- just like a bouquet, that every shape love… , , , ,
  Mosai Noise Mosai Noise Homepage * Website: <http://www.deliberatenoise.com/mosai/podcasts/> Description Mosai Noise is a story by Derek Coward about gangs in the fictional location of Mosai City investigating the murder of a young boy. Only part of the story is available and the project seems to be on hiatus. , ,
Motoyasu Bridge Motoyasu Bridge Narrated Drama Series It's 1994. Randal Laurence is a Canadian teacher living in Hiroshima and his partying life is spinning out of control. Randal is reflecting on this when someone joins him at his bench in Peace Park. Amekawa-san, a survivor of the atomic bomb, a man who comes to Motoyasu Bridge, Ground Zero, every morning to look for his long-lost love, Sayuri. The lovers had planned to elope that day of The Great Mistake, as the old man calls it, before proceeding to tell… , , ,
Mrs. Palmer's Honey Mrs. Palmer's Honey Full Cast Historical Fiction Drama Series It is well known that, During World War Two, American women entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers as widespread male enlistment left gaping holes in the industrial labor force. , , , ,
  Murdo Morrison Murdo Morrison Homepage * Website: <http://www.murdomorrison.com/> Description Murdo Morrison is a writer who has made his World War II era story Roses of Winter available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * Roses of Winter iTunes link * Roses of Winter Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
My Name Is Sheba My Name Is Sheba Narrated Musical Drama Series “My Name Is Sheba,” is the [...] fictional story of iconic jazz/R&B artist, Sheba Hawkins, a young artist, who created a musical masterpiece. An album that sounds like the iconic records that become the soundtracks of our lives. Except, this one never saw the light of day—until now. In this story, her music's finally being unearthed like buried treasure. , , , ,
  Natalia Bougadellis Natalia Bougadellis Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/natalia-bougadellis> Description Natalia Bougadellis has a SoundCloud pages with a collection of short audio recordings, ranging from an interview, to a dramatic reading of a poem with accompanying sound effects, to a short audio drama. Each recording was an assignment for the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. , ,
Nazis: The Road to Power Nazis: The Road to Power Full Cast Nonfiction Drama Series The story of how in just 13 years, Hitler led a fringe sect with less than a hundred members and outlandish ideas to be the dominant force in German politics. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Nectar At The Roots Nectar At The Roots Narrated Drama Series Harsh finds himself drawn towards nature, innocence and camaraderie. He embarks on a trip through the hinterlands of his homeland, experiencing new adventures and forming new friendships. He joins his new friends on a journey filled with drama, action and unexpected encounters from a previous life. Will he be tied down or float away like an un-tethered kite? , , ,
  Neil Gaiman Reads "A Christmas Carol" Neil Gaiman Reads "A Christmas Carol" Homepage * Website: <http://www.nypl.org/blog/2014/12/19/podcast-neil-gaiman-christmas> Description Neil Gaiman Reads “A Christmas Carol” is an episode of The New York Public Library Podcast which features author Neil Gaiman reading from the last surviving copy of Charles Dickens' own annotated , ,
  Never Again War: The Sacrifice of Käthe Kollwitz Never Again War: The Sacrifice of Käthe Kollwitz Homepage * Website: <https://beta.prx.org/stories/161371> Description Never Again War: The Sacrifice of Käthe Kollwitz is an audio drama that explores the life of renowned German artist and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz, from the beginning of WWI in 1914 through her death in 1945. The audio drama was produced by Midsummer Sound Company , ,
  New Benin New Benin Homepage * Website: <http://newbenin.co.nf/> Description New Benin is a full cast audio drama about a Nigerian detective investigating a child who disappeared twenty years ago, set in a fictitious location known as New Benin. It is written by Richard Monks, adapted by Harrison Areghan, and produced by Onuwaje Atseoritse Michael from Nigeria. , , ,
  New Shorts New Shorts Homepage * Website: <http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/newshorts> Description New Shorts is an annual playwriting competition by Radio New Zealand in which finalists are selected to have their scripts produced in to full cast audio dramas. The completed audio dramas are available to listen to on the Radio New Zealand website. , , ,
New Women New Women Narrated Historical Fiction Drama Series New Women is a fictionalised podcast series which interweaves the stories of disabled first-wave feminists Rosa May Billinghurst, Helen Keller and Mabel Normand. Throughout each 10-minute episode, the women narrate their lives in the early twentieth century. , , , , ,
  newpoliticalvoices newpoliticalvoices Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/newpoliticalvoices> Description newpoliticalvoices is a YouTube channel that features streaming video versions of readings from public domain works of literature. adventure children drama horror mystery streaming , , , , ,
  Next Christmas in Girouette Next Christmas in Girouette Homepage * Website: <http://girouettechristmas.tumblr.com/> Description Next Christmas in Girouette by Michael Welch is a free holiday audiobook that is still in the process of being produced, but has a free episode available. “” Additional Links * ,
  NikLotus84 NikLotus84 Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdY99j9MULwotIRNPbw9tEFW-zXPfPM4Q> Description NikLotus84 is a YouTube channel that presents, among other content, an abridged audio drama production of Charles Dickens's holiday story A Christmas Carol. drama full_cast sound_effects spiritual streaming , , , ,
  No Man's Wonderland No Man's Wonderland Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/deeoleary/audio-drama-no-mans-wonderland> Description No Man's Wonderland is a short audio drama based on Alice in Wonderland that “follows a girl on her travels to Edinburgh. Being from a different country we experience her struggle to understand her new world around her. , , ,
No More Parties In LA No More Parties In LA Narrated Drama Series Join Seth as he travels through LA to meet Gloria, ex-gf and special girl, at a mysterious party in the heart of Beverly Hills. It only gets more complicated. Memories and dreams haunt every hour; weirdos good and bad introduce themselves. Drugs and violence heighten you for greater ruin. Rich kids need therapists most of all, and there's a song for this exactly. , , , ,
  No U Turn No U Turn Homepage * Website: <https://www.prx.org/pieces/57455> Description No U Turn is a full cast noir audio drama written and directed by Ron Littke. Additional Links * Streaming video version drama full_cast sound_effects streaming , , ,
Nobody Knows But Us Nobody Knows But Us Full Cast Musical Drama Series The Possibility Project presents NOBODY KNOWS BUT US, an original musical podcast drama in five episodes written and acted by a cast of NYC foster care youth from the stories of their lives. Aesop is a high school student and an aspiring journalist. She is also a part of the NYC foster care system. Lately, she is noticing how little people really know about young people, especially young people in foster care. She decides to bring her friends… , , , , ,
  Noir Dame Productions Noir Dame Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.noirdame.com/> Description Noir Dame is the banner for both Noir Dame Productions and NoirDame.com. NoirDame.com was originally an online store that retailed old time radio and modern audio drama on compact disc, as well as classic television shows and silent movies on DVD. Then, in 2010, , , , ,
  Northern Lights Media Northern Lights Media Homepage * Website: <http://northernlightsmedia.wordpress.com/> Description Northern Lights Media produces audio drama under the banner of Northern Lights Radio Theater. They have an audio version of the play My Fair Lady and a comedic audio drama titled The Lost Elevator , , , ,
Notes From The Field Desk Notes From The Field Desk Narrated Drama Series Fictional [...] anthropologist doing a fictional PhD at a fictional university. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEpisode 0.5 - Trailer - Notes from the Field Desk drama narrated podcast series , , ,
Nothing But Roaring Nothing But Roaring Full Cast Historical Fiction Drama Anthology Audio theatre for everyone - we like a bit of Shakespeare... Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor YouTube Listen to a SampleMuch Ado About Nothing - Full Radio Play anthology drama full_cast historical_fiction mature podcast , , , , ,
Nothing much happens Nothing much happens Narrated Drama Anthology Having trouble sleeping? Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you've been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time. , , , ,
  Numbers Numbers Homepage * Website: <http://numbers.libsyn.com/> Description Numbers (also referred to as Numbers - an audio drama) is an audio drama series by Rethink Audio about a young woman who works as a call-centre operator. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Libsyn website * Libsyn RSS feed drama free full_cast mature_content sound_effects , , , ,
  O Poderoso Chefão O Poderoso Chefão Homepage * Website: See below Description O Poderoso Chefão is a (Brazilian) Portuguese-language full cast audio drama version of The Godfather trilogy about the Corleone family, the leaders of a fictional New York crime organization. The audio drama takes place in episodes 43, 44, and 45 of the , , , ,
Ochenta Stories Ochenta Stories Narrated Drama Anthology Artists, writers, creatives and podcasters from around the world answer the question: “What do you want to hear when this pandemic is over?” In each standalone episode, you'll hear stories of all kinds recorded in living rooms, balconies, closets and bedrooms around the world in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. The works have been produced in the original language and a translated version so listeners can enjoy two versio… , , ,
Old Cove Old Cove Full Cast Drama Series Old Cove is a spin-off of Tomorrow's A New Day that revolves around the lives of the fictional residents of Old Cove as they navigate conflicts, conquests, and corruption. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
  Old Hills Radio Old Hills Radio Homepage * Website: <http://oldhillsaudiotheater.podbean.com/> Description Old Hills Radio produces new works of audio drama on the fourth Sunday of each month. Episodes are broadcast on Wisconsin radio station WDRT and also presented as a podcast. Additional Links * , , , ,
  Old Radio Programs Old Radio Programs Homepage * Website: <http://oldradioprograms.us/> Description Old Radio Programs is an archive of classic radio shows, which are available to download individually or streamed as a playlist (for titles that have more than one episode). Titles are organized by category. , , , , , , , , ,
  Old Time Radio Network Old Time Radio Network Homepage * Website: <http://otrnetwork.mevio.com/> Description The Old Time Radio Network is a group of streaming online channels that play old time radio shows. Each channel is dedicated to one particular genre. Additional Links * Old Time Radio Adventures * Old Time Radio Comedy * Old Time Radio Detectives * , , , , , , , , ,
On The Street Where We Live On The Street Where We Live Full Cast Drama Series You can't come to our place, so we'll come to yours. By evolving to face down the challenge of lockdown, we've turned our Downstairs Theatre space into a state of the art Audio Lab. The thinking being, if you can't come to our place, we'll come to yours. , , , , , ,
Once In a Lifetime Once In a Lifetime Full Cast Musical Drama Series Once upon a time, two women met and had an instant connection. Faith and Charlie had shared values, common interests and an undeniable chemistry which made it clear to both of them: this could be something different than either of them had ever experienced before. Despite Faith's inexperience with women, or Charlie's commitment issues, they were both ready to take the next steps forward , , , ,
  One Act Audio Theatre One Act Audio Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://www.oneact.org/> Description One Act Audio Theatre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and furtherance of the art of audio theatre. They produce studio recordings and present on-air broadcasts of old time radio science fiction, mystery, and drama, as well as adaptations of classic and contemporary material. They also offer scripts of their shows. , , , , ,
  One Day One Day Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/ynah-quirante-1/one-day> Description One Day is a short amateur audio drama about two people who fall in love with each other by reading each other's poetry online. It is written and directed by Ynah Quirante. “” drama full_cast sound_effects streaming , , ,
One More Night With Meera One More Night With Meera Full Cast Drama Series An english miniseries about love and loss by Lakshya Datta. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SamplePart 1. “You think I'm stalking you?” drama full_cast podcast series , , ,
  Only the Knife Knows the Coco-Yam Only the Knife Knows the Coco-Yam Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AEr2AW9yew> Description Only the Knife Knows the Coco-Yam is a full cast audio drama that explores the history and culture of Africa, as the story's protagonist researches the women in her family. It is available as a streaming YouTube video. , , , ,
Orville Mulligan: Sports Writer Orville Mulligan: Sports Writer Full Cast Drama Series Orville Mulligan: Sports Writer tells of a semi-famous roving reporter working for the Pittsburgh Guardian in the 1920s, a time of distinctive and exciting new fashions, music, politics, technology and, of course, sports. , , ,
  OUR WORLD OUR WORLD Homepage * Website: <http://www.ourworlddrama.com/> Description OUR WORLD is a dramatic audio drama that is released as a series of streaming YouTube videos, each of which has a collection of illustrations that go along with the episode. Additional Links * , , ,
Out Of The Woods: New Plays from the Balkans Out Of The Woods: New Plays from the Balkans Full Cast Drama Anthology Fresh, funny and provocative audio dramas by a new generation of Balkan writers. Series One is inspired by Kosovo - the newest state in Europe. Whether you want to hear compelling new drama or find out more about this exciting and emerging part of Eastern Europe, you'll find a story to immerse yourself in. , , ,
  Outsourcing A Radio Drama Outsourcing A Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <http://nhpr.org/post/outsourcing-radio-drama> Description Outsourcing A Radio Drama is a project broadcast on New Hampshire Public Radio in which playwright and radio journalist creates a radio drama solely by commissioning people on the an online marketplace website Fiverr. , , , , ,
  Oxford Canal Heritage Oxford Canal Heritage Homepage * Website: <http://www.oxfordcanalheritage.org/radio-plays> Description Oxford Canal Heritage is a project to raise the profile of the Oxford Canal in central England. Among its offerings is an audio guided tour of the canal and four 10-minute audio dramas chronicling the history of the waterway. , , , , ,
Passing Through Passing Through Full Cast Drama Series A chance encounter leads to an unforgettable night when two strangers miss their bus out of town on New Year's Eve and embark on an exciting nighttime adventure through New York City. As they start to fall for each other, they question whether one night together is enough. Passing Through is a romantic comedy narrative podcast written and created by Sappir Argov, starring Sappir Argov and Roland Hernandez. , , , ,
Past Due Past Due Full Cast Drama Series Underwhelmed by life and overwhelmed by disappointments, a 30-year-old writer and entrepreneur takes an introspective look at her life, and its shortcomings. Has her time come and gone, or is she simply a late bloomer? , , , ,
Peer Gynt Peer Gynt Full Cast Drama Series A new audio adaptation of Ibsen's timeless play Peer Gynt. Performed in rhyming verse, with original folk and classic music. [...] The play is primarily a fantasy woven out of Norwegian folklore, albeit blended with social satire, and it features a variety of mythological characters. Trolls provide tropes of the beast within, motivated solely by primitive, selfish desires un-moderated by empathy or a moral code. The Boyg, a giant, invisible troll, intang… , , ,
People Holding... People Holding... Narrated Drama Anthology Short fiction on the lives in found photos of people holding anything Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBud Smith — Pentagram anthology drama mature narrated podcast , , , ,
People Who Knew Me People Who Knew Me Full Cast Drama Series Emily Morris uses 9/11 to fake her own death and run away to start a new life in California as Connie Prynne. Fourteen years later, now with a teenage daughter by her side, Connie is diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be forced to confront her past so that her daughter will not be left on her own if she does not survive. She must decide how to explain her lies, her secrets, her selfish decisions , , , ,
  People's Power Collective People's Power Collective Homepage * Website: <http://www.peoplespower-co.org/> Description People's Power Collective – also written as People's P.ow.e.r [Participatory OWnership Empowerment Radio] Collective – is an organization that helps isolated and/or economically disadvantaged communities set up and run participatory, non-profit community radio stations. , , , ,
People-Watching People-Watching Narrated Drama Anthology Every Wednesday a very short story about ordinary people written by Brenda Luz and read out loud by strangers; each one of them a fragment of daily life. Every week a new episode, each story a different voice. , , ,
  peopletalk peopletalk Homepage * Website: <http://www.peopletalk.libsyn.com/> Description peopletalk is a non-profit group, comprising of British trained actors, writers, producers, and documentary makers who have combined their areas of expertise in order to provide free digital audiobooks, audio stories, and documentaries. The website features a podcast offering audio short stories and serialized readings from books. ,
  Phoenician Sailor Phoenician Sailor Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/c/phoeniciansailor> Description Phoenician Sailor is a YouTube channel in which the host presents ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) monologues and stories, with the intention of inducing a state of relaxation from the listener. Among it various content are serialized stories. , ,
Phoney Phoney Full Cast Drama Series It's 2001 Saoirse is an Irish emigrant in the United States, she gets a job at a call centre called Les Concierges, but with no way of calling her sick mother back in Ireland and mounting pressure from her boss it all starts to get too much for her. , , , ,
Pick the Plot Pick the Plot Narrated Drama Series An interactive storytelling experience where the listeners get to vote on which direction the story goes. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer drama interactive narrated podcast series , , , ,
Pillow Talking Pillow Talking Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Pillow Talking: a narrative podcast about real-life bedroom conversations. Narrated and produced by Violeta Balhas, these first-person accounts reveal the many facets of intimacy and relationships – including our own. , , , , ,
  PixieFairie Media PixieFairie Media Homepage * Website: <http://www.pixiefairiemedia.co.uk/> Description PixieFairie Media produces several forms of media, including a number of short audio dramas. Titles In The Line Of Duty A Vernwood Christmas Additional Links * SoundCloud page drama full_cast science_fiction sound_effects streaming , , , ,
Play Inside: Other Mothers Play Inside: Other Mothers Narrated Drama Anthology A performance experienced at home, Play inside is an experiential podcast where the listener is invited to mirror the actions of the characters. All you need is a pair of headphones and a mobile to listen with. , , , ,
Playboy Playboy Full Cast Drama Series The playboy drama series chronicles details, the life of a Casanova, or loosely a 'playboy', and his escapades with his three different side chicks. The package also mirrors his love life with his baby mama, when he contends with the hard knock of karma on his door. , , , ,
Pleasure Machine Pleasure Machine Full Cast Drama Series When Black sound artist H (voiced by Starr Busby) receives the offer of a lifetime from self-identified 'white and woke' tech giant Librate, they are forced to choose between their community of listeners and the allure of financial freedom. From Bed Stuy to Mexico City, over cocktails and Twitter, H battles financial and ethical pressures until they lose themself and their loved ones in one fell swoop. A sonic journey through lust, loss, and a search fo… , , , ,
PleasureTown PleasureTown Full Cast Drama Series PleasureTown is an audio drama on the WBEZ podcast network. The show explores the history of a turn-of-the-century Oklahoma town that set out to be an oasis for artists, outlaws and outcasts. Founders Claudius 'Claude' LeDue and Cyrus G. Hobbes envisioned a hedonistic utopia that allowed people to chase after their own happiness without judgement or shame. But, as is often the case, the pursuit of pleasure comes at a price. , , ,
  Podplays.ca Podplays.ca Homepage * Website: <http://www.podplays.ca/> Description Podplays.ca is a collection of short audio dramas and narrated stories. Some productions are meant to be listened to in particular locations. “” drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
  Poetry & Audio Classics Poetry & Audio Classics Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/user/JustAudio2008> Description Poetry & Audio Classics is a YouTube channel of streaming videos that presents readings of classic works of poetry and literature. drama streaming ,
POPS! The Louis Armstrong Story POPS! The Louis Armstrong Story Full Cast Nonfiction Drama Series The incredible untold story of Louis Armstrong, an American original, an African American cultural touchstone, one of the most important figures in the history of Jazz, and one of the greatest American entertainers of the 20th century. From a dirt-poor boy raised amid the hustlers, pimps, and whores of turn-of-the-century New Orleans, Louis Armstrong mastered his music and became a figure larger than life. He helped create that… , , , ,
  Porcupine Passions Porcupine Passions Homepage * Website: <http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bobbythornbody> Description Porcupine Passions and Porcupine Passions 2 are serialized stories about anthropomorphic animals. They are spin-off stories of the audio drama series The Beach Bears. Titles Porcupine Passions A ten-part story about the friendship of two adolescents. It takes place between chapters 54 and 76 of , , , , ,
  Port Washington Play Troupe Port Washington Play Troupe Homepage * Website: <http://www.portwashingtonplaytroupe.com/#!radio-drama/c41s> Description Port Washington Play Troupe is a New York State-based amateur theater organization, founded in 1927. Among it's works, the troupe performs live adaptations of classic radio dramas. Currently, recordings of , , , , ,
Positively African Positively African Full Cast Drama Series We create content and curate events that celebrate African stories and heritage. Using different mediums, from audio stories to theatre productions, we work with writers, storytellers, actors, publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, sound designers and musicians from across the continent on a range of projects with long-lasting social impact in the literary and performance space. , , ,
Pride and Prejudice (Ballarat National Theatre) Pride and Prejudice (Ballarat National Theatre) Full Cast Drama Series A Pride and Prejudice audiobook performed by 27 actors with gorgeous ambient sounds and music to bring the story to life. Presented over 30 beautiful episodes.This dramatised audiobook is produced by the Australian not-for-profit community theatre company, Ballarat National Theatre. , , ,
PRIMER PRIMER Full Cast Drama Series When looters smash in a Michigan Avenue store's front windows, this singular act of destruction affects a host of individuals, including the store's security team, employees at one of its Cosmetics kiosks, and a manager with zero f@#ks left to give. , , , ,
Princess Theatre Podcasts Princess Theatre Podcasts Full Cast Drama Anthology If all the world's a stage - then we want to find ways to keep it so! Showcasing the best of new talent behind closed doors; from audio plays to interviews. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleTo Henry, With Love , , ,
Private Affairs Private Affairs Full Cast Drama Series Veronica (Vee), a recent Melbourne transplant, unexpectedly finds herself in a situation with a charming Aussie doctor and has to quickly learn how to keep her wig on when things get sexy, as well as navigate other complexities of an intercultural relationship. , , , , , ,
Project Mercury Project Mercury Full Cast Drama Anthology A new anthology series of original audio plays, which takes its inspiration from Orson Welles' The Mercury Theatre on the Air. This series focuses on works about, by and for women. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
  Public Forum Public Forum Homepage * Website: <https://publictheater.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/public-forum-drama-club-only-we-who-guard-the-mystery-shall-be-unhappy-by-tony-kushner/> Description Public Forum is a podcast that presents a “theater of ideas: a series of conversations and performances that bring together leading voices in our politics and culture.” It features one episodes of its , ,
Public Works Steampunk presents: Jane Eyre Public Works Steampunk presents: Jane Eyre Narrated Steampunk Series The classic story of Jane Eyre reset in a steampunk world, complete with zephyr-ships, clockwork, and automatons in addition to the original romance and mystery! As a child, Jane Eyre lives with her cold aunt and cruel cousins in the levitating manor Gateshead Hall, but is soon sent to Lowood Institution, the austere boarding school for orphans across continents in India. Jane eventually journeys back to England, to take … , , , , ,
Purgatory Purgatory Full Cast Drama Series Purgatory is a weekly fiction drama podcast. The story starts with two estranged friends who try rebuild their damaged friendship by writing about troubled school days. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Purple Panties Purple Panties Full Cast Drama Series On the outside Maddox, Loren and Stephanie go against the grain when it comes to sex. But as relationships shift and physical needs change, can they keep up with the facade? Follow these women on their journey as they navigate their personal and professional lives in Atlanta, where the sun isn't the only thing that's hot! , , , , ,
  Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun Homepage * Website: <http://marklberry.com/pushingleaves/novel-1-audiobook/> Description Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun is a free dramatic audiobook by Mark L Berry which also features original songs. Additional Links * iTunes link * Podiobooks.com page drama free mature_content original_music , , ,
  PVPN4Fun PVPN4Fun Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClwu-iGJwpJCnF7o7XV1Uzw> Description PVPN4Fun is a nonprofit organization that, in addition to other content, offers a series of full cast audio drama productions performed in front of a live audience, with a focus on holiday-themed stories. The productions are available as streaming YouTube videos. , , , ,
Quake Quake Full Cast Drama Series Drama in 12 short parts. Inspired by the digital transformation in disaster response. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWelcome to Quake BBC battersea_poltergeistThe Battersea Poltergeistbody_horrorBody Horrorcall_jonathan_pieCall Jonathan Piecase_of_charles_dexter_ward_the_lovecraft_investigationsThe Case of Charles Dexter Ward (The Lovecraft Investigations)children_of_the_stonesChildren of the StonescipherThe Cipherdark_… , , ,
Queen of Battle Queen of Battle Full Cast Drama Series In 2010, six women take on Army basic infantry training; then face a combat deployment as the first all-female grunt squad in U.S. history. Follow their stories in this veteran-created audio series. Cast: Jenn Alvarez (US Veteran), Nicole Alvarez, Layla Fatima, Jax Gervasio, Latonya Gray, J. Hazen (US Veteran), Tyler Jach, Stephanie Kirves, Hannah Milon, Kristina Molina, Stuart Parks II, Ash Sparks (US Veteran), Bronwyn Mae gives episodic end tags. , , , , ,
Queer 101 Queer 101 Narrated Drama Series The audio diary of River. A student at the Dorothy Institute for LGBTQ+. This details their life and experiences in the school.There is currently only one episode of this series available. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , ,
Queer Contemplations Queer Contemplations Narrated Drama Anthology Queer Contemplations is [an] LGBT+ audio drama. In each episode, I meet a character with a cup of coffee and share their stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleQueer Contemplations , , , ,
  R.E. Chambliss R.E. Chambliss Homepage * Website: <http://www.rechambliss.com/> Description R.E. Chambliss is a writer and voice actor. Her story Dreaming of Deliverance is available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * Dreaming of Deliverance Podiobooks.com page * Dreaming of Deliverance Podiobooks.com RSS feed * Dreaming of Deliverance Podiobooks.com iTunes link drama free ,
  Radio New Zealand Drama Radio New Zealand Drama Homepage * Website: <http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/drama> Description Radio New Zealand Drama offers free full cast audio dramas and stories in a variety of genres. children comedy drama free full_cast sound_effects , , , , ,
  Radio Silence Radio Silence Homepage * Website: <http://radiosilencedrama.co.uk/> Description Radio Silence is an audio drama anthology series of “dark and twisted standalone mystery plays”. Titles Silent Night Additional Links * SoundCloud page drama full_cast mature_content sound_effects streaming , , , ,
  Radio Tales Radio Tales Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiotales.com/> Description Radio Tales is an anthology radio series that features adapted classic works of literature. It can be heard on satellite radio and recorded titles can be purchased on the website. drama fantasy for_sale horror science_fiction , , , ,
Radio Tedland Radio Tedland Narrated Drama Series An audiobook released as a podcast, Radio Tedland tells the story of a man that quits his job and apartment to live life on the streets. He survives by telling stories in the city's pedestrian zone, living off the money passersby give him and considering himself an artist painting pictures with words, rather than a beggar. , , ,
  radio theater project radio theater project Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/radio-theater-project> Description radio theater project is a collection of full cast audio dramas in a variety of genres. The stories are performed by the Skagit Radio Repertory Company and produced at KSVR-FM in Mount Vernon, Washington. , , , , , , ,
  RadioTimeZone.com RadioTimeZone.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiotimezone.com/> Description RadioTimeZone.com offers free downloadable episodes of old time radio shows, in several genres. adventure comedy drama free horror mystery old_time_radio science_fiction , , , , , , ,
Rainbow Girl Rainbow Girl Full Cast Drama Series It's 1979, the lead guitarist of The Wide Eyed Boys, Eddie Allbright, and his supergroupie model wife, Lissy Ellery are one of the most famous and glamorous rock couples in the world. From the outside, their life looks like a dream, but behind closed doors too many drugs, too many affairs and too much black magic is creating a recipe that will either save them, or destroy them. , , , ,
  Raised By Wolves Raised By Wolves Homepage * Website: <http://stevematthewspresents.libsyn.com/> Description Raised By Wolves (also referred to as Steve Matthews Presents Raised By Wolves) is a narrated storytelling podcast that presents a “fictional account of a city kid conveniently abandoned at a boarding school for the criminally insane and his struggle to retain his sanity and repair his relationships with his parents. , ,
Randy Darling Randy Darling Full Cast Drama Series A dark audio dramedy. Join young Randy on his wild and comical adventures as an agoraphobic young musician. Multi-character voices, over multi-genre musical scores. Based on a true story. SYNOPSIS: Each episode starts with old Randy stepping into a coffee shop and being greeted by young June, the empathetic barista, who encourages him to dictate his stories in the back room. Randy introduces each story, then takes listeners on another dark and a comical… , , , , ,
Rathband Rathband Full Cast Thriller Series 2010 saw one of the biggest man hunts in British Police History. It took place near Newcastle, a proud and tough shipbuilding city in the north-east of England. The hunt of was for just one man: Raoul Thomas Moat. But this isn't his story. This is the story of the Policeman he shot and blinded. PC David Rathband. , , , ,
  Read Me Something You Love Read Me Something You Love Homepage * Website: <http://readmesomethingyoulove.com/> Description Read Me Something You Love is a podcast in which host Steve Wasserman reads short short stories and extracts from larger pieces of literature, with suggestions by listeners. Read Me Something You Love ,
Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins Full Cast Drama Series October, 1983. There's a monster lurking in Hawkins, Indiana. Chewing people up, spitting them out, changing them in terrible ways. Yet for some reason, everyone is acting like it's all perfectly normal. Except for Robin Buckley. She alone knows exactly what this monster's name is: Hawkins High School. , , ,
Recital Recital Full Cast Drama Series A slick and surreal drama about ambition behind closed doors. “The thing about walking in the corridors of power is that the walls are made of glass... you simply cant un-see it.” After-hours at a shady consulting firm, Aaron is called in for an unusual meeting. While distant protests rumble on the streets, his disarming boss Joanna pitches a subtle contest between her most ambitious employees, which slowly spirals out of control. , , , ,
Red Line Red Line Narrated Drama Series Millennial Pia LoMonte arrives in Boston for her first “dream job” teaching art at the progressive Haskell School in Wessex. But her real dream is to live in downtown Boston next to the Red Line. How far will Pia go in her brand new relationship with handsome, successful, but troublemaking Rod Tucker, just to fulfill her dream? And can she keep her job when the school's bad-boss dean targets her for wrongdoing? Things grow more complicated when billionaire par… , , ,
Redhawk Radio Theater Redhawk Radio Theater Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Redhawk Radio Theater is an audio drama production organization recording out of the campus of Southeast Missouri State University–creating, writing, directing, and acting out stories in the fiction podcast format. Join us as we produce an anthology of stories all through the academic year! , , , , , ,
  Refuge Refuge Homepage * Website: <http://www.yorkmysteryplays-2012.com/page/refuge.php> Description Refuge is a short audio drama about a woman who is a refuge from Africa, as she describes the situation in her homeland and how she escaped. The audio drama is based on a play written by Bill Hodson. Additional Links , ,
Restless Shores Restless Shores Full Cast Drama Series Welcome to Restless Shores, a podcast that explores the intrigue surrounding Roupp Pharmaceuticals, a billion-dollar enterprise located in the coastal city of Gamote Point. At one time or another, we all find ourselves walking along Restless Shores. , , ,
  Resurrecting Randi Resurrecting Randi Homepage * Website: <http://www.podiobooks.com/title/resurrecting-randi> Description Resurrecting Randi by David Shepherd is a free podcast audiobook. Additional Links * iTunes link * Podiobooks.com page drama free mature_content , ,
Ride Ride Narrated Drama Series 27 year old drummer Tommy Chaise is a pro at falling flat on his face. When he joins Melbourne rock band Ace Sunset, his life is changed forever. He performs a series of challenging shows in Australia and the UK that test his will and catapult him headfirst into the unknown. Battling fierce self-doubt, Tommy must recalibrate his mojo or meet his demise. , , ,
Ride The Wave Ride The Wave Narrated Drama Anthology Ride The Wave is a series written, produced and created by Tols Abeni. It's a collection of personal accounts by the protagonists, rounded up by the Narrator. The core premise is that reality isn't that far from fiction. So the stories explore complex human relationships situated amidst real life circumstances, how the protagonists navigate them, and a final call to self-examination by the Narrator. , , ,
  Rise: Audio Drama Rise: Audio Drama Homepage * Website: <http://www.riseproductionsireland.com/Fight_Night/Podcast/Podcast.html> Description Rise: Audio Drama is a podcast by Rise Productions, an Irish theatrical company. The show presents new audio works from people in Irish theatre. For Series 1, they are focussing on short, solo performances. ,
Rivals Rivals Full Cast Drama Series In 1973, Chrissie Evert and Martina Navratilova met on a tennis court in Akron, Ohio. Over the next sixteen years they would play 80 times, revolutionize women's sport and forge a unique and enduring friendship. Mature , , , , , ,
  Robert W. Norris Robert W. Norris Homepage * Website: <http://norris.podomatic.com/> Description Robert W. Norris is a writer who has made two of his novel available as podcast audiobooks. Titles The Many Roads to Japan Autumn Shadows in August Additional Links * RSS feed drama free ,
Romance with Heart & Heat Romance with Heart & Heat Narrated Drama Anthology Serialized RomCom audiobook show, brought to you by Contemporary Romance Author Marie Matthew. The stories contain explicit content and are intended for listeners 18 and over.Portions of this podcast are narrated by a text-to-speech program. , , , , ,
  Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/romeo-and-juliet-version-2-by-william-shakespeare/> Description Romeo and Juliet is a Librivox full cast dramatic reading of William Shakespeare's tragedy play. “” Librivox also offers several other non-dramatized versions as well (see link below). Additional Links , ,
Romeo y Julieta (The Public Theater) Romeo y Julieta (The Public Theater) Full Cast Drama Series Director Saheem Ali continues his audio exploration of William Shakespeare's canon for The Public Theater in New York with a new production of ROMEO Y JULIETA, collaborating with playwright Ricardo Pérez González on an adaptation of noted scholar Alfredo Michel Modenessi's Spanish translation. Actor Lupita Nyong'o plays Julieta, with Juan Castano as her Romeo, in this bilingual Spanish and English production that will bring one of hi… , , ,
Roommates Roommates Full Cast Drama Series It's 2020 and the first college semester back during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two sophomores are thrown together in a dorm and forced to coexist. College is hard enough without quarantining and flirty tension. Starring Nik Whittemore (More Than Just Me) as frat boy Olly and Briggon Snow (The Bright Sessions) as studious Casper. , , , ,
Rumours Rumours Full Cast Drama Series In this dark comedy, university students Sam and Sally drunkenly meet at a house party. Sam is a creep, Sally is a slut. That is, according to their reputations. But are any of the rumours true? And what does Sally's boyfriend Harry have to do with them? , , , ,
Running Sentences Running Sentences Narrated Drama Series An audio story podcast that brings narrated stories to life. The stories are all written and narrated by the podcast creator. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleRunning Sentences Introduction , , , ,
Sacred Hearts Sacred Hearts Full Cast Drama Series In an all-girls Catholic high school, a queer 12th-grade student outs herself to take her girlfriend to the Christmas dance and faces backlash. Finding support in surprising places, can she reconcile her newly revealed truth with her faith, family, and friends? , , , , ,
  Sandbox Radio Sandbox Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.sandboxradio.org/> Description Sandbox Radio is a Seattle-based live theater show –also recorded as a podcast– that features a mixture of short audio dramas, storytelling, skits, music, and more. “” Additional Links * , , , , ,
  Sandra Schwab Sandra Schwab Homepage * Website: <http://www.sandraschwab.com/> Description Sandra Schwab write romance novel. She offers an audio version of her novel Betrayal. Additional Links * RSS feed drama free ,
  Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air Homepage * Website: <http://theatre-of-the-air.com/WordPress/> Description Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air is a theatrical troupe that performs full cast performances of stories by classic and contemporary playwrights. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
Sapphire Stories Sapphire Stories Narrated Drama Series Sapphire stories is your go-to-plug for outstanding Nigerian fictional stories. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 (M4A File) drama narrated podcast series , , ,
  Say Hello to Black Jack Say Hello to Black Jack Homepage * Website: <http://www.sayhellotoblackjack.com/> Description Say Hello to Black Jack is a fan-made, English-language audio drama based on the Japanese manga series Black Jack ni Yoroshiku by Shūhō Satō. Additional Links * RSS Feed * iTunes link * SoundCloud page * , , , ,
Schmidt's Journal Schmidt's Journal Full Cast Drama Series Schmidt's Journal tells the story of a German P.O.W living his life in the North of England. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleSchmidt's Journal Episode One. (M4A File) drama full_cast podcast series , , ,
Scratch & Sniff Scratch & Sniff Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Meet Trent: A thirty-something who resembles that guy at work everyone loves to hate. Meet Walker: A late-twenty-something entrepreneur who runs two companies with Trent. Together they lead an alternative lifestyle. Apart, they may as well be roommates. This is Scratch & Sniff, the smell-inspired story of how Walker learned that love and business just don't mix , , , , ,
Script Out Loud Script Out Loud Full Cast Drama Series Do you enjoy watching movies about romance? What about movies that make you laugh or even cry? And no movie is complete without drama and unexpected twists and turns, right? Well, everything you feel when you watch your favorite movie is exactly what you'll feel when you listen to a Brooke B Productions audio film! So sit back, relax, or proceed with your daily routine as our talented cast bring these characters and scenes to life before your very ears! , , , ,
  Scripts & Scruples Scripts & Scruples Homepage * Website: <http://www.scriptsandscruples.com/> Description Scripts & Scruples is an internet radio soap opera. The show follows the lives of a group of Manhattanites as they deal with their careers, their romances and their own morality. Additional Links , ,
Seen and Not Heard Seen and Not Heard Full Cast Drama Series What happens when you lose something you thought you'd always have? What happens when the thing you lose is one of your senses? Bet Kline is deaf. That wasn't the case a year ago. Now that her life has been upended, she has to figure out how to carve out a new path for herself and navigate her way down it. , , ,
  Seth Harwood Seth Harwood Homepage * Website: <http://sethharwood.com/> Description Seth Harwood is a writer who has made his adventure and drama novels available as free audiobooks. Titles A Long Way from Disney - Part I --... A Long Way from Disney - Part II In Broad Daylight , ,
SHADOW/LAND SHADOW/LAND Full Cast Drama Series Tow Playwright-in-Residence and Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award winner Erika Dickerson-Despenza joins The Public's digital stage with an audio production of SHADOW/LAND, a harrowing new drama set amid the ongoing devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Ruth coaxes her mother, Magalee, to sell Shadowland, the family business and New Orleans's first air-conditioned dancehall and hotel for Black people. But as Hurricane Katrina begins her ruin, Ruth is forced to wr… , , ,
  ShakespeareCast Dead Link This link was reported dead on June 4, 2017. ShakespeareCast Homepage * Website: <http://www.shakespearecast.com/> Description ShakespeareCast is a podcast that broadcasts the complete works of William Shakespeare one scene at a time, featuring several performers acting out the scenes. , , ,
Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Homemade Stories Podcast is short stories and commentary shared by writer/storyteller Shannon Cason. Shannon lays out his life for the listener, blemishes and all. Many of his vivid stories are insightful and true, others are imaginative works of fiction. , , , , ,
Shattered Bonds Shattered Bonds Narrated Drama Series Joe Henry was the glue that held his family together. Now, he is dead, and his wife and sons are coming together for one final journey to scatter his ashes. First, however, his loved ones have some things to work out. , , , , ,
Shelf Lives Shelf Lives Full Cast Drama Anthology Shelf Lives is a series of short, original audio plays exploring the fictional lives of the different people we all knew and loved during lockdown, in the one social setting we grew used to for many, many months: the supermarket. , , , ,
Shipwreck (The Public Theater) Shipwreck (The Public Theater) Full Cast Drama Series In Fall 2020, as the election draws near, tune in to a searing and searching new audio drama from acclaimed playwright Anne Washburn about America's present-day divisions, seen through the eyes of the very recent past. SHIPWRECK centers on a group of liberal friends gathered at an upstate farmhouse on a day of crystalline beauty. While the weather outside grows increasingly apocalyptic and the conversation within grows precariously honest,… , , , ,
Short of Breath Short of Breath Full Cast Drama Series Short of Breath is a limited-run, small-scale socioeconomic thriller focusing on problems relevant to contemporary working-class American life. While rooted in real human interactions, the series has the tenor, structure, and tempo of a melodrama and thriller. , , , ,
Six Cold Feet Six Cold Feet Full Cast Drama Series Six Cold Feet is a fiction podcast about musicians in trouble written by J.M. Donellan and starring Melanie Zanetti, Jessica McGaw and Tom Yaxley. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 | Born Under A Bad Sign , , , ,
Small Victories Small Victories Full Cast Drama Series A recently recovered drug addict tries to start her new lease on life, too bad life has it out for her. This dramatic comedy follows Marisol through the ups and downs of a week in her life. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Smash/Cut Smash/Cut Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology We produce radio drama, mockumentary, and even journalism all while exploring ways to create it with each episode. This is a sporadic pod of art and wayward radio pieces left on pitching room floors. , , , , , , ,
  Snow White Laundromat Snow White Laundromat Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/snowwhitelaundromat> Description Snow White Laundromat is an audio drama series about a young woman who works the late night shift at a laundromat and her interactions with its various customers. drama full_cast sound_effects streaming , , ,
Somebody Killed Mom Somebody Killed Mom Full Cast Mystery Drama Series Eve's been struggling since her retirement. Cancelling appointments, forgetting simple things...sleeping an awful lot. Her three kids are worried. When the oldest decides to check in on Eve before heading off to an important work dinner, the simple visit turns into something much bigger, and darker, than anyone could have predicted. , , , , ,
  SOUNDINGS - the Radio Drama of Jeff Green SOUNDINGS - the Radio Drama of Jeff Green Homepage http://www.strangermedia.com/soundingenter.html Description This is the Soundings entry page on Jeff Green's Strangermedia website. Clicking on the Stories link takes you to a page with a player from which you can listen to the entire series. The Download page gives access to full mp3 files, and the Order page gives options for buying discs. Also, in the Radio Work section of the site can be found an Early Drama page with a player for three … , , , , , , , , , , ,
  Soundwork Soundwork Homepage * Website: <http://www.soundwork-uk.co.uk/> Description Soundwork is a theatrical group that performs a mixture of full cast audio dramas, narrated short stories, poems, and monologues in several genres. Recorded performances are available to listen to online. , , , , ,
Spark Sputter & Die Spark Sputter & Die Full Cast Drama Anthology Spark Sputter and Die is serializing K Hank Jost's forthcoming short story collection, 'Deselections.' Each story is presented as a full-fledged radio play with voice actors, score, and narration. In conjunction with guest composers, producer Andrew Links brings the stories to life with full-length scores. Spark Sputter and Die is a collective bringing together collaborators from all disciplines in the NYC area–filmmakers, painters, actors, poets,… , , , ,
Speak of the Devil Speak of the Devil Full Cast Drama Anthology Our debut series, Speak of the Devil, comprises six short plays written by four emerging female writers. Each piece is unique and tells a powerful story from the female voice. It explores themes of anxiety, male-dominated industries, friendship, food, careers and bodies – things which are not exclusive to women but that can have dramatic differences depending on your gender. , , , ,
  Speak the Speech Speak the Speech Homepage * Website: <http://www.speak-the-speech.org/> Description Speak the Speech is a non-profit audio theatre company dedicated to providing freely available William Shakespearean audio performances online. drama free full_cast , ,
  Spilt Coffee Productions Spilt Coffee Productions Homepage * Website: <https://www.spiltcoffeeproductions.co.uk/> Description Spilt Coffee Productions is an audio production team that creates audio dramas, podcasts, and radio shows. Their productions are available to listen to online. Titles Fragments of War: Beneath , , , , , , , ,
  Spirit Catholic Radio Spirit Catholic Radio Homepage * Website: <http://www.spiritcatholicradio.com/Audio/Radio%20Drama/> Description Spirit Catholic Radio is a Catholic-based Nebraska radio station that also offers a streaming online feed of its programming. They have produced two full cast audio dramas, created by high school students, titled , , , ,
  Squid Varilekova Squid Varilekova Homepage * Website: <http://frisco-squid.blogspot.com/> Description Squid Varilekova is a writer who has made her story Infamy available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * Infamy iTunes link * Infamy Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
Step 9 Step 9 Full Cast Drama Series STEP 9 tells the story of Emily, a woman wrestling with the implications of prosecuting the man who raped her in college 30 years ago. Is she willing to relive the horror of that night in the pursuit of justice? Pressured by both her strong-willed, pragmatic mother and her daughter, a passionate 21-year-old social justice warrior, Emily grapples to balance her need for due process with her emotional well-being. , , , ,
Steppin' Into My Shoes Steppin' Into My Shoes Full Cast Drama Series Based on the oral history interviews that members conducted in Fall 2020, this new play explores themes of family, harm reduction, and hopes and dreams of those who have experienced incarceration. Aiming to disrupt harmful stereotypes present in our community, this play centers the voices of those most directly impacted by pressing community concerns and amplifies them on the radio. , , ,
  Steven J. McDermott Steven J. McDermott Homepage * Website: <http://www.stevenmcdermott.com/> Description Steven J. McDermott is a writer who has made his collection of short stories Winter of Different Directions available as a free audiobook. Additional Links * Winter of Different Directions iTunes link * Winter of Different Directions Podiobooks.com page drama free ,
Storied Lives Storied Lives Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Welcome to Storied Lives. A podcast that looks at the lived realities of poverty through an intersectional lens. We invited people living with poverty to share their stories with us. During a series of focus groups, participants revealed how multiple, overlapping, and compounding oppressions, shape their experiences in unique ways. , , , ,
  Stories That Fade With Time Stories That Fade With Time Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/stories-that-fade-with-time/> Description Stories That Fade With Time is a dramatic story about a father and son in India. It is written by Celambarasan Ramasamy and released as a binaural 3D audio drama. “” Additional Links , , ,
  Storiesnow Storiesnow Homepage * Website: <http://www.storiesnow.com/> Description Storiesnow is an archive of free stories, in both written and audio form. It offers a selection of old time radio shows, featuring episodes of children's fairy tales, Lux Radio Theater, X Minus 1, and several Sherlock Holmes mysteries. , , , , , ,
STUFF STUFF Full Cast Drama Series Inspired by the 2015 New York Times article “The Lonely Death of George Bell,” STUFF tells the story of lives that intersect when a man dies alone in his cluttered apartment. Stuff is about living alone in modern times. , , ,
  StupidTshirtStudios StupidTshirtStudios Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/StupidTshirtStudios> Description StupidTshirtStudios produces a collection of narrated and multi-cast audio dramas from a variety of genres. Titles are available as streaming YouTube videos, with some also available to download. , , , , , , ,
  Subterranean Sepoys Subterranean Sepoys Homepage * Website: <http://trenchindians.com/> Description Subterranean Sepoys is a full cast audio drama about Indian soldier who fought in the British army during World War I. It is written by by Avin Shah, based on unpublished archives and letters from the Front. , , , ,
Such A Pyaar Such A Pyaar Full Cast Drama Anthology Terribly Tiny Tales brings to you Season 01 of Such A Pyaar - an audio story series performed by Meiyang Chang, Archana Pania, Rajat Barmecha, Sushant Divgikr, Shreya Gupto, Aritro Banerjee, and more. Best experienced with earphones & love. , , ,
  Sue Healy Sue Healy Homepage * Website: <https://suehealy.org/tag/radio-drama/> Description Sue Healy is an Irish writer and playwright who has a number of audio dramas available to listen to online. Titles The Angel of Trafadden ... Cake Cow The Daffodil Shellakybooky Strongbow's Clock , , , ,
  Swimming lessons For Shut-Ins Swimming lessons For Shut-Ins Homepage * Website: <http://shutintheatre.wordpress.com/> Description Swimming lessons For Shut-Ins is a Toronto organization that produces live and audio-based theatre. The website offers two short demos of audio drama: The Red House and The Mark Inside , ,
Synchrony Synchrony Narrated Drama Anthology Synchrony is an immersive audio drama that combines storytelling with music and sound design. It features seven unique stories that explore the dynamics of different kinds of romantic relationships, from short-term flings to long-term monogamous couples all the way to polyamory and BDSM. Throughout the series, original music is intertwined with dialogue and narration to bring the listener deep into the minds of its central characters. , , , ,
Tabletop Baseball with Friends Tabletop Baseball with Friends Role-Playing Drama Series An actual play podcast of Strat-O-Matic baseball between friends. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 0 - Introduction drama podcast role-playing series , , ,
Take the Mass Pike Take the Mass Pike Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An anthology podcast of offbeat short stories set all around Massachusetts. A home renovation podcaster in Waltham gets more than she bargained for. Pirates taunt you with promises of buried treasure. A Cape Cod community garden harvests terror. These stories and more can all be found within the commonwealth. , , , , , , ,
Tales of Christmas Tales of Christmas Full Cast Drama Christmas Anthology A compilation of Christmas dramas full of holiday music sure to warm the heart and soul. Performed by KIRO, KSL and KSFI radio stations. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Omny.fm Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleA Very KIRO Christmas 2018 , , , , ,
Tales of the Text Tales of the Text Full Cast Drama Anthology Tales Of The Text is a teen/YA scripted audio fiction podcast wrapped in Black culture. When you press play you will hear stories about relationships, friendships, peer pressure, drugs, sex, secret societies and more. You should listen if you want to be entertained by episodes filled with drama, secrets, and plot twists. Also, stay until the end for our , , , ,
  Terms Terms Homepage * Website: <http://wondery.com/wondery/shows/terms/> Description Terms is a political audio drama series about an incumbent American president who prepares the transition of power to his newly-elected, and very controversial successor. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
  Thanksgiving Radio Drama Thanksgiving Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO50K4uXSO8> Description Thanksgiving Radio Drama is a short Christian-themed audio drama about a young man who learns to be thankful for his family. It was produced in 2011 by WDFB Christian Radio and available as a streaming YouTube video. , , , ,
That Vampire Show That Vampire Show Full Cast Drama Series That Vampire Show follows Kat Wright, a high school senior who is obsessed with the hit TV show, “Bloodlines.” After winning a fan fiction writing contest for the show, Kat is given the chance to visit set and meet the cast and crew. When the trip doesn't go as planned — and she and the creator of the show, Warren Young, have a major fight — Kat's life and the future of “Bloodlines” both spiral out of control. , , , ,
  That'll Be The Stardust! That'll Be The Stardust! Homepage * Website: <http://www.thatllbethestardust.co.uk/> Description That'll Be The Stardust! is a free audio drama that chronicles a 15-year period in the life of Jimmy Maclaine Jr. who is attempting to come to terms with the legacy of his rock star father. , , ,
The Accountant & The Counselor The Accountant & The Counselor Full Cast Drama Series Inspired by true events, The Accountant & The Counselor is a scripted audio drama series that follows the story of Mylena Hendrick, a corporate accountant, who struggles with depression and anxiety. Discouraged after meeting with a few bad therapists, she was close to giving up on therapy, but ultimately landed in the office of a caring and skilled counselor, Kane Princeton, who guides her to a path of healing. , , ,
The Afro-Existential Podcast The Afro-Existential Podcast Full Cast Comedy Series An AUDIO-PLAY and PODCAST all in one. Enjoy the play, comeback for the conversation. This season, we present DEAD WAIT: A JOURNEY IN AFRO-EXISTENTIALISM by Blaine Sparks-Teamer. A black comedy, DEAD WAIT tells the story of a modern all-American family: people who love each other but still wrestle with basic human fears: abandonment, poverty, death, and Los Angeles traffic. , , , ,
The Alice Henderson Series The Alice Henderson Series Narrated Drama Series Follow Alice Henderson's journey as she goes from backyard cricketer to the big time in this podcast version of the book, Alice Henderson On Debut, written and narrated by SR Silcox. It's perfect for cricket-mad kids aged 10 and up, and for kids at heart, who were legends in their own time. , , ,
  The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service Homepage * Website: <http://www.adrianbeal.com/archers/> Description The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service is an archive of the BBC Radio audio soap opera The Archers about regular people in a contemporary rural setting. The show is the world's longest-running soap opera in any format since it first aired in June of 1950. This archive collects the omnibus episodes (containing all the episodes that aired during the week) since November, 20… , , ,
The Art of Seeing The Art of Seeing Full Cast Drama Series Lee Love, a veteran commercial photographer, artistic director, and beloved photography mentor, introduces a groundbreaking approach for educating new photographers through his unique radio drama, “The Art of Seeing. , , ,
The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles Full Cast Drama Series The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles is a podcast serial like no other. This 10-part documentary series pours through the journals and scrapbooks of Hollywood actress and film noir goddess Clara , , ,
The Ave Maria Hour The Ave Maria Hour Full Cast Religious Drama Anthology This show is hosted by Fr. Bob Warren S.A., of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. Since its inception in 1898, reconciliation and healing through at-one-ment — the unity of men and women with God and one another — has been the mission of the Friars' work and ministries to people of every race, religion, and walk of life. , , , , ,
  The Awakening of Spring The Awakening of Spring Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/the-awakening-of-spring-by-frank-wedekind/> Description The Awakening of Spring (also known as Spring Awakening or by its original German title Frühlings Erwachen) is a three-act play written by German dramatist Frank Wedekind – written in 1891, but not performed until 1906 – that criticizes the sexually-oppressive culture of turn of the (19th) century Germany. The play depicts teenagers from a German provincial town who str… , , ,
  The Beach Bears The Beach Bears Homepage * Website: <http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11432986> Description The Beach Bears is a serialized story of three extended-family anthropomorphic bears dealing with life and family while maintaining a musical group. Each episode contains a cover of a classic rock song, sometimes with some of the lyrics altered. Episodes are mostly narrated by one person, but some contain multi-cast performances with some sound effects. Some chapters deal with mature and emotional th… , , , , ,
The Biography of Barney Basco The Biography of Barney Basco Narrated Drama Series The Biography of Barney Basco is an American fiction story series podcast that follows Asian American Barney Basco, a 13-year-old boy of Filipino descent growing up with his new to America family in the 1980s. In Season One, Barney finds himself in a new middle school where he tries to make new friends, overcome embarrassment and deal with a bully. While trying to fit in, he discovers he has talents that not only can help him survive the 7th… , , ,
  The Bison Eye Looksee The Bison Eye Looksee Homepage * Website: <http://www.buzzsprout.com/134845> Description The Bison Eye Looksee is a serialized audio story by J. Eugene McDonald about the citizens of a small midwestern American town. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free sound_effects , ,
The Boston Project Podcast The Boston Project Podcast Full Cast Drama Series SpeakEasy Stage Company is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to creating meaningful conversations throughout our community. The Boston Project is our new works initiative, which supports the creation and development of new plays set in Boston. All the pieces developed through this program explore what it means to be a part of this community and tap into the full breadth of experiences and identities that make up life in the Hub. , , , ,
The Boy From Savoy The Boy From Savoy Narrated Drama Series The Boy From Savoy is a collection of narrated short stories about a boy throughout his life as he grows and learns various lessons along the way. The stories are told in a non-linear fashion and focus on “ , , ,
  The Boyhood Chronicles The Boyhood Chronicles Homepage * Website: See below Description Boyhood Chronicles is a storytelling podcast in which host Gregg Kalina presents dramatized depictions of stories from his childhood journals, narrated by Gray Gleason. “” , , , , ,
  The Candle Star The Candle Star Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/the-candle-star/> Description The Candle Star is a young adult historical fiction story by Michelle Isenhoff, who has made it available as a free digital audiobook. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link drama free ,
The Cat in The Flat The Cat in The Flat Full Cast Drama Series In a fictional city, a group of friends face a number of personal and professional challenges, tied together by an oddly intelligent cat that seems to show up at just the right moment. Featuring fun-yet-serious storylines that deal with an abusive relationship, a hidden past, and not wanting to grow up, The Cat in The Flat is an audio drama that explores the world we live in, where LGBT+ people are interwoven into society and social awareness is ever… , , , , ,
  The Chronic Rift The Chronic Rift Homepage * Website: <http://chronicrift.com/> Description The Chronic Rift is a podcast about pop culture, with a heavy emphasis on science fiction and fantasy entertainment. It has begun to release episodes of a science fiction audio drama titled The Dome , , , ,
The Chronicles of Now The Chronicles of Now Narrated Drama Anthology Short fiction torn from today's headlines. Each week, we feature an original short story inspired by the news—exploring what it means, why it happened, and why it matters. Because in a world gone haywire, sometimes art is the only thing to make sense of it all. Hosted by Ashley C. Ford. , , , ,
The City in the City in the City The City in the City in the City Full Cast Urban Fantasy Series Two women, each marked by loss and linked together by a strange twist of fate, journey to an ancient city—a storied city without borders—in search of answers and escape. But what they discover there will change their lives in ways neither of them could expect. , , , , ,
The Community (Necessary Outlet) The Community (Necessary Outlet) Full Cast Drama Series When gay nightclub “Toxic” becomes the next site of a deadly mass shooting, members of the LGBTQIA community must push aside their internal disputes to come together and do what they've done throughout history in the face of danger , , , ,
  The Constant The Constant Homepage * Website: <http://kenleykristofferson.com/voice-acting/the-constant/> Description The Constant is a full cast 7-episode audio drama about the lives of five friends. It is written, directed, produced, and stars (among others) Kenley Kristofferson. The Constant drama free full_cast sound_effects , , ,
The Conways The Conways Full Cast Drama Series The Conways is a new, original radio soap opera written, performed and produced entirely by the staff and students of Cokethorpe Senior School. Created in lockdown by Head of Drama, Claire Hooper, The Conways is a continuing drama set in the fictional village of Bamlington and began life as the fondest nod to the longest running soap opera in the world; The Archers. However, The Conways has a very definite style of its own, with exciting storylines and intri… , , , ,
The Coronalogues The Coronalogues Full Cast Drama Series 5 stories from one Edinburgh street during lockdown.... An elderly man forced out of his self isolation, a woman tries to leave her lover, a father-to-be waits for his first born child, a drug mule caught in a trap and an NHS worker tries to get home , , ,
The Courtship of Mona Mae The Courtship of Mona Mae Full Cast Western Drama Series In the 1870s, pioneers Mona Mae Christophe and Zekial Montgomery search the American West for her mother, Clara, who she was sold away from during slavery. Mona must recall a past long forgotten in order to survive, so that she can find her mother, love and create a way of life for herself. , , , , ,
The Crooked Gavel The Crooked Gavel Full Cast Drama Series Alice Cinnamon quickly discovers that no lawyer will help her find justice after the influential Judge John Cayenne sexually assaults her during a time when it was barely illegal to do so. Along the way, she meets Margaret Cumin, the peppy and knowledgeable wife of a lawyer. Though not technically a lawyer herself, Margaret is the only one with both the ability and the will to help Alice in her legal battle. Together, they fight to set a precedent of j… , , , ,
The Designated Mourner The Designated Mourner Full Cast Drama Series Something's happening in the country where Jack lives. There's violence in the streets. Leaders are being replaced. Public life is transforming. The government is cracking down on anyone suspected of subversion. But Jack—consumed with his atrophying marriage to Judy, his corrosive envy of his famous poet–intellectual father-in-law Howard, and his disintegrating sense of self—barely notices. As the once-liberal society around him descends into auth… , , , , ,
  The Diamond Club The Diamond Club Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/jackiehern> Description The Diamond Club is an erotic story that has been made available as a free digital audiobook. While the author is listed as Patricia Harkins-Bradley, the actual contents of the story were compiled by Brian Brushwood and Justin Young through a crowdsourced effort, where many different people submitted portions of the story. The intention was to create a , , ,
The Diarist The Diarist Narrated Drama Series The Diarist is a psychological drama exploring the alluring side of power and sexual attraction. Andrea Davies hopefully enters the paradoxical world of 1950s womanhood but she soon veers into an increasingly menacing extramarital affair with Richard Hayes, a dominant ad executive. However, the Diarist is no 50 shades of gray, more like a Hitchcock Love Story with a dose of David Lynch. The story starts innocently enough but soon turns bizarre as the inner wo… , , , ,
  The Drama Hour (Radio New Zealand) The Drama Hour (Radio New Zealand) Homepage * Website: <http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/thedramahour> Description The Drama Hour is a weekly radio program on Radio New Zealand that presents full cast audio dramas and narrated stories by New Zealand writers. comedy drama streaming , ,
The End of the Line The End of the Line Narrated Drama Anthology Powerful stories about how we treat women who don't have kids. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer - The End of the Line anthology drama mature narrated podcast , , , ,
The Far From the Tree Broadcast The Far From the Tree Broadcast Full Cast Drama Series Far From the Tree Productions is a grassroots theatre company based in Vancouver, BC. The seedling of Far From the Tree grew from a desire to create theatre that looked all the way back to its origin, the sacred act of storytelling. Now, as we delve into the auditory landscape, we are excited at the prospect of reaching an audience far and wide. Where will we end up? Who really knows! Expect thrilling audio dramas, discussions on life and… , , , ,
  The Father The Father Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/the-father-by-august-strindberg/> Description The Father is a naturalistic three-act play written by Swedish playwright August Strindberg in 1887. In it, the two main characters – the Captain and his wife Laura – argue about their daughter Bertha's future. The Captain wants her to be raised as an atheist in the city, whereas Laura wants her daughter to have a different destiny. In order to gain sole custody of her daughter, Laura tries t… , ,
The Fitzroy Diaries The Fitzroy Diaries Narrated Drama Series Award-winning audio fiction series from the ABC. Walk the streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne, shaped by gangsters, migrants, Aboriginal activists, the working poor. Now, it’s fancy shops and hipster bars. Until you really look. , , ,
The Four Boys Club The Four Boys Club Narrated Drama Series The Four Boys Club (sometimes not-so-fondly called Quartet of Mayhem) is a podcast of a series of short stories, which covers the worlds of four 15-year-olds: Shanky Vai, Baalan “Bandem” Asra, Ankur “ , , ,
The Girlfriend Chronicles The Girlfriend Chronicles Narrated Drama Series Chelsi's life is in true turmoil. Desperate and on the brink of divorce she finds herself faced with a decision to try and save her marriage by any means necessary. She hatches a devious plan to force her husband Quentin to reconsider, but quickly finds that she isn't the only one telling lies and playing games. Kyria is miserable and trapped in a material driven, loveless marriage with Malcolm who is 15 years her senior. She wants to leave but … , , , ,
The Goalie Kid The Goalie Kid Narrated Drama Series Benny Jensen was the star goaltender of the Borque Academy Bears. After he graduates high school, Benny is determined to become a goalie for the minor league hockey team the Durango Hornets. But after suffering through an injury and losing the opportunity to play for them, he is left unsure of what he wants out of life. , , ,
  The Golden Key The Golden Key Homepage * Website: <http://www.goldenkeyaudio.com/> Description The Golden Key is an audio drama anthology series that presents stories with religious themes. The Golden Keyimaginativerestorative The Golden Key Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Libsyn website * YouTube channel drama free full_cast sound_effects spiritual streaming , , , , ,
The Grand Sophy The Grand Sophy Full Cast Drama Series Sophy is the 19-year-old daughter of Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy, a widower who numbers princes, prime ministers, and potentates among his acquaintances, and who has taught Sophy to ride, shoot, and defend herself as capably as any man. She also handles his business affairs, and at a time when women were supposed to defer to men, her spirit, determination, and beauty have made her a legend in several European capitals. But she is a stranger to London, and wh… , , ,
The Grayscale The Grayscale Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An anthology series of short radio plays, exploring the spectrum of human behavior, with chilling results. A podcast by Critical Point Theatre. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleGS_1.01: Cracks in the Pavement , , , , , , ,
  The Greene Space The Greene Space Homepage * Website: <http://www.thegreenespace.org/search/?q=Christmas+Carol> Description The Greene Space is a New York City-based performance space that hosts, among other projects, an annual audio drama performance of the Charles Dickens classic story A Christmas Carol, featuring a variety of notable actors. Past performaces are available watch online as streaming videos. , , ,
The Hudsons The Hudsons Full Cast Drama Series The Hudsons is a British audio drama series, created by Jamie Dyer. It follows the lives of early 30s married couple Helen and Harry, as they embark on the adventure that is everyday life. The series stars Jamie Dyer and Jane Grandle, with Pete Lutz in the announcer role. , , ,
The Icarus Complex The Icarus Complex Full Cast Drama Series Ever wondered what goes through the mind of some men and why we sometimes do the things we do? Described as 'Adrian Mole' meets 'Bridget Jones', 'The Icarus Complex' is a love, sorry and goodbye letter to that 'one, or those who got away' from the perspective of a black male trying to navigate life in the UK and is equally a candid, reflective, humorous, but undoubtedly honest, heartbreaking and never before told account about the high and lows of rel… , , , ,
The Idea of Life Without Company The Idea of Life Without Company Full Cast Thriller Series A rustbucket sidles up against a curb. Behind the wheel is Johnny Fourshanks, trusted right-hand man of the infamous Big Svetlana. In the back seat is Helena Michaelson, world-class singer held as ransom in a deal worth millions. Svetlana asked Johnny to quietly deal with the transfer, but he was never one to hold his tongue. As they chew the fat, an unlikely friendship begins to kindle. , , , ,
  The Independent Eye The Independent Eye Homepage * Website: <http://www.independenteye.org/> Description The Independent Eye is a professional theatre that also produces audio drama. They publish CD anthologies of their works, and all the episodes of their show Hitchhiking off the Map are available to listen online. , , , , ,
The Jane Austen Podcast with Alison Larkin The Jane Austen Podcast with Alison Larkin Narrated Drama Anthology While fashions change and technology evolves, there are just some things about being human that transcend time. And the persistence of those human experiences is why anyone can find themselves in the timeless, romantic, and funny novels of Jane Austen. , , , ,
The Jeane Dixon Effect The Jeane Dixon Effect Narrated Drama Series Jeane Dixon, America's first “celebrity psychic,” comes to life in Joseph Rodota's play, THE JEANE DIXON EFFECT. The former Southern California housewife predicted everything from presidential assassinations to Hollywood marriages, captivating television talk show hosts and dominating supermarket tabloids. Was she a genuine psychic? Or simply delusional? And did her cat really have ESP? Starring Valerie Leonard as Jeane Dixon. , , ,
The Kepler Radio Play Series The Kepler Radio Play Series Full Cast Drama Series A modern take on a classic radio pastime, the Kepler Radio Play Series is written, produced and features all local talent from the region. Each piece is set in the fictional town of Kepler, ND and involves the cast of characters who inhabit this area. From the town hardware shop to the Lutheran church to Lake Killebrew – each episode will take you on a journey to a place with big hearts and even bigger troubles. , , ,
The Key of Love The Key of Love Full Cast Historical Fiction Drama Series It's New Year's Eve,1942, WWII is raging, and Liberty Johannsen, a young chambermaid in Boston's tony Back Bay, is kicked out of the only job – and home – she's ever known after fighting off unwanted advances from the Governor's son. , , , ,
The Last We Fake The Last We Fake Narrated Drama Anthology A podcast of autobiographical, or at least confessional-seeming, fiction from Los Angeles. Each season, host Alan Rifkin presents an original novel in twelve episodes. Separately, the stories stand alone, but together they comprise a novel-length journey, with a cast of recurring characters. We'll also present occasional bonus stories by exceptional West Coast authors, both new and established, whose works take place at the shifting borders of the Ame… , , , , ,
  The Law Against Lovers The Law Against Lovers Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/the-law-against-lovers-by-william-davenant/> Description The Law Against Lovers is a five-act play written by Sir William Davenant in 1662. It is an adaptation of several William Shakespeare plays combined into one. This audio version is performed by a full cast. , ,
The Lies that Bind The Lies that Bind Full Cast Drama Series Edith Lima had a comfortable life in San Francisco, until she lost her high paying position. Now, she's barely able to pay her bills, let alone her student loans. Living paycheck to paycheck and exhausted, she vents online to a stranger. During the rant she jokingly brings up the idea of propositioning a sugar daddy. , , , ,
  The Little Gray Lady The Little Gray Lady Homepage * Website: <https://librivox.org/the-little-gray-lady-by-francis-hopkinson-smith/> Description The Little Gray Lady is a free Librivox audiobook version of Francis Hopkinson Smith's 1909 short story, read by Carolin Kaiser. Additional Links * RSS feed drama free ,
The Lonely Adonis The Lonely Adonis Narrated Drama Anthology The Lonely Adonis is a collection of novellas starring strong, career-driven gay characters. The channel's mission is to empower gay people around the world through diverse short stories. No matter where you are in this world, know that you are not alone. Sit back and enjoy this podcast! , , , ,
The Lower Bottoms The Lower Bottoms Full Cast Drama Series A scripted drama / dark comedy told through the voices that make up the quickly gentrifying neighborhood of the West Oakland neighborhood. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Megaphone Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroducing The Lower Bottoms , , , ,
The Lucas Betrayal The Lucas Betrayal Full Cast Drama Series After a poorly received return to the beloved fantasy saga he created, director Robert Stone is a Hollywood disgrace. Kicked off his own franchise in favour of younger directors, Robert is ready to put the whole thing behind him. But when a night of drunken wallowing leads to a chance encounter with his successor, Robert is forced to confront – and defend - his own legacy. Is artistic integrity more important than giving your fans what they want? And … , , , ,
The Magic of Ordinary Things The Magic of Ordinary Things Narrated Musical Drama Series How do you go on when the people you love die? If you could see them one more time, what would you say? What would you want to hear? Gina Harris got the chance. An audio drama in seven acts, , , , ,
The Martian Broadcast The Martian Broadcast Full Cast Drama Series In