Methodical Studios

Methodical Studios produces a number of full cast audio dramas, in a variety of genres.

An audio drama “about a New York cab driver that gets into a dangerous situation before his wedding day and needs to hire a eccentric bodyguard to keep him safe.”

Pen and Paper is an audio adventure about a group of high school friends that play a fictional table-top role playing game called Eden: The Lost Paradise. In this game, our players create separate characters on a quest to investigate the robbery of a trade caravan while searching for a permanate place to play their game. It's a tale of old school, pen and paper table-top role playing games in the days before video games and the internet.

An audio drama “written and produced by E. C. Bond and inspired by his time with an actual LA soccer fan club, the Angel City Brigade. It's about their passion for a sport that is not accepted by mainstream American sports culture.”