Kenn Crawford

Kenn Crawford is a writer who has made his horror story Dead Hunt available as free a audiobook. His website also offers several short works of audio fiction.

Off the coast of Nova Scotia on a remote island, a lonely scientist, a powerful computer, a simple mistake. Unleashes a new threat, somewhere in the hills of Margaree.

Dead Hunt is Kenn Crawford's chilling tale of a desperate father’s undying love, a daughter frozen in time, and the small group of teens trapped in the aftermath of walking dead.

The Parsec-nominated podcast was narrated by R.E. Chambliss and it is a full cast audio production starring the voice talents of: Kimi Alexandre, Brian Brown, Ry Stevenson, Melissa Bartell, Kim Butler and Erk, with special guest appearances by Andrew Ball, Arlene Radasky, Judy, K.C., Kenn Crawford, Kristopher Lamont, Lindsey Burns, Lisa Tobias, Neil Stringer, Nobilis Reed, Randall Carruthers, Tom Storms and Featuring Rick Stringer of variant_frequencies as the voice of Professor Patrick Heslin.

The music for Dead Hunt was written and performed by Farrell Jackson, Gregory Cain, Tom Storms, Doug Millaway and Kenn Crawford.

A vengeful father is pushed over the edge by an unspeakable crime.

From strange noises, stranger animals, ghost writing sessions and poltergeists, this is the true and still unsolved tale of Mary Ellen Spook, the Antigonish Fire Starter.

From 1866 to 1987 there were 1,321 fatalities reported in Cape Breton mines. The mark it leaves on you is as deep as the black beneath a coal miner's eyes. This is one family's struggle to cope when a mine explosion rocks their town, and their lives.