Azure-Productions is working on several full cast audio dramas.

The story follows a young Alexis Barringer as she lives in her family's shadow, trying her best to break free from the bonds. Barringer Inc. is the world's leading weapons manufacturer, always at the forefront of technology and advancement. With connections to nearly every goverment they spread their influence through out the world with unknown intentions at play. As Alexis makes her travels she comes across the harsh reality of what her family buisness has been birthing. With a new found resolution she heads back to her estranged family, with integrity and purpose, although like always it is not what her mother had hoped for.

Currently in pre-production.

Imagine waking up with no clue who you are, no memories of your past, your name or where you’re going in life. A young man, finds himself in this very situation, given the name Chris” by an inquisitive woman named Lauren, he sets out to find out who he is and what the stirring feeling of power is that is buried within himself. Constantly being followed by strange men and women who stir in the shadows at every corner Chris finds himself fighting not only against his own inner demons but against these unknown agents of a higher power as well. He continues forward fighting, trying to uncover the truth of his past, as well as his purpose in life.