Port Washington Play Troupe

Port Washington Play Troupe is a New York State-based amateur theater organization, founded in 1927. Among it's works, the troupe performs live adaptations of classic radio dramas. Currently, recordings of Casablanca and The Thin Man are available to listen to online, with other titles listed as being available in the future.

New York State's oldest chartered amateur performing arts organization, dedicated to creating outstanding work in a positive, community-minded atmosphere for every generation in Port Washington.

Based on the famous film, the radio drama of Casablanca (1944) tells the story of nightclub owner Rick Blaine and his bittersweet reunion with once-great love, Ilsa Lund. Ilsa has fled to Morocco with her resistance-leader husband to secure visas and escape to America. But can Ilsa and Rick escape their past?

In this 1947 radio adaptation of Frank Capra's beloved holiday film, a common man named George Bailey falls so far into despair that his guardian angel Clarence is pressed into service. Clarence shows George how many people he has touched and how wonderful his life really is—just in time for Christmas.

Based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon radio drama (1943) chronicles the adventures of private detective Sam Spade as he becomes embroiled with a group of eccentric criminals—including one dangerous, dishonest beauty—on a quest to claim a priceless statuette.

The Philadelphia Story

Based on the play by Philip Barry (which starred Kathryn Hepburn on Broadway, as well as in the film adaptation), The Philadelphia Story is a 1942 radio comedy about a witty divorcee caught between her ex-husband, her new fiancé, and a tabloid reporter sent to cover her society wedding.

Also based on a Dashiell Hammett novel, The Thin Man radio drama (1936) tells the story of witty, would-be-retired detective Nick Charles and his socialite wife Nora, who—in between cocktails—team up to solve a murderous missing persons case involving a cavalcade of suspects, all of whom agree to come to dinner.

In H.G. Wells' famous science fiction novel, Martians invade Earth and terrify the populace. The story was told most infamously on the air by Orson Welles in 1938, initially leading listeners to believe the events of the story were real. This adaptation of the 1953 film aired in 1955.