Becca Productions

Becca Productions is “an arts collective created by Jared Sarnie and Shazeb Meraj. Across theater, film, podcasts, music and more, we are dedicated to telling socially aware and diverse stories.” Among their productions is an audio drama anthology of short stories titled “Sad Stories And Happy Songs”.

A young man Talks to Himself a little too much. A mother sings her daughters into a closet. A fudge-up learns a thing or two about child prodigies. A comedian dies quietly.

These are the tragic tales of Sad Stories and Happy Songs, recorded in stunning stereo for your listening pleasure. Inspired by vintage radio hours, Sad Stories and Happy Songs, brings a contemporary approach to the medium. This curated audio anthology features original music, writing, and performance from a diverse group of young artists, and is available to stream now on SoundCloud.