SOUNDINGS - the Radio Drama of Jeff Green

This is the Soundings entry page on Jeff Green's Strangermedia website. Clicking on the Stories link takes you to a page with a player from which you can listen to the entire series. The Download page gives access to full mp3 files, and the Order page gives options for buying discs. Also, in the Radio Work section of the site can be found an Early Drama page with a player for three productions and one series.

The stories in the Soundings series are full-production stereo with original music and professional casts, varying from 30 minutes to an hour in length. They have been heard on 3 continents, have won two Canadian ACTRA awards, and received a silver medal from the New York International Radio Festival. The play “Spaxter” is in the Mark Time Hall of Fame for Science Fiction Audio.

Sardonic near-future thriller that pits a techno-telepathic private investigator against a self-styled digital deity. Spaxter is in the Mark Time Hall of Fame (Science Fiction Audio).

A near-omniscient future computer sets Spax on the track of an alien manifestation.

An ad executive has visions of a past life that she just might still be living.

Three people flee holocaust in the wilds of Northern Ontario, only to discover that fate has something different in store for them.

A present-day alt-culture dilettante witnesses the takeover of the world, one Walkman at a time.

A government worker in a dystopian world devoid of passion encounters a substance that has the potential to change everything.

A wish-fulfillment fantasy for anybody that hates evil, and wants to do something about it, right now.

An unabashed homage to one of the greatest horror writers of all time, set in a chilling madhouse.

A nightmare future where the world’s surviving populations languish under vast domes that hold the plague at bay.

Portrait of a future media indistinguishable from reality, and the change to reality it helps bring about.

Join a disillusioned politician as he faces an opponent with an uncanny power over sound.

Produced at CKCU, Radio Carleton, in the early 70s, this unabashedly silly series, produced on primitive equipment by enthusiastic teenagers inspired by Monty Python and Firesign Theatre, follows the absurd adventures of a crime-fighting android in a weird pan-galactic future.

An extremely unusual mix of music (original electronic and sampled progrock), spoken word sound collage, superhero sci-fi, and corny comedy, this scattered tale follows a bizarre collection of strangely-powered individuals as they pursue a mystery with implications that reach from the ocean to the stars… or something….

Adapted from the short story by Roger Zelazny, this is a moving tale of the far future wherein a planetary maintenance robot seeks to understand the long-dead species that once inhabited the world.

A combination documentary and media experiment, this special begins with an in-depth audio look at the history of the H.G.Wells classic in its many manifestations, then presents an edit of the historic Orson Welles/Mercury Theatre broadcast enhanced with the music and Richard Burton narration of the Jeff Wayne electronic musical.