LSM Showcase

LSM Showcase is a collection of audio productions by the University of Lincoln's School of Media.

University of Lincoln's School of Media is hosting a Degree Show celebrating 20 years of media from Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th May 2014. Here we have some fantastic work from Audio Production and Radio & Sound students.

You are about to enter The Asylum, a horror-thriller radio drama, which follows the lives of a small group of contestants on a reality TV show. However, it isn't all it seems to be.

Asylum is sequence of soundscapes that illustrate different episodes in the journey of an asylum seeker. It has been conceived like a piece of music in five movements, each with a very different structure. The audience is invited to make the same journey as the protagonist. The language used is dictated by the way the protagonist is able to understand the world around him rather than indicating the literal geographical location, and the nationality of the protagonist is deliberately non specific.

A 27 minute radio drama. In the style of a single player game, this drama looks at hate crime in particular within the gay rights movement. We follow the decisions which the game character Daniel makes and what leads up to such violence.

A radio drama about teenager Ben discovering about his grandfather and friends William and George during WW1. William is still alive to tell Ben the story but still suffers from shell shock.

The retreat is a radio drama based upon a suspect being tortured for information. The suspect falls into his own mind to retreat from the pain and abuse he is suffering.

Rockbottom tells the story of a promising young footballer whose career is tragically cut short by injury, with pressure from his father, his manager and worst of all himself. Danny Harper struggles to hold his life together.

Enter our time machine where you will be transported through Lincoln's history. You will meet fascinating characters like St Hugh and his faithful swan, hear life as a child in the Industrial Age, and experience the drama and excitement of the First World War battlefields. You will meet the brave Beechey Boys, who fought for our country in the Great War, and hear the sounds of the city in new and unexpected ways.