The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles

Full Cast Drama Series

The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles is a podcast serial like no other. This 10-part documentary series pours through the journals and scrapbooks of Hollywood actress and film noir goddess Clara “Mynx” Devlin to tell her story in her own words.

Discover never-heard-before audio artifacts, including scenes and trailers from Mynx's films, radio transcriptions from breathless journalists like Walter Winchell, and archival newsreel sound, including the complete record of Mynx's infamous testimony in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). Hear from the people who loved her and hated her.

What makes this podcast so compelling is the integration of two storylines. The first is Mynx's outlandish movie life that tracks the evolution of exploitation filmmaking in the mid-20th century. The second is Mynx's personal life: the poignant saga of a woman who searches for love, battles fate, and suffers horrific misfortune as she fights to find happiness.

You'll laugh and cry, often at the same moment.


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