On The Street Where We Live

Full Cast Drama Series

You can't come to our place, so we'll come to yours.

By evolving to face down the challenge of lockdown, we've turned our Downstairs Theatre space into a state of the art Audio Lab. The thinking being, if you can't come to our place, we'll come to yours.

We're using it to record all sorts of good stuff, the first being an episodic play of eight separate stories, written by eight different local playwrights, all set on a typical Belfast street during COVID-19 lockdown.

It's called, On The Street Where We Live and explores love, tragedy and redemption; hope, compassion and forgiveness. It's funny and upbeat; tragic and heart-wrenching. It's about real people leading unreal lives. It's about the times we're living through. It's about the streets we're living on.

All eight of the 10 minute long episodes are now available to enjoy. Listen to them at once, or over a few days or weeks. We've listed them below in a recommended order for your enjoyment, but if you want to mix them up that's ok too!



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