Noir Dame Productions

Noir Dame is the banner for both Noir Dame Productions and was originally an online store that retailed old time radio and modern audio drama on compact disc, as well as classic television shows and silent movies on DVD. Then, in 2010, Noir Dame Productions shifted gears to focus more on media production, from aural storytelling (stage, radio, recording) to multimedia, blogging, and videos.

Noir Dame Productions hosted three live performances in the Houston area in 2013, of both “Over Here, Over There,” (see below) and “War of the Worlds: Houston, 1968”.

Premiering on the anniversary of Tesla's death, January 7, 2010, this full cast audio drama is a courtroom drama based on the actual experiences of Nikola Tesla after immigrating to the United States. It is written by Charles Moster, presented by the Austin-based Deus Ex Machina troupe, and available as a streaming YouTube video.1)

An audio drama about American veterans and the early American war fronts. “Over There” had its genesis as a half hour script produced for the National Audio Theatre Festivals, and with permission from the original producers, it was expanded into a full hour performance. Originally presented for the Houston stage, a live recording has broadcast over streaming radio.