Little Written Extra

Little Written Extra is a supplementary podcast to The Little Written Podcast1) (which features interviews with writers). It presents – along with other content – short full cast audio dramas.

An elderly lady prepares to spend Christmas with her nephew and his family.

Garry Martins has had a few bad mornings in his time, but being run over by an articulated lorry and having to argue for the future of his soul in the afterlife probably puts this one at least in the bottom three. At thirty-two years of age, Garry had believed that he had his whole life ahead of him to achieve his ambitions, but perhaps he should have made more of an effort to complete that novel and stick with those violin lessons after all…

“Speed Dating meets Peep Show”

Tell me about yourself: you have 3 minutes. Tell me your likes, your interests, your education, your job, your friends, your lies, your facades. Present me with the carefully tailored curriculum vitae that you call a personality.