Only the Knife Knows the Coco-Yam

Only the Knife Knows the Coco-Yam is a full cast audio drama that explores the history and culture of Africa, as the story's protagonist researches the women in her family. It is available as a streaming YouTube video.

Join the protagonist Melissa on her journey to find Ma'at (the truth). Her passion to search for the hidden stories of the remarkable, resilient women of her past is fired up during a drama class. Her tutor Ginnie seems almost offended when Melissa states that she will be researching the lives of African heroines as opposed to the Europeans familiars.

With the help of family, friends and the community, Melissa cuts open the proverbial coco-yam to expose the truth about; Ngola (King) Nzinga of Angola, Prophetess Kimpa Vita of Congo, Cecile Fatiman & The Haitian Revolution, Solitude from Guadeloupe, Queen Nanny of the Maroons and Yaa Asantewaa. The play delves deep and reveals the drama of the boisterous battles, the rambunctious rebels and the emotional trauma these women endured.