Phoenician Sailor

Phoenician Sailor is a YouTube channel in which the host presents ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response1)) monologues and stories, with the intention of inducing a state of relaxation from the listener. Among it various content are serialized stories.

These videos are a series of stories told from the point of view of a fictional Emergency Room Physician. They vary between being scripted and extemporaneous, but in both cases I theme each one around a particular issue.

Original Story Readings

These videos consist of readings of stories I've written, some old, some new. Videos are divided up into chapters. When a story is complete I will upload single version of all chapters strung together.

These videos are set on the island of Pioneer's Lash, off the southern coast of Nantucket. The viewer assumes the role of a journalist sent to cover (and, as events unfold, investigate) an enigmatic murder. Fully scripted, intended to be viewed in order. This murder *can* be solved by the viewer if they pay attention.