Subterranean Sepoys

Subterranean Sepoys is a full cast audio drama about Indian soldier who fought in the British army during World War I. It is written by by Avin Shah, based on unpublished archives and letters from the Front.

“In the blasted trenches of France, an Indian soldier betrays his own family and race out of loyalty to his British colonial masters…”

Winter 1914. The Western Front. Capt. Taylor is killed on a night tie patrol. Sepoy Ayub Khan is wounded, dragging back his officer's body from No Man's Land. Overnight he becomes a War Hero and is sent to a French field hospital to recuperate.

A young English Lieutenant arrives to take over command. Inexperienced with Indian soldiers, he decides to improve morale by ruthlessly punishing any cowardice and sedition…

When the Army return Ayub Khan to the regiment, the other sepoys are boosted by their hero's return.

However, Ayub is disgusted at being sent back to the Front Line and his disaffection spreads dangerously through the ranks…