Made in Manchester

Made in Manchester is a collection of free full cast audio dramas produced as part of a collaboration between British newspaper The Independent and independent production company Made in Manchester.

Made in Manchester believes passionately in the enduring appeal of audio and radio drama. The company has pioneered drama via the Independent newspaper[…]

MIM is determined to introduce audio drama to fresh audiences and to give writers and actors the chance to experience it too.

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As President Obama marks his first year in office, The Independent is giving you an exclusive opportunity to download an award-winning new drama about a subject that cuts to the very heart of American politics.

America, November 2008: the new President is elected amidst an 'audacity of hope'. For newly elected Democrat Congressman, John Daniels, this should be a time of celebration. Instead he must decide the fate of his daughter's murderer: should he exact revenge or grant redemption… or both?

In the week of the 109th anniversary of Oscar Wilde's death, The Independent is giving you an exclusive chance to listen to and download a new drama by Made in Manchester/Dark Smile, written by Thomas Wright, about the 19th Century writer, wit and raconteur.

In 1895, Oscar Wilde was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. On his release, he settled on the continent under the name of Sebastian Melmoth.

He wrote to his wife, Constance, but he saw neither her, nor his two young boys, again.

She died in Genoa in 1898 and he visited her grave just a year before his own death in 1900.

Death in Genoa imagines what might have happened to Wilde during that visit….

The late poet laureate Ted Hughes would have been 80 this month, and to mark the occasion, The Independent is giving you the chance to listen to and download an exclusive new drama by Made in Manchester/Dark Smile.

In Dreaming of Foxes (which is based loosely on a true story) Ted is reunited with a long-lost schoolboy friend after almost fifty years. But what do these men have in common now except memories of old haunts and the landscape which inspired them both?

25 years after the strike that divided Britain, ex-miner Joe is forced to question his most cherished ideals when he confronts a young man who breaks into his Yorkshire home.

It's 25 years since the world lost Rock Hudson to Aids. Hudson was a screen idol in 50s LA, but his career was perpetually under threat from Confidential Magazine.

The radio drama features History Boys and Desperate Romantics star Samuel Barnett as the Bletchley Park code breaker on his death in 1954 after eating an apple laced with cyanide following his conviction for gross indecency. Turing's Test examines the scientist's legacy in the field of artificial intelligence and the personal tragedy of his suicide through a deathbed dialogue with a “machine” played by actor Paul Kendrick.