First Street

Narrated Drama Series

Four recent law school graduates clerk for the Supreme Court, navigating life and love while confronting the toughest cases of their generation.

As any young lawyer knows, clerking for a Supreme Court Justice could make or break your career before it even begins. Tensions are already high as four very different candidates vie for the highly coveted positions, their reasons for being there informed by their backgrounds— and personal baggage. But as they tackle case after case, each more difficult and emotional than the last, the clerks realize the Court must reckon with an internal threat if justice is to be truly served.

First Street is a Realm production, created by Catherine McKenzie and written by Catherine McKenzie, Jasmine Guillory, Elyssa Friedland, Shawn Klomparens, Randy Susan Meyers, and Kermit Roosevelt III. Narrated by Janina Edwards. Listen away.


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