Baggage Claim

Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series

Baggage Claim is the gritty, real story of what happens when a man-child follows one too many travel “influencers” on Instagram, mumbles “hey I can travel too” in the mirror and strikes out for adventure, whatever that means. Join Will as he leaves behind his life - his career, his fiance, his apartment in New York City - to explore the globe only to find that the world out there is just as rife with confusion and awkwardness as life back home.

An innovative twist on audiodrama, this immersive, honest first-person memoir-style podcast tells the story of awkward, painful and powerful revelations in foreign lands. Stories about awkwardly fumbling through language barriers and developing powerful relationships with complete strangers. About accidentally illegally immigrating to Paraguay. About crouching on a toilet in a public bathroom for nearly an hour because he's convinced he's going to be kidnapped. This is the opposite of travel porn. It's travel diarrhea. Often literally. Always metaphorically.



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