Backwell Playhouse Podcasts

Backwell Playhouse Podcasts is an audio drama series from a theatrical group located in the south of Bristol, England.

A series of Radio Plays recorded live at Backwell Playhouse, Bristol. The plays are from authors all around the world and were recorded in a classic radio play style, with a live studio audience and sound effects performed in the theatre.

India Brooks learns how quickly bad news can travel when video footage of her rant at a traffic warden goes viral on Youtube. When her business, and her sanity, are threatened, she finds herself desperate to put things right before her reputation is ruined forever!

It is 1927 and the end of an era. Tom Phillips is a Ferryman on the River Severn in Gloucestershire. On the day of his retirement, the man who has little use for conversation makes four speeches chronicling his life of more than forty years crossing the Severn; one to the village, another to his friend, the next to his wife, and finally to his true mistress, the mysterious Sabrina.

Belinda and Meab are preparing for Hallowe'en, readying the treats for the neighbourhood children. And what treats they will be!

Heather is a supervisor at Universal Customer Services and is keen to become the next Manager. But when she goes up for the job against Brandon, the other supervisor, she soon realises that being the best candidate for the role does not mean that you are treated “On The Level”!

We all know the story of the first Christmas. Here is what happened on the second!

The instincts of two pairs are brought into high focus in this comedy by John Levine. Will they be able to follow logical reasoning, or will they give into their nature?

Alexander The Great charged across the known world, conquering wherever he went. But now, at last, we are able to reveal why history's most successful military leader turned his troops around when he reached Gandhara.