History Media History

History Media History is a Seattle-area arts organization with a YouTube channel presenting streaming video versions of, among other content, live performances of adaptations of classic radio drama shows.

History Media History presents multimedia materials associated with The Northwest Hall of Radio History at Washington State University and with Seattle Radio Theatre, as well as an eclectic assortment of vintage and contemporary Pacific Northwest culture, history, music, arts and broadcast media.

The versatile and talented Pat Cashman stars as Orson Welles (as Dr. Seward and as an ultra-creepy Dracula) in this spooky LIVE broadcast from Town Hall Seattle on October 29, 2010. Also in the stellar cast are Jim Dever, Steve Wilson, Tracey Conway, Lee Callahan, Dolores Rogers, Chris Topping and John Maynard. Live music is performed by Rob Jones. Live sound effects designed and performed by Curtis Takahashi. The original July 11, 1938 Mercury Theater On The Air premiere script was adapted/produced/directed by Seattle Radio Theatre founder Feliks Banel. Original broadcast by AM 1090 KPTK in Seattle.

Chris Wedes (better known as TV clown J.P. Patches) and Bob Newman (better known as J.P.'s pal Gertrude) star in this original radio play first broadcast on KIXI AM 880 in Seattle on December 16, 2000.

Wedes plays a Frederick & Nelson department store doorman, while Newman is the F&N Santa Claus. A family tries to visit the downtown Seattle Frederick's for their Christmas Eve ritual, but a snowstorm ensues. The action is set in 1954, and also stars Tracey Conway, Dave Dolacky, Bob Brooks and Jim Dai. Sound effects were performed by David Persson. The show was written, produced and directed by Feliks Banel. It was recorded before a live audience in Seattle a few hours before the broadcast.

This is a complete aircheck of the December 21, 2012 live broadcast of Seattle Radio Theatre from Town Hall on AM 1090. The production is the Lux Radio Theater version of “I'll Be Seeing You,” as originally broadcast on Christmas Eve 1945.

Featured in the cast are Pat Cashman, Tracey Conway, John Maynard, Jim Dever, Chris Topping, Dolores Rogers, Lee Callahan and Steve Wilson. Sound effects by Curtis Takahashi. Music by Rob Jones. Vocal performance by Jacqueline Alves. Produced and directed by Feliks Banel.