Earshot is an audio play and theatrical sound installation that lets listeners explore “a bar full of hidden dramas, featuring 12 original audio plays with 28 characters that interact in unexpected ways.” Samples of the production are available to listen to on the website.

There are few places where one is as surrounded by humanity and intrigue as in a bar, where strangers have chance encounters, old friends reconnect, drunks philosophize, lovers plot affairs and relationships fall apart. Come explore this world of hidden dramas at Earshot, an innovative audio installation and theatrical environment that allows the audience to explore an eerily abandoned bar and eavesdrop on the recorded conversations of absent strangers. Featuring twelve original scripts from eleven different writers, Earshot is a paean to the diversity, and frequent absurdity, of the lives and stories around us every day. The objects left behind at the bar provide clues to the identities of the speakers, while curated local music and special drinks keep this empty bar buzzing.