CC Prose

CC Prose offers audio versions of classic literature as a series of streaming YouTube videos, complete with large print closed captions.

CC Prose is dedicated to making classic literature accessible to people around the world. By combining high quality audio, large print text, synchronized closed captions, and machine translations in multiple languages; we provide something for everyone.

  • Learning to read? What better way than to follow along with an expert?
  • Learning English? We include English audio and text in all our videos, but also provide subtitles in over 50 languages (these are machine translations, so they are not perfect, but they can be just the ticket for trying to follow along).
  • Vision impaired? Our large, High Definition (HD) text based video should be just what you need.
  • Hard of Hearing? We've got you covered with text embedded on the video and in subtitles.
  • Just enjoy audiobooks? Well, we have you covered there, too, on your Android phone, your iPad, your tablet, your computer, or other web-enabled device.