OUR WORLD is a dramatic audio drama that is released as a series of streaming YouTube videos, each of which has a collection of illustrations that go along with the episode.

OUR WORLD follows two prep school students (Drew and Owen) as they navigate the excitement and pitfalls of adolescence (i.e. sex, drugs and getting into the college of one's choice). When their alpha male status is threatened through a series of unfortunate and shocking events, adulthood is suddenly thrust upon them. The youths discover how quickly the age of innocence ends.

Adding coal to the fire, Owen's mother (a jet-setting, young widow) learns—at the reading of her late husband's will—that her wealth has all but evaporated. A moral dilemma ensues. How far she will go to maintain appearances and her rung on the social ladder?

Her partner in crime is a beautiful socialite who seems to have it all: a successful, loving husband; the perfect teenage son (Drew); and a secure place at the top of the social pyramid. With the arrival of her obsessive, status seeking mother (played by a soon to be announced daytime television veteran), her world comes crashing down in a scandal of infidelity, abuse and—potentially—murder.