John R. Swift

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John R. Swift is a writer who has made his Prohibition Era gangster stories available as free audiobooks.

A teenager in Prohibition Chicago, haunted by disasters, breaks all his childhood vows of clean living and becomes a minor hoodlum. When he tries to recapture his dreams with a feisty former classmate, she says first quit the mob. He discovers that one doesn't just quit the mob and live to tell about it; he must find another way out.

A fortunate son and failed lawyer turned failed banker turned struggling stockbroker inexplicably marries well, crosses paths with Al Capone and determines, as his crowning achievement, to reform Capone and introduce him into polite society, of which he is its most marginal member. This mission, which Capone endorses while systematically murdering his competitors, and then his allies, poses one question. Is Capone ready for reform?