Make It Up As We Go

Full Cast Musical Drama Series

Make It Up As We Go is a first-of-its-kind blockbuster musical written by David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights) specifically for the podcast space. Centered around the creation of seven new songs, one per episode, it tells the story of a female songwriter in Nashville’s predominately male driven, high-stress writing rooms, where songwriters big and small get together hoping to pen Country music’s next #1 hit. Our lead character, Charlotte, grew up with a love of country music. But, as she quickly learns, a love of music and making it as a songwriter in Nashville are two totally different things.

The scripted story will unfold using a mix of interviews, the sounds of her work tapes (voice memos used to record scratch versions of songs in progress), and the raw moments of conversations captured with her confidants, supporters, and family, taking listeners on the tenuous journey from her being an unproven songwriter to being a force to be reckoned with from not being able to put gas in her car, to falling in love, and changing her destiny forever through the power of song.

How will Charlotte turn her Texas sized dreams into a Nashville reality?



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