Marie Tueje

Marie Tueje is a sound editor who creates different audio projects, including interactive installations, music, spoken word pieces, and audio dramas. She has examples of her work on her SoundCloud page.

Re-telling of Sophocles' tragedy, written and directed by Ariadna Moore (in Spanish)

Set against the volatile backdrop of the Middle East tensions between Israel and Palestine, the play charts the journey of a young Palestinian medic, Nardeen Aslih, as she attempts to come to terms with the unexpected death of her brother and best friend, Aseel.

There Is A Field is based on real life events that took place on “Black October”, and which culminated in the death of 12 Arab Palestinians, among them 17 year-old peace activist, Aseel Asleh. It incorporates verbatim material - using emails and conversations exchanged the characters. It uses a tragic event to mediate on the subjects of grief, justice and identity.