The Boyhood Chronicles

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Boyhood Chronicles is a storytelling podcast in which host Gregg Kalina presents dramatized depictions of stories from his childhood journals, narrated by Gray Gleason.

If you are a fan of the TV Show THE WONDER YEARS, author Bill Bryson, or the movie A CHRISTMAS STORY, your family will love the Boyhood Chronicles audio dramas. They're like mini movies for your ears, the perfect treat for the whole family to enjoy after homework is done and before bedtime. These amazing true tales are narrated and produced by master storyteller Gray Gleason. The stories are from author Gregg Kalina's personal journals reflecting back to his childhood during the 60s and 70s in Seattle and Dallas.

The Boyhood Chronicles is a story sharing Podcast that celebrates the mystery, magic, and adventure of the American Boyhood experience. These stories aren't always politically correct and reveal a boy's angst, raging desires, most profound fears, and dizzying triumphs on his zig-zagging path to Manhood. They are “Tribal Stories,” visceral, first-hand accounts of the challenges boys face as they claw toward their unique destiny.