Peer Gynt

Full Cast Drama Series

A new audio adaptation of Ibsen's timeless play Peer Gynt. Performed in rhyming verse, with original folk and classic music.


The play is primarily a fantasy woven out of Norwegian folklore, albeit blended with social satire, and it features a variety of mythological characters. Trolls provide tropes of the beast within, motivated solely by primitive, selfish desires un-moderated by empathy or a moral code. The Boyg, a giant, invisible troll, intangible yet impassable, encourages Peer to adopt an ultimately toxic nostrum of self-sufficiency and refusal to confront deep-rooted problems.

The character of Aase, Peer's mother, and their life together on a farm is derived directly, albeit with exaggeration, from Ibsen's experience following the failure of his father's business. Likewise, the profligacy of “rich John Gynt” is a reflection of the reckless hospitality of Ibsen's father.


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