Anna Henley

Anna Henley has a number of full cast audio dramas in a variety of genres available to listen to online.

Meet Biff: a pirate-king astronaut ninja warrior and George's imaginary friend.

Join Biff, George and Linda (George's wife) as Biff comes careering back into his creator's life, creating havoc and destruction in his path.

As part of the Yorkshire Cultural Festival in the lead up to the Tour de France, the speech team at University Radio York collaborated with Able radio to create a short piece of drama.

Able Radio is a project that runs as part of the Accessible Arts and Media scheme at the Burton Stone Community Centre in Clifton, York. Faster was written by Anna Henley and edited and produced with help from the disabled adults and staff members on the scheme.

Meet Percy Archibald: the owner of the first skull to play Yorick at the RSC. An amateur actor who had his big break when he played the Bear in The Winter's Tale back in 1968, he fought his wife hard to gift his skull to the company, and he's loving every minute of it. The irony doesn't bother him a jot - in death he's more famous that he ever was in life. It may be his final performance at the RSC, but he can never see himself becoming this “dust” to “plug a bunghole” the young TV star playing Hamlet has harped on about these last twenty-two shows. He's Percy Archibald don't you know? The first real skull to be used in a production of Hamlet at the RSC!

Pillowtalk explores the conventional story of boy-meets-girl, in a way most unconventional.

Sitting on Elle's bed day in, day out, Pillow has come to know her and her habits better than the inside of his own pillowcase. He sees her at her best, he sees her at her worst, and he also looks on as she makes her way through her extensive DVD collection. Pillow learns most of what he knows of human life through tales told largely by Hugh Grant and Colin Firth - even if he still isn't quite sure what this “love” is…

Pillowtalk explores the nature of commercial love through the eyes of a curious and probing goose-feather pillow. It is contemporary and quirky, but with an ending that will warm the cockles of your heart, just like any other romcom.

Presenting the SFM Pantomime 2014, Snow White and the SFM Dwarves!

Packed full of everything you ever wanted in a panto: innuendo, amateur acting… and Terry Wogan.

When a deadly virus grips London, It falls to a crew of four children to save the day. A probe, launched four hundred years ago in 2016, is their only hope.