Aishi Online

Narrated Drama Series

Do you know who you are? That was the question the game, known to a select few as The Funhouse Hallway was asking its players to answer, but Aishi, MJ, and The Forum were never able to complete it.

That was in the early days of the internet. Aishi and MJ grew up together as the internet came into its own. But suddenly, Aishi was gone, leaving MJ to make sense of a person who didn't give her much if anything to work off of. After all, you can be anyone online.

In light of certain experiences during her podcasting efforts, MJ has decided to tell the story of the friend she didn't quite know. But whose to say who she'll find… After all, you can be anyone online.

A tale of life on the social internet, and the gradual unraveling of the narratives we spin…


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