That'll Be The Stardust!

That'll Be The Stardust! is a free audio drama that chronicles a 15-year period in the life of Jimmy Maclaine Jr. who is attempting to come to terms with the legacy of his rock star father.

In 1961, Jim Maclaine embarked upon a life-changing journey that didn't include his wife and child; over a decade later the live telecast of Maclaine's rock opera entitled Dea Sancta et Gloria is transmitted worldwide; the world awaits the outcome but nobody more so than a twelve year old boy.

A dark journey of self-awareness and much sought-after salvation ensues as the boy grows up and adopts the name of 'Jimmy Thorpe' whilst working as a musician himself with various bands in the eighties. Furthermore, his name change is also implemented to conceal a secret anguish…

An elite cast of nine professionals from the world of Film, TV, Theatre and Radio provide a fabulous audio display of acting and their undeniable chemistry is prominently vibrant; a Dark, Disturbing and Down-right enjoyable story!