Callaloo is a full cast audio drama series that takes place in the Caribbean.

Callaloo is a steamy mix of love, desire, joy, corruption and tragedy following the lives of the McLaren, Blackman, Joseph and St Martin families, living within the community of Riverbend on a beautiful Caribbean island. Throughout the drama, multiple plots have followed the family members through times of personal and business success and times of despair and the lost of loved ones. Callaloo pulls listeners left and right and up and down through an emotional journey of forming friendship and enmities as family bonds and relationships are tested in light of troubling and harmful practices; both harmful to people and the local environment of their beautiful island.

As the drama unfolds, listeners hear about the trials of Albert St Martin of the McLaren Cleaning Company; he suspects the company is violating local environment laws but fears losing his job if he speaks up. On the other side of town, Gregory Singh, the promiscuous policeman, will soon find out that he is HIV positive and is terrified to tell his wife. What will these characters choose to do in the end? How will their friends and family react? A storm is brewing in Riverbend; as the wet season approaches, the community will face individual and shared pleasure, pain and disaster.