GoZen! Stories

Narrated Children's Drama Series

Welcome to GoZen! Stories, a podcast for humans of any age, because, let's face it, life is full of challenges for all of us. Stress. Pressure at home or school. Insecurity. Anxiety. GoZen! Stories is about kids and teens who face these same challenges, and overcome them. They're exciting stories of resilience that teach real tools to help you overcome those same challenges. Every season of GoZen! Stories introduces new characters and tells a new tale.
Season 1: Kid Confident

Kid Confident is the story of Kacey, a teen who's about to start high school, but just can't seem to figure out who she really is. Quite literally! See, Kacey is dealing with a strange and unexplainable case of memory loss. Not quite sure who her friends are, how to dress, or even how to behave in front of others, she must learn skills of resilience, grow her own confidence, push back against social anxiety, and work to discover her true self.


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