Crazy Gone Love

Crazy Gone Love is a romance story written by Cate Brody, who has made it available as a free audiobook.

Ceil Clark is fed up with dating the twenty-something hipsters and slackers that litter the streets of Los Angeles nightlife like empty, discarded cans of Red Bull. Against the wise advice of her best friend, Lupe, she makes a pre-meditated decision to seduce, tag and bag her newest boss—Wayne Hayter; the cool and always collected thirty-something, corporate-loving, sports-car-driving, designer duds wearing, General Manager of the Porsche dealership where Ceil merely tolerates her 9 to 5 gig.

But when a deliciously cute, mysterious and vaguely wild-eyed musician by the name of Mason Philips begins to crop up almost daily in and around the parking lot adjacent to her job just to chat—Ceil is intrigued—though he is just 'another loser in a garage band'. Suddenly, the stoic and unruffled Wayne Hayter has some serious competition to contend with almost before his flirtation with Ceil manages to get off the ground. But Mason Phillips—with his cheerful positive outlook, pit bull-like tenacity and an unwillingness to hear the word 'no'— has a couple of tricks up his sleeve to keep the ball in his court. By the end, Ceil's only wish is to keep her hair from turning white before she has a chance to choose between her two dream suitors.