Ashby Court Entertainers

Ashby Court Entertainers is a group of Norwich, England amateur actors aged 60 and over who have produced a short audio drama titled A Little On The Lonely Side that highlights the issue of loneliness that some elderly people experience. It was originally broadcast on Future Radio.1)

Ashby Court Entertainers radio play – A Little On The Lonely Side.

Ashby Court Entertainers drama group (aged between 65 – 90yrs) are currently working with Future radio on a series of short plays about issues that affect older people. These are being funded by a grant from The Allen Lane foundation and researched and written by Sheila Moore Volunteer Activities Support Worker at Ashby court in Norwich with the group's input.

Loneliness for older people can cause and exacerbate physical and mental health problems and to raise awareness the group wanted to record this play.