Next Christmas in Girouette

Next Christmas in Girouette by Michael Welch is a free holiday audiobook that is still in the process of being produced, but has a free episode available.

Set on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, this is the story of a brother and sister — Autry and Oxana Quinn — who find themselves stranded in a Girouette, a virtual ghost town, from Thanksgiving through Christmas when their father is taken ill. Their grandfather, a Marine Captain long retired, plus an eccentric old café owner, a Blackfeet Indian horse trader who was once the town's mayor, a couple who published the local newspaper and an ancient deaf-mute trapper are the only remaining inhabitants of Girouette. These self-styled “diehards” all seem to have one thing in common. Thanks to a mysterious event 60 years earlier, they still believe in Santa Claus.