CTD Productions

CTD Productions is a non-profit audio drama group. They have been operating since 2006 and to date have released twenty audio dramas, all of which are available to listen to for free on their blog.

Audio dramas they have produced include adaptations of books and short stories, such as their Winnie-the-Pooh episodes, which are based on the original book by A.A. Milne. They have also done several audio dramas based on comics by the Belgian cartoonist Herge (best known for his creation, Tintin), including three episodes of his Quick & Flupke adventures. They also have a few original stories.

This 22-minute audio drama is based on a short story by L. M. Montgomery. As Aunt Cyrilla and her niece, Lucy Rose, travel by train to visit some relatives over the holidays, things won't go exactly as they expected. And will Aunt Cyrilla ever get rid of that horrid old basket?

This hour-long audio drama is an adaptation of the Christmas novella written by Abbie Farewell Brown in 1910. Miss Terry is convinced that Christmas is nothing but a humbug; and when she comes across a box of some of her old toys, she decides to put the Christmas spirit to the test with an experiment.

Joe Cutchins and his family get caught up in things around the Christmas season and forget about what's important, but eventually remember the true meaning of Christmas.

This audio drama consists of four half-hour episodes, which are based on the original Winnie-the-Pooh book written by A. A. Milne.