Kings of the Ring

Narrated Drama Series

KINGS OF THE RING takes the real life people, events, legends, and road stories. But also the rumors and “what if's” of wrestling's history, puts it one big pile, modifies it, re-arranges it, and re-assembles it in the context of one giant fictional story.

It is a form of “Roman à clef” as a fictional version of real-life, along the lines of Tim Allen's Galaxy Quest, which was a version of William Shatner in Star Trek. This is not a parody or biography of individual people. While the archetypes and roles are represented, personal histories and personalities are changed to give a degree of privacy and mystery, but more importantly to have the creative freedom to change things to tell the most entertaining story!

The most pivotal time in wrestling history was the early 1980's when Vince McMahon expanded the WWWF into a national promotion and declared war on the Territory system that had reigned supreme for decades. While wrestling fans watched this new age of wrestling on TV sets and in packed arenas across the country, an entire war was taking place behind that curtain. At the box office, in the board rooms, in the locker rooms, on the road, in the gyms, and at the bars. This is the story of that world. Enter this fictional universe, familiar, but not the same as our own, and enjoy the saga of … THE KINGS OF THE RING.



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