3DF Productions

3DF Productions is an amateur voice acting group that produces several fan fiction audio dramas based on Japanese animated series. The audio files are available for download or as a series of streaming YouTube videos.

Based on the anime by A-1 Pictures, adapted from the manga by Yana Toboso, our non-profit presentation whisks us away to Victorian England. In the pilot episode, we are introduced to Ciel Phantomhive, a young boy earl, who has made an unbreakable covenant contract with a demon: in exchange for his soul to feast upon, the demon must help Ciel avenge the murder of his parents. The deal is made, and the demon takes the form of a human butler, whom Ciel christens Sebastian Michaelis. Two years later, we get a look into a typical day at home, with a cast of wacky servants and a… most unfortunate guest.

Based on the Nintendo video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which is about the adventures of a defense attorney.

December 2016: The holidays don't bring joy when Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth finds himself in the defendant's chair, accused of murder. His only hope? His rival, defense attorney Phoenix Wright. Join Wright and his assistant, spirit medium Maya Fey as they not only fight for Edgeworth's freedom… but also unlock secrets lurking in the depths of his past.

Turnabout Reminiscence: A Miles Edgeworth Story

Based on the Nintendo video game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

The year is 2011, and young district prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, is taking his first steps into the courtroom… when the unthinkable happens. The defendant and the prosecutor he was set to replace… are found dead in a defendant lobby. And rookie detective, Dick Gumshoe, is accused of murder. There is only one thing to do, begin an investigation to discover the truth!