A Journey of Words

A Journey of Words is the website for writer Vincent Meis, who has made his stories available as free audiobooks.

Down in Cuba is a late in life coming out story about a man stuck in a routine marriage and an unremarkable career as a professor of Latin American Studies at a small California college. In a last ditch effort to save himself from the ennui of mid life, Martin heads to Cuba on sabbatical to write a book about Cuban icon, Jose Marti. With the confusing mores of modern Cuba on one side and his personal demons on the other, he meets a charismatic young artist, who leads him down a road of passion and sexual awakening. As the professor struggles with his newfound sexuality, his Cuban friend sees a way to escape the dusty streets of his marginal barrio thanks to his considerable charm and good looks. The story is set against the harsh reality of modern day life on the Caribbean island.

This is the story of two brothers who are guest workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One goes off on an adventure, meets a Saudi prince, and ends up dead. The other will stop at nothing to find out why his brother had to die. Accompanied by his wife, he begins a search across three continents for his brother's killer. His hunt takes him into a trap where he, like his brother before him, becomes caught in the middle of the struggle between the pre-Al Qaeda fundamentalist Saudis and the more liberal ones who lean toward the West. His quest forces him to loose his innocence, and to face things about his country, his brother and his wife that he would prefer not to know.

Tio Jorge is a novel about a young woman caught between two worlds, that of her affluent, fair-haired mother and her brooding Mexican father.

Five-year-old Rebecca Delon watches from the fierce grip of her father's arms as the police take away Tio Jorge (George Edwards). She doesn't know that her mother has just met her death by falling from a cliff along the California coast and that Tio Jorge will be accused of the crime.

In one day she loses the three most important people in her young lifeā€”her mother to death, her father to sadness, and Tio Jorge to the police. Sixteen years later Rebecca graduates from Stanford University.

She has been living a life of privilege in the care of her well-to-do maternal grandparents, but sets out on a mission to bring justice to Tio Jorge, who she believes was falsely accused. On a trip to Mexico to meet her father's family for the first time, Rebecca becomes further convinced of Tio Jorge's innocence. Back in California she learns that he is out of prison and living a reclusive but tranquil life not far from where she grew up.

When Rebecca and Tio Jorge's lives intersect again, they must cope with the remnants of hurt stirred up by delving into the past, which challenge their notions of justice and truth, and ultimately their renewed friendship.

At the end of Rebecca's journey awaits a new millennium family to replace the one she lost as a child.