Narrated Comedy Series

Rose Green wants two things out of life: to watch movies and be left alone. She has one obstacle keeping her from those goals: an unusual clause in her famous father's will that requires that she write regular letters to his favorite local florist.

Abigail Adams also wants two things out of life: to arrange flowers and read books. If pressed, however, she may also admit to a third desire, which is someone to share those flowers and books with. So when she's told about Mr. Green's final request, her excitement is able to (mostly) drown out the sinking feeling in her chest that nobody would want to write to her in the first place.

GREENHOUSE is their anxious audio love story as they learn letter by letter that the world is a whole lot brighter when you have someone to share your story with. It was created by Lillian Holman and is a production of Atypical Artists.

The voice of Rose Green is Alex Marshall-Brown and the voice of Abigail Adams is Helen Highfield.



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