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"Dear Sam" "Dear Sam" Narrated Drama Series Before she died, a cancer patient left a series of voice recording for her younger sister, who is starting her first week of university.This is a one-episode audio drama that is under four minutes in length. Website RSS Feed , , ,
"Diane..." The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper "Diane..." The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper Narrated Horror Mystery Series “...Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies....“ Re-experience the mystery of Twin Peaks. The Cooper Tapes. The private world of Special Agent Dale Cooper, previously reserved for one woman , , , ,
"Saint" Nick and the Big F*ck Up "Saint" Nick and the Big F*ck Up Narrated Drama Christmas Series Nick is a part-time mall Santa, who really hates Christmas. And with good reason. But here he is, on Christmas Eve, wearing the red suit. He shouldn't be working today, but he is. And he's about to meet a terrible child who will ruin everything. This is not going to end well. But what's about to happen, isn't the worst thing he's ever done , , , , ,
(A) Cry in the Moon's Light (A) Cry in the Moon's Light Narrated Horror Series A beautiful young woman must travel through a dark forest to be by the side of her dying grandmother. The setting is the late 1700's of Eastern Europe. A mysterious wolf stalks her and a deadly wolf pack tries to kill her. It is a time of castles, muskets, werewolves and other hideous creatures of the night. , , ,
(Some Kinda) Love Stories with Trina (Some Kinda) Love Stories with Trina Narrated Drama Anthology Trina is on a mission– to write love stories. Unfortunately, that is the hardest thing for her to do! So each week, she will read her attempt at a love story for the week. Mature Website RSS Feed , , , ,
10 Podcast Lane 10 Podcast Lane Narrated Horror Folklore Anthology 10 Podcast lane is a Horror / Myth / True crime Podcast from Dublin Ireland. Aim for the Bushes! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 - The Banshee anthology folklore horror narrated podcast , , , ,
100 Words of Astounding Beauty 100 Words of Astounding Beauty Narrated Multigenre Anthology A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers each make a story with a limited wordcount in a limited time. Each writer has just an audio prompt and five minutes to make a first draft. Then a fellow writer will give them the edits and suggestions they need to reach those final one hundred words. , , , ,
10th Rule Books 10th Rule Books Narrated Multigenre Anthology An old school radio serial featuring bad ass pulp fiction that skips the boring parts. Each episode is a chapter featuring some cool horror, sci-fi, crime fiction or some combination of the three. Expect both gratuitous violence and possibly inappropriate dark humor. , , , ,
13 Days of Halloween (Aaron Mahnke) 13 Days of Halloween (Aaron Mahnke) Narrated Horror Anthology Aaron Mahnke's 13 Days of Halloween is a unique auditory adventure that tows the line between ethereal horror and thrilling campfire tales. Each episode explores a different chilling story from the residents of the mysterious Hawthorne Manor. , , , ,
1984: An Audiobook-Dramatization 1984: An Audiobook-Dramatization Narrated Science Fiction Series “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” This was written on posters all around the dystopian city of Airstrip One, formerly Britain. Winston Smith, like many others, fell in line under B-B's watch, as well as the oppressive rulings of The Party , , ,
1989: After Humanity 1989: After Humanity Narrated Science Fiction Series When a future-predicting arcade game appears on the doorstep of a retro-themed gaming shop, two vloggers learn that knowing the future can have terrible consequences. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , ,
2 Night Stay 2 Night Stay Narrated Multigenre Anthology Stories from The Gilman: A murder mystery, a ghost story, and found footage, via podcast. Produced and Written by Viktor Devonne Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleSegment 1: Tour Video (1977) , , , ,
24 Hours in Isolation 24 Hours in Isolation Narrated Drama Anthology Before Covid19, before “self isolation” and “social distancing”, there was already an epidemic of loneliness in British society. It is most acute in North East England, where 53% of adults feel lonely. That's half of us reading this right now. How many of us have told someone else what it feels like, what it is looks like, what it sounds like? It's time we did. , , , ,
24-Hours 24-Hours Narrated Superhero Series A boy named quaylon Jefferies in a world of weird and hurt he has to save the world in a year will he do it find out Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample24-Hours series 2 (Trailer) (M4A File) fan_fiction narrated podcast series superhero , , , ,
600 Second Saga 600 Second Saga Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Escape the world every week – listen now for 10 minutes of sci-fi and fantasy. Every kind of science fiction and fantasy from epic fantasy, space opera, hilarious aliens, surreal moments, time travel romances, political espionage, and so much more! Flash fiction that fits your life and lets you explore a new world weekly. , , , ,
7's Wild 7's Wild Narrated Science Fiction Series Jack Dagger is the greatest bounty hunter in the known universe. (By his estimation) After a screw up on his last job for Galactic Command, he was put on a hiring freeze, which has now been lifted. Listen to Jack recount tales of bounties via his captains log, while on the hunt for a life changing 25 million credit bounty that would finally let him retire and sip fruity drinks on all the best beaches in the galaxy. If only he had survived , , , ,
8Sparks Stories 8Sparks Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology Dark tales of science gone wrong and mysterious creatures from beyond. Every week, witness a new tale from the vault at 8Sparks Media, featuring guest narrators and storytellers including Shaun J. Nigro and Clarence Carter from The Writers Block Podcast. , , , , ,
A Bridge of Doom A Bridge of Doom Narrated Fantasy Series THREE PATHS CONVERGE... PRELUDE: THE HOSTAGE PRINCE – The bonds are tight, his sword broken, the possibility of rescue hopeless; heir to the throne of the western kingdom, Prince Kajor will soon be sacrificed on the reptilian Grems' primitive altar of blood and revenge. And yet, he fears neither his enemies, the endless torture, nor death but the eventual ruin of his people under their hateful claws. Doubtful of her charged task, a young woman, Roya… , , ,
A Broken Horse A Broken Horse Narrated Folklore Series As hero after hero falls before the walls of Troy, Achaean and Trojan alike, two reluctant warriors–neither remembered as a hero–must sacrifice themselves for the sake of the people they love. Prince Paris has all the fame he ever wanted, anointed by the gods, honored as a youth for both his bravery and judgment, and gifted the most beautiful woman in the world by Aphrodite. If his theft of Helen results in a war, surely he is not meant to stop it. L… , , ,
A Burnt Christmas A Burnt Christmas Narrated Horror Christmas Series A Christmas elf is acting very suspicious... Listen to our podcast to find out what happens next!This is a one-episode audio drama that is under four minutes in length. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , , ,
A Christmas Carol (Stephen Humphreys) A Christmas Carol (Stephen Humphreys) Narrated Christmas Series For the best part of the the last thirty years I have read A Christmas Carol in the days before Christmas each year. Last year my wife asked me to read it aloud to her. At her suggestion I have done so again in this podcast. I hope you will enjoy the journey with Ebeneezer Scrooge as he is visited by Three Spririts at the intercession of his dead partner Jacob Marley. I profess no great acting skill, but I do hope my love for thi… , , ,
A Conduit's Diary A Conduit's Diary Narrated Horror Series A Conduit's Diary is a scary story podcast told by me - Rachel - as I investigate paranormal activity in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample1. The Haunting of the (Alive) Ex Wife , , , ,
A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Providing you on demand audio entertainment with the push of a button! Complimentary short stories written by Carrie Zylka and Alice Nelson. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
A Dark Memory A Dark Memory Narrated Horror Anthology Scary horror stories, haunted places, and dark events. Urban legends and folklore have something to teach us, don't they? Website RSS Feed Additional Links Spreaker Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleA Scratch at the Door: The Legend of the Cat Lady , , ,
A Darker Tale A Darker Tale Narrated Horror Anthology Horror stories for rainy nights. This podcast combines mystery and horror in chilling fictional stories centred around the occult, serial killers and the supernatural. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
A Death Worse Than Dying A Death Worse Than Dying Narrated Mystery Thriller Series Draper's Girl is attempting to fall off the grid, but time off or 'personal time' doesn't exist within the Organization. Additionally, her secret sabbatical and therapy sessions are working , , , , ,
A Decade of Curious Creatures A Decade of Curious Creatures Narrated Children's Anthology A Decade of Curious Creatures. Some of Them Not Describ'd Before. Heard in Their Natural Voice, and as They Sound Enlarg'd Before the Condenser Microphone. With Their History, Characters, Manner and Places of Abode. , , ,
A Dose of Meds Presents A Dose of Meds Presents Narrated Thriller Series A combination of telenovela and thriller; the creative writing work of Katie Azucena Medrano-Escobar. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleIsadora mature narrated podcast series thriller , , , ,
A Grand Canvas A Grand Canvas Narrated Fantasy Series A Grand Canvas is a fan made radio play set in the vast universe of the Dark Souls videogames. The story follows a woman named Joann who bares the eternal curse of undeath. She is set on a quest by a mysterious young girl known only as The Painter. The quest will take her across the country of Ebonore in search of powerful and ancient souls. , , , ,
A Happy Bureaucracy A Happy Bureaucracy Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Dark humor abounds as a tax agent tries to tame a post-apocalyptic hellscape in this audiobook podcast by author M.P. Fitzgerald. Music by Dust Mice. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
A Hint of Fiction A Hint of Fiction Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to A Hint of Fiction! Your hosts Alexandria and William will take you through stories of the unknown, the mysterious and the downright weird, with a catch. Every episode we will tell you three stories, but one of them is false, can you find the line between fact and fantasy? , , ,
A Journey Beyond The Skies A Journey Beyond The Skies Narrated Science Fiction Series A Science Fiction podcast centered around the journal entries of character Declan Wolf. Told as a first person narrative, follow along as Declan embarks on an adventure filled with action, drama, and mystery. , , , ,
A Lesson In Swimming A Lesson In Swimming Narrated Drama Series Writer/performer Michael Shutt is a three-time stroke survivor. This is his story. Hilarious and poignant, A Lesson in Swimming is a five-part radio play that takes you inside his brain as it “breaks” , , ,
A Little Town in Cali A Little Town in Cali Narrated Horror Series In southern California, there's a little town called Santa Muerte, and the people there mostly keep their heads down when the sky turns red, and the dry riverbed flows with blood. If you don't pay attention to the maggots in the strawberries, and the demons in at the 7-eleven, it's a nice enough place to live. , , , ,
A Man Reads Romance A Man Reads Romance Narrated Drama Anthology Join A Man Reads Romance, a podcast delivered in soothing baritone register courtesy of the dreamy Dudley Manchester. Each episode, you'll enjoy a Happily-Ever-Chapter of new and (sometimes) steamy romantic fiction. , , , ,
A matter of considerable importance... A matter of considerable importance... Narrated Mystery Series “We don't always get the best start in life, but the endings are what really matter.” Nicholas firmly believed in the words his mother often used; they gave him hope for the future. But how was he to get from his unfortunate beginnings to the brilliant future that awaited him if people were constantly trying to trip him up? , , ,
A Mustang in the Corral A Mustang in the Corral Narrated Mystery Thriller Series An investigator calling himself the Maverick looks into the disappearance of Ellen Ballí, a resident of Beatrice, Texas. As he is fed inside inside information from his cousin—who believes Beatrice ISD superintendent Felix Castro has murdered Ellen—the Maverick finds himself drawn into the most sordid corners of that border town, risking his life , , , , ,
A New Winter A New Winter Narrated Horror Anthology It's the winter of 2000 in a small village in the UK and a family have been brutally murdered in suspicious circumstances. The only evidence is one set of footprints in the snow leading to the murder scene - but nothing leaving it. This is a man's first hand account of what happened in this brutal winter where over 25 people were murdered or had disappeared. , , , , ,
A New World A New World Narrated Urban Fantasy Series In my story, “A New World”, Maria finds out that her every day life is about to change. Almost everyone she knows and is close to has a secret that they've been hiding. Will she be able to spend a “ , , ,
A Ninth World Journal A Ninth World Journal Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series Set one billion years in the future... it's the story of Januae, a man who randomly teleports to strange and dangerous places with no way of controlling it. A Ninth World Journal is a podcast based on Numenera, a tabletop roleplaying game created and published by Monte Cook Games, LLC. The stories, locations, character concepts and artwork are all derived from or based on Monte Cook Games, LLC. , , , ,
A Practical Guide to Death A Practical Guide to Death Narrated Drama Anthology An anthology of short-form dramas exploring the theme of death, the extraordinary subject that literally affects us all. Each drama is accompanied by a discussion episode – where the writers reflect on the themes of their plays with end of life specialists including end of life doulas, therapists and morticians. , , ,
A Prince of a King A Prince of a King Narrated Fantasy Comedy Series A fast, exciting fantasy adventure with surprising depth and humor. It's Monty Python, Mel Brooks, The Princess Bride, and Lord of the Rings, rolled into one. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short stories, poems, fiction narratives: reading selections of literature with an emphasis on works with a special “twist”... Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleOctober 24th: The introduction to , , ,
A Story Untold A Story Untold Narrated Multigenre Anthology A Story Untold is a fiction based podcast where Indie Writer Kaitlyn Whitten narrates unpublished short stories that she writes exclusively for this broadcast. Come listen in and explore alternate worlds every first Thursday of the month, designed specifically to help you temporally escape your life, feel something, and experience something new by delving into original short stories read by the author and written for you. , , ,
A Stranger World Than Fiction A Stranger World Than Fiction Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology People share their horror stories every day, telling us of the scary and surprising experiences they are having with ghosts, aliens, and anything else. Let's dive into what they are giving us and decide for ourselves , , , ,
A Tale Of Two Queens A Tale Of Two Queens Narrated Fantasy Series In the pleasant world of Farfadel, two powerful Queens are tricked into raising a child together. Magic is afoot, treachery runs rampant, and fairies might just be to blame. A charming lesbian romance novel read by the author. , , ,
A Time and a Place A Time and a Place Narrated Science Fiction Horror Series Barnabus J. Wildebear is an ordinary guy who promises his sister on her deathbed that he'll keep her teen-aged son Ridley safe. He fails. First, they don't get along. Then a beautiful stranger lures the boy through a trans-dimensional portal to help battle an ancient evil. To protect Ridley, Barnabus must follow him through the portal to the strange and dangerous dimensions beyond, into the fog of alien war , , , ,
A Timeless Flight A Timeless Flight Narrated Science Fiction Series A lone astronaut, hopelessly lost in space, logs his journey, telling stories of his life back on earth and his thoughts above it - all while knowing he's going to die in 10 days. Love, hope, frustration, loneliness, fear, and humanity will be in full display in poor Tom Jackson's last few logs. Be ready , , ,
A Tiny Light Podcast A Tiny Light Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series There is a diner in the woods a few miles down the dirt path behind the old elementary school. Sitting at some of the tables are customers. There are no customers at some of the other tables. James is one of the customers that IS sitting at a table. , , , ,
A Travelers Documents A Travelers Documents Narrated Horror Series Alastair Calhoun documents some of his time as they travel through parts of the Appalachian wilderness, through the deep forests of an age old area. We'll hear bits and pieces of this travelers time and what he chooses to document during their journey in these bite sized episodes. , , , ,
A.B.G.C. A.B.G.C. Narrated Science Fiction Series The A.B.G.C. The ABGC (Anthro Bionic Galactic Core) is a sci-fi fantasy dark drama adventure story-cast with a little dark humor sprinkled in. It's a riveting tale of half-human half-animal characters abducted by the military and forced to live on a grim space station, where they are surgically altered and ordered to pilot their space ships to defend Earth and its surrounding space from hostile invaders. , , ,
Abbey Orchard Street Audio Drama Abbey Orchard Street Audio Drama Narrated Thriller Series Join a reluctant Detective Sergeant Smith Phillips from Canada, in this serial adventure, as he stumbles upon a serious terrorist incident during his long-awaited vacation to London. Follow our hero as he gets involved and then caught up in this informed podcast on policing and human behavior. , , ,
Abnormal Stories Abnormal Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology A child witnesses his grandfather's death in strange Easter-themed ritual. The end credits of humanity begin scrolling across the sky. A young girl's father is brought back to life, sort of. Stuart Hardy reads his original abnormal short stories that sit between horror, fantasy, sci-fi and comedy. , , , ,
ABorderPrince Warhammer Lore and History ABorderPrince Warhammer Lore and History Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Warhammer 40k and Fantasy lore and history, Black library reviews and general grim dark awesomness. The Emperor Protects. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Academy Days Academy Days Narrated Drama Series Academy Days is a fiction serial podcast for teenage girls. The Christian high school story follows four girls as they navigate school, family, friends, and the choices that each day brings. Carmen, London, Nora, and Lacey differ in personality, but life in a small Christian school brings them together as each one grows closer to God. , , ,
Accession Accession Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology The enchanting beauty of the art museum. The secret stories only a personal guide knows. All in the palm of your hand. Welcome to Accession.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. , , , ,
Accidental Intrigue Accidental Intrigue Narrated Thriller Anthology Tales of travel and mystery written by Kent Babin and narrated by Remington Cooney. Season 1 features the adventures of Gerhardt van Jaarsveld and Hans Bergman in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. , , , ,
Acephale: Horror Fiction Acephale: Horror Fiction Narrated Horror Anthology Stories of cosmic and existential horror. Written and performed by Jeffrey Walker. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Rust Cycle Tetralogy anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
AcheronVA AcheronVA Narrated Multigenre Anthology I tell stories that work with your imagination to create beautiful and impossible worlds for us to explore together. I implore only that you Listen, & Enjoy. “He who writes, remains.” Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Achewillow Achewillow Narrated Horror Series Achewillow is a storytelling podcast about Miriam DuFour, a French Canadian woman drawn into the bizarre world of Achewillow and her own family's history in that town. Through her eyes we discover a strange landscape of subtle magics, bizarre people, coffee, the occasional demon, and baked goods. Written by J-F. Dubeau and narrated by Amy Frost , , ,
Ad Astral Ad Astral Full Cast/Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Welcome aboard AD ASTRAL, presenting the short science fiction stories of DJ Burnham in a triannual transmission. Let us take you on a voyage far into outer, and inner-space. Together, we will visit strange and alternative worlds, experience alien cultures, weird experiments, future dystopias and mysterious lifeforms, leap through the looking-glass of quantum reality, cheat death and embrace life to the full. , , , ,
Adelyne's Apothecary Adelyne's Apothecary Narrated Drama Series Adelyne's Apothecary is a fiction podcast exploring the world of folk herbalist Adelyne Hutcheson. Adelyne's storytelling takes us deep into the hills of Northern Appalachia where we meet her eccentric neighbors, family, and dearest plant friends. , , ,
Adventures Abridged Adventures Abridged Narrated Fantasy Series This is Adventures Abridged. The story you're about to hear was created almost entirely by improvisation, during a Dungeons and Dragons campaign over the course of two years. You don't need to know anything about D&D to be able to enjoy this story. This podcast takes the highlights from more than a hundred hours of gameplay, and distills them into a story that's easy to consume in chunks of fifteen minutes or less. Join The Nobodies on an adventure … , , , , ,
Adventures in Quilting Adventures in Quilting Narrated Comedy Series This podcast is a series of fun stories that are occasionally fact - but are often fiction. You don't have to be a quilter to listen . . . but if you are a quilter, or married to one, or know one, or lived with one, or passed one on the street . . . you'll certainly relate to these stories. , , ,
Adventures In Rovenhill Adventures In Rovenhill Narrated Drama Series Adventures In Rovenhill is a story series written and read by Jamie Dyer. It follows the lives of the residents of Rovenhill village, including the Rovenhill friends; consisting of the Daniels Twins, Maddie Fielding and Joe Adams. , , ,
Adventures of Sharon & Pete Adventures of Sharon & Pete Narrated Erotica Series The annual sex adventure of Sharon & Pete at the sex fest is at the limit of what they can handle. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAdventures of Sharon & Pete – Episode 1 – Sharon at the Sex Fest , , , ,
Aethuran Dark Saga Aethuran Dark Saga Narrated Fantasy Series Aethuran dark saga is a dark fantasy audio fiction, a show with a unique blend of Audio book and audio drama. Each episode is from the perspective of its protagonists, and sometimes the evil they must contend with. The intertwining story leads each of them down a dark road, a journey in which they will cross paths with one another as well as those who would seek to destroy them. , , , ,
AFM Storytime AFM Storytime Narrated Fantasy Anthology Welcome to AFM Storytime, where every two weeks you get to hear a story by a different author. Some of these authors are unpublished some are published. These authors have submitted a story to one of Arena Fantasy Magazine's writing competitions or submitted a general story. Some of these stories are short whilst others are not. As the name suggests these are primarily fantasy stories, think of Knights in epic battles, think about magical creatures goo… , , , ,
Afraidio Radio Rodcast Afraidio Radio Rodcast Narrated Horror Anthology Among the mists of midnight. In the lonely dark hours, tune in for a haunt of bone-chilling tales. Our creeping tales of horror guarantee to make you question just what was that out of the corner of your eye , , , ,
African Folktales (ABF Creative) African Folktales (ABF Creative) Narrated Children's Folklore Anthology African Folktales is a collective of diverse story traditions originating in Africa, originally passed down through generations by word of mouth. These traditional tales told with a new twist, are not only entertaining but serve to teach a lesson as well. Sometimes of moral value and other times of survival. , , , ,
African Folktales (Makafui) African Folktales (Makafui) Narrated Folklore Anthology An in-depth exploration of folktales from all parts of Africa. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHow Anansi Came To Own All Stories anthology folklore narrated podcast , , ,
African Horror Stories African Horror Stories Narrated Horror Anthology This podcast brings to you a collection of scary stories from all over Africa. Are they real or just myth? You'll have to ask the scared student, the passer-by or even the crying child who all swear by what they saw. , , , ,
After the Apocalypse After the Apocalypse Narrated Science Fiction Series After the Apocalypse is a serial podcast that tells the story of the survivors of a 21st century plague that has catastrophically wiped out 90% of human population. Will they be able to survive? What happens to our modern world when the great plague comes? Can humanity survive and learn, or will it devolve into a medieval nightmare of our worst traits? Listen to the story of After the Apocalypse and find out. , , , ,
After the Revolution After the Revolution Narrated Science Fiction Series A fiction podcast, based on the new novel 'After the Revolution' by Robert Evans. After The Revolution is set fifty years in the future, in a Texas wracked by civil war. We follow three characters: a , , , ,
After the Virus - a Surviralist's Journal After the Virus - a Surviralist's Journal Narrated Science Fiction Series From the post-apocalyptic novel After the Virus - A Surviralist's Journal[...]. When a deadly mutated virus sweeps the globe, survival expert Will Scott knows that his only chance is in the remote Ishi Wilderness, once the domain of , , , , ,
After These Messages After These Messages Narrated Comedy Series After These Messages is a short sketch comedy podcast about tv commercial breaks. Come on a tour of insane tv shows, unusual movie mash ups and implausible businesses. Listen to them between longer podcasts. , , , ,
Aftermath Aftermath Narrated Science Fiction Series Between 2057 and 2069, the people of Earth faced many trials: scarcity of resources, plagues, poverty, famine, and despair. The superpowers of the world fell into factions - each armed with its own doomsday arsenal. Diplomacy failed, and civilization came to an end - not with a whimper, but with a bang. General Binyamin Castro, the Israeli government's special envoy to the United Nations, was relocated from the UN Headquarters in New York City to an u… , , ,
Age of Confusion Age of Confusion Narrated Historical Fiction Series This is a story podcast documenting the alternate history of the U.S. and the world from 1963 to 1985, in a world where John F. Kennedy survives and the great upheavals of the time take a different path than they did in real life. , , ,
Ain't No Such Thing Ain't No Such Thing Narrated Horror Anthology Do you like a good scary story? ​Us, too! You're gonna feel right at home with us here at Ain't No Such Thing, our horror podcast. Each week, we explore the ghosts, haunts, monsters, and more urban & rural legends from across the world and across cultures, and we tell our own, original horror stories based on those legends! Our stories are narrated in Southern style by illustrator and comic artist Amanda Rachels and are accompanied by episodes inc… , , ,
Aishi Online Aishi Online Narrated Drama Series Do you know who you are? That was the question the game, known to a select few as The Funhouse Hallway was asking its players to answer, but Aishi, MJ, and The Forum were never able to complete it. That was in the early days of the internet. Aishi and MJ grew up together as the internet came into its own. But suddenly, Aishi was gone, leaving MJ to make sense of a person who didn't give her much if anything to work off of. After all, you can be anyone onl… , , ,
Alabaster Catz Alabaster Catz Narrated Horror Anthology Alabaster Catz is a [...] theatrical storytelling podcast that features tales of dark fiction. Each episode explores the world of the cute and the macabre, the creepy and the quaint, the sad and the strange. A reminder that the best stories are the ones we tell in the dark. , , ,
Alderpod Alderpod Narrated Steampunk Series The Aldersgate is a steampunk western of epic scale, where the fate of the world rests on a final showdown between steam and sorcery. Cora Grey is a seventeen year old Alderclass girl who loves stories of chivalry and romance. But it isn't easy being one of only five girls in Vell, the small Territories town where her father is the Alderman. Just as she finally musters up the courage to tell her best friend, the blacksmith's son Brick, how she truly feels… , , ,
Alice Isn't Dead Alice Isn't Dead Narrated Horror Series A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. In the course of her search, she will encounter not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman. , , ,
Alien Beer Alien Beer Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to the Alien Beer Podcast, where I read my science fiction and fantasy stories to you! Shows alternate weekly between my stand-alone short/flash stories and episodes of The Multiverse Blues science fiction serial. , , , , , , ,
All In Your Mind All In Your Mind Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to a world of original short tales played out through drama and fiction. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleAbel Cain anthology mature multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
All The Filthy Details All The Filthy Details Narrated Erotica Anthology NSFW Erotica, 18+ Adults only! All The Filthy Details is a podcast providing Erotic stories and interviews from the independent Erotica scene. Stories are made in dimensional stereo, so headphones are recommended. , , , ,
All The Wrong Magic All The Wrong Magic Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Rowan Green is the new apprentice to Corin Thorne, the witch who's just arrived in their village. Corin begins sending Rowan on trips in order to teach them magic, but the more Rowan sees, the more they start to wonder about what Corin isn't telling them. , , ,
All Vampires Are Gay All Vampires Are Gay Narrated Horror Series Victor Nightingale is a few hundred years old and bored of everything. When he meets a beautiful and mysterious young DJ named Robert they have an immediate connection. But their new romance is threatened by the supernatural forces brewing on the horizon, from ancient evil vampires to morally grey witches there's all kinds of danger in their midst, and someone from Victor's past is the one pulling the strings. , , , ,
Alone: A Love Story Alone: A Love Story Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Alone: A Love Story is an award-winning memoir by Michelle Parise, named by The Atlantic as one of the 50 Best Podcasts of 2017. In each episode, with candour and humour, Michelle delves into the deepest, darkest aspects of her divorce and her new life as a part-time parent, part-time partier. Millions of listeners around the world have connected with her relatable, intimate storytelling that speaks to the loneliness, grief, hope and resili… , , , , ,
Alternative Fictions Alternative Fictions Narrated Drama Anthology Michael Fine, MD has been an advocate for communities, healthcare reform and the care of under-served populations worldwide for 40 years. His career as a community organizer and family physician has led him to some of the poorest places in the United States and dangerous, war-ravaged communities in third-world countries. His experiences across the globe have enabled him to craft numerous short stories, novels and healthcare policy books about how … , , , ,
American Nightmare Podcast Presents... American Nightmare Podcast Presents... Narrated Multigenre Anthology Roland Flagg is an orphaned African-American left in the care of Yvonne Fletcher, a treacherous single mother who is on the edge of a mental breakdown. In order to escape his reality, Roland creates a fictional character called the Golden Ninja. , , , , ,
Among the Dead Among the Dead Narrated Horror Series Simon Richards is Kentucky man lost among the dead. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleDay 47 horror mature narrated podcast series , , , ,
Among The Shadows Among The Shadows Narrated Horror Anthology Join us as we descend into the realm of trembling terror. Be warned: darkness and fear await us on our journey Among the Shadows. Among the Shadows is a short story horror series narrated by Kade Rogers and Gregory Neal. , , ,
Amorphous: Breaking the Mold Amorphous: Breaking the Mold Narrated Science Fiction Series Set a few decades from now, an eclectic cast of diverse characters come together to rescue one of their own and to attempt to solve an existential threat from the stars. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
An Insomniac’s Dream Journal An Insomniac’s Dream Journal Narrated Horror Series A fictional Journal that follows a bunch of short stories that are written to make you think, ponder and even fear all the things related to life. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer , , ,
An Ode to the End An Ode to the End Narrated Science Fiction Anthology An Ode to the End is a project that records transmissions from the near and distant Future and releases them as song-length micro-podcasts.These echoes are received and captured by our skilled Receiver and Extractor. Fidelity and veracity are our top priorities. Our mission is to release these visions and art forms of the Future through micro-casts that can be delivered to our despondent comrades locked in the Past. O Media, bless this trib… , , , ,
Anachronistic Anachronistic Narrated Science Fiction Series Anachronistic follows Neil, a guy whose day-job is to travel the country fixing rifts in time and space. He travels with the love of his life. Unfortunately he knows he will never get a happy ending. Mature , , , ,
And The Darkness Reigns And The Darkness Reigns Narrated Horror Anthology 'And The Darkness Reigns' is an anthology horror fiction podcast with rich atmospheric music to enhance the horror esque vibe. Immerse yourself in the DARK SIDE OF THE WORLD. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Anne of Green Gables (Mary Kate Wiles) Anne of Green Gables (Mary Kate Wiles) Narrated Children's Drama Series Mary Kate Wiles and friends read L.M. Montgomery's classic, Anne of Green Gables. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter One - Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised children drama narrated podcast series , , , ,
Anno Amagium Anno Amagium Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The scholar-warriors of the Amagium swear themselves to a sacred charge: governing humanity's inherent capacity to wield magic. Through a complex licensure system, they decree which spells and arcane artifice are permissible for public, , , , ,
Anthologies of Astraea Anthologies of Astraea Narrated Fantasy Anthology Hey, this is just a bit of a preface for the show. Just to reiterate, this series will be about building of the world that I've been working on / brainstorming about for the past few years. If you're interested, stay tuned, I'm nearing the end of working on the first episode as I write this. I hope you all can find enjoyment in this, and I hope I can do this world justice. , , ,
Anthology of Horror (Spring Heeled Jack) Anthology of Horror (Spring Heeled Jack) Narrated Horror Anthology Readings and discussions of all things that keep people awake at night. Creepypastas, no sleep stories, American folk stories and many more. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
AntipodeanSF AntipodeanSF Narrated Multigenre Anthology AntipodeanSF Radio Show is devoted to the regular weekly presentation of fabulous and original science-fiction, fantasy, or horror mini-stories of about 500 words each. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , , ,
Anturia Diaries Anturia Diaries Narrated Science Fiction Series The Anturia Diaries: Prequel Stories tells how the inhabitants of the planet of Anturia linked to Earth, and for better or for worse through danger, love, and learning. The colonists end up becoming colonized, and xenocide becomes a real possibility. Each journalist narrates their diary entries in the first person from a first-hand experience. Join the narrators as they explain the good and the bad of two worlds combining. , , ,
Anything Ghost Anything Ghost Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and sometimes adds music and effects to the background. , , , ,
Apex Magazine Podcast Apex Magazine Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Apex Magazine is an online prose and poetry magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mash-ups of all three. Works full of marrow and passion, stories that are twisted, strange, and beautiful. Creations where secret places and dreams are put on display. , , , , , ,
Apocalypse Awakening Apocalypse Awakening Narrated Science Fiction Series Join Jake as he narrates you the first book in his sci-fi epic, Apocalypse Awakening. Filled with questionable voice acting and an enthusiastic zeal from a Northern Irish accent that doesn't always deliver, you're guaranteed a good laugh, if nothing else. , , , ,
Apollo Midnight Apollo Midnight Narrated Science Fiction Musical Series An astronaut disappears after the Apollo 11 moon landing. A son builds an invisible staircase to the moon to Search for his dad. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Simplecast Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleYou'll Get There , , , ,
App-Arition App-Arition Narrated Horror Anthology There's an app for everything these days. You have an app for maps, communicating, and even dating. But what if these apps had a mind of their own? What if these apps were possessed by some unknown entity. An , , ,
April Eight Songs & Stories April Eight Songs & Stories Narrated Children's Fantasy Anthology Hooray! Your family is heading for delight! April Eight Songs & Stories is a charming original fairytale podcast series for the whole family. Listen together as a lovely green world of wonder full of humble gnomes, sparkling fairies and grouchy trolls, mischievous woodland creatures and magical butterflies who are more than they appear, take you on adventures where everyday kids, tricky witches, lost crowns and fearless queens … , , , ,
Arc Zero Arc Zero Narrated Science Fiction Series 2083 finds seventeen-year-old Oliver Crane living in the Cradle, a utopian compound nestled in the Pacific Northwest. Yet more than comfort he wants answers—answers to what has become of the outside world, a world ravaged by mutating pandemics and rising seas. That answer comes in the form of Nya, a teen raised in the coastal migrant camps. Together they start digging, and soon uncover the Cradle's terrifying thirty-year mission. Refusing to sit and wa… , , , ,
Archives of Fabella Daily Archives of Fabella Daily Narrated Fantasy Series Beyond our world is Fabella (Fah-behl-ah), a wondrous magical place populated by elves and dragons, with a storied history. Listen and enjoy as author Dillon Foley takes you on a journey through one hundred pivotal events in time as this fantasy world blooms to life. Take a chance, and get ready for an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. , , ,
Are You Sitting Comfortably? Are You Sitting Comfortably? Narrated Horror Anthology If you like horror stories, you'll want to listen to mine... I'll be reading out the short stories I've written, as well as chapters of my novels. I hope you like them! Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Areh Areh Narrated Urban Fantasy Series An ancient and cruel religion, The Purpose, deifies children for their deformities—a beautiful girl with three arms, a brave boy with one eye... the exceptional list goes on. Painted and costumed, they are worshiped on stage. Shy and exposed, they are ridiculed in the streets, often by the same faces. Glorious or repulsive? Gods or freaks? How deep will the identity divide be dredged, and to which side will the truth finally tip? Out of the city, through str… , , , ,
Art Unscene Art Unscene Narrated Multigenre Anthology Art Unscene is a podcast where writers respond to contemporary art with original works of short prose. Each episode features an interview with an artist and a reading of the writer's response. After hearing the story, we talk about the relationship between the narrative and the artwork that inspired it. , , , ,
Artemis Artemis Narrated Fantasy Series Artemis is a lesbian retelling of the Greek myth of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt. The beloved daughter of almighty Zeus and Titaness Leto, Artemis was born through passion and blessed with gifts. No goddess had more freedom or a more intriguing life than the immortal huntress, and her whims and desires could change the course of human destiny. Like her twin brother Apollo, Artemis enjoys the company of beautiful maidens— but of all her chosen Nymphai, it is… , , , ,
Artificial Exposure Artificial Exposure Narrated Horror Anthology First segment of Story Time with Doe. I promise I'll do longer stories next time. I hope you all enjoy. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleScary Stories with Doe. (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
As Read By Me As Read By Me Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to As Read By Me, the podcast where writers read and readers listen. As Read By Me celebrates the art of storytelling, with author-voiced essays, poems and stories, artfully presented to invigorate your imagination. This podcast was born with two interlocking goals; to help writers share their work with new audiences and to expose readers to an eclectic and ever-growing collection of stories, poems and essays, that might otherwise not be dis… , , , ,
As the World Falls Down As the World Falls Down Narrated Science Fiction Series A Tale from the future...Dystopian NYC. As a story unfolds, so do incredible creatures, secrets, magic and a message...humanity must hear before it is too late. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Ash & Blue Ash & Blue Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Any sufficiently disguised magic is indistinguishable from technology. Sometimes, magic and technology don't play together well – Which is bullshit, because a stick, used correctly is technology – are you telling me magic can't affect a stick? , , , ,
Ash Tales Ash Tales Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Short stories exploring the end of the world. From nuclear Armageddon to bio-engineered super plague, humanity has an age-old obsession with the end of the world. Each week, we'll be sharing a self-contained short story, exploring what life might be like at the end of the everything. , , ,
Ashwood Ashwood Narrated Horror Anthology Join us every other week for a new, original, and chilling short story set to haunting music. Our stories fall across a wide range of styles and genres, but they all have one thing in common: a terrifying twist that will leave you wanting more. , , , ,
Asian Nightmares Asian Nightmares Narrated Horror Anthology Asian Nightmares is a horror fiction podcast that features the uncanny and disturbing from the continent of Asia. Where magic realism, superstition and folklore walk among the everyday in the light and shadow of our infant modern civilisation. If you are not willing to be frightened and disgusted, walk away. It is hard to close the third eye once it is opened. , , ,
Asimov's Science Fiction Asimov's Science Fiction Narrated Science Fiction Anthology With every new issue, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine shares one piece of short fiction in podcast form. Enjoy these audio treats from our pages! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podomatic Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Assassin.ly Assassin.ly Narrated Comedy Series Assassin.ly follows an assassination startup in a New York where murder is now legal—so long as you fill out the right paperwork. Join Mallory, the CEO of Assassin.ly, and Ben, the guy who is letting her stay in his mom's basement, as they navigate and narrate this brave new world to their shareholders. Listen as they launch their business, hire the only two assassin applicants left in the city, participate in the Murder Games, and try their best to turn bur… , , ,
Asthilian Tales Asthilian Tales Narrated Fantasy Series Welcome Travelers to the land of Asthilia, a world of myth, legends and adventures untold. The legends hidden within Asthilan Tales have spanned across thousands of miles, centuries of history, and passed down from one generation to the next. Each generation has heard about past kings and their deeds, of heroes and their shortcomings, and the cruelty of princesses. Within these stories are legends of old unchanged by time and translated from the ancient… , , , ,
At Arm's Length At Arm's Length Narrated Thriller Series Internationally-acclaimed fashion designer, Gabrielle Ibrahim, returns after a long absence to establish herself in the country she was born in, Nigeria. A worldwide waiting list for her exclusive shoe and bag brand, as well as being the daughter of the real estate mogul par excellence in Lagos, have made her the dream cover for every reputable magazine editor. But the elusive Gabrielle is a woman shrouded in mystery and adept at keeping everyone at ar… , , ,
At the Crossing At the Crossing Narrated Science Fiction Series A gritty portrayal of life in a region devastated by radioactive fallout. Set ten years after an environmental disaster, it follows two sisters who survive on their late grandmother's farm. When the farm is raided by poachers, and their prized mare is stolen, they embark on a treacherous journey to find those responsible. , , , , ,
At The End Of The Line At The End Of The Line Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series What do you do after the end of the world... At The End Of The Line is an audiodrama podcast about a post-apocalyptic rail tour of England, it's a mixture of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comedy. Set in a world where virtually every apocalypse imaginable has happened - from zombies to kaiju and everything in between. , , , , ,
At The Midnight At The Midnight Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The Midnight is a hotel where the guests have claws, the Housekeepers are cultists, and the storage closet might be a trans-dimensional vortex. At The Midnight is a podcast written by Steve Spalding and voiced by J.A. Kinghorn. , , ,
Atlanta Fringe Audio Atlanta Fringe Audio Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to the official podcasting network of the Atlanta Fringe Festival, hosting audio artists from across the country as a part of Atlanta Fringe Audio Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Attention: The Captain Is Fine Attention: The Captain Is Fine Narrated Science Fiction Series The Asta is an asteroid mining ship secretly captained by AIMEE, the ship's sentient AI with a snarky streak (who may have staged a coup against the previous Captain.) When a freak accident leaves the Asta stranded in dangerous deep space, AIMEE must find a way to work together with genius new Chief Engineer Dr Viera and the rest of the oddball crew to get everyone back safe again, whether their mysterious employers want that or n… , , , ,
attskia attskia Narrated Urban Fantasy Series welcome to attskia. remember: this is only the beginning. foggy cities have a million stories hidden within them. for us, attskia is a surrealist city existing somewhere between reality and fiction. in it, there are elements of realism as well as magic. , , , , ,
Audia Miskatonica Audia Miskatonica Narrated Horror Anthology The Miskatonic University Digitization Effort presents: Audia Miskatonica. Hand Curated Audio Files from our archives, in bite sized bi-weekly audio programs, disclosed to the public for the first time. , , ,
Audio Bard Audio Bard Narrated Multigenre Anthology An audiobook channel. All content narrated by a professional storyteller: The Audio Bard. My name's James. I trained at the best method acting school in England (E15). Now living with brain injury caused chronic fatigue, with this Audio Bard project - I am slowly but surely returning to my craft. , , ,
Audio Diaries of the Apocalypse Audio Diaries of the Apocalypse Narrated Science Fiction Series The end is beginning. Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes; it seems like the world is falling apart. Four teens recorded their experiences in these diaries. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , ,
Audio Diary of a Superhero Audio Diary of a Superhero Narrated Superhero Series In a world where deities walk the streets and work miracles, including bestowing select humans with superpowers, all creative writing major Adira Collins wants is to be cured of her disabling chronic illness. Instead, she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for - superpowers, a life-debt to a deity, an arch-nemesis (or is she a love interest?), a feud with a , , ,
Audio Drama for Pessimists Audio Drama for Pessimists Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology It's another day closer to the grave, so pull up a stool and grab yourself a half-empty pint of bitter audio drama with a disappointing finish. Actually, there's no real point. Everyone always dies at the end. , , , , , ,
Audio Experiments Audio Experiments Narrated Multigenre Anthology A sketchbook of sound - short audio doodles from Tal's DAW.Most episodes of this podcast are about one minute in length. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample1 Minute Audio Tour of the Steam Tunnels , , ,
Audio Fanfic Podcast Audio Fanfic Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Making fanfiction accessible through audio.Early episodes are not included in the RSS feed, but are available to stream on the Audio Fanfic Podcast SoundCloud page.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Mature , , , , , ,
Audio Fiction With Paul Sating Audio Fiction With Paul Sating Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Thriller, suspense, fantasy, horror and more! Author Paul Sating brings his unique voice to the world, now in one place! Subscribe to hear new releases of his novels and short stories, and be transported across his podcast catalog, including Subject: Found, Who Killed Julie?, Diary of a Madman, Atheist Apocalypse, and YOU. With fiction that spans the genres, you're not going to ever find so much variety from one writer, in… , , , ,
Audio Oasis Storytelling Audio Oasis Storytelling Narrated Multigenre Anthology Storytelling connects us all, and (next to food), is the universal social lubricant that makes most situations relatable! These are mini-stories created for you to stop by, listen, think, laugh, and most importantly, rest. It is an audio oasis for your journey , , ,
Audio Orgasms Audio Orgasms Narrated Erotica Anthology An Erotic podcast, that is nothing but sex stories, written and narrated by me. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAudio Orgasms Introduction anthology erotica mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Audiobook: Where's Waldo? Audiobook: Where's Waldo? Narrated Comedy Series Reading Where's Waldo? by Martin Hanford as an audiobook. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAudiobook: Where's Waldo? (Trailer) comedy improvised narrated podcast series , , , ,
Augustine Augustine Narrated Horror Series Augustine is an 8 part series published every week about a young journalist who discovers mystery, conspiracy and danger when he investigates the strange, abandoned town of Augustine, Maine. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Narrated Mystery Thriller Series Who Killed Clive Peterson? Bass guitarist Paul Kingston is happy to take a last-minute job playing with Milwaukee's greatest jazz band. But when the band's leader is shot dead in the street, his widow asks Paul to find out why. , , , , ,
Awesome Audiobooks Awesome Audiobooks Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Bringing you the best audiobooks old and new across many different genres. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHamlet by William Shakespeare - Full Audiobook anthology full_cast multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Azka's Mystery Podcast Azka's Mystery Podcast Narrated Children's Anthology My name is Azka. I am 5 years old. I am in Kindergarten. And in Azka's Mystery Podcast, I tell mystery stories that I write myself. Website RSS Feed Listen to a SamplePROMO: Azkas Mystery Podcast anthology children narrated podcast , , ,
Back Again, Back Again Back Again, Back Again Narrated Fantasy Series Back Again, Back Again is a new audio drama about prophecies, alternate realms, and queer girls with swords written by Abigail Eliza. It tells the story of Ilyaas, an ex-prophecy child trying to come to terms with her new reality as she struggles to adjust to the ordinary world while still remembering everything she's seen. , , , ,
Back of the Bookshelf Back of the Bookshelf Narrated Multigenre Anthology Journey back to a time of horse-drawn carriages and fantastical inventions... the fiction of yesterday brought vividly to life by the technology of today. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Back To The Bunker Back To The Bunker Narrated Horror Series It's been 525 days since The Terror began—a global, supernatural apocalypse. The only known survivors are Maxwell, longtime host of The Bunker: a conspiracy- and paranormal-themed radio show. Along with his wife and producer Vicki, he has gathered enough fuel and supplies to begin broadcasting on amateur radio. In each episode, Maxwell describes his and Vicki's daily life living in The Terror, while also reading emails sent to him before all lines of … , , , , ,
Bad Bedtime Stories Bad Bedtime Stories Narrated Horror Anthology A spooky original fiction series by Kara Shae and Adam Ray, Bad Bedtimes Stories brings you the darkness you've needed at bedtime. Turn out the lights before you listen. Sleep tight! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Bad Vibes StoryTelling Bad Vibes StoryTelling Narrated Horror Anthology I'm Bad Vibes, I tell stories over on YouTube on my 2 channels. Bad Vibes StoryTelling for true stories and Bad Vibes NoSleep for fictional horror stories. Both channels content will be uploaded here! , , , , ,
BadFiction BadFiction Narrated Horror Anthology Creepy short stories and unsettling tales. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podcast Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHave you tried using headphones? Ollie Francis badfictionBadFictionKingdomKingdom olliefrancis.co.uk anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Baggage Claim Baggage Claim Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Baggage Claim is the gritty, real story of what happens when a man-child follows one too many travel “influencers” on Instagram, mumbles “hey I can travel too” in the mirror and strikes out for adventure, whatever that means. Join Will as he leaves behind his life - his career, his fiance, his apartment in New York City - to explore the globe only to find that the world out there is just as rife with confusion and awkwardness as life back home.… , , , , ,
Bare Bones Theatre Company's Podcast Bare Bones Theatre Company's Podcast Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Members of the Bare Bones Theatre Company write and perform short radio plays. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleNIGEL by Dave Baldwin anthology full_cast multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Basically Tall Tales Basically Tall Tales Narrated Multigenre Comedy Anthology Tune in weekly for tales that can basically be called tall. Three extremely talented, handsome, and untrustworthy narrators take turns presenting comedic stories in a variety of genres and styles. One writer each week will present their tall tale and then relinquish control to the next writer who has one week to write the next part. No characters or plot lines are sacred, so hide your kids and your protagonists, because they're subvert… , , , , ,
Bayley's Bookshelf Bayley's Bookshelf Narrated Multigenre Anthology Professionally narrated and produced audiobooks from all time classics to hidden gems. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleCh 1: The Eve of the War • The War of the Worlds audiobook • Book 1: The Coming of the Martians , , , ,
Be Calm on Ahway Island Be Calm on Ahway Island Narrated Children's Anthology On Ahway Island, your child experiences an inclusive world. Our mission is to help all kids accept, appreciate, and love all their beautiful differences, in both themselves and others. Tune in to our stories for the everyday adventures of all your favorite friends. There's something for everyone! Our Island is the home to caring cars, friendly forest animals, curious kids, silly sea creatures, our delightful Dragon, and so much more! , , , ,
Be Not Afraid Be Not Afraid Narrated Comedy Series An incompetent angel is running a podcast, and you are an unsuspecting prophet. Hosted by Enoch – the Metatron, archangel and voice of God. One of a kind, he is the only mortal to have been employed by God and turned into an angel. Now his main job is to report on important and historical events, broadcasting these to mortal prophets across time and space. Come along on his journey as he quickly forgets primitive concepts like the linear progression of tim… , , , , ,
Beacon Station Beacon Station Narrated Science Fiction Series After a disastrous accident that left Dr. Aaron Emmerson the only survivor of the crew of Beacon Station, ey do eir best to keep everything functional and to get the station's AI, Helio, back online so the two of them can be rescued. Unfortunately, Dr. Aaron is no mechanic and Helio has never been very good at running the station. , , ,
BearFiction BearFiction Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to the BearFiction podcast, Mt. Juliet High School's podcast for student fiction. Hosted by Jason Lawrence. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleS1 E1: Untitled by Cindy Ni anthology multigenre narrated podcast , , ,
Bearstone County Bearstone County Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology In the fictitious county of Bearstone, citizens must weather the calamity of existence, and the darkest reaches of humanity in this mountain gothic podcast. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podcast Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Beatrix Greene Beatrix Greene Narrated Horror Series Written by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins, this historical horror story traps a group of sleuths in a haunted house desperate to escape the wrath of a vengeful ghost. Beatrix Greene makes her living by playing pretend. She knows the seances she conducts are fake, but financial freedom for a single woman in Victorian England is hard to come by. So when notorious scientist James Walker makes her a proposition—prove that ghosts are real,… , , ,
Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series 1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred. Thats the premise behind Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, hosted by comedian Chris Gethard (the Chris Gethard Show, Broad City, This American Life, and one of Time Outs 10 best comedians of 2015). Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, and he cant hang up first, no matter what. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical d… , , , , ,
Bednight Stories Bednight Stories Narrated Children's Comedy Anthology Stories at bednight. The name says it all. Almost all. Maybe not so much really... These are wildly silly night time stories for curious kids and childish adults. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Bedtime Adventures Bedtime Adventures Narrated Children's Anthology Walk with princes. Fly with dragons. Journey to fantastical worlds far, far away.Join us for a series of bedtime stories designed to help your little one relax and explore their creativity. Narrated in a soothing voice, our tall tales are perfect for tiny ears seeking wonder and inspiration. The day might be over, but the magic starts here. , , ,
Bedtime Explorers Bedtime Explorers Narrated Children's Anthology Bedtime Explorers is Kinderling's celebrated children's meditation series, loved by children and families right around the world. Successfully settling children to sleep over 24 million times....and counting. , , , ,
Bedtime Stories (Alex Madell) Bedtime Stories (Alex Madell) Narrated Horror Anthology The Bedtime Stories podcast features your humble reader, leading you through the moon-splashed vistas of seedy underbellies and swampy, eldritch, alien landscapes. Lovecraft, Chandler, Chambers, and Poe name just a few of our stewards. , , ,
Bedtime Stories for Nobody Bedtime Stories for Nobody Narrated Multigenre Anthology Hush. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWe Were Watching the Sky anthology multigenre narrated podcast relaxing , , , ,
Bedtime Stories for the Discerning Child Bedtime Stories for the Discerning Child Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology I tell bedtime stories to my 6 year old daughter: an eagle-eyed, emotionally invested audience of one. Unfiltered and hilarious, and the stories are okay too. Website RSS Feed , , , , ,
Bedtime Stories My Kids Love Bedtime Stories My Kids Love Narrated Children's Anthology An ongoing collection of short stories that I tell my kids to keep them from going to bed.Only a selection of the most recent episodes of this podcast are available to listen to. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Bedtime Stories with Celosia Crane Bedtime Stories with Celosia Crane Narrated Multigenre Anthology A weekly podcast of children's tales, snippets of famous plays, fables, folk and fairytales. Settle down with a cup of your favorite warm nighttime beverage and let Celosia Crane read you to sleep. An award winning author, she long ago learned about the soothing effects of reading aloud at bedtime. First with her campers, as a camp counselor, then as a nanny, and now for you. Leave your stress at the door and slip into a familia… , , , ,
Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt Narrated Children's Comedy Anthology This is a weekly podcast of funny stories for kids. There are side-splitting versions of my own fractured fairy tales. Also short stories from some of my best-selling books, featuring characters from 'The Adventures of Nanny Piggins' and 'Friday Barnes, Girl Detective'. The stories are perfect for bedtime, long car rides or even if you're just stuck waiting a really long time at the doctor's office. They're written for 7-11… , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2016 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2016 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series There's trouble in town. The starlings have left the old pier, pigeons almost killed a squirrel in James' garden, and the king under the fort is not happy. He's actually quite grumpy. And hungry. It turns out that these events are related, and now the Green Hands Gang find themselves in the middle of a mad pigeon's plan for supremacy. , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2017 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2017 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series When an ancient elm tree is damaged, a roving fox clan start causing trouble around town, and a powerful artefact is threatened, it's time for the Green Hands Gang to investigate. If only the new supply teacher didn't keep messing things up. , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2018 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2018 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series There's rubbish on the streets and the rats are almost certainly up to no good. What's more, James and Jenny find themselves back at their old junior school and back in trouble with some interesting animals. The Green Hands Gang find themselves in over their heads when a powerful visitor comes looking for an old friend. , , , ,
Bedtime Story: Adventure 2019 Bedtime Story: Adventure 2019 Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series It's the end of term and preparation for a royal performance has taken over Patcham High School. But a plot to steal back ancient treasures, hidden for centuries beneath the Royal Pavlion, is revealed and the Green Hands Gang find themselves in the middle of another adventure. Includes mild peril, a bit of tension, dangerous badgers, magical artefacts, cantankerous crows, and a mean game of football. , , , ,
Beelzebowl Speedway Beelzebowl Speedway Narrated Horror Comedy Series A Haunted Racetrack. A driver prone to horrific crashes. What could possibly go...right? Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEp. 1 - “A Race at Midnight” (M4A File) comedy horror mature narrated podcast series , , , , ,
Behind The Lighthouse Behind The Lighthouse Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short Stories from Byron Bay and Beyond. The Northern Rivers, Australia, is a richly creative place. This podcast takes one small element of this, Short Stories, and brings these to the world. They range in length, genre, and energy, from very short, five-minute sparks of life to some that are around 45min. The subjects of the stories are also highly diverse, from sweet little stories about birds to psychological thrillers. , , , ,
Behind the Page Behind the Page Narrated Mystery Series Each episode presents a reading of the next chapter from an Eli Marks mystery, along with expert interviews and fun background information.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Mature , , , ,
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Beneath Ceaseless Skies Narrated Fantasy Anthology 2012 Parsec Award finalist for best SF/Fantasy Magazine Podcast. New and Audio Vault fiction short stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies, a Hugo Award and World Fantasy Award finalist online magazine of literary adventure fantasy. Our authors include Aliette de Bodard, Yoon Ha Lee, Marie Brennan, Seth Dickinson, Richard Parks, and more. , , ,
Beneath The Copper Dunes Beneath The Copper Dunes Narrated Science Fiction Series An audio drama that takes place on the desolate surface of Mars. Featuring Quinn O'Connell, The new station overseer for Invicta Mining Oversight Station 13, who begins to uncover strange artifacts buried just below the surface, and attempts to unlock their secrets, while keeping them hidden from the authoritarian interplanetary corporation they work for. Little do they know that they are about to embark on a journey that will not just … , , ,
Benlunar Benlunar Narrated Fantasy Series A fantasy story podcast suitable for all ages. Follow the exciting journey of Lilian Lausanne and the town of Benlunar told week by week. Every episode is a new chapter that contains mystery, magic and music. Website , , ,
Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! Narrated Nonfiction Comedy Series Hi I'm Betty, I'm a Flight Attendant for a major airline and I podcast funny stories from the airplane, from flight attendants and pilots and from traveling around the world. Website , , , ,
Beyond Lumina Beyond Lumina Narrated Science Fiction Series Aezic Zin, a Lieutenant in the Free World Alliance military, is on his way to his home planet of Ravina on leave, a home he has not seen in a decade. But he doesn't like what he finds when he gets there. , , ,
Beyond Shakespeare Beyond Shakespeare Narrated Drama Anthology From the earliest drama in English, to the closing of the theatres in 1642, there was a hell of a lot of drama produced - and a lot of it wasn't by Shakespeare. Apart from a few noble exceptions these plays are often passed over, ignored or simply unknown. This podcast presents full audio productions of the plays, fragmentary and extant, that shaped the theatrical world that shaped our dramatic history. , , ,
Beyond the Dark Beyond the Dark Full Cast/Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Atmospheric sci-fi stories. Each episode is a new world to explore. You might find yourself in the heart of a cyberpunk metropolis, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or an alien world. Each story features its own original music score for a truly immersive experience. , , , ,
Beyond the Tone Beyond the Tone Narrated Comedy Anthology A collection of made-up voicemails. When the beep stops beeping, odd things can happen. These peculiar, miniature monologues are unrelated, but they all exist... beyond the tone. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Bible Stories for Heathen Children Bible Stories for Heathen Children Narrated Children's Religious Anthology I'm Robbie, and I'll be telling family-friendly, fun, and somewhat irreverent retellings of Bible stories for kids who aren't already familiar with them. I couldn't find the stories told as myth without attempts at indoctrination, so I'm trying to do that. The audience I always have in mind for my stories are my two brilliant and sarcastic children, ages 8 and 9. , , , ,
Bible Stories My Kids Love Bible Stories My Kids Love Narrated Children's Anthology Bible stories are brought to life in Bible Stories My Kids Love! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Blogspot Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleJesus Spits MB Linder bedtime_stories_my_kids_loveBedtime Stories My Kids Lovebible_stories_my_kids_loveBible Stories My Kids Love anthology children narrated podcast spiritual , , , ,
Bill Oberst Jr.'s Gothic Goodnight Bill Oberst Jr.'s Gothic Goodnight Narrated Horror Anthology I had a fever dream; a grand and gothic library, high on a precipice. An old library-keeper invited me in. There was Amontillado. The moon rose. I feel in love. When I woke up, I was lying on a stone floor, a skeleton key in my bony fist. And I knew the place was mine. , , ,
Bird in the Storm Presents Bird in the Storm Presents Narrated Fantasy Series Literary works presented by Bird in the Storm Publishing Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBack Cover Trailer anthology fantasy narrated podcast series , , , ,
Bite at a Time Books Bite at a Time Books Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to Bite at a Time Books where we read you your favorite classics one bite at a time. My name is Bree Carlile and I love to read and wanted to share my passion with listeners like you. Join us as we release one bite a day of one of your favorite classic novels, plays & short stories. I read these classics like I read to my daughter, one chapter a day. If you love books or audiobooks and want something to listen to as you're getting rea… , , ,
Bite Sized Fiction Bite Sized Fiction Narrated Multigenre Anthology Bite Sized Fiction is committed to finding excellent short stories and sharing them with the world. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBite Sized Fiction: “slaves” by S. Kepler (M4A File) , , ,
Black Betty Blog Black Betty Blog Narrated Multigenre Anthology Science fiction and horror short stories by Elizabeth “Black Betty” de Moya. Read by the author. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleHubris (M4A File) anthology horror mature multigenre narrated podcast science_fiction , , , , , ,
Black Chaos Comes Again Black Chaos Comes Again Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A narrative podcast telling classic monster stories if the monsters were teenagers living in the Mississippi Delta. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleIntro to the Story narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Black Falls Legacy Black Falls Legacy Narrated Horror Series Lucia and The Raskolovicz Brothers are plunging into the dark ahead, beginning their individual journeys out of the accumulated hells they have known. With time crystals and parallel dimensions through Black River Falls, Wisconsin, this Legacy is one of everyone you will ever know before and past. , , , , ,
Black Revolutionary Media Black Revolutionary Media Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Black Revolutionary Media is a multimedia sister project to Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop. The podcast offers original short works by established and emerging Black writers featuring performances by some of the most talented Black indie performers. , , , , ,
Black Women Are Scary Black Women Are Scary Narrated Horror Anthology Black Women Are Scary is a podcast that features horror works by people of color. Performers will read new works by up and coming authors in the horror and sci-fi genre. Each episode will be followed by a curated online event where folks can get to know the author and each other while contemplating the afterlife. All proceeds go towards supporting female driven horror and sci-fi projects. , , , , ,
Blackwood: A Gotheim Tale Blackwood: A Gotheim Tale Narrated Horror Fantasy Series A mysterious curse. A grim investigation. A fearful village. All evidence points to something wicked. The fate of a girl is to be decided. In a world besieged by superstition and fear, the embittered and skeptical inquisitor Marcus Blackwood travels to the borderland village of Westgrave to investigate the curious case of Mary Shaw. Rumours of a curse are abound. An unsettling fog has settled upon the land, and those who wander those… , , , , ,
Blazada: Beats & Blood Blazada: Beats & Blood Narrated Horror Anthology Blazada: Beats and Blood is a collection of short stories from people who have a had disturbing encounters with the strange and paranormal. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBLAZADA: Beats & Blood (Trailer) , , ,
BLAZE BLAZE Narrated Superhero Series BLAZE is an m/m superhero romance story podcast read by the author, Christa Tomlinson. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links SoundCloud YouTube Listen to a SampleBLAZE A Superhero Romance Podcast. Chapter 1 mature narrated podcast series superhero , , , ,
BLDG EVELYN BLDG EVELYN Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series BLDG EVELYN is a twice-monthly fiction inspired by true stories podcast about the crazy life and family of Evelyn Munoz in Brazil. Each chapter is adapted by a different writer and they place their own spin to it. Original story by Jackie Pesal. , , , ,
Bleakwood Bleakwood Narrated Horror Series What tore a hole in the world? Can we ever get it back? In Bleakwood, Hollow Stone Press's new horror podcast, listeners will explore the dark corners of a small English town, as host Paul Stephenson delves into tales out of the ordinary from this seemingly ordinary town. From classic ghost stories to terrifying creature features, Bleakwood will leave listeners haunted for days to come. But each story is a hint, a fragment found in a world beyond the world'… , , , ,
Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together Narrated Horror Christmas Anthology Just because we're all apart this holiday, that doesn't mean we can't get scared together. Welcome to Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together... a spooky yet festive variety show for your ears, featuring drama, prose, verse, and song from some of the finest creators in the Twin Cities horror theater community and beyond. , , , , ,
Blinded by the Light with Child Byar Blinded by the Light with Child Byar Narrated Fantasy Series Welcome to Blinded by the Light with Child Byar! Everything within this podcast is fictional and based entirely on fictional characters and concepts originally created for The Wheel of Time series by the author Robert Jordan. In the following podcast, I will be portraying a fictional character whose personal views do not reflect my own personal views. , , , ,
Blinding Innocents Blinding Innocents Narrated Comedy Mystery Series The Innocents is the condominium complex where drama, horror, mystery, and humor turn into a ridiculous story line. Listen to this serial podcast about the fictional long-running soap opera “Blinding Innocents. , , , ,
Blister and Muck Blister and Muck Narrated Children's Series The Blister and Muck Story Time Podcast is a madcap caper about two hungry, mismatched rats who must bamboozle a mad scientist capturing animals with some shocking electric traps. Young listeners and the young at heart can gather round for screen-free family fun as they follow Blister and Muck on their many misadventures. , , ,
Blockbuster Station Blockbuster Station Narrated Science Fiction Series This is Blockbuster Station. An ambient fictional podcast/radio show/listening experience? Chill out and vibe to SciFi beats or get immersed into plenty of story. Maybe a little or both. We aren't trying to tell you what to do. It's the far future, both in distance and time, but humanity's progeny is still out there, doing their best. Blockbuster Station is one of their newest achievements, and these are the transmissions from the station's … , , ,
Blood for Wildflowers Blood for Wildflowers Narrated Horror Western Series When Billy “The Face” Marshall and his gang intercept a package with a mysterious set of coordinates, it sets off a chain of events that will change them all, forever. From the mind of Donnie Goodman and featuring the narration of Rain Corbyn, comes an AM radio styled drama perfect for a rainy day. , , , , ,
Blood of the Summoned Blood of the Summoned Narrated Historical Fiction Horror Series A paranormal historical thriller that puts the “evil” in medieval. With the Anglo-Saxon King on his deathbed, rebellion brewing in the north, and the Normans preparing to invade from the south, an ancient evil has awakened that rules the night and plots a conquest of its own. A dark twist on traditional gothic tales woven into actual historical events makes this exquisitely produced audio drama seem horrifyingly real. , , , , ,
Blood on the Digital Page Blood on the Digital Page Narrated Horror Anthology Host Casey Chaplin narrates short but chilling, original horror fiction tales published exclusively on morbidlybeautiful.com. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBug Chasing (by Kourtnea Hogan) , , , ,
Blood on the Tracks Blood on the Tracks Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Blood On The Tracks is part true crime, part historical fiction, part spoken word lo-fi beat noir brought to you by Jake Brennan, [...] featuring the fictionalized voices of [numerous musicians]. Because you can't push the needle into the red, without leaving a little blood on the tracks. , , , , , ,
Bloodline Bloodline Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A fun [...] audio book like series that tows the line between medieval and modern times. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBloodline Summary mature narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Bloody Offal Bloody Offal Narrated Comedy Series ... Is Psychic Surgery A Scam Too Far? Sebastian has squandered his inheritance on a party lifestyle, and now he needs cash to keep the party going. With a world full of gullible people at his fingertips, psychic surgery seems like easy money – but can he get away with it? , , , ,
Blue Eyed Monster Blue Eyed Monster Narrated Multigenre Anthology BLUE EYED MONSTER is a podcast of odd, unsettling and sometimes funny fiction written and performed by Joe Copplestone and set to an original soundtrack by Alix Lhoumeau. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Blue Rose Stories Blue Rose Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology A repository of experimental short stories, told in Audio Fiction format, with immersive sound and music. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleRush of Warmth anthology multigenre narrated podcast series , , , ,
Blue Skies Chronicles Blue Skies Chronicles Narrated Science Fiction Series This is the serialized audio version of the Blue Skies Chronicles series of novels. Written and produced by Matt Grandis. Read by Kaitlyn Furey. Starting with BLACK KNIGHT, the Blue Skies Chronicles tell the story of 25 year old Juno Price who, after the sudden death of her father, has to return to the one place she swore never to set foot in again, her old childhood home of Hobbs End, New Mexico. Here, Juno has to face the dark secret tha… , , ,
Bob's Short Story Hour Bob's Short Story Hour Narrated Multigenre Anthology Bob's Short Story Hour is a podcast dedicated to telling stories of contemporary and classic authors in order to accomplish three things: preserve the art of storytelling, get a variety of new works out to the listeners featuring a variety of genres and authors, and to promote the works of little-known/up-and-coming independent authors. We also feature independent music. , , , ,
Bookburners Bookburners Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Magic is real. And it's dangerous. It's locked in books and relics imbued with power. But sometimes, whether by accident or by design, magic escapes and wreaks havoc upon the world. That's when Team Three is deployed—known by their enemies as: The Bookburners. , , , , ,
BookCastMedia Science Fiction & Fantasy BookCastMedia Science Fiction & Fantasy Narrated Multigenre Anthology BookCastMedia Presents Science Fiction & Fantasy audiobooks. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample“Impact” by Douglas Preston ch1 anthology fantasy horror multigenre narrated podcast science_fiction , , , , , ,
Boone Shepard Boone Shepard Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series “This is a true account of certain events that occurred in Scotland in 1965. You might have heard the rumours—whispers of an evil plot involving time travel, dangerous experiments, a secret fortress, a terrible book, famous authors and, regrettably, murder. , , , ,
Boone Shepard's American Adventure Boone Shepard's American Adventure Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series “This is a true story of bravery and villainy in the Old West. You might have heard the tale, full of conspiracies, pursuits, gunslingers and duels. You might have heard of the secret gold mines, the mind control, the flying saucers and the rock stars. , , , ,
Bore You To Sleep Bore You To Sleep Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Sleep Podcast that reads you a short story to try and help you sleep. The stories are read in slow English so they can also help listeners everywhere improve their English and improve their listening, while getting a good night's rest. , , , ,
Boring Books for Bedtime Boring Books for Bedtime Narrated Multigenre Anthology Boring Books for Bedtime is a weekly bedtime story podcast for the sleepless, the stressed, the anxious, the insomniacs—anyone who struggles with that endless brain chatter that keeps us up at night. , , , ,
Born to the Blade Born to the Blade Narrated Fantasy Series Two young bladecrafters, eager to serve their respective countries, vie for power and survival in a treacherous floating world on the brink of war. Oda no Michiko and Kris Denn have youth, talent, and ambition, but as for glory? Not quite yet. However, when a rebellion leader known as the Golden Lord is beheaded, these warriors-in-training will do everything possible to ensure that riots don't lead to more bloodshed. To save the nations of the sky,… , , ,
Boukman Stories Boukman Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short Stories that fuel the imagination Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 Snapped Insert-1 anthology mature multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Bound Unto Root: Horror Fiction Tapes Bound Unto Root: Horror Fiction Tapes Narrated Horror Anthology A narrated horror anthology meant to sound like obscure cassette recordings found in the crevices of an abandoned basement. Inspired by old-school horror radio dramas, it blends crooked tales with a lush, haunting score to examine the dark crevices of artistic ego. , , ,
Brandon Wilborn's Fantasy Fiction Brandon Wilborn's Fantasy Fiction Narrated Fantasy Anthology Love classic, epic fantasy? Wonder what happened to stories of rousing adventure with noble heroes and dastardly villains? Then join Brandon Wilborn, fellow fantasy nerd and indie author, as he reads the unabridged audio version of his novels and stories, starting with his debut novel, The Treasure of Capric. , , , ,
BRASS Stacks BRASS Stacks Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short stories of the Victorian and Edwardian age, read by professional actors. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Blubrry Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBRASS Stacks 2: Tobermory Battleground Productions brassBrassbrass_stacksBRASS Stacks battlegroundproductions.org anthology multigenre narrated podcast , , ,
Breachside Broadcast Breachside Broadcast Narrated Steampunk Horror Series The Breachside Broadcast focuses on stories and information from Wyrd's world of Malifaux, including the games Malifaux and Through the Breach. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
Breakers Breakers Narrated Science Fiction Series Breakers is Shepherd Grey's account of what life looks like after organized civilization crumbles as he and his faithful canine companion, Rommel, venture out from their home in Virginia to try and count themselves among the survivors. , , , , ,
Breaking Utopia Breaking Utopia Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series 676 years after the fall of Central City, A Rel, a charismatic rebel, and an unassuming News Censorer find themselves trekking across the land they call Allkline to stop a full-scale invasion on the west. Breaking Utopia is a Scifi/Fantasy novel created by Ian Patrick. The audiobook is narrated by Ian Patrick and edited by Stefan Lampkin. , , , , , ,
Brian Blessed's Bedtime Stories Brian Blessed's Bedtime Stories Narrated Children's Comedy Anthology Gordon's Alive! Shy and retiring actor Brian Blessed has got his first ever podcast. Every Wednesday, he'll be soooooothing you to sleep with classic children's stories and fairy tales. , , , ,
Brick Moon Fiction Brick Moon Fiction Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Brick Moon Fiction brings you the best new voices in science fiction. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Blubrry Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWindow Seat by Lauren A. Forry anthology mature narrated podcast science_fiction , , , ,
Brighton Adventure Story Brighton Adventure Story Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series Brighton Adventure Story is a podcast about the adventures of two children during the Coronavirus Lockdown. James and Jenny are no strangers to the magical underworld of their seaside town, but a new evil has arrived in the form of a mysterious drifter. Caught between a wild animal turf war and a gang of thieves known as the Drop Lifters, James and Jenny are a long way out of their depth. , , , ,
British Spy Stories British Spy Stories Narrated Thriller Anthology Weekly Serialised British Spy Stories Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBritish Spy Stories Episode 1 anthology mature narrated podcast series thriller , , , , ,
Brush Brigade Brush Brigade Narrated Children's Urban Fantasy Series Brush Brigade is a high fantasy series about a team of tooth fairies embarking on various missions to defend children's teeth from evil forces who seek to rot them! Bebe, daughter of the Queen Tooth Fairy, is making her way up the ranks in becoming the greatest defender to ever live. However, with new enemies emerging, stronger than Bebe and friends have ever faced before, will they have what it takes to keep their mystical dimension safe… , , , ,
BRÍG Creative BRÍG Creative Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short narrated stories about interesting stuff Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleLost Stories - The Swamp Thing anthology multigenre narrated podcast , , ,
BSU Horror BSU Horror Narrated Horror Anthology Adaption of the 'Licked Hand' scary short story Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBSU HORROR (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Bullet Catcher Bullet Catcher Narrated Urban Fantasy Western Series An orphan with nothing left to lose braves the treacherous desert in order to become a mystical bullet catcher. Since her brother went missing, Imma has dreams of becoming a bullet catcher: an outlaw who can fend off bullets with a bare hand. So when a real bullet catcher shows up one day, she jumps at the chance to honor her brother's legacy and learn the tricks of the trade. But when she uncovers a shocking secret, she is propelled on … , , , ,
Bulletproof Bulletproof Narrated Science Fiction Series Invincible flesh, broken heart The Bulletproof series was never meant to be, but the audience response and fan reaction kept Joanne Askew writing more adventures, putting Audrey into more scenarios. What started with the author wanting to bring the circus ring to space, turned into a thought experiment, twisted tales of how a girl could take anything thrown at her. What could the girl who couldn't die, do next? , , , ,
Burning Zozo Burning Zozo Narrated Science Fiction Series Burning Zozo is a heart-pounding, supernatural thriller wrapped with music from fresh, up-and-coming singer-songwriters. ABOUT THE STORY . . . Arius Adams came to Santa Fe at the same time that a strange, suffocating cloud bank appeared. He was brilliant, beautiful, and branded at the nape of his neck. Andie Skagen thought he would be her savior. But will she push past her feelings for him and discover Adams' dark, ancient secret before it's … , , ,
Buttons & Figs Buttons & Figs Full Cast/Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology Buttons & Figs is a podcast for kids about playing with words.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Website RSS Feed Additional Links SoundCloud Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample#1 - The Jumblies , , , , ,
By Gods and Kings By Gods and Kings Narrated Fantasy Series Stories related to By Gods and Kings. Follow along in the audiodramas, chapter by chapter, as the world unravels around our characters and allegiances are formed. Bonds are regularly broken and alliances are never forever. , , ,
by Matt Trask by Matt Trask Narrated Multigenre Anthology by Matt Trask is your one-stop shop for new, weird audio fiction. Everything from stories about dating during the zombie apocalypse to flash fiction about superheroes. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
By The Billabong By The Billabong Narrated Science Fiction Anthology By the Billabong is a nine part radio drama. Come join the swagman by the billabong as he takes you on a journey across space and time, far far away and just next door. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
By The Fire By The Fire Narrated Multigenre Anthology Stories. They entertain us. They teach us. They bring us together. We all tell stories every day. By The Fire: A Short Story Podcast is a podcast that harkens back to the storytelling of ages gone by. When we gathered around roaring fires, around a table, in pubs, taverns and halls. There is no niche, no specific genre that constricts the stories told here. Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Horror, Thriller, Crime and more. Every 2 weeks you can expect two or… , , , ,
Cabin Nightmare Stories Cabin Nightmare Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Narration of scary horror stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCabin Nightmare Stories (Babysitter Nightmare Story) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Cabinet of Curiosities (Aaron Mahnke) Cabinet of Curiosities (Aaron Mahnke) Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology Cabinet of Curiosities is an audio tour of the unbelievable, the unsettling, and the bizarre. Each episode features two short tales about the most amazing things found in the pages of history. , , , ,
Cabinet of Fever Dreams Cabinet of Fever Dreams Narrated Horror Anthology The Cabinet of Fever Dreams is a collection of narrated horror stories written by Prague-based writer Mike Jesus Langer. From haunted couches that yearn to be touched, to Lovecraftian machines that threaten to burn the whole world, to egg-shaped scientists who just want to push mankind forward — The Cabinet of Fever Dreams is your one stop shop for haunting audio horror. , , , ,
Cadence Cadence Narrated Horror Series Cadence is a serial podcast about strange towns, unexplained events, and close encounters. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts SoundCloud Listen to a SampleEpisode 101: Chainring Tattoo horror narrated podcast series , , ,
California Gothic California Gothic Narrated Horror Anthology A horror fiction podcast. [...] This season you can listen to audiobook readings of original short stories read by different artists, listen to original music, and hear book recommendations on lesser known horror novels. , , , ,
Calls From A Friend Calls From A Friend Narrated Horror Series Calls From A Friend are 5-minutes-or-less short episodes centering around receiving a call from a friend. As the story progresses, the atmosphere gets more chilling and psychological. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Callum Nightworthy Recording Callum Nightworthy Recording Narrated Horror Series Follow archival assistant Callum Nightworthy, an archival assistant at the Magnus Institute, London as he navigates the dangerous world lurking beneath the surface in this fan-made spin off of the hit podcast by Rusty Quill, The Magnus Archives. Original The Magnus Archives podcast produced by Rusty Quill. , , , , ,
Calm Mystery Calm Mystery Narrated Mystery Anthology If meditation isn't your thing but you still need a calm and centered moment in your day, Calm Mystery gives you the chance to take a moment for you during these 'interesting times'. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Camp Dreadwood Camp Dreadwood Narrated Horror Anthology It's not easy running a camp, but that's why I hired you! These little monsters have us running all day, and would all night if they could, but I can always get them to bed with a story. And who doesn't love a good scary story? Strange things happen every day. Horrible, and straight up weird things happen all the time. Once the kids are asleep, I'll give you the reeeeal scary details. Campfire stories are fun because they're fiction. But what if you kn… , , , ,
Camp Monsters Camp Monsters Narrated Horror Folklore Anthology These are the stories of impossible encounters with impossible creatures in the wildest corners of North America. A wolf man with bat wings thirty feet across. An enormous eel in America's most popular lake. A frog half the size of a man. Something terrible that howls in the Ozark nights. We'll travel the country, sit around campfires and talk about that thing that ran across the trail in the middle of the night, just beyond the beam of your fl… , , , ,
Camp Peculiar Camp Peculiar Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Fun for imaginations of all ages. Camp Peculiar features strange stories and odd occurrences from the weirdest summer camp in any woods. Join in on the wonder at the curios camp where the fantastically fun meets the unusually unlikely. Camp Peculiar is a family friendly middle grade fiction short story series written by award winning kids lit author and podcasting personality Aaron Robbins. Pack your bags for a summer filled mystery and mis… , , , , ,
Camp Redrum Camp Redrum Narrated Horror Anthology At the risk of being stuck in the abandoned Camp Redrum forever, a grumpy janitor named Eli is trapped under mysterious circumstances. When a group of kids breaks into his camp, Eli recruits their help with the promise of scary stories. Though Eli can never quite find the answer to his problems he remains determined to try again each week in the hopes of escaping eternity at Camp Redrum. , , ,
Campfire Horror Stories Campfire Horror Stories Narrated Horror Anthology a podcast by Campfire Horror Stories to share quality horror stories and spooky tales, just like we used to do around the campfire. Have a listen, you're in for a bone-chilling experience. Mature , , , ,
Campfire Stories (ABF Creative) Campfire Stories (ABF Creative) Narrated Children's Horror Anthology Campfire Stories is an auditory retelling of our favorite tales about those creepy creatures that go bump in the night. Geared not only to scare but also to delight listeners. This horror fiction podcast mixes both riveting and classic spooky stories, around a campfire at a mysterious camp. Each episode is crafted uniquely for each tale giving listeners an over-the-shoulder experience at Camp Redrum. , , , ,
Campus Campus Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series CAMPUS is a social satire, a story about higher education in the South, born out of the joys and frustrations of almost thirty years of teaching, twenty-five in Western North Carolina. It is completely fiction unless you believe in gnomes, fairies, vampires, trolls, Moon-faced people, boojums (Sasquatch-type people), the Moth Man, zombies, and various other creatures found in and outside of Appalachian lore. The town of Dog Hobble, where you will fi… , , , ,
Can I tell you a story? Can I tell you a story? Narrated Multigenre Anthology Story time for the dreamers and those who like life to be a bit weird. Suspend your disbelief at the door, sit down, get comfortable, and listen... Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Canadian Summer Canadian Summer Narrated Comedy Series Roy and Cale go on a summer road trip to Canada. They run into some beautiful trouble along the way. A podcast loosely based on somewhat true events. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHeartache in a Hardhat , , ,
Cannadine Research Cannadine Research Narrated Science Fiction Series A division of The Blue Merrell Project, the Cannadine Research System posts 944-encrypted broadcasts originally made for double-wave QHF bands. Have you survived SAE? Protect yourself by understanding our warnings and help us heed you towards betterment. , , ,
Canyon Echoes Canyon Echoes Narrated Multigenre Anthology A [...] podcast of readings by author, Nancy Canyon. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCANYON ECHOES (Trailer) (M4A File) anthology multigenre narrated podcast , , ,
Carried Away Carried Away Narrated Multigenre Anthology This podcast series is synthesis of light and dark, dream and reality. Be carried away through these wholly original explorations of unknown extraordinary realms and embark on a surreal journey of twists and tales. , , ,
Carrington Grey's Podcast Carrington Grey's Podcast Narrated Comedy Thriller Series These are the Adventures of Carrington Grey, Private Detective. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Paperclip Murders: Prologue comedy mystery narrated podcast series thriller , , , , ,
Case Files: Short Crime Fiction Stories Case Files: Short Crime Fiction Stories Narrated Mystery Anthology The Case Files short crime fiction story podcast is perfect for busy lives. Each murder mystery story is less than an hour in length, so whether you're listening during your lunch break, visiting the gym or walking the dog, these twisted tales will keep you company. , , , ,
Cassandra's Tales and Truths Cassandra's Tales and Truths Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Cassandra's Tales and Truths tells the stories that plague the dreams of an unwilling oracle hounded by her own insecurities. Aided by a more senior oracle, Cassandra offers up allegories to her unnamed and only vaguely described clients with messages based on the Delphic Maxims (or updated versions of such). , , ,
Cast Macabre Cast Macabre Narrated Horror Anthology New horror audio fiction. At Cast Macabre we showcase new talent in the horror, whilst revering the classics. Look out for new works of short fiction, flash fiction, and maybe even the odd classic public domain reading. Old meets new at Cast Macabre because we know that fear is eternal , , , ,
Cast of Wonders Cast of Wonders Narrated Multigenre Anthology Cast of Wonders is the leading voice in young adult speculative short fiction. Every week we present short stories from some of today's best genre fiction writers, featuring everything from hard science fiction, to urban fantasy, horror, steampunk, superheroes and more. Our stories are defined by their deep emotional resonance and that critical spark of wonder. , , ,
Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Stories from the world-renowned ghost story site, CastleofSpirits.com, are brought to life through narration, music, and sound effects. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
category : other category : other Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology a podcast and website for experimental audio, delivering a diverse collection of design-driven works for headphones, created by a talented array of designers, performers, and multimedia artists. curated by performer and sound designer Ben Williams , , , , ,
CatsCast CatsCast Narrated Multigenre Anthology CatsCast publishes fun speculative cat stories. We hope that each story leaves its cat-loving listeners a little happier – or at least amused or hopeful – after listening than they were before. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Central Project Central Project Narrated Horror Comedy Series Terror and humor in a storytelling podcast about Pablo and his new job in the most strange company of London. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample5.0 comedy horror narrated podcast series , , , ,
Chambers of Horror Chambers of Horror Narrated Horror Anthology A bi-weekly podcast where Grimsby invites you into his dark chambers, where he has countless books of horror ready to be told. Be warned that these stories aren't for the faint of heart. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Chance: a Pokémon story Chance: a Pokémon story Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A longform Pokémon fanfiction set in the world of Pokémon Platinum, with subplots about friendship, various forms of love, LGBTQ+ stuff, mental health, and letting go. Also, time travel. , , , ,
Chanel Ivy's Steamy Romance Reads Chanel Ivy's Steamy Romance Reads Narrated Erotica Anthology - Reading excerpts from the works of Forever Morris Publishings best selling author, Chanel Ivy -Reading excerpts from other authors exciting work. * Fair warning, Chanel writes mostly steamy lesbian romance thrillers that will get you worked up and ready for more. But know now, nothing is off the table when it comes to topics of discussion. , , , ,
Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series Charlie Cradle's life was going nowhere. Being shy and socially awkward, she believed virtual sunshine was enough for her. One day all of that changed when she was challenged to live a more fulfilling life by someone at her mundane telemarketing job. But what she wouldn't have guessed before embarking on her quest was that she would meet an unlikely love interest, who just so happened to be a wizard. It's a story about … , , , ,
Charlie's Mailbox Charlie's Mailbox Narrated Drama Series The show is a lyrical and poetic tale told through the eyes of Charlie, a lonely girl who stumbles upon a mailbox and the power of dreams.Charlie's Mailbox is part of the Modern Audio Drama podcast. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn , , ,
Chattahoochee Chattahoochee Narrated Mystery Thriller Series The story is a crime fiction novella centered around Craig Dvorak, a Marine vet turned homicide investigator, who is struggling with his case load, and the mental pressure he's putting on himself. His partner, Tyra Washington, covers for him the best she can, but her chief concern is his eternal salvation. Together, they have to solve multiple killings of young girls whose bodies have been discovered near the Chattahoochee River. In-depth charact… , , , , ,
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3/8yrs. Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3/8yrs. Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology Originally published in book form for adults to read to the heads on the pillow. With podcasts and the worry of young eyes watching many screens, the stories may now be listened to by the children. There are no ogres, nasties or things that go bump in the night in the stories. , , , , ,
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Narrated Horror Anthology Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a horror fiction anthology podcast, with each weekly episode featuring several creepy tales from talented authors, brought to life by professional voice actors, and accompanied by SFX and music. , , ,
Chillingly Bizarre Chillingly Bizarre Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology Enter a strange, horrifying world where things are confusing and scary. Where trying to understand the mystery will leave you with fear. You are listening to Chillingly Bizarre. Horror short stories with a strange twist. All written, narrated, voiced and produced by Jeydie W. , , , ,
Choose Your Own Mystery Choose Your Own Mystery Narrated Mystery Series For fans of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, C. A. Cordova brings you exciting mystery novels where YOU make the decisions. Each week, enjoy a new chapter which concludes with a set of choices for the protagonist. Vote for your favorite choice [ , , , , , ,
Choose Your Own Path Ocean Edition Choose Your Own Path Ocean Edition Narrated Thriller Series A cunning story, about being lost in the Indian Ocean, on a small yellow raft. You will need to make many difficult decisions, deciding life or death. With a shrimp or two along the way! Brought to You by Sophie K. Lizzie C. and Peytyn H. You will need hope and will powder to survive in this Ocean. , , , ,
Chowder City Chowder City Narrated Science Fiction Series An interactive noir podcast from the future. The year is 2099. Chowder City is a crowded megametropolis built into the caldera of a dormant volcanic island, cloaked in rainclouds. The year is 2100. , , , , ,
Christmas Ghost Stories Christmas Ghost Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Since Victorian times, Christmas has traditionally been the time of year to gather around a log fire, turn the lights down low and indulge in a Ghost Story. Every year - journalist and broadcaster Jon Briggs (also known as the original voice of Siri in the UK) has recorded a haunted tale - thrilling enough to freeze your mulled wine and send shivers down the back of Santa's neck. , , , ,
Christmas Stories (Tobias Sturt) Christmas Stories (Tobias Sturt) Narrated Multigenre Christmas Anthology Merry and magical stories that take Christmas seriously (or as seriously as it should, which is both not at all and entirely too much). 24 episodes of a new story every December - an audiobook advent calendar. , , , , ,
Christmas Tales Christmas Tales Narrated Multigenre Christmas Anthology Ghosts, lost love and what happens when the festive season is hijacked by the politically correct brigade... Christmas tales by some of the most cherished writers of our time. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Chronicles Unleashed Chronicles Unleashed Narrated Drama Anthology Welcome to a new reading experience. Chronicles Unleashed brings audio drama to the ears of the modern reader by way of fiction and nonfiction stories. It's a weekly hearing you do not want to miss. , , ,
Chronopasta's Story Time Chronopasta's Story Time Narrated Horror Anthology Horror shorts personally written by yours truly. There will also be releases of my Book. The House That Jack Built. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChronopasta's Story Time (Trailer) , , , ,
Chrysanthemum Chronicles Podcast Chrysanthemum Chronicles Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Chrysanthemum Chronicles is an Indian Online Journal of prose, poetry, articles, memoirs, artwork and much more. Its a home to myriad writers and poets from across the globe. And Cc's Podcast channel is dedicated to told fiction, stories, poetry and novellas by various writers and poets. , , ,
Circé Circé Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series Kind of Lord of the Rings, except with an awesome gay sorceress on the planet of Albion. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Spreaker Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCircé Podcast Trailer The Ostium Network circeCircémanifestationsManifestationsostiumOstium ostiumpodcast.com fantasy narrated podcast science_fiction series , , , ,
ClancyPasta ClancyPasta Narrated Horror Anthology In the mood for a bone chilling tale? I've got you covered Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleCLANCYPASTA | “I Genetically Altered a Billionaire's Son” (M4A File) anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Clandestine: The Fallen Angel Saga Clandestine: The Fallen Angel Saga Narrated Urban Fantasy Series The year of our Lord is 1984, and the angel Mathias has been killed by a demon named Nergal. Times are changing, the world is different Michael and Beelzebub are working through their differences and their similarities. To keep the peace they must be able to get through a trial, and keep their biases to themselves, and keep their people from killing each other. , , , , ,
Clarkesworld Clarkesworld Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Science fiction and fantasy stories from Clarkesworld, a Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning digital magazine. Stories from Clarkesworld have been nominated for or won the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Sturgeon, Locus, BSFA, Ditmar, Aurora, Shirley Jackson, WSFA Small Press and Stoker Awards. , , , ,
Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Classic Ghost Stories and Weird Tales read by Tony Walker. At least once a week, we broadcast a new classic ghost story or weird tale. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleClassic Ghost Stories Podcast Trailer , , , ,
Classic Horror Stories Classic Horror Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Stories that have been around for more than fifty years designed to frighten... even if it's just with the way they used to write. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode One: The Hand , , ,
Classic Tales Podcast Classic Tales Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Every week, join award-winning narrator B.J. Harrison as he narrates the greatest stories the world has ever known. From the jungles of South America to the Mississippi Delta, from Victorian England to the sands of the Arabian desert, join us on a fantastic journey through the words of the world's greatest authors. Critically-acclaimed and highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story with plenty of substance. , , ,
Clorox Confessional Clorox Confessional Narrated Drama Anthology Everybody calls Pepper Lawson Pop, officers and inmates alike. Blue-collar in the free world, he didn't discover his ability to write until he got to prison. He gives the inmates the opportunity to tell their stories, and he gives it back to them written in a way they wish they could tell it themselves. He may get a few soups or snacks in return as payment, but he does it mostly to keep his own mind in check. , , , ,
Closing the Distance Closing the Distance Narrated Drama Anthology We're all watching the news. We're all doing our part. Some are even putting their lives on the line to contribute. We're learning how to work from our homes, and we're contending with lost jobs and the temporary (hopefully) shutdowns of entire industries. , , ,
Cobwebs Chronicles Cobwebs Chronicles Narrated Horror Anthology An anthology of short horror stories Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode One-Moss anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Coffee Contrails Coffee Contrails Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Coffee Contrails features mainly, original sci-fi and noir radio plays and audiobooks. Working around the 9 - 5, we're posting a new episode when time permits.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. , , , , ,
Cognitive Expat Cognitive Expat Narrated Science Fiction Series Step into the enigmatic realm of Cognitive Expat, a captivating podcast that unravels the extraordinary journey of Sabian, the unsuspecting protagonist who finds herself entangled in the intricate tapestry of a parallel universe. Join us as we delve into Sabian's perplexing experiences, where reality gradually blurs and fractures, leading her on a path of discovery and self-revelation. With each episode, we navigate the labyrinthine corridors of… , , , ,
Cold Blue Cold Blue Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Tune in to hear original fiction from author Alanna Vane. A new chapter from a full-length novel is released weekly. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample00 Prologue – The Stones Will Sing anthology narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Collected Collected Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fast-paced, long-form storytelling with music, immersive sound, and a team of voice actors. The beginning of a community-drive multiverse and creator-first audio platform. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Coma Girl Coma Girl Narrated Comedy Series In this riveting romantic comedy mystery, a victim of a tragic event lies in a hospital bed at the mercy of dysfunctional family, friends, and caretakers who think she can't hear them! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Come On In, The Water's Fine Come On In, The Water's Fine Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A mermaid anthology podcast Season one is a single story told in four parts Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample2019 Trailer Crown Princess Productions come_on_in_the_waters_fineCome On In, The Water's Finehauntingly_humdrumHauntingly Humdrum crownprincessproductions.wordpress.com narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Conan And Friends Conan And Friends Narrated Fantasy Anthology Conan, Solomon Kane, Allan Quatermain, Kull... Conan And Friends is a throwback to the early years of epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, and the imaginative worlds that lived on sheets of pulped paper and were sold for a nickel. Conan And Friends is an audiobook podcast, with each season immersing you in stories that are full of epic heroes, evil villains, mysterious creatures, and unforgettable battles. , , ,
Confessions of a New Grad Confessions of a New Grad Narrated Drama Series When Brooklyn Winters graduates from university, she thinks that her adult life will “just kind of figure itself out.” SPOILER ALERT: this doesn't happen. Six weeks after graduation, she has no job, no money, and is frantically calling her best friend to come and rescue her from the basement suite she has unwisely moved into with her dud of a boyfriend. , , , ,
Confessions of a Small Town Florist Confessions of a Small Town Florist Narrated Drama Series Romantic mystery as read by the author: Susanna Hightower needs an escape from her life in New York. When she happens upon an ad for a flower shop for sale in Cartman, Texas, Susanna finds herself on a path to small-town life in search of the peaceful way of life she's been so desperate to find. But in a town the size of Cartman, she soon discovers that arranging flowers isn't the only job description. Keeping the town's secrets is … , , ,
Conquest Of The Stars Conquest Of The Stars Narrated Science Fiction Series Conquest Of The Stars is a compilation of my three science fiction novels: Murder Beyond The Milky Way; Do Androids Weep Magnetic Tears; and The Incredible Commerce Raider. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
ConSensual ConSensual Narrated Drama Series Romance for riot grrrls. Join us for season one, Ten Week Turnabout, a contemporary romance story featuring a strong heroine in New York City and her small town turnabout date from the life she thought she left behind. , , , ,
Constants Constants Narrated Horror Anthology Occult societies, elaborate hidden tunnel systems, astral travel and paranormal hauntings. Stories that have been told for generations only to be written off as campfire tales. Dark, foreboding and inevitable. , , ,
Control Control Narrated Erotica Series An original, erotic drama, based on a real Female Led Relationship. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Beginning erotica mature narrated podcast series , , , ,
Copper Shock Copper Shock Narrated Horror Anthology Copper Shock is a story telling channel in the form of old radio Foley sounds and music. Sit back and enjoy original scary stories read by Tasha Wheelhouse. Some stories are based on true life events, while others explore the dark and unexpected. , , ,
Corps Justice Corps Justice Narrated Thriller Series This omnibus fiction podcast includes the first three novels of the bestselling Corps Justice series brought to you in three thrilling seasons: Season One: CORPS JUSTICE - Season Two: PRIME ASSET - Season Three: COUNCIL OF PATRIOTS. , , , ,
Cosy Science Fiction Thrillers by AudioIron Cosy Science Fiction Thrillers by AudioIron Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series Serqet is a full cast science fiction thriller about loyalty, brothers, invention, and power. Set just ten minutes into the future, it's an adventure you won't soon forget. If you like what you hear visit AudioIron.com to find more to enjoy. , , , ,
COVID-24 COVID-24 Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series After the Great Reset, Peter Swan has been redeployed from his medical residency to help fight the COVID-24 virus in a vaccine development lab. A lonely Peter resents his days in the dingy Genetech lab and austere apartment, while the COVID-24 denialists live freely in the periphery of the collapsing metropolis of Toronto, spreading the virus like vermin. , , , ,
Craig Moody's NOVELBITES Craig Moody's NOVELBITES Narrated Multigenre Anthology In our fast-paced modern world, many people simply do not have the time or energy to read a novel. Craig Moody's NOVELBITES removes the effort and delivers a storytelling experience in a fun, easy, and atmospheric way. These smaller 'bites' of a larger work, enhanced with soundscape elements, will fit nicely into anyone's time-demanding day, allowing them to escape into stories while working, driving, or even at the gym. The 25-minute epi… , , , , , ,
Create Your Own Podventure Create Your Own Podventure Narrated Thriller Series Some Nobodies [...] have hand-crafted an artisanal listening experience for you, the gentle subscriber. But take note - this is not something to listen to straight through in episode order. Instead, this story requires your attention and a guiding hand. , , , , ,
Creepscast Creepscast Narrated Horror Anthology Creepscast is a weekly podcast showcasing the best creepypastas and scary stories from the Mr. Creeps YouTube channel. New episodes every Sunday! Sit back, enjoy, and try not to get too scared. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
CreepsMcPasta CreepsMcPasta Narrated Horror Anthology 'Creepypastas' are the urban legends of the internet. A new age of horror told through digital word of mouth. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleI Took Him To The Park by CreepsMcPasta anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Creepy Creepy Narrated Horror Anthology From creator Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Acast Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleCreepy Trailer Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network , , , ,
Creepy Pasta Myths Creepy Pasta Myths Narrated Horror Anthology This podcast is the reading of many different creepy pastas, Cryptids, SCPs and horror stories from the internet. I did not write these (unless otherwise stated) I merely read them. All The original authors and websites are noted in each episode. , , ,
Creepy pastas told in the dark Creepy pastas told in the dark Narrated Horror Anthology I read scary stores, if you like to get scared then listen in, and get scared. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe beginning (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
CreepyPasta (BoxedIn) CreepyPasta (BoxedIn) Narrated Horror Anthology Only the creepiest stories and urban legends around. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample3 True Creepy Stories - Creepypasta Podcast (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Creepypasta (JD) Creepypasta (JD) Narrated Horror Anthology Short creepy stories Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleA Mother's Call (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
CreepyPasta Delight CreepyPasta Delight Narrated Horror Anthology Stories that will keep you up at night. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Horrifying Truth Why Sleep Exists (M4A File) anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Creepypasta Radio Creepypasta Radio Narrated Horror Anthology All my creepypasta readings via radio form. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Rake anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Creepypasta Readings (Jackal) Creepypasta Readings (Jackal) Narrated Horror Anthology We have a love for the horrific and paranormal, especially the literary works of fan created Creepypastas. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEp. 1 - I'm Afraid to Eat In Public.. He's Always Watching , , , ,
Creepypodsta Creepypodsta Narrated Horror Anthology Love things that go bump in the night? Love horror, supernatural, and the unknown? Tune in to this telling of tales of the digital urban legend variety. Turn out the lights, get under the covers, and drift away to the stories of Creepypodsta. , , , ,
Critically Acclaimed Critically Acclaimed Narrated Urban Fantasy Series A podcast featuring the writing of critically acclaimed author Nathan Shane Miller* *not acclaimed, barely an author Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntro narrated podcast series urban_fantasy , , ,
Crossing The Aether Crossing The Aether Narrated Fantasy Anthology Crossing The Aether (formerly The Fantasy Sandbox) is a fantasy, story-telling podcast, where hosts Andy and Ed build worlds and tell stories across a multiverse of realities all tied together by the mysterious fabric between existence, The Aether. Follow along the journey of exploration and developmental growth while these writers work to improve their craft and construct tales of adventure and intrigue in fantasy settings, build relationships w… , , , , ,
Crossroads of Inspiration Crossroads of Inspiration Narrated Multigenre Anthology Inspirations cause creations. Every Inspiration has multiple paths it can take. Join me Davis Gilbert and my guest host as we share the stories, we create from the writing prompts that inspired us, travel along the mental path we took to finish them. Join us at the Crossroads of inspiration and explore creation with us. , , , ,
Crowley Time with me, Tom Crowley Crowley Time with me, Tom Crowley Narrated Comedy Anthology Comedy sketches, characters and messages in bottles plucked from unknown shores. Written and performed by Tom Crowley Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample1: Into the Abyss , , , ,
Crown of Thorns Crown of Thorns Narrated Urban Fantasy Comedy Series The Crown of Thorns Pod'rama is a dramatic cast reading of irisbleufic's beloved 'Crown of Thorns'. Inspired by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's 'Good Omens'. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Crusaders Of The Monoliths Crusaders Of The Monoliths Narrated Urban Fantasy Series In this amazing adventure you will follow a lost soul as it finds its way in this world. Experience near death experiences, return back to life and grow with yourself. Use your faith in the Monolith and grow to even greater heights but be careful! There are two sides of everything and even Uluru has a corrupt wicked side. The path ahead of us is treacherous, Demons and sinners will stand in our way. Hone your power and reclaim your life… , , ,
Crystal Dear Diary Crystal Dear Diary Narrated Drama Series Short love series... Inspired by comic, reality, imagination and love Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroduction and Chapter 1: New apartment (M4A File) drama narrated podcast series , , ,
CTA Creative Writing CTA Creative Writing Narrated Multigenre Anthology This podcast will exhibit different creative writing projects from different students at Chisholm Trail Academy. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEnglish I Short Stories: One More Time , , ,
Cthulhu in the Deep South Cthulhu in the Deep South Narrated Horror Series A young man leaves Massachusetts on a ship bound to harvest ice and deliver it to Charleston. When they encounter an impossible iceberg and haul a mysterious fragment on board events are set in motion that will lead our young hero on a journey to his horrible destiny on an island off the coast of South Carolina. , , , ,
Ctrl-Alt-Destroy Ctrl-Alt-Destroy Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series Starring Firefly's Summer Glau as a video game designer who discovers that the game she created has been stolen as part of a top secret project—and might be the only thing keeping the world from plunging into war. , , , , ,
Cubic Guided Meditations Cubic Guided Meditations Narrated Horror Series Do you have trouble falling asleep, or getting the recharge you want from your nights? Let this podcast help you get the refreshing sleep you crave, and just maybe collect information on other dreamers you might encounter at night. , , , , ,
Cuentos Increíbles Cuentos Increíbles Narrated Children's Anthology ¿Alguna vez has soñado con viajar a la Antártida trepado en un dragón, jugar con duendes de extraños nombres, o recibir el regalo de un hada? Cuentos Increíbles es un podcast para niñas y niños de todas las edades, en cada episodio descubrirás una historia nueva donde todo es posible. , , , ,
Curious Tales (CJ McNeely) Curious Tales (CJ McNeely) Narrated Horror Anthology Narrated short stories from HP Lovecraft and other public domain authors Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Book - HP Lovecraft anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Curious Tales (Jonnie Milne) Curious Tales (Jonnie Milne) Narrated Horror Anthology Curious Tales is a podcast dedicated to sharing the best spooks and scares that classic horror has to offer. Each episode, Jonnie performs one of his favourite tales from the world's greatest writers. , , ,
Cynthia Fridsma - Writer Cynthia Fridsma - Writer Narrated Multigenre Anthology My name is Cynthia Fridsma and I write fast-paced thriller/horror/suspense books. In this podcast I broadcast my books as audiobooks using a full cast.Portions of this podcast are narrated by a text-to-speech program. , , , ,
CØCKPUNCH CØCKPUNCH Narrated Fantasy Series The Legend of COCKPUNCH is the tale of a fantastical realm, a universe of the bizarre from the mind of bestselling author Tim Ferriss. Stories are the gateway drug in this Emergent Long Fiction (ELF) project. Mature , , , , ,
D. J. Swales Gothic & Other Tales D. J. Swales Gothic & Other Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Join nomadic author D.J. Swales as he narrates his Gothic horror, popular micro-fiction, poems, and Japan's beloved 'Kwaidan' ghost stories (by Irish writer Lefcadio Hearn). Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Daedalus Compound Daedalus Compound Narrated Horror Series Jesper Ikaros has found himself in a peculiar situation, he's trapped in a maze-like library with a book that contains his whole life story. Welcome to the Daedalus Compound. Where the past haunts you, the present hunts you, and the only way to escape is by getting to the center of the maze. , , ,
Dagger Dagger Narrated Mystery Series Unfold the mysteries in the royal premises as you go about their daily hurdles... Website RSS Feed Additional Links YouTube Listen to a SampleStrange - Episode One | Dagger | Sadab Mahir mystery narrated podcast series , , ,
Dagon's Illusion Dagon's Illusion Narrated Horror Series He was a master mentalist, a warrior of the spirit, an adept in strange arts. And the last battle was about to begin. The hellish hurricane is coming. As it screams toward landfall, one man knows the truth about its origin and power. One man has seen the Mighty Angel that was called from the depths to wreak destruction and rain new evil onto the Earth. That man is Robert Arthur Dagon, the leading mentalist and magician of his generation. But Dagon is… , , , ,
Daniel's Nemesis Podcast Daniel's Nemesis Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Each week I read a chapter from a novel I wrote as a teenager, 15 years ago. Afterwards, I dissect the chapter and look at how little I have changed. This novel is about an alien invasion right after the First World War, and is a mix of Blackadder Goes Forth, Independence Day, and Un Chien Andalou. That's right, this is not a good novel. Feel free to laugh at my teenage angst, or see this as a How To NOT write a novel. , , , , ,
Danmei Podfics With Gem Danmei Podfics With Gem Narrated Erotica Anthology Danmei Podfics With Gem is a mature audio drama podcast dedicated to turning your favorite smut and fluff Danmei fan fiction from across the fandom into audio stories, including MXTX stories (MDZS, TGCF), Meatbun (2HA/Erha) and more. All podfics and original fics can be found on AO3 (Archive of Our Own). Grab your headphones and enjoy the stories. , , , , ,
Dark Classics Dark Classics Narrated Horror Anthology A podcast dedicated to Gothic and Victorian era short stories and poetry. Here you will find short stories and poems from writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, H. G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bram Stoker and more! , , ,
Dark Corner Dark Corner Narrated Horror Anthology A collection of scary stories to make you go bump in the night. A different kind of horror podcast that features a new scary story on each episode. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleMarvin and the Monster , , , ,
Dark Corners Dark Corners Narrated Horror Anthology Dark Corners with David Allen Voyles features original tales of terror narrated by the author himself in the vein of old classic radio shows like Lights Out and Inner Sanctum, yet beware...these tales are even darker. The eerie yet beautiful music by dark ambient musician/composer Mombi Yuleman further ensures a spine-tingling experience for those brave enough to venture into the Dark Corners. , , ,
Dark Heights Dark Heights Narrated Horror Series In this modern dark fantasy, a small California town—and three people within it—become the targets of an ancient evil. Tess Bellamy's return home is anything but triumphant. She's decided Hollywood isn't for her, resigned to a normal life of caring for her ailing mother. Linna Severand would be a powerful sorceress , , , ,
Dark Inheritance Dark Inheritance Narrated Horror Series Dark Inheritance is a serial fiction that takes place in an alternate rural America, where witches breathe and magic hides in the hills. Its in those rolling hills that a grandmother disowned her own and started a chain reaction that would eat the world. , , ,
Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron Narrated Historical Fiction Drama Anthology Wild and wicked romance novels for those who love serious historical romance. Whole books read chapter by chapter.This podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. , , , , , ,
Dark Softly Tales Dark Softly Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Dark Softly Tales is a weekly podcast of horror, suspense and dark fantasy stories (mostly) written, produced and narrated by Mav Skye. The podcast will host dark fiction by guest authors and occasional interviews. Eventually, we will add additional weekly episode of true tales of the supernatural and fantastic. , , , ,
Dark Stories from the Campfire Dark Stories from the Campfire Narrated Horror Anthology Dark and creepy stories one would tell around a campfire or huddled together next to a fireplace during a long, cold night. All stories presented in this podcast are original, no reproductions or retellings or borrowing from stories found on the internet. We are inspired by history, MR James, Henry James, and folklore from around the world. (All stories & music composed and arranged by stephen m utyro) , , ,
Dark Winter Nights Dark Winter Nights Narrated Nonfiction Anthology Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska is a live storytelling event, television program, radio program and podcast in which Alaskans share their amazing stories about living in Alaska. It is born from our frustration with how Alaska is depicted in many reality TV programming. We felt if people wanted to know what living in Alaska is like, it should be Alaskans sharing those true stories. , , ,
Darker Pastures Darker Pastures Narrated Horror Anthology Darker Pastures is a biweekly horror fiction anthology, set in the very heartland of the North American continent: the vast and rugged landscapes of the Great Plains. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Darkside of the Deen Darkside of the Deen Narrated Nonfiction Anthology Surrounded by a landscape that's inspired fictional works by writers such as Bram Stoker, Lewis Grassic Gibbon and more recently Stuart McBride. Scotland's north-east city of Aberdeen has a true history much darker than anything that's come from the imagination of mere human beings , , ,
Dart Dart Narrated Thriller Series After a tragedy tears her life apart, Jenny now works long hours for Dart, a food delivery app. But when a fellow driver turns up dead and a sticky darkness starts to seep into Boston, Jenny might be reluctantly pulled back into the world she left behind. , , , ,
David Reads Stories David Reads Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology This is the audio version of YouTube channel “David Reads Stories”, in which David Johns reads aloud out-of-copyright, public domain stories. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleThe Rescue at Sea , , ,
Dawson's Den Dawson's Den Full Cast/Narrated Western Comedy Anthology Drop into the den for conversations with Will Dawson, tall tales, wildlife stories and a whole lot of fun!This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Day 1 of the End of the World Day 1 of the End of the World Narrated Horror Anthology Day 1 of the End of the World is a collection of first-hand accounts and stories of what happened on the first day of the zombie apocalypse. The Day 1 oral history collection showcases the human elements, the chaos, the heroism, and the tragedy, as seen through the eyes of people from around the world. , , , ,
Days of My life Days of My life Narrated Nonfiction Drama Series Autobiographical Audio Drama Podcast - created by Aidan Rosewell Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 0 -Things I wish my mum knew drama narrated nonfiction podcast series , , , ,
Dead Air (Scott Overton) Dead Air (Scott Overton) Narrated Thriller Series Radio morning show host Lee Garrett doesn't know why someone is trying to kill him. The suspects are many and he's frighteningly vulnerable. With his world coming apart, Garrett has to find a way to stop his attackers before his next show becomes his last. , , , ,
dead air fm dead air fm Narrated Science Fiction Series 1. ariadne is the last person on earth. 2. she's talking into a radio, hoping someone hears her. 3. for now, it seems, that someone is you. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sampleepisode 1 trailer , , , ,
Dead Belt Dead Belt Narrated Science Fiction Horror Anthology Dead Belt: True Tales of the Gasping Frontier is a space-folk horror anthology podcast of strange happenings on the fringe of settled space. Close encounters, weird happenings, narrow escapes, and lonesome deaths far beyond the stars we know. Drawing on old mariner's tales from the oceans of Earth, filk tradition, and the superstition and ghost stories of the American West, Dead Belt is written for those that know that when we push out among… , , , ,
Dead Eyes and Moonlit Skies Dead Eyes and Moonlit Skies Narrated Horror Series This first season will consist of a serialization of an original horror novel entitled The White Oak's Widow. It is 1848, and misery hangs on the country like a funeral shroud. When Patrick Hartley Murphy decides to rescue an abandoned infant he finds lying atop the Irish hill, the trials of post-famine Ireland become only one part of a problem that runs much deeper, as he finds himself and his family stalked by a Night Hag, an ages-old ha… , , , ,
Dead in Japan Dead in Japan Narrated Horror Series An English teacher dies in Japan and enters the spirit world. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleDead in Japan DaVid Studios dead_in_japanDead in Japanharry_the_guitar_playerHarry the Guitar Player daviddoucette.ca horror narrated podcast series , , ,
Dead Kings Never Sleep Dead Kings Never Sleep Narrated Horror Series This is an alternative podcast version of the popular zombie horror novella DEAD KINGS NEVER SLEEP. In the published novella, the husband John is the protagonist. In this version, his wife Caitlin is the main character. , , ,
Dead North Dead North Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology Horror theater for your ears. Lovingly crafted chills by purveyors of stage horror from the Upper Midwest... and beyond. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWelcome To Dead North anthology full_cast horror mature narrated podcast , , , , ,
Deadfall: A Zombie Novel Deadfall: A Zombie Novel Narrated Horror Series This podcast features a chapter-by-chapter reading of my YA zombie novel 'Deadfall'. Civilisation has collapsed. Every single person on Earth has become infected with a virus. Those who remain immune are prey. In the tattered remnants of Northern England, an alcoholic ex-football hooligan – seventeen-year-old Jake Connor – struggles for survival amidst the chaos. After stealing a Land Rover from an abandoned petrol station, Jake discovers a b… , , , ,
DeadLand DeadLand Narrated Horror Series A Journey Through The Zombie Apocalypse. The Human Extinction Level Loss series written and read by Philip A. McClimon. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample1 - Meet Doctor Crenner Philip A. McClimon , , , , ,
DeadTime Stories (Ranker) DeadTime Stories (Ranker) Narrated Horror Anthology A horror podcast with stories submitted by real fans. Fact or fiction, we don't know, but it will creep you the F out. Hosted by DeadHead, a likable skeleton with witty puns that won't induce an eye roll. , , ,
Dear Konstantin Dear Konstantin Narrated Drama Series A series of letters written from Masha to her unrequited love Konstantin, 20 years after his death. Inspired by The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. Written, performed, and artwork by Ghazal Azarbad. Sound designed by Debashis Sinha. , , , ,
Dear Percival Dear Percival Narrated Comedy Series Danny Savarino's parents are missing. Dear Percival is his diary documenting his search for them and his adventures along the way. Dear Percival is part of People of Bloomsbury a fantastic feel-good quirky novel by D J Swales. , , ,
Dear Young Rocker Dear Young Rocker Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Dear Young Rocker is a scripted non-fiction storytelling and audio memoir podcast featuring stories from women and trans musicians. In seasons 1 and 2, host/creator Chelsea Ursin tells her own story of finding an outlet for anxiety and her place in the world via falling in love with listening to and playing rock music. Along the way she writes letters of advice to her younger self on topics from mental health to relationships. In season 3,… , , , , , , ,
Death By Media Man Death By Media Man Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short stories, audio-plays, and talking in funny voices. Some serialized sagas, with occasional one-offs. Media analysis, pulped fictions, hardboiled dramas, stupefying sci-fi and capricious comedies! If you can dream it to be, you might find it here, at the Death By Media Man Podcast Show Thingy! , , , ,
Death of a Rockstar Death of a Rockstar Narrated Mystery Series On a parachute jump, legendary Rock Star Sir Vance Monaco, dies after slamming into the ground when both his chutes fail. Because of the lack of evidence, the Police ruled it an accident. A mysterious client hires hapless PI, Colin Todd, to prove it was murder. , , , , ,
Death, Dying, and Other Things Death, Dying, and Other Things Narrated Horror Anthology Death, Dying, and Other Things is a weird fiction podcast. On the first Thursday of every month, host Justyn Buske brings a set of stories meant to scare, spook, and unsettle. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Deep Blue Stars Deep Blue Stars Narrated Science Fiction Series Please join the Museum of Mysteries as we as we celebrate our newest exhibit, Deep Blue Stars. Take a dive into the recordings of the renowned archivist, Dr. Indigo Hale, where they wade through the void of isolation, the fear of the unexplained, and the drudgery of research. , , , ,
Deep Folk Deep Folk Narrated Comedy Series Welcome curious Deep Folk adventurer, you have uncovered Deep Folk: Tales from the Generator. Deep Folk is a collection of serialized first person fiction radio dramas created by Studio Tortu in unison with one of the most powerful Artificial Intelligence models in the world. , , ,
Deep Hollows and Dark Hearts Deep Hollows and Dark Hearts Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology A podcast set in rural West Virginia, about the things we may not always understand. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 0.5: Teaser/Field Surgeon anthology full_cast horror mature narrated podcast , , , , ,
Deep Sky Anchor Deep Sky Anchor Narrated Science Fiction Anthology A podcast of bite-size sci-fi. Speculative fiction short stories, written and read by Mary E. Lowd. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHot Chocolate for the Unicorn anthology narrated podcast science_fiction , , ,
Delta Green: The Yellow King Sequence Delta Green: The Yellow King Sequence Narrated Horror Thriller Series Original 'found files' drama inspired by Pagan Publishing's Delta Green. A group of Federal Agents get caught up in strange events as a maniacal cult attempt to bring the King In Yellow to Earth. , , , , ,
DeltaWolves DeltaWolves Narrated Science Fiction Series In the distant future, machines live among humans. Machines protect a dystopian Earth. New York City is one of the last human cities. The DeltaWolves leader Theseus, and his trusty lieutenant Thor, and comrades have been created by the United States Special Operations Command to keep order. The only thing in their way, a rogue-machine boss named Ares Larson, who rules his dark tech allies. , , , ,
Democracy Jones Democracy Jones Narrated Science Fiction Series In the year 2040, a cult-like military general rises out of the Republican Party and spearheads a violent coup against a repressive Democratic administration. In the suburbs, General Schenk's loyal followers brutalize Black and Hispanic neighborhoods while looting the liberal elite. Millions are killed or uprooted. , , , , ,
Demon Creep Demon Creep Narrated Horror Anthology Enter the Demon Portal Reading Creepypasta, nosleep, strange and true scary stories right here to your ears! Embark on a glorious adventure as I lull you to sleep with my voice! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Demons of the Mind Demons of the Mind Narrated Horror Anthology Audio Horror Stories Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe African Bowana Spider: Written & Adapted by Vincent Vena Cava and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Desperado Desperado Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Blood magic, Voodoo magic, old gods, new gods: We've got it all! Follow the story of misfits from all over the world, as they try to survive and protect their heritage from modern-day crusaders. Mature Website RSS Feed , , , ,
Detailed Ledger Detailed Ledger Narrated Mystery Series A disgruntled staff accountant is accused of murdering his boss. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 comedy mystery narrated podcast series , , , ,
Devil Country Devil Country Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series Devil Country is a weekly sci-fi audiobook podcast about a world of Knights and Chivalry that is rocked by the arrival of visitors from beyond the stars. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Devilicious Delights Devilicious Delights Narrated Thriller Series Book One: The Lady of Death She's an assassin on the hunt for the truth. He's her second in command, determined to save her... and steal her heart. On the streets of Perrish, twenty-three-year-old Trouble Ferell is known as the Lady of Death. Not your average mercenary, Trouble's skills are methodical and deadly, available to the highest bidder. That is, until a clue, left for her on the anniversary of her parent's death, leads her on a dang… , , , ,
Diary of a Space Archivist Diary of a Space Archivist Narrated Science Fiction Series Sam wanted to be at the forefront of space exploration. Ideally on the crew of The Discoverer. Instead Sam's stuck on her own in a beaten-up-junk-ship, trailing around space behind The Discoverer, archiving all of their cool discoveries in the correct, 'corporate-approved-process', with no one but CAL (Computerised Artificial Life), for company. , , ,
Dick Batchelor Dick Batchelor Narrated Comedy Series Dick Batchelor has just married his 34th husband Gupta and Dick Batchelor has also started working for the family business Batchelor brothers Limited running a Department store chain a small travel company with a airline and cruse ships, and the Family Hotel business around the world of small 5 star hotels. We will spend time with Dick, Gupta, Jase Stones and some other family and friends of Dick Batchelor along the way. , , , ,
Dimensions Book Series Dimensions Book Series Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Parallel dimensions interconnect and interweave, Step in and enter dimensions... Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleThe Awakening: Episode 1 narrated podcast science_fiction series urban_fantasy , , , ,
Dinner at Yiffany's Dinner at Yiffany's Narrated Erotica Anthology Dinner at Yiffany's brings the Furry world to you wherever you are. We often don't have time to sit and read, especially to read erotic works. Instead, let us bring it directly to your ears. I read. You listen. Relax , , , ,
Dirty Erotica Dirty Erotica Narrated Erotica Anthology Time to get your freak on! Wanna hear hot dirty stories that will help you connect with your nasty side, well then subscribe and give us some likes baby! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCrush , , , ,
Dirty Story Night Dirty Story Night Narrated Comedy Anthology The cast and crew of It's All Been Done Radio Hour gather at an after-party and try to top one another with filthy erotic stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWhat to Expect It's All Been Done Presents , , , , ,
Discontents Discontents Narrated Thriller Series Fame as a social activist and graffiti artist brings Emory the wrong kind of attention. He's wanted by the police. And he's tricked his beautiful but emotionally-fragile girlfriend, Carolyn, into thinking he’s just a normal guy. When Emory meets Fletcher, a rich baby boomer, they embark on a plan to cause mayhem. Soon, Emory suspects someone is trying to destroy him, Fletcher, and their plan. Unsure who to trust, can Emory betray his ideals to save himself… , , , ,
Disenchanted Disenchanted Narrated Horror Series Lyra inherits an old house from her father. While everything seems normal, there are secrets hidden inside this old home she will slowly discover. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 0 - Teaser , , ,
Disney Stories For Kids Disney Stories For Kids Narrated Children's Fantasy Anthology Tell Awesome Disney stories to your little-aged kids. Make a Beautiful night full of fun and morals. Website RSS Feed Additional Links RedCircle Apple Podcasts Listen to a SamplePrincess Cindrella Bedtime Story anthology children fantasy narrated podcast , , , ,
Dispatch from the Desert Planet Dispatch from the Desert Planet Narrated Science Fiction Series Broadcasting to listeners in 268 planets, 126 fixed location space stations, and 12 recently terraformed meteors the 89.x1 team works diligently to bring the best in non-news information while complying with Coalition mandates. Stay safe, stay informed, and stay tuned. , , ,
Dispatches from the Brink Dispatches from the Brink Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series Dispatches of news and entertainment from a small broadcast station at the edge of the CEU. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleGalactic Day C-805 comedy narrated podcast science_fiction series , , , ,
Dispatches of Disassociation Dispatches of Disassociation Narrated Comedy Series An audio drama focusing on the letters between every day people during the Coronavirus scare of 2020. A mix of Ken Burn’s documentaries and satire, Dispatches of Disassociation tries to make light of a weird time for us all. , , , ,
Distant Dog Barking Distant Dog Barking Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series In early 2028 a riot breaks out in lower Manhattan. Triggered by a climate demonstration, it's effects ripple across the country and within days America dissolves into anarchy. Our story tracks six individuals who must find their way to the relative safety of the nearest wilderness and escape the ensuing barbarism and disease. What ignited the contagion of hate and caused all hell to break loose? Who can be trusted? What horrors await… , , , , ,
Do We Smell Like Oranges? Do We Smell Like Oranges? Narrated Drama Series Our heroine, Diane, a young mother of three, finds herself admitted to a psych ward in 1997, struggling to live. Colliding memories amid hallucinations with her great-great-grandparents, help bring her through the other side of her current situation. This radio drama, based in truth, is a gripping piece about mental health and the battle to slay your own dragon. , , ,
Doctor Galvanic's Odd Tales Doctor Galvanic's Odd Tales Narrated Multigenre Anthology Narrated fictional short stories. Drama, mystery, some horror and some sci-fi. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleA Hundred Grand anthology mature multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Doctor Horror's Tales of Terror Doctor Horror's Tales of Terror Narrated Horror Anthology Original scary stories written and performed by nine year old horror aficionado, Doctor Horror. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTwo Fingers anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Dogtown Storytime Radiohour Dogtown Storytime Radiohour Narrated Multigenre Anthology An Original Series Featuring A New Style of Short Story Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Samplei. intro anthology mature multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Doleo Doleo Narrated Superhero Thriller Series A fiction audiobook with effects and dramatization, presented in serial format, DOLEO tells the story of a truly decent man with a unique affliction, who, via the trying experiences of his life, reaches a breaking point propelling him into the world of vigilantism. Upon embarking on this well-intentioned mission, DOLEO evolves into a vigilante story unlike any you've ever read or heard, with an emphasis on realism, it explores the overwhelming odds, sl… , , , , ,
Domesticated Domesticated Narrated Science Fiction Series When they came, they took over Earth without saying a word. A race of highly advanced, two-legged, animal-like extraterrestrials have made human beings powerless on their own planet. Aramintha survived the takeover and now she has one goal: escape from a society where humans are pets. She's thrown together with two other traumatized strangers, Winsome and Ephraim, and together they try to navigate a reality in which they are pets. No choices, no fr… , , , ,
Don't Fall Asleep Don't Fall Asleep Narrated Horror Anthology Scary stories narrated by Spencer Dillehay. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleCold Comfort of Silver Lake anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Don't Sleep Don't Sleep Narrated Horror Anthology Readings of scary online stories - credit always given! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleI'm a Nurse... | Scary Story Reading | r/NoSleep Story (M4A File) anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Doomsday Beans Doomsday Beans Narrated Science Fiction Series A man finds himself locked alone in a tiny room due to a government mandated quarantine. His only company, an old cb radio on a rickety card table, and an empty can of beans. He broadcasts almost each and everyday in a desperate attempt for some form of human interaction. As time progresses strange things begin to happen within his tiny room. Is it magic? Miracles? Insanity? Only time will tell. Or perhaps it will not. No. Not at all. , , ,
Door-to-Door Storytellers Door-to-Door Storytellers Narrated Multigenre Anthology In days of old, bards and troubadours roamed the countryside, telling their stories to anyone who wanted to hear. Today, we bring the bards' tales to you with these intriguing stories and exciting adventures, performed for you by our own talented readers. Tune in and enjoy the story! , , ,
Dork Diaries Dork Diaries Narrated Children's Comedy Series Meet Nikki Maxwell! She's starting eight grade in a new school—and her very first diary. In 15 fully dramatized episodes, an animated cast of characters hilariously present Nikki's Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life. Adapted from Rachel Renée Russell's bestselling series, the Dork Diaries podcast offers family entertainment for longtime fans and those meeting Nikki for the first time. , , , ,
Dorktales Storytime Dorktales Storytime Narrated Children's Comedy Anthology Think Fractured Fairy Tales meets Big Bang Theory and the History Detectives! Dorktales Storytime, hosted by Jonathan Cormur, is a podcast featuring slightly wacky and very geeky retellings of classic fairy tales with important life lessons and untold stories about the hidden heroes of history—yesterday's geeks, nerds and dorks who are today's must-know visionaries, great minds, dream makers, achievers, and inventors who made history… , , , ,
Dos: After You Dos: After You Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series Things changed after him. Deck has fallen for someone that isn't human, and so he leaves a hungry home to find him. Will he be waiting for him? The world has changed but, has he? The first bilingual horror/urban fantasy LGBT+ podcast. , , , , , ,
Double Bubble Double Bubble Narrated Drama Series Double Bubble is a nail-biting five-part prison drama about loan sharks. Experience the tough reality of prison life, and the difficult decisions which force Mark down a dark path he quickly regrets... Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Down Below the Reservoir Down Below the Reservoir Narrated Horror Anthology The Fallow Men are coming. Only men's tears in milk will keep them at bay. The thing growing in the bathtub is her only friend. Together, they'll show the world. Sexy hats and flashing blades, it's Tuesday, oh it's Tuesday, and it's fine to bleed. , , , ,
Downright Lies Downright Lies Narrated Comedy Series Enter into the TOTALLY true and NOT made up history of the Big Dirty Monster's life. Battling an Amazonian River deity, outwitting an ancient sphinx, and besting several members of the Russian mob in fisticuffs are just a few of the spectacular tales you can find here. , , , ,
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey's Erotic Library Dr Lori Beth Bisbey's Erotic Library Narrated Erotica Anthology On this podcast, I am inviting you into my personal library to experience my favourite erotica. All of the volumes that I will read from are on my shelves. Each week, I will treat you to a piece of erotica – either my own or from one of my favourite authors. Some weeks, I will be joined by these amazing authors themselves and you will have the chance to hear them read their own work. , , , ,
Dr Price's Horror Compendium Dr Price's Horror Compendium Narrated Horror Anthology My name is Dr Price and this is my Compendium of Horror. A place to collect all the stories I have gathered over the years that will send a shiver down your spine! I can't guarantee that they are all 100% true, but I have been able to verify at least a portion of each one. It is up to you whether you choose to believe them or not , , ,
Dr. [REDACTED] Dr. [REDACTED] Narrated Horror Anthology Welcome, my fellow children of the night. If you've been searching for the perfect place to satisfy your horror fix, well then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find tales of horror from far and wide. From Creepypasta, to Urban Legends, from the classic tales to original stories written by me. , , , ,
Dr. B and the Soggy of Ann Furthermore Dr. B and the Soggy of Ann Furthermore Narrated Comedy Series Welcome to a true, fictional reality born of a once semi-healthy mind, now squeezed too long and too tight in the vice of chronic and cumulative stress. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Dr. Creepen's Dungeon Dr. Creepen's Dungeon Narrated Horror Anthology Dr. Creepen's Dungeon is a weekly hour-long podcast presenting the very best in contemporary horror, fantasy and sci-fi fiction. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleWelcome to Dr. Creepen's Dungeon , , , ,
Dr. NoSleep Dr. NoSleep Narrated Horror Anthology Getting too much sleep? No worries, I have your prescription. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample3 Horrifying Insane Asylum Stories (M4A File) anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Dragon - A Histories of Purga Novel Dragon - A Histories of Purga Novel Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Series Gamut Worlds presents chapters from Dragon - A Histories of Purga Novel, read for you by the talented Jeremy Tully. Rooks have embraced science and technology, inventing microscopic robots called nanos to create any machine they need. The Terraquois are their opposite. They embraced the spiritual and developed a deep bond with nature. This bond allows them to shift into the animal that resembles their true inner se… , , , ,
Dragon Shanty Dragon Shanty Narrated Fantasy Series Two lighthouse keepers unravel their long history of taming magic, dragons, and sails through a series of nightly bedtime stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 - Testimony fantasy mature narrated podcast series , , , ,
Dragonrand100 Dragonrand100 Narrated Fantasy Series Based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Nintendo, this 61 chapter novelisation is brought to you in audiobook form. This project was launched to celebrate 20 years of this beloved classic, featuring a cast of narrators, one for each POV character. , , , ,
Drama in 10 Drama in 10 Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Drama in 10 is an indie podcasting studio crafting [a] episodic audio fiction series featuring minority voices and new talent. Studio gatekeepers deny our art, so we've become the creators and gatekeepers of our art. , , , , , ,
Drama on One Drama on One Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology RTÉ Radio Drama's audio theatre department has for decades proudly brought audiences the very best dramatic writing and performances for radio from Ireland. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Dramatic License Dramatic License Narrated Comedy Thriller Series Wine is arguably the only drink on this planet that can inspire love, hate, snobbery, insecurity, fear, wonder, in just one sip. Not surprising, wine can be mysteriously intimidating for those who are curious to know more about it. , , , ,
DreadCast DreadCast Narrated Horror Anthology An Audiobook Podcast Series Featuring Original Short Horror Stories Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleClosing Curtains anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Dreadwood Press Radio Dreadwood Press Radio Narrated Horror Series Welcome to Dreadwood! Dreadwood is a crime-ridden town located high up in the mountains. No one knows how they ended up in Dreadwood, but they do know they can't leave. Dreadwood is cut off from the rest of the world and hidden in a dense forest. Who knows what's lurking in there? Each night the local radio station gets a new host. When you want to retire you kill the old host and take the job of confessing your crimes. , , , ,
Dreamful Dreamful Narrated Multigenre Anthology Can't fall asleep? Listen to the best bedtime stories for free! Each Dreamful podcast episode is a sleep story accompanied by music to ease you into slumber. The ingredients used in Dreamful's episodes include imagination, a sprinkling of childlike wonder, and the occasional dash of nostalgia. This podcast is developed to be child-friendly, but let's be honest – it's for anyone that loves a good story, wonderful dreams, and listens to music to wind do… , , , , ,
Drew Blood: Dark Tales Drew Blood: Dark Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Drew Blood has a tale to tell. With immersive, full-production, and an indelible flavor all his own, you'll hear the finest horror in captivating fashion. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Drift Off Drift Off Narrated Multigenre Anthology Bedtime stories to help you go to sleep. Join Joanne D'Amico from the YT channel “relax for a while” as she reads you a bedtime story with a gentle spoken voice that is restful to the ear and sends you to sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or just need help winding down at bedtime, Drift Off Bedtime Stories will help you relax and get a restful night's sleep! Sweet dreamzzz , , , ,
Drifting Off with Joe Pera Drifting Off with Joe Pera Narrated Comedy Series Drifting Off With Joe Pera is an evening comedy podcast from comedian Joe Pera and composer Ryan Dann. With low-key jokes, immersive soundscapes, and relaxing phone conversations, Joe's narration and Ryan's sound design will help you unwind and perhaps even fall asleep. , , , , ,
Dry Land Dry Land Narrated Comedy Science Fiction Series In this sci-fi, comedy, coming-of-age, absurdist, biopunk, musical podcast, Will Hughes (Adam Frost-Venrick, “The Telephone Company.”) is a former sea-monster, turned back into a human after almost twenty years of stalking the Lake Erie shores. Now, enrolled in college and readjusting to life on land, Will is forced to deal with a wide variety of issues, from shower mold to heart-break. Each episode features an original song, written and perform… , , , , , ,
Dunbarton Magical: A Medical Scandal Dunbarton Magical: A Medical Scandal Narrated Science Fiction Mystery Series Adam Green, an investigative journalist, has worked on a variety of stories over the years - from the happy to the sad to the downright bizarre. Nothing compares, however, to the case of St. Dunbarton's hospital. What unfolds when a miracle starts to happen? As Adam soon discovers, what should be a cause for celebration soon unravels into intrigue and chaos. This is the story of Dunbarton Magical. , , , ,
Dungeon Devotee Dungeon Devotee Narrated Fantasy Series Through promises of untold wealth and power, the Eternal Depths has long held sway over the hearts of men, has long lured the greedy and the desperate to their untimely end. Edmund Montgomery Ahab has sworn to destroy it. , , , ,
Dungeons & Damsels Dungeons & Damsels Narrated Fantasy Series Dungeons & Damsels is a medieval fantasy sword and sorcery audio drama series Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleStory Time At The Inn ~ A Side Quest short story of the Dungeons & Damsels series by Unchained Productions , , ,
DUST: Horizons DUST: Horizons Narrated Science Fiction Anthology DUST: Horizons is an anthology of immersive science fiction audio stories ranging from genre groundbreakers such as Philip K. Dick and Ray Bradbury to the electrifying emerging voices of today. Open your mind. Listen carefully. The future awaits. , , , ,
Dusty Cantina, Librarian, Gunslinger Dusty Cantina, Librarian, Gunslinger Narrated Western Comedy Series Dusty rides into the surprisingly literate town of Dry Gulch. The town is rife with book discussions about Consuela, the Bandit Queen of California, government document cataloguing and other local libraries , , , ,
Earth Break Earth Break Narrated Science Fiction Series After everyone she's ever known was killed in an alien invasion, Lynn Gellert (Jenny Slate) might be the last person left on Earth. Her constant and only companion is the voice recorder she managed to salvage from her mother's house. As symptoms of a strange illness seem to set in, Lynn comes to terms with her mortality, only to realize that she's not sick, she's pregnant. Lynn is not a survivalist, or even good at camping, but somehow she has to fi… , , , ,
Easy Stories in English Easy Stories in English Narrated Multigenre Anthology Learning a language is hard. With Easy Stories in English, you can learn English the natural way, without studying lists of vocabulary or complicated grammar rules. Every week, Ariel Goodbody, author and language teacher, will present a story adapted to your level of English. The stories will be hilarious, dramatic, and entertaining, but never too difficult. If you're learning English and are tired of boring textbooks, then this is the pod… , , , ,
Echo Park Echo Park Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series James and Terrance share DNA, but they aren't brothers. They aren't even friends. As a civil advisor for the LAPD, James relies on Terrance— his genetic clone—to help him pass mandatory drug testing. But when Terrance suddenly goes missing, and multiple clones end up murdered, a case of mistaken identity forces James to inhabit his double's life, risking that the secret of his addiction will unravel his carefully composed lies. , , , , ,
Echoed Locations Echoed Locations Narrated Science Fiction Series Echoed Locations is a Traveler's Guide to a Solarpunk World! In this Audio Fiction Travel Show, follow Chori's adventures to record the unique cultures and locations previously explored by their deceased mentor Raymond. From riverboat speakeasy collectives to worker-dog islands, the world has a lot to offer if you know where to look. , , ,
Echoes of a Dreamer Echoes of a Dreamer Narrated Folklore Anthology You are a Dreamer! Your echoes bring forth tales of wonder... Step into a realm where dreams are caught in the fabric of time, whispering tales of ancient gods and mythic adventures. Welcome to “ , , ,
EcoGuerrillas EcoGuerrillas Narrated Science Fiction Thriller Series As the environment approaches a tipping point, a team of individuals committed to a livable tomorrow gathers to bring about needed change—by any means. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Eden 2 Eden 2 Narrated Science Fiction Mystery Series You've got a one-way ticket to Eden 2 — the main headquarters of an up-and-coming natural health company. Pick your poison and follow one of three interactive story paths as you unravel its mysteries. , , , , ,
Eerie Earth Eerie Earth Narrated Horror Anthology Join your host Kieran as he tells you original tales based on real paranormal cases, and occurances. Eerie Earth is also the home to The Fallen, an original series written and directed by your host Kieran. , , , , , , ,
Eerie Tales from the Darkness Podcast Eerie Tales from the Darkness Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Every week, get ready for another bone chilling tale from the depths of despair as your host, The Teller, brings your inner fears to reality. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , ,
Elder Lore Elder Lore Narrated Fantasy Anthology A podcast straight out of the Elder Scrolls Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Coming of the Nords anthology fantasy narrated podcast , , ,
Elderberry Tales Elderberry Tales Narrated Children's Anthology Inspiring and engaging stories for kids, featuring ancient wisdom, timeless tales, and contemporary heroes. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBlue Booties anthology children narrated podcast , , ,
Eldritch Girl Eldritch Girl Narrated Horror Anthology A Gothic Horror and Weird fiction podcast featuring short stories and serialised Weird Gothic novels and novellas by C. M. Rosens, the Undead Hour with Clem Wells and Friends (discussions on hot topics affecting the undead communities today) and more! Guest authors will also make an appearance with their own work. , , , , ,
Elegant Sea Urchin Elegant Sea Urchin Narrated Horror Fantasy Series An eldritch audio drama about a world removed from our own. Faebl Nox casts about her life and close relations, close calls with horrors and the fractured magenta dimensions, and general events and creatures around the Tangerine Speck. , , , , ,
ELK BOY: it's alive! ELK BOY: it's alive! Narrated Horror Comedy Series Can this rural Oregon town survive the unexplainable? Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleSEASON ONE: EPISODE 1 comedy horror mature narrated podcast series , , , , ,
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast Full Cast/Narrated Mystery Anthology Monthly readings and dramatizations by the world's leading writers of suspense, chosen from the magazine's short story archives. The full range of the genre is represented, from whodunits to urban noir. , , , ,
Elves, Space Pirates and Lollipops Elves, Space Pirates and Lollipops Narrated Multigenre Anthology This is a podcast about the weird and wonderful mind of Jess Mountifield. Each week she'll talk about the scifi and fantasy books she writes, read a chapter from one of them, and answer your questions. There will also be talk about Lollipops. , , , ,
EnCrypted EnCrypted Narrated Horror Anthology Classic tales of supernatural horror and suspense are brought to life in this series of audiobooks featuring the works of E.F.Benson, Saki, H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, and more. Fans of the creepiest, spookiest podcasts will thrill to the immersive retellings of these nightmarish short stories from the vaults of terror, complete with compelling narration, sound effects and music. As told by the mysterious Jasper L'Estrange, EnCrypted: The Classic Horror Po… , , ,
End Games End Games Narrated Multigenre Anthology 30 minute audio short stories about everyday people dealing with the impacts of Climate Change and Global Warming. From now until the collapse of human civilization. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Epiphany Epiphany Narrated Science Fiction Series A young political staffer uncovers a conspiracy against an unknown politician and must seduce an undercover reactionary to discover ler identity. This is an epistolary novel in both text and audio. It's a science fiction conspiracy thriller, and many of the main characters are LGBTQ. , , , ,
Eric Brinker - Stories Told Eric Brinker - Stories Told Narrated Multigenre Anthology My grampa told me stories on his deathbed about him and my dad that I've never heard before. I wanted to make a catalog of my favorite stories to tell--and then pass it on to my son before I forget them. , , ,
Erik Reads Alice In Wonderland Erik Reads Alice In Wonderland Narrated Children's Fantasy Series The unabridged audiobook of Lewis Carroll's “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,” as read by filmmaker Erik Anderson. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole , , , ,
Erinna Erinna Narrated Science Fiction Series In a dystopian future, man has been forced underground. Harsh radiation from the sun has risen exponentially, forcing man to create subterranean cities. Twelve years have passed since the relocation, and now, an unknown foe has emerged from the shadows, threatening to slaughter what is left of mankind. Based on the book, The Land of Erinna, by Alex Virault, Erinna focuses on man's necessity for survival and conquest, amidst the harsh world that they have… , , ,
Erotica with Vivia Volupta Erotica with Vivia Volupta Narrated Erotica Anthology Erotica with Vivia Volupta podcast is dedicated to Sexual wellness, Love & Romance, featuring sensual self-help & advice, erotic hypnosis, meditation, comedy/drama fiction, and adult bedtime fantasies. , , , ,
Escape Pod Escape Pod Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Each week, Escape Pod delivers science fiction short stories from today's best authors. Listen today, and hear the new sound of science fiction! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEscape Pod 01: Imperial , , , ,
Essence House Essence House Narrated Science Fiction Series After nearly 30 years of vacancy, Rick Edmund abruptly ordered the demolition of his longtime family home, known as Essence House. What was he trying to hide? And what secrets did Essence House hold? The Edmund family heirs are about to find out the truth about their family and their true inheritance. , , ,
Eulypsa Protocol Eulypsa Protocol Narrated Science Fiction Series In Eulypsa Protocol, a found-footage, science fiction podcast that's one part Men in Black, one part Good Morning Vietnam, a devotee of the “weird and unknown” gets more than she bargained for when she's hired to host the  , , ,
Euphomet Euphomet Narrated Horror Anthology A show about the unknown and our relationship to it. Host Jim Perry is in search of the other side…the thing under your bed...that signal of unknown origin...and the true stories behind the strange phenomena that are outside the sphere of popular consciousness. Featuring radio diaries that recount astonishing firsthand experiences Euphomet attempts to decipher the signal , , , , ,
Evening's Kingdom Evening's Kingdom Narrated Fantasy Series Ouma, a reluctant young shaman, journeys across an ancient, magical kingdom in search of revenge... and is guided by otherworldly allies and unlikely friends into unlocking a whole new world. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
Evergreen Evergreen Narrated Urban Fantasy Series Adam, the first man and his wife, the first woman, Eve, were punished by God with separation and immortality. Adam spends his long life searching for her, inadvertently becoming the catalyst for many of humanity's myths and legends. , , ,
Evergreen Sky Evergreen Sky Narrated Science Fiction Series The story of GreenCom, a corporate monopoly in the not-so-distant future, and the people trying to stop them. When GreenCom employee Alex finds themselves thrown into a resistance group, how much are they willing to pay for a taste of freedom? , , ,
Evergreen: A Storytelling Podcast Evergreen: A Storytelling Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Evergreen is an Masterpiece Theater style podcast that builds immersive soundscape stories from listener-submitted ideas. We explore the one constant that brings us all together; Storytelling. Tune in every other week for a new adventure. , , ,
Evermore Poe Evermore Poe Narrated Horror Drama Series Evermore Poe follows the untold story of Edgar Allan Poe's teen years as he navigates a dysfunctional foster family, a disturbing love of gothic horror, juvenile vices and his obsession with a married woman twice his age. , , , ,
Everyday Eldritch Everyday Eldritch Narrated Multigenre Anthology Voiceover, Readings, & Reviews of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Weird Fiction. Join us, as we explore classic tales through sound, music, & narration. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleEpisode 1 - The Thing on the Doorstep (Chapter 1) , , , , ,
Everyday Monsters Everyday Monsters Narrated Horror Anthology A collection of haunting short stories from talented authors from across the globe. Listen to tales of horror, madness, betrayal and more, and follow the authors across the dark underside of the human psyche. , , , ,
Evie Prince Series Evie Prince Series Narrated Drama Series Hello and welcome. Join me Victoria Wright, inspirational writer and series author as I narrate the Evie Prince Series. A fictional trilogy that tells the story of Evie Prince, a 40-something single woman who experiences a spiritual awakening. Her journey is one of beauty, discovery, and remembering her true self. Ego and fear have limited her world but leaps of faith and self love guide her to a life she never thought she could live. , , , , ,
Evil Zodiac Evil Zodiac Narrated Horror Comedy Series Humberto will be your guide to the future...for a Price. A comedy horror show that 100% guarantees that it will help you believe nonsense about your future. Using the powers of the occult and the stars. , , , ,
Excuse the Jess Excuse the Jess Narrated Comedy Series Meet Jessica. She has a lot to say but has been stuck in her house for a year and unable to say it. She is sad that she's the last person in the world to have a podcast but glad it's not something else that has passed her by. Join her in this new comedy with drama podcast from Deliciously Bright Productions. She's not needy or anything but , , , ,
Exile Exile Narrated Science Fiction Series In the post-post-post-apocalyptic future, a young woman is exiled from the small religious enclave of Haven for a crime she did not commit. Lurking in the surreal horror of the wilds are beasts and fiends, but these monsters illuminate her past, her relationships, and the circumstances surrounding her exile. This is her audio diary. , , , , , ,
Experiment 31E Experiment 31E Narrated Science Fiction Horror Series A scientist is attempting a dangerous experiment in this Frankenstein-inspired, speculative fiction podcast that takes place during an alternate version of the Victorian era. As the scientist seeks to perfect her formula and find a suitable specimen for testing, unexpected threats rear their heads while her own motives lurk in the dark. , , , ,
ExtraordinaryTerrestrials ExtraordinaryTerrestrials Narrated Fantasy Anthology A serial fiction podcast about a supernatural bog and the beings who exist within and around it. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleChapter 1 - The Bog and the Creatures Surrounding the Bog , , ,
Extraplanar Radio Show Extraplanar Radio Show Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Beamed directly to your receiver from somewhere beyond the stars, the Extraplanar Radio Show is a monthly fictional anthology series transmitting tall tales and supernatural sightings from around the Universe. , , , ,
Extraterrestrial: The Podcast Extraterrestrial: The Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Series When Charlie Hart's junior year starts, she has two goals in mind: she's going to keep learning about aliens, and she's going to actually make a friend. When popular boy Oliver Webb makes her an offer she can't refuse, she realizes that her year is going to be far more exciting than she thought. Meanwhile, a young alien named Codix has been living on Earth the past two years with his robot best friend. They've gotten used to hiding… , , ,
Exuberance Is Beauty Exuberance Is Beauty Narrated Drama Series Eve Miller, a young war widow, rebels against the ordinariness of womanhood in the post-war era. Eve is enlightened as she succumbs to the sensual temptation of an adulterous affair. In its aftermath, Eve Miller's life unravels and leads to unexpected violence and moral isolation. Exuberance Is Beauty, is a contemporary interpretation of Adam and Eve's biblical allegory and Eve's fall into desolation. The story examines the consequence of erotic obse… , , , ,
f*cking sober f*cking sober Narrated Drama Series F*cking Sober Podcast is the unflinching first person narrative of Anita Drake's first 90 days of getting sober in NYC. Twenty-eight-year-old Anita counts from 1 to 90 days immersing herself into the awkward world of sobriety and what it means to grow up. This 8 episode serialized show features music by artists in recovery. , , , , , ,
Fable After Dark Fable After Dark Narrated Multigenre Anthology After you've indulged in your evening's frivolities, the charming raconteurs of the Fable Lounge would like to pour you a nightcap and read you a bedtime tale. Each story will be paired thematically with a signature cocktail from Fable's renowned elixir library. , , ,
Fables & Fairy Tales Fables & Fairy Tales Narrated Children's Anthology Join storyteller and author Chip Colquhoun in a fully-immersive podcast, retelling stories from throughout history and around the world to inspire the children of today. Each week, Chip and his team tell a fun, full-length tale involving magic, adventure, clever characters, and the occasional exploding troll , , ,
Fableside Fableside Narrated Multigenre Anthology Come, join me by the fire, and listen to a tale... Fableside is a genre-spanning short fiction podcast delivering you stories that keep your eyes open a sliver late at night. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Faded Words Faded Words Narrated Multigenre Anthology Celebrating storytelling with audio-book / audio-drama style readings of classic short stories in an effort to keep these fantastic stories from being forgotten. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , ,
Fail Fiction Fail Fiction Narrated Multigenre Comedy Anthology A podcast dedicated to terrible fan fiction that was written by us in our youth. We have a few drinks and read the embarrassment from our past. We will be covering various movies, books, and theatre. , , , , , ,
Failed Death Saves Failed Death Saves Narrated Fantasy Thriller Series Failed Death Saves is a fictional crime podcast set in a homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons world. Experience tales of murder and other crime that will have to contend with detectives that can simply ask the dead who killed them or can scry on the murderers wherever they are. , , , ,
Fairies and Folklore Fairies and Folklore Narrated Fantasy Folklore Anthology From Grace Notes Music, Fairies and Folklore is [an] original series inspired by classic fairy tales, adding original music and art to create a magical experience the whole family can enjoy! , , , ,
Fairy & Folk Tales Fairy & Folk Tales Narrated Folklore Anthology A series of classic fairy and folk tales retold in rhyme by Joshua David LingThis podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample1 - The Stone Cutter anthology folklore narrated podcast , , ,
Fairy Tale Fix Fairy Tale Fix Narrated Comedy Folklore Anthology Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young maiden with a face so fair and voice so eloquent no one could help but adore her. And, oh ho! Did she have a friend! But unbeknownst to the maiden, her good friend was a witch. , , , , ,
Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children Narrated Fantasy Horror Anthology Sometimes “happily ever after” is no guarantee. We feature short, original fairy tales that turn towards the dark and unsettling. These stories are not intended for children, but most of them do stand alone. , , , ,
Fairy Tales with Granny MacDuff Fairy Tales with Granny MacDuff Narrated Children's Anthology Join Granny MacDuff as she reads classic children's fairy tales in this award winning podcast. Website RSS Feed Additional Links ART19 Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleSleeping Beauty Storic Media fairy_tales_with_granny_macduffFairy Tales with Granny MacDufffear_frequencyFear Frequency storicmedia.com anthology children narrated podcast , , ,
Fairyland Adventures Fairyland Adventures Narrated Children's Anthology The imagination is a wonderful thing. In the haste of the modern world, it is often forgotten how important it is to dream, and to believe in things such as magic, rainbows, unicorns, and fairies. Go on adventures with the character sharing their secrets and fears. Together, journey through unexplored territories while learning about beliefs that help build self-confidence.This podcast, combined with the 'Letters from , , ,
Faith through Horse Fiction Faith through Horse Fiction Narrated Drama Anthology God gave Hilary a passion for horses, and she draws on it in her Christian writing. This podcast includes chats about her novels, author-narrated short stories and books. She hopes you find them entertaining and glean something useful from them. , , , ,
Falling For Stories Falling For Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology An independent podcast bringing unheard, original literary works and sounds to your headphones. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroducing Falling For Stories anthology mature multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Falling Paper Planes Falling Paper Planes Narrated Drama Series Falling Paper Planes is a podcast apart of the HerStory Series. It's a segment of narrated romantic drama stories that follows the main character, Haley Isla Burrows. Haley is a young entrepreneur combating the worrisome woes of being in control of a remote brothel. While struggling to be a trustworthy , , , ,
False Truths False Truths Narrated Drama Series Ron B Audio presents: False Truths, an audio drama. Tyson and Simone Bradshaw have been married 2 years out of the 5 years that they have been together. Everything was going well until Tyson's work load began to take a toll on their marriage. On top of that, Tyson and Simone's mother Ms. Carla does not get along at all. Listen weekly as the drama unfolds revealing hidden lies that have been presented as inculpable truths! , , ,
Family Folk Tales Family Folk Tales Narrated Children's Anthology What is Family Folktales? Think of it as a storytime on demand; whether you're running errands, trying to make dinner, or getting little someones ready for bed, you can listen to a story or two. The stories may be new to you or old favorites, or even different (possibly gorier) versions of those stories you now share with your children. , , ,
Famous Potatoes Famous Potatoes Narrated Drama Series Willy Middlebrook is a nice boy from the suburbs, a Vietnam vet, a college drop-out majoring in Human Kindness. Framed for the murder of a cop, Willy goes on the lam from the law. With hopeful heart and broken balls he lives among the people of the humble cafes and dusty bars, underground: , , , , ,
Fan Ramen Fan Ramen Narrated Multigenre Anthology A podcast where voice actors Ralph Avalon and Lindy Day read your fanfiction outloud. We feature different stories in each episode. Website RSS Feed Additional Links SoundCloud Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample0. Opening Day anthology fan_fiction multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Fanfictaro Fanfictaro Narrated Multigenre Comedy Anthology On this show, we grab a group of (un)willing volunteers to engage in readings of the world's most questionable fanfiction. Whether it be Wattpad, AO3, Fanfiction.net, we read them all so that the general public may never have to. , , , , , ,
Fangasm Fangasm Narrated Comedy Anthology Prepare to be titillated, pop culture fans, because Fangasm is here; featuring horned-up fantasies, beloved characters, and a heavy dose of comedic commentary. (Think: My Dad Wrote A Porno, except spotlighting your favorite book, TV, and movie characters.) Didn't know erotic fanfiction existed? Neither did hosts and fangirls and fanboy Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush & Danny Chapman , , , , ,
Fantastic Tales: A Bedtime Podcast for Kids Fantastic Tales: A Bedtime Podcast for Kids Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology Adventure. Drama. Fantasy... Original stories and more. This is your ticket to world's beyond. Join host and writer Adam Orton for a twenty minute bedtime story that's sure to put your kid to sleep , , , , ,
Fantastique Fantastique Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fantastique is a podcast of original stories written and recorded by me, Jason Beckom. As the tagline says, these are stories of wonder, dread, and hope. The fantastique genre is a french genre that focuses mostly on injecting unexplainable fantasy, sci-fi, or horror elements into a realist setting. The protagonists often face profound feelings of wonder, fear, or existential confusion. The endings are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes enti… , , ,
Fantasy Fiction Fantasy Fiction Narrated Fantasy Comedy Anthology Every week Josh and Dom write ridiculous short stories, based off a prompt, set in the fantasy worlds of Daranos and Orcspire, respectively. They then read these stories to each other and laugh like idiots. , , , , ,
Fantasy Magazine Fantasy Magazine Narrated Fantasy Anthology *Fantasy Magazine* is an online magazine focusing exclusively on fantasy fiction. In its pages, you will find all types of fantasy—high fantasy, contemporary urban tales, surrealism, magical realism, science fantasy, folktales , , ,
FantasyScape FantasyScape Narrated Fantasy Anthology A weekly fantasy anthology podcast. Two experienced introverts ferrying you into escapism through the lens of fantasy storytelling. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleOh, War. - Prologue (M4A File) , , , ,
Far Fetched Fables Far Fetched Fables Narrated Fantasy Anthology Explore fantastical lands with Far-Fetched Fables! Do you sometimes wonder how things could be different, should be different? Do you feel the call of the bizarre and surreal? Each week, Nicola Seaton-Clark explores a little further into the rare and mysterious lands which lie just outside our familiar reality, forging paths of wonder, magic and delight! , , ,
Far-Fetched Stories Far-Fetched Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology Far-Fetched Stories is a monthly podcast that offers original speculative fiction shorts. Join in the poll each month to help me decide what story to write next! [...] Presenting a new series: The Raven's Toll! An ancient being who almost destroyed the world, is now helping the humans rebuild it - but when he runs out of options to save the people he loves, can he keep his destructive powers in check? , , , , ,
Fatal Neutrinos Fatal Neutrinos Narrated Multigenre Anthology Whispers of histories that weren't, futures that mustn't, and places that cannot be. Fatal Neutrinos are fictional short stories, presented weekly to add a little other-worldliness to your day. Both dark and optimistic, with the occasional oddball episode thrown in. , , , , ,
Fate/Stay Night Audiobook Fate/Stay Night Audiobook Narrated Urban Fantasy Series After a mysterious inferno kills his family, Shirou is saved and adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya, who teaches him the ways of magic and virtue. Fate/stay night follows Shirou as he struggles to find the fine line between a hero and a killer, his ideals clashing with the harsh reality around him. Will the boy become a hero like his foster father, or die trying? , , ,
Fauxthentic History Fauxthentic History Narrated Multigenre Anthology Hosted by Holly Frey (Stuff You Missed in History Class) and Bryan Young (Full of Sith) Fauxthentic History is your most reliable source of fictional history inside the many, varied worlds of popular culture, mythology, and nerddom. From Star Wars and Star Trek to Disney films and Lord of the Rings, your hosts will take you through the finer details of your favorite stories in ways you never imagined. , , , ,
Fear Camp Fear Camp Narrated Horror Anthology Are you ready to feel afraid? Welcome to Fear Camp, where horror meets the campfire. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrue Scary Camping Stories (M4A File) anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Fear Falls Radio Theatre Fear Falls Radio Theatre Narrated Horror Anthology A monster story radio show combining the style of '40s radio plays with the spooky vibe of '80s and '90s thrillers, sharing atmospheric stories of all the ghouls and crawling creatures lurking under the Midwest moon. , , ,
Fear Frequency Fear Frequency Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology This is Dr. X. H. Balthazar. I'm broadcasting in the hopes of reaching an audience with interest in my field of study. Through my years of research, I've scoured the globe in search of the unordinary and uncanny. This work has granted me knowledge of other dimensions that intertwine with ours – leaving behind anomalies in our world. Some of you may call what I find myths, folklore, or even urban legends, but I can assure you they are nothi… , , , , ,
Fear From the Heartland Fear From the Heartland Narrated Horror Anthology While the stories may not all take place in the heartland, I am delivering them to you from the heartland. My intention is to strike fear and confusion into the mind, soul and yes...the heart. Fear From the Heartland! , , ,
Fear Noir Fear Noir Narrated Horror Thriller Series The Fear Noir Podcast is the unearthly offspring of horror fiction and hard-boiled detective stories. Each episode follows a down-on-his-luck private investigator named Travis Ellison as he comes face to face with horrors both supernatural and man-made. These cases take Travis deep into the underbelly of Knight's Fall, a city where the rain-lashed streets glimmer beneath smoke and deep neon, and the gutters fill with grime and tragedy. , , , , ,
Fear On the High Seas Fear On the High Seas Narrated Thriller Series Fear On the High Seas is Book 1 of my on the high seas series which takes place on the Caribbean Cruise Liner the Majestic Coral. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleFear: On the High Seas - Introduction , , ,
Fearful Symmetry Fearful Symmetry Narrated Horror Anthology The podcast offers new recordings of classic horror short stories as well as the occasional new yarn from James Renner Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Black Cat, by Edgar Allan Poe anthology horror narrated podcast , , ,
Fearsome Morning Podcast Fearsome Morning Podcast Narrated Comedy Series In a brand-new work that is 90% fiction and 10% delusion, listen as Joe, an optimistic Los Angeles transplant and personal assistant to the 14th sexiest man alive, provides you with thrilling insights into the world of the Hollywood elite, including things that Oprah has thrown out, gas station celebrity look-alike sightings, and secret studio donut-choosing hierarchies. , , ,
Feminist Fairytales Feminist Fairytales Narrated Multigenre Anthology Once upon a time, the stories you wish you'd heard as a child came to life... before your very ears. Anything but Grimm, these fantastical intersectional tales celebrate sexuality, inclusivity, and gender playfulness. Infuse your day with mystery, mirth, and a new view of what's possible. Feminist Fairytales is an anthology series that features the work of many writers. , , ,
Feral Productions Feral Productions Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Feral brings fresh perspective to familiar environments. Giving voice to the essence of place through site-specific, multi-sensory productions. Now for your ears, too. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Festival of the Mind Festival of the Mind Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Podcasts from the Festival of the Mind - a biennial celebration of the University of Sheffield's world-class research, showcasing collaborative projects produced by the University's researchers and artistic talent from Sheffield's creative industries. , , , ,
Ficsuasion Ficsuasion Narrated Multigenre Anthology The combination of Fiction and audio Persuasion, brings you Ficsuasion, a podcast that puts you in a storytelling experience that allows the listener to feel like all the drama and action is happening around you, every story is fiction based, different genres by different writers but same voices. , , , ,
FICTION FLASH FICTION FLASH Narrated Multigenre Anthology You've arrived at a weekly flash fiction podcast, so look sharp. Here you'll find [...] quick-fire stories and vignettes about one paragraph in length. Warning: May contain a British accent.Some episodes of this podcast are in .MOV file format. , , , ,
Fiction For the Future Fiction For the Future Narrated Science Fiction Anthology The world of science fiction, although it sometimes seems so far away from what we know as reality, has roots in the world around us today. Add in some extreme imagination and a radical escalation of human capabilities or imperfections, and there is some pretty viable material to build on. Perhaps that is why some say the genre is uniquely equipped to hold up a mirror to the present. We at Mayday Magazine happen to believe in the power… , , ,
Fictional Fictional Narrated Multigenre Anthology From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic lit. These are the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, The Three Musketeers. They're stories written by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and H.P. Lovecraft, but with a casual, modern tone. Listen as Jason and Carissa Weiser breathe new life into the classics and tell the stories of some of the greatest books ever written. , , ,
Fierce Firelight Fierce Firelight Narrated Multigenre Anthology Stories of truth, beauty, heroism, and horror. Maximalist Artpunk Weird Fiction.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleReading: Horatius at the Bridge (1842) , , , ,
Figments Figments Narrated Multigenre Anthology A literary fiction experience you'll love. Listen biweekly for short fiction adorned with audio illustration. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleRooster anthology mature multigenre narrated podcast , , , ,
Filled Cups Waiting To Be Spilled Filled Cups Waiting To Be Spilled Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Welcome! Filled Cups Waiting To Be Spilled is a collection of 3 short stories, written by yours truly, in celebration of Ray Bradbury's 100th birthday. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts , , ,
Filthy Henry - The Fairy Detective Filthy Henry - The Fairy Detective Narrated Urban Fantasy Thriller Series Filthy Henry is Dublin's first and foremost fairy detective. Something of a niche job since most people do not know that fairies are even real, let alone need a detective. But when The King of the Leprechauns has his crock of gold stolen by some humans he requires the services of a detective. Lucky for him Filthy Henry is just the man he needs. The only problem is nobody in the world can stand him. Which does not really… , , , , , ,
Fin's Fishtales Fin's Fishtales Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fictional short stories created for your listening pleasure. Some old, some new, some not yet written. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleHope Springs anthology multigenre narrated podcast , , ,
Finding Time Finding Time Narrated Science Fiction Series Finding Time is a Science Fiction Audiobook Podcast following the adventures of Caleb as he travels the universe. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Acast Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleIntroduction narrated podcast science_fiction series , , ,
Finish It! Finish It! Narrated Multigenre Comedy Anthology Each week, Matt and Chris get one attempt each at an interactive fiction book until they read every single ending. Will they ever choose every adventure? Will anyone listen?! Join them on their descent into a madness of their own design. , , , ,
Finny's Star Finny's Star Narrated Mystery Thriller Series Finny's Star is a popular children's adventure story by Sam Bartram. Sam also narrates the story, which follows the adventures of Peter and his friend Millie as they learn things are far from how they appear on a remote Scottish island. , , , ,
Fire on the Mound Fire on the Mound Narrated Fantasy Series “The fire does not come from the mind.” One thousand years ago... Mtilan, the Unborn King, pledged his life to Legion, the fallen spirit from beyond the veil of time. Through dark and forbidden magic the broken man gained both immortality and incredible power – but lost his soul. , , ,
First Realm First Realm Narrated Fantasy Series A fantasy fiction podcast about three shamans who travel through a portal into the first realm with the hope of finding medicinal plants to treat the ailments of the world. After one of the shamans goes rogue, the others meet Astramus who guides them through a strange land dominated by centaurs coexisting with unicorns, faerie, and many mysterious creatures unknown to humans on Earth. , , ,
First Street First Street Narrated Drama Series Four recent law school graduates clerk for the Supreme Court, navigating life and love while confronting the toughest cases of their generation. As any young lawyer knows, clerking for a Supreme Court Justice could make or break your career before it even begins. Tensions are already high as four very different candidates vie for the highly coveted positions, their reasons for being there informed by their backgrounds— and personal baggage. But as they ta… , , ,
Five Minute Folklore Five Minute Folklore Narrated Folklore Anthology Five Minute Folklore is a UK based podcast where every episode focuses on a different famous mythological figure. Through atmospheric story-telling we learn the condensed origins of folklore tales from all over the world, and also take a look at varying interpretations, cultural differences, and how the stories have influenced other media. , , ,
Flash Fiction in Five Flash Fiction in Five Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to 'Flash Fiction in Five,' a bi weekly podcast where you can listen to complete stories in about five minutes that will intrigue you, inspire you or pull at your heart strings. I'm an Australian flash fiction writer who's fascinated by the power of language to capture the imagination. Every week I explore a broad range of themes and styles including: love/loss, complex relationships, suspense/mystery and family. You'll be captivated… , , , ,
Flash Fiction Online Flash Fiction Online Narrated Multigenre Anthology Flash Fiction Online is a free source of professional flash fiction – complete stories of 1,000 or fewer words. It includes stories from award-winning authors as well as first-time publications. , , ,
Flashbangs and Frag Grenades Flashbangs and Frag Grenades Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fanfiction and original fiction recorded by a professional voice actor Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample01 – Wherefore Cometh Light anthology fan_fiction multigenre narrated podcast relaxing , , , , ,
Flawless Flawless Narrated Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Series Charlotte is a fairly normal teenager despite the family tragedy that still haunts her. Since her mother's accident Charlotte has had to learn to live in care and oblige her social workers by attending regular therapy appointments. Of course, she doesn't tell them everything. Lots of teenagers get bullied about the way they look and she's had enough pity from grown-ups. , , , ,
Fly Like the Seagull Fly Like the Seagull Narrated Comedy Anthology ​The fictional town of Northboro is estranged from its faith, the relationships are fraught with infidelities and art has been relegated to a topical afterthought. Its denizens desperately need a new mythology, an unlikely angel—a polymorph with , , , ,
Flying in the Face of Fate Flying in the Face of Fate Narrated Fantasy Series This is a fantasy, LGBT+ narrative podcast which tells the story of two men travelling their way across the continent. Lin Chasso is the newest generation of a family stretching back thousands upon thousands of years, maintaining the largest and best wizarding school in the country. After some business in a small town at the other end of the continent, he needs some help getting back home. That's where Caelan comes in. The mercenary has been … , , , ,
Foggy Oak Fairy Tales Foggy Oak Fairy Tales Narrated Children's Anthology Never enough children's story content in your podcast feed? Foggy Oak Fairy Tales is a cozy, weekly short stories podcast for kids! We tell farm stories from real-life happenings on Foggy Oak Farm as well as fantasy tales to spark both learning and imagination. Put a story on at bedtime, during car rides, or any time, to transport your child somewhere new! , , ,
Folxlore Folxlore Narrated Horror Anthology Three poetic queer horror stories set against the dark backdrop of Glasgow, Scotland's scariest city. Folxlore tells the stories of queer people living literally and figuratively between two worlds. In one sense, we try to live normal lives while the world tells us we are not normal. , , ,
Fool Mental Alchemist Fool Mental Alchemist Narrated Horror Anthology I tell short horror stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleSons anthology horror mature narrated podcast , , , ,
For Bling And Country - The Dusty Sweeney Show For Bling And Country - The Dusty Sweeney Show Narrated Musical Comedy Series Alien-abducted, borderline-banjoholic Irish singer Dusty Sweeney defiantly returns to Earth vowing to 'Make Gingham Great Again' through his unorthodox Country music radio show called 'For Bling And Country' , , , ,
For The Record For The Record Narrated Horror Series For The Record is a new podcast made by fans of The Magnus Archives, exploring the world beyond the institute and the statements that could have been. See a new side to a cosmology of fear. New episodes release on the last Saturday of the month. , , , ,
Forever Foreign Forever Foreign Narrated Drama Series The Forever Foreign podcast is a fictional story following the audio diary of one English teacher and his friends in Japan. It's whimsical, sometimes funny, and it's often based on real experiences from people who've lived in the land of the rising sun. , , , , ,
Forfeit Forfeit Narrated Multigenre Anthology Gamut Worlds presents stories from Forfeit - A Collection of Short Stories by author Rustin Petrae, read for you by the talented Christopher Meglin. Forfeit is a collection of eight, original short stories from author Rustin Petrae (Histories of Purga Novels & The Bane Pack Novels). The theme of this collection is the word forfeit. In each story, a character has to forfeit something important to them. Their minds. Their ideals. Their innocence. Their l… , , ,
Forgotten Creatures Forgotten Creatures Narrated Horror Thriller Series Detective May Adamos has just been transferred to the police precinct in Ojai, Ca to digitalize cases from the long closed down department of investigations. Join her in this [...] horror fiction podcast as she explores each case and realizes that all is not what it seems. , , , , , ,
Forgotten Sci-Fi Forgotten Sci-Fi Narrated Science Fiction Anthology An anthology series of great, but unheralded, science fiction from the Golden Age, the Gilded Age, and the Victorian Era. Unadapted, presented in its original form. The stories vary from character-driven to narrative, with everything in between. , , ,