At Arm's Length

Narrated Thriller Series

Internationally-acclaimed fashion designer, Gabrielle Ibrahim, returns after a long absence to establish herself in the country she was born in, Nigeria. A worldwide waiting list for her exclusive shoe and bag brand, as well as being the daughter of the real estate mogul par excellence in Lagos, have made her the dream cover for every reputable magazine editor. But the elusive Gabrielle is a woman shrouded in mystery and adept at keeping everyone at arm's length, and she will need to step out of her comfort zone and ask for help from the most unexpected sources in order to tear down the intricate web of lies that has been spun around her. Is knowing the truth worth risking her existing complicated and very fragile family relationships? Gabrielle will need to decide whether to shut the door forever to the questions that have always plagued her, or walk into the scary embrace of the unknown. To find out Gabrielle's decision, you can't afford to miss a single episode of the audio drama “At Arm's Length.”


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