Psycho Surfer of the Apocalypse

Narrated Science Fiction Comedy Series

Psycho Surfer is the story of Nick Novella, an Italian Jersey hit man from the early 90's who while attempting to assassinate the Pope is kidnapped and wakes up on an operating table. After being put under he wakes up again in a future version of Earth. Because the planet has endured a thermonuclear war and all society as we know it has been destroyed, he doesn't know where he is or how he got there or even worse, what time period it is. He ponders the time period thing over and over because he now has to face deadly violent mutants, cyborgs and alien creatures on a daily basis. Because the bombs have cracked all the tectonic plates all over the planet, Nick also has to deal with the problem of tsunami like tidal waves appearing at any moment to destroy him as he searches for his identity and a way back home to who he was.



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