Narrated Steampunk Series

The Aldersgate is a steampunk western of epic scale, where the fate of the world rests on a final showdown between steam and sorcery.

Cora Grey is a seventeen year old Alderclass girl who loves stories of chivalry and romance. But it isn't easy being one of only five girls in Vell, the small Territories town where her father is the Alderman. Just as she finally musters up the courage to tell her best friend, the blacksmith's son Brick, how she truly feels about him, all the hells break loose.

The Order of the Oak, the Queen's messenger knights, sweep through Vell and abduct all Alderclass girls–including Cora's younger sister Denna. Cora narrowly escapes with the help of her maid Gem, and the town's eccentric inventor, a diminutive woman named Professor. They descend into darkness and Cora finds herself an unwelcome guest in a wondrous underground city called the Nithings, inhabited by the peculiar Sibs. Which would be welcome–except that the Sibs, and their home, aren't supposed to exist outside of fairy stories at all.

Cora's story, along with those of the bard Emry Roy, the knight Sir Sylvan DeLoire, Princess Ellinora, and the queen's high counselor Kaythra Bav, sets the stage for a coming war between technology and magic and draw them all toward the Aldersgate, where the final outcome will determine the fate of their world.


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