Werewolf of Connemara

Narrated Urban Fantasy Horror Series

Werewolf of Connemara tells the story of The Sodhoppers, an Irish band who never had a hit single but had more supernatural experiences than any other act in musical history. Barreling around the countryside in their beat-up old van, they would meet some of the strangest creatures ever to darken the doors of a rural dancehall.

Four lads who grow up in a harsh 1960's Industrial School (Orphanage) dream of being in a band, but once they escape that dreaded institution their path to musical greatness is sidetracked by a host of fiends they meet along the byroads of rural Ireland, including vampires, a fairy seductress and the mysterious werewolf who runs a lonely dancehall in the middle of Connemara.

Werewolf of Connemara is told through the eyes of Fergal McGettigan, lead guitarist with The Sodhoppers. Incarcerated in the Industrial School from a young age, Fergal's quest is not only one of musical fulfillment, but a desperate search for his long lost brother and sisters.

Though each bizarre adventure after another seems to bring Fergal no closer to his ultimate goals, hidden behind these fantastical encounters may lie the truth about the fate of his long lost family.


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