Low Life

Narrated Horror Comedy Series

This horror-comedy features a chupacabra exterminator and a marine biology student who become unlikely allies while solving a monstrous murder.

Ever since the Florida swamps went feral a few years back, Brad Marlin has been killing chupacabras. But on a standard house call for a student new to the area, things go horribly wrong. Brad's coworker is murdered, and not, Brad suspects, by the standard sucker they've all gotten used to. A new monster is in their midst.

But there's more than one secret hiding in the swamp: a missing millionaire's daughter, a top-secret government project, and a radical environmental justice group all collide to give this twisty mystery an explosive conclusion.

Low Life is a Realm production, created and written by Steve Marcarelli and Billy Lalor. Listen Away.



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