After the Virus - a Surviralist's Journal

Narrated Science Fiction Series

From the post-apocalyptic novel After the Virus - A Surviralist's Journal[…]. When a deadly mutated virus sweeps the globe, survival expert Will Scott knows that his only chance is in the remote Ishi Wilderness, once the domain of “America's last wild Indian”. He soon finds that surviving the elements is nothing compared to the relentless pursuit of a failed-state militia bent on killing every “surviralist” existing outside of the quarantine zone. When he rescues a teenage girl named Hope, whose family has been slaughtered and trains her in wilderness self-sufficiency, her skills eventually exceed even his. His compassion is repaid when Hope becomes the provider and the warrior needed for them to endure. Told first-person in the style of a daily diary, each episode contains one or more day's journal entries of nearly 12 months on the run in the wild.



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