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  "House, M.D." Fanmade Audio Drama "House, M.D." Fanmade Audio Drama Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL895215BA3584CB7F&feature=plcp> Description “House, M.D.” Fanmade Audio Drama is a six-part fan fiction audio drama that puts characters from the television series House, M.D. into the world of DC superheroes. It is presented as a series of streaming YouTube videos. , , ,
24-Hours 24-Hours Narrated Superhero Series A boy named quaylon Jefferies in a world of weird and hurt he has to save the world in a year will he do it find out Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample24-Hours series 2 (Trailer) (M4A File) fan_fiction narrated podcast series superhero , , , ,
Air Boy Junior Air Boy Junior Full Cast Superhero Series Air Boy was a hero. Air boy Junior was one too. Now he wants to live a normal life with his family. Can he... This is the Prequel to the audio series Jet Boy! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWhat IS Air Boy Junior , , ,
Air Woman Air Woman Full Cast Superhero Series Her Uncle and Cousin were famous Crime Fighters (Air Boy and Air Boy Jr) and her younger cousin is just starting out (Jet Boy). She is ready to go in this comedy drama! Can she do this... Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , ,
  Alpha City News with Craig Allen Alpha City News with Craig Allen Homepage * Website: <http://alphacitynews.libsyn.com/> Description Alpha City News with Craig Allen is a mock newscast from Alpha City, a city populate with many superheroes and villains. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * SoundCloud page * Mixcloud page free superhero ,
  Amazing Pulp Adventures Starring Mister Adventure Amazing Pulp Adventures Starring Mister Adventure Homepage * Website: <http://www.pulpadventures.net/> Description Amazing Pulp Adventures Starring Mister Adventure is a campy superhero audio drama done in the style of old time radio show. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link comedy free full_cast sound_effects superhero , , , ,
Apex Shadow Apex Shadow Full Cast Superhero Series A dark superhero audio drama. Follow the lives of Kate Kavanaugh, a detective mad at the world, and Jack Dobson, a troubled social worker trying to pick up its pieces, as they navigate a reality ruled by would-be gods in capes— and as a serial killer lurks in the shadows— watching. Waiting. Planning. , , , ,
  Arrival Point Productions Arrival Point Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.arrivalpointproductions.com/> Description Arrival Point Productions has produced a short audio drama (with accompanying “motion comic” images) adaptation of the Spider-Man comic book story “The Death of Spider-Man”. It is available as a streaming YouTube video. , , ,
Audio Diary of a Superhero Audio Diary of a Superhero Narrated Superhero Series In a world where deities walk the streets and work miracles, including bestowing select humans with superpowers, all creative writing major Adira Collins wants is to be cured of her disabling chronic illness. Instead, she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for - superpowers, a life-debt to a deity, an arch-nemesis (or is she a love interest?), a feud with a , , ,
  AVENGERS: The Radio Play at Granite State Comicon 2013 AVENGERS: The Radio Play at Granite State Comicon 2013 Homepage * Website: <http://youtu.be/5_cLs2FqPpw> Description AVENGERS: The Radio Play at Granite State Comicon 2013 is a video of several notable voice actors – best known for their work in many popular cartoon programs – performing scenes from the superhero film , , , ,
  Axiom-man Axiom-man Homepage * Website: <http://canisterx.com/> Description Axiom-man is superhero story by A.P. Fuchs, who has made it available as a free digital audiobook. Additional Links * Podobooks.com page * RSS feed * iTunes link free superhero ,
Batman : Stained Heir Batman : Stained Heir Full Cast Superhero Series Batman : Stained Heir is a non-profit fan-made audio drama written by Jason Ortega based on the characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The story follows Batman as he tackles The Executioner and faces a crumbling relationship with Jason Todd following his run as The Red Hood. , , , , ,
Batman II Audio Play Batman II Audio Play Full Cast Superhero Series Batman II Audio Play Based on the Unused Batman Returns Sam Hamm Script Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleBatman II Audio Play Based on the Unused Batman Returns Sam Hamm Script Part 1 fan_fiction full_cast podcast series superhero , , , ,
  Batman | Halloween of Hell Batman | Halloween of Hell Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvv9dX4wVcw> Description Batman | Halloween of Hell is a one-episode audio drama that is meant to be a test for a possible Batman audio drama series. It is available as a steaming YouTube video. ... fan_fiction full_cast sound_effects superhero , , ,
  Batman: Breakdown Batman: Breakdown Homepage * Website: <http://digitaldrift.podbean.com/e/batman-breakdown-audio-drama-1438078417/> Description Batman: Breakdown is a full cast fan fiction audio drama based on the characters and setting of Batman. It is described by its creator as “an Elseworlds tale that takes place after the 2005 storyline , , , , ,
  Batman: Death of the Family Radio Drama Batman: Death of the Family Radio Drama Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpumFRzo7_k> Description Batman: Death of the Family Radio Drama is an unofficial audio drama adaptation of the DC comic book story Batman: Death of the Family, the plot of which involves the return of Batman's arch-enemy, the Joker, who plans to kill all of the people that Batman cares about. It was created by by Nick Jurczak and Erik Jaworski for an Ithaca College audio workshop class, and is ava… , , ,
Batman: The Audio Adventures Batman: The Audio Adventures Full Cast Superhero Series A tale of life and death in Gotham City. After years of vigilante crimefighting, Batman prepares to become an official Gotham employee, deepening the rift between himself and Catwoman, who's been using Gotham criminals as her personal ATM. Meanwhile, Two- Face is deteriorating, his two halves at war and his obsession with duality out of control - which his rival the Penguin is more than happy to take advantage of. The Riddler, after year… , , , ,
Batman: The Long Halloween Batman: The Long Halloween Full Cast Superhero Series Batman: The Long Halloween is a 13-issue comic book limited series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. This is a fan made audio adaptation of that series. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Birds Of Prey: Outcry Birds Of Prey: Outcry Full Cast Superhero Series A Fan-Made sequel to Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey. A year after the formation of Birds Of Prey, a tragedy leads to an uprising in Gotham City. Can our heroes make their voices heard, or will they succumb to the fear? , , , , ,
  Blake M. Petit Blake M. Petit Homepage * Website: <http://blakemp.wordpress.com/> Description Blake M. Petit is a writer who has made several of his stories available as free audiobooks. Titles A Long November: A Tale of Christmas Come Too Early --... Other People's Heroes ...... Additional Links , ,
BLAZE BLAZE Narrated Superhero Series BLAZE is an m/m superhero romance story podcast read by the author, Christa Tomlinson. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links SoundCloud YouTube Listen to a SampleBLAZE A Superhero Romance Podcast. Chapter 1 mature narrated podcast series superhero , , , ,
Bloodstain Bloodstain Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Follow the everyday, mundane adventures of the hyper-violent vigilante Bloodstain and his roommate Steve as they try to coexist in their Cleveland, Ohio apartment. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Bobby Wonder Bobby Wonder Full Cast Children's Superhero Series Bobby just found out he's from another planet, he has superpowers, and Mighty Mila is out to get him! At least protecting his hometown of Pflugerville will be a little easier with Grabstack, his constant companion, at his side. , , , , ,
Calamity At Work Calamity At Work Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series A supervillain's sitcom, where Calamity at work is calamity at work. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleThe Pilot (M4A File) comedy full_cast mature podcast series superhero , , , , ,
CAPES AND CROOKS CAPES AND CROOKS Role-Playing Superhero Comedy Series Meet the newest ragtag members of Project Deadbeat. A secret governmental program that tries to turn Costumed Supervillains into black ops soldiers. But when the original team dies prematurely the only ones left to fill the void will be an Bear Man, A Stage Magician, A Religious Robot and A Fossil. , , , , ,
  Catalyst Media Catalyst Media Homepage * Website: <http://catalystmediauk91188.podomatic.com/> Description Catalyst Media produces short works of audio drama. They also have a number of serialized fan fiction Batman audio dramas in pre-production. Titles Catalyst Media Shorts A series of one-off performances. , , , ,
  Chaotic Aura Chaotic Aura Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticAura9> Description Chaotic Aura is a YouTube channel that, among other content, presents readings of short horror stories, as well as a short full cast adaptation of a Batman story. Additional Links * Chaotic Pasta playlist full_cast horror streaming superhero , , ,
Cinematic Sound Saturdays Cinematic Sound Saturdays Full Cast Multigenre Anthology This series is a collection of audio dramas written, performed, produced, and recorded by students at Columbia College Chicago. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleBabylon Wisconsin: Episode 1 , , , , , ,
  Circus-13 Productions Circus-13 Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.circus13productions.com/> Description Circus-13 Productions is an audio drama co-operative offering original and fan-fiction shows voiced by amateur actors. Additional Links * RSS feed fan_fiction fantasy free full_cast horror science_fiction sound_effects superhero , , , , , , ,
  Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited Homepage * Website: <http://www.cobaltcity.libsyn.com/> Description Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited is a full cast superhero audio drama with comedic elements. The characters are drawn from Cobalt City -- a shared fiction universe originally created by Nathan Crowder and published by Timid Pirate Publishing in Seattle, WA. , , , ,
  ComicWeb ComicWeb Homepage * Website: <http://www.comicweb.com/> Description ComicWeb offers podcasts of old time radio shows, with a specific podcast for episodes of the Superman old time radio show. They also offer old time radio shows for sale. Additional Links * Old Time Radio Programs RSS feed * Superman Old Time Radio Programs RSS feed for_sale free old_time_radio superhero , , ,
  Conversations with Superheroes Conversations with Superheroes Homepage * Website: <https://www.conversationswithsuperheroes.com/> Description Conversations with Superheroes is a comedic audio drama series that presents “a radio show interviewing fictional superheroes, exploring the inner conflicts of the world's caped vigilantes. , , , ,
Crimson Garnet Crimson Garnet Full Cast Superhero Series A young man embarks on a journey to be a superhero, and stop any evil that crosses his path! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCrimson Garnet: Bronze and Lead – LOST EPISODE – Lion's Den Audiobook and Drama Podcast , , , ,
Critical Bits Critical Bits Role-Playing Superhero Comedy Series Critical Bits is an absurd, slapstick comedy with dashes of trauma, body horror, and anti-authoritarian humor. [...] Critical Bits: The world's only(?) queer teenage superhero body horror actual play podcast. , , , , , ,
  Curious Echo Radio Theater Curious Echo Radio Theater Homepage * Website: <http://www.curiousecho.org/> Description Curious Echo Radio Theater produces full cast audio drama. Their site contains a podcast of their serial adventure Beware The Moon Wraith: The Orb Of Phoebe, the tale of a supernatural crime fighter, and a science fiction comedy , , , , ,
Dangerous Christian Dangerous Christian Full Cast Superhero Series A New Kind of Superhero! Join Dan and his AI companion SWORD as they investigate the mystery that involves a city and a huge corporation. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleDangerous Christian S1 Episode 1 – Lion's Den Audiobook and Drama Podcast , , , , ,
  Darker Projects Darker Projects Homepage * Website: <http://www.darkerprojects.com/> Description Darker Projects produces original audio drama that focuses on horror and science fiction. They also produce fan fiction stories about Doctor Who and Star Trek, as well as others. Titles Alive Inside , , , , , , , , , , ,
  David Alan Hall David Alan Hall Homepage * Website: <http://www.youtube.com/user/carabimero> David Alan Hall is a writer who has made some of his audio productions available as streaming YouTube videos. Titles The Adventures of Captain Triangle A 16-episode comedic superhero audio drama. Melcor's Memoirs , , , , ,
  David Pierczynski David Pierczynski Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/AudioDramaTheater> Description David Pierczynski has a YouTube channel that offers a pair of full cast audio dramas presented as streaming videos. One audio drama is a superhero adventure styled after old time radio shows, and the other is a short comedic skit about Santa Claus and two of his inventive elves. , , ,
  Dazzlered & Confused Dazzlered & Confused Homepage * Website: <http://www.comicbookqueers.com/?s=Dazzlered+%26+Confused> Dazzlered & Confused is a podcast that presents a parody of the Marvel comic book super hero Dazzler, in which she hosts a mature-themed gossip show. comedy fan_fiction mature_content superhero , , ,
  DC Entropy DC Entropy Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/wolf-beaumont> Description DC Entropy produces a fan fiction audio drama series titled “See No Evil” which is set within the DC Comics superhero universe, but in a 19th century Gotham City. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link , , , , ,
  Decoder Ring Theatre Decoder Ring Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://www.decoderringtheatre.com/> Description Decoder Ring Theatre is a Toronto-based audio theater company that produces full cast audio dramas performed in the style of classic old-time radio shows. New episodes are released on the 1st and 15th of each month. , , , ,
Doc Danger and the Danger Squad Doc Danger and the Danger Squad Full Cast Musical Thriller Series Brilliant scientist Doc Danger! Jesai of the Jaguars, protector of the jungle! Lunar cowgirl Satellite Sally and her sidekick, Clare de Lune! The enigmatic detective known only as The Lady in Black! The stakes are high as these formidable and beautiful heroines are faced with the reality-warping genius of Professor Z, who threatens to un-make the entire universe. , , , , ,
Doleo Doleo Narrated Superhero Thriller Series A fiction audiobook with effects and dramatization, presented in serial format, DOLEO tells the story of a truly decent man with a unique affliction, who, via the trying experiences of his life, reaches a breaking point propelling him into the world of vigilantism. Upon embarking on this well-intentioned mission, DOLEO evolves into a vigilante story unlike any you've ever read or heard, with an emphasis on realism, it explores the overwhelming odds, sl… , , , , ,
Echoes Of The Knight Echoes Of The Knight Full Cast Superhero Series Echoes of The Knight Is a Non-Profit Fan Made Batman Audio Drama inspired by the Golden Age roots of the character, and seeks to give new talent the chance to tell unique Batman stories in a format relatively unexplored by the Dark Knight. , , , , ,
  Eric and the Legion Eric and the Legion Homepage * Website: <http://ericandthelegion.podbean.com/> Description Eric and the Legion is a podcast in which host Eric Gaines reads aloud from his collection of Silver Age Legion of Superheroes comic books (DC Archive Editions), describing the illustrations and occasionally adding his own comments. , ,
  Eric Busby Presents Eric Busby Presents Homepage * Website: <http://ericbusbypresents.com/> Description Eric Busby Presents is the website for Eric Busby, writer and producer of audio dramas, most notably the Darker Projects horror series The Byron Chronicles. His website offers the latest episodes of The Byron Chronicles , , , ,
  Fantastic Four #1 Radio Theater Fantastic Four #1 Radio Theater Homepage * Website: <http://talkingcomicbooks.com/2015/09/02/special-issue-fantastic-four-1-radio-theater/> Description Fantastic Four #1 Radio Theater is a special episode of the Talking Comics podcast in which people perform a lighthearted audio adaptation of issue #1 of the superhero comic book , , ,
  Frozen In Time Frozen In Time Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YruQGNFngsg> Description Frozen In Time is a short superhero audio drama performed by children. It is available as a streaming YouTube video. children full_cast sound_effects streaming superhero , , , ,
  FusionAngelFuAn FusionAngelFuAn Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/FusionAngelFuAn> Description FusionAngelFuAn is a YouTube channel of an amateur voice actor (who goes by the online name FusionAngelFuAn) who, among other short voice acting samples, has a few full cast skits recreating other works. , , , ,
  Geekshow Geekshow Homepage * Website: <http://www.geekshow.us/> Description Geekshow is a website that hosts a number of podcasts related to “geek interests”. Two of their podcasts are serialized audio dramas. Titles Geek By Night Queen Witch Additional Links * Geek By Night RSS feed , , , ,
Genesis Avalon Genesis Avalon Full Cast Superhero Fantasy Series There's a new superhero in town, but she'll have to learn to save herself before she can save anyone else. A complete 50 episode superhero show incorporating mythology, Arthurian legend, and elements of fantasy. , , , , ,
Gotham Audio Theatre Gotham Audio Theatre Full Cast Superhero Series Batman fan fiction audio theatre written and produced by Thomas Oakland. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts SoundCloud Listen to a SampleBatman - Fathers & Sons (M4A File) fan_fiction full_cast podcast series superhero , , , ,
  Gotham High Audio Drama Gotham High Audio Drama Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFoow8rdYxH3Jxtxym15XSw> Description Gotham High Audio Drama is an audio drama, currently in pre-production, that depicts characters from Batman as teenagers in high school. It is based on an animated series that was was pitched to Warner Brothers, but never developed. Episodes are available as streaming YouTube videos. , , , ,
  GraphicAudio GraphicAudio Homepage * Website: <http://www.graphicaudio.net/> Description GraphicAudio is an audiobook publisher. The GraphicAudio format features a full cast of actors, narration, sound effects and cinematic music. GraphicAudio has published over 500 action-adventure titles and 20 series in the fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, comic, and western genres. , , , , , , ,
Gwyn's Shorts Gwyn's Shorts Full Cast Superhero Science Fiction Series The audio adventures of The Legends of Tomorrow (with a focus on Gwyn Davies). Website RSS Feed Additional Links YouTube Listen to a SampleLove is Love is Love is Love fan_fiction full_cast podcast science_fiction series superhero , , , , ,
Hero's Guide Hero's Guide Full Cast Superhero Series If you are hearing this, then you must be a hero in training. With that being said- man, I feel bad for you. But don't worry, we've taken the liberty of recording one very.....interesting case heroism as a sort of training guide. From fighting bad guys to something as simple as picking a hero name - Charlie and the gang are here to help you all through it. , , , ,
  Heroes Rise: The Prodigy Heroes Rise: The Prodigy Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYNxMiNXdJLYxMlomhdmlWxVA1gtYXxT8> Description Heroes Rise: The Prodigy is a YouTube playlist of streaming videos in which presents a reading of an online interactive story about a superhero in the 22nd century, in a large and futuristic city called Millenial City, with occasional pieces of music and sound effects are added. ,
  Heroic Efforts Productions Heroic Efforts Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.heroic-efforts.blogspot.com/> Description Heroic Efforts Productions makes audio fan fiction stories for Doctor Who and DC comic book superheroes. doctor_who fan_fiction free superhero , , ,
Heroics Heroics Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series When their comic-shop-as-a-front beings to struggle, threatening to expose them to the world, a group of superheroes experiment with different career paths a little more... villainous than heroic. Mature , , , , ,
  Hoverboy Hoverboy Homepage * Website: <http://www.hoverboy.com/> Description Hoverboy is an audio drama series about a fictional 1950s superhero who has more patriotism than good sense. “” Additional Links * YouTube channel comedy full_cast sound_effects streaming superhero , , , ,
  Howard The Duck #1 Howard The Duck #1 Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne-_KxjSDKA> Description Howard The Duck #1 is a short audio drama adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name, featuring the ill-tempered, anthropomorphic duck from another dimension. The audio drama is produced by , , ,
  In My Daydreams In My Daydreams Homepage * Website: <http://inmydaydreams.com/> Description In My Daydreams is the website for writer Jim Zoetewey, who has made his superhero series of stories The Legion of Nothing available as free audiobooks. Titles The Legion of Nothing The Legion of Nothing the Prequels ,
  Infinity Gauntlet Saga Infinity Gauntlet Saga Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc0YsO_JDLM6rw5r3VgOeky3ndPmRaOPL> Description Infinity Gauntlet Saga is a series of dramatic readings of the Marvel comic books The Thanos Quest and The Infinity Gauntlet. They are available as streaming YouTube videos. full_cast sound_effects streaming superhero , , ,
Inhale Inhale Full Cast Superhero Series Tamara Tracer has a past she is hoping to hide. She is known as 'Tracy Tanner' to the residents of Hemlock, and they have no idea who she really is or what she has done. Their quiet librarian is, in fact, a woman with very incredible powers. Tamara's desire to keep her past locked away are challenged when an unwelcome stranger threatens Hemlock. , , ,
  Jade City Pharaoh Jade City Pharaoh Homepage * Website: <http://www.jadecity.webs.com/> Description Jade City Pharaoh is a serialized superhero audio drama that is broadcast on North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC. Episodes are available to listen to online - with more episodes available on the WUNC website than the main homepage. , , ,
Jet Boy Jet Boy Full Cast Superhero Series The Grandson Of Hero Air Boy and Son of Hero David Nelson III, David Nelson IV aka Drew makes his way to becoming a superhero himself, as Jet Boy!!! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWho And What IS a Jet Boy?! , , ,
  JR Todd JR Todd Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/kytodd> Description JR Todd is a YouTube channel that (among other content) offers streaming video versions of old time radio shows and classic spoken word recordings from LP records. adventure full_cast science_fiction sound_effects streaming superhero , , , , ,
Just Us Weirdos Just Us Weirdos Narrated Children's Superhero Series THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID SUPERPOWER Graphetic manipulation -- command over the pencil markings from your homework. The ability to reboot broken computers. Mastery over bananas. Just Us Weirdos is a podcast for kids that tells the story of the group of pre-teens from Quadropolis who have these superpowers. They're going to have to figure out how to use them to save the city. It starts as a simple effort to become the sidekick… , , , , ,
  Kairos Kairos Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/user-639919225> Description Kairos is an audio drama series about a world where superheroes exist and one woman discovers her own powers. Additional Links * RSS feed * YouTube channel free mature_content sound_effects streaming superhero , , , ,
  KWUR Theater of the Air KWUR Theater of the Air Homepage * Website: <https://kwurradiotheater.wordpress.com/> Description KWUR Theater of the Air is a weekly radio show on St. Louis radio station KWUR 90.3 FM. It features selections fro old time radio shows and episodes of modern audio drama stories, as well a original audio drama productions spanning several genres. , , , , , , , , ,
Last Light City Comics Last Light City Comics Role-Playing Superhero Series Last Light City Comics is a superhero fiction actual play. In this show, hosts Hyper and Danni hop from genre to genre, play in long-term single-player tabletop campaigns, and focus in on individual superheroes to explore the many stories happening inside the world of Last Light City. , , , , ,
Legends: A Superhero Story Legends: A Superhero Story Role-Playing Superhero Series Legends: A Superhero Story is an actual play podcast, using the new Legends: Superhero Role Playing Game system, written and created by Jack and Chad Matchette. Set in New Olympus, our story takes place in a world of larger than life heroes and truly terrifying villains - grab your cape and leap into the never ending battle of good vs. evil. It's time to become, Legends! , , , ,
Let's Start Over, Shall We? Let's Start Over, Shall We? Role-Playing Superhero Comedy Series “Let's Start Over, Shall We?” is an actual-play adventure podcast set against the backdrop of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting at the beginning to create an exciting new reality. Using an infamous RPG system FASERIP and a cast of MCU geeks, we have one rule; let the dice fall where they may. , , , ,
  Lost & Forgotten Worlds Lost & Forgotten Worlds Homepage * Website: <https://www.lostandforgottenworlds.com/> Description Lost & Forgotten Worlds is a podcast that presents a group of people playing a variety of tabletop role-playing games. Additional Links * RSS feed * Apple Podcasts link * SoundCloud page fantasy free mature_content role-playing science_fiction superhero star_wars , , , , , ,
Man: The Live Podcast Man: The Live Podcast Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series When the heroes and villains of River City mysteriously lose their superpowers, Marvelous Man and his arch enemy Professor Peril face their greatest challenge yet... surviving as regular people. , , , , , ,
Marvel's Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show! Marvel's Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show! Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Squirrel Girl has taken down Thanos and Doctor Doom – but now she faces something far more terrifying... living authentically. Empire State University college student, Doreen Green, has recently been outed as a Super Hero – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Hoping to unify her personas in the public eye, Squirrel Girl has created a new student radio show on ESU's own college station. With the help of her best gir… , , , ,
Marvel's Wastelanders Marvel's Wastelanders Full Cast Superhero Series Wolverine, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Hawkeye, and Doctor Doom will team up to stop Valeria Richards. She is the smartest woman on Earth, immortal and lonely beyond reason. After surviving a rain of nuclear missiles in Southern California and gaining possession of the reality warping Cosmic Cube, she was driven to the brink of madness. Something mysterious is unfolding in this irradiated , , , ,
Marvel's Wastelanders: Black Widow Marvel's Wastelanders: Black Widow Full Cast Superhero Series Almost thirty years after The Day the Villains Won (aka V-Day), Helen Black arrives at her new apartment in The Onar, a 161-story apartment complex in what used to be Midtown Manhattan. Owned and operated by S.H.I.E.L.D., The Onar has become the very embodiment of the dystopic wealth and inequality that's engulfed New York City ever since V-Day. A collection of uber-rich families – including the media magnate Burge family – occupy … , , , ,
Marvel's Wastelanders: Doom Marvel's Wastelanders: Doom Full Cast Superhero Series After thirty years of imprisonment, Doctor Doom has freed himself and seeks revenge on the former allies who betrayed him on The Day The Villains Won. To achieve this, he teams up with Valeria Richards, the daughter of his most hated enemy, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four – but whose side is she really on? , , , ,
Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye Full Cast Superhero Series Forty years ago, the villains of the world rose up and killed all the heroes. Well, all the heroes that mattered. The sole survivor of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Stephen Lang) is now a sideshow freak, re-living the worst day of his life for paying audiences. He's surly, broken, and losing his sight, but there's still that fire in him to be a hero, to avenge his friends. , , , ,
Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord Full Cast Science Fiction Series In a post-apocalyptic future, Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord finds Peter Quill (Timothy Busfield) and Rocket (Chris Elliott) a little paunchier, a little slower, and a lot saltier than they were during the glory days of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They quickly discover the Earth isn't what it used to be either, when they crash land 30 years after all the world's super villains seized control. , , , , ,
Marvel's Wastelanders: Wolverine Marvel's Wastelanders: Wolverine Full Cast Superhero Series Thirty years ago, Super Villains won. After killing the Avengers, the X-Men, and nearly every other Super Hero, the Red Skull assumed the office of President of the United States. Since that day, a traumatized Wolverine (Robert Patrick) has wandered in a daze of survivor's guilt and self-loathing over his failure to protect his fellow X-Men and their mutant students. , , , ,
Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night Full Cast Superhero Series Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate. They soon find there's more going on than meets the eye. The first scripted podcast from Marvel, starring Celia Keenan-Bolger and Ato Essandoh as Agents Pierce and Marshall, with Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Also featuring Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Zoe Chao, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and Brian Stokes Mitchell. , , , ,
Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail Full Cast Superhero Series Marvel's “Wolverine: The Lost Trail” is an epic quest that takes place in the Louisiana bayou. Following the events of Marvel's “Wolverine: The Long Night,” Logan (Richard Armitage) returns to New Orleans in search of redemption, only to discover that his ex-lover, Maureen is nowhere to be found. And she's not the only one. Dozens of humans and mutants have gone missing, including the mother of a teenage boy, Marcus Baptiste. With … , , , ,
Marvels Marvels Full Cast Superhero Series Based on the graphic novel by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, Marvels takes place in the aftermath of the Fantastic Four’s battle with Galactus, high above New York City for the fate of the world. One intrepid photographer, an ambitious college student, and a cynical journalist embark on an investigation to confirm or debunk one of the most super-powered conspiracy theories of all time. , , , ,
  Matthew Wayne Selznick Matthew Wayne Selznick Homepage * Website: <http://www.mattselznick.com/> Description Matthew Wayne Selznick is an writer who has made his story Brave Men Run available as a free podcast audiobook. -- ... ...... Additional Links * RSS feed * Brave Men Run Podiobooks.com page free superhero ,
Megaton Girl Megaton Girl Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series After getting struck by a radioactive meteor, Connie Opland (Amanda Kay) becomes the latest contender in a world of super hero celebrities: Megaton Girl. With the help of her girlfriend and secret publicist, Laurel Fitz (MIchelle Deco), and her mentor and manager, Kirby (Jason Marnocha), Connie aims dethrone the corrupt and arrogant Captain Valiant (P.M. Seymour) as the greatest hero in the word. , , , , ,
  Merodi Media Merodi Media Homepage * Website: <http://merodi.wordpress.com/> Description Merodi Media is a production group dedicated to creating audio dramas. Previous productions include superhero and Star Trek stories. fan_fiction free full_cast star_trek superhero , , , ,
  Mewd Mewd Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/Mewd> Description Mewd is a YouTube channel that features several comedic full cast audio dramas. Titles Extreme Safety Our Fine President A series of short skits in the form of phone conversations between Secretary of State Richard Hamburgenson and President Ryan Lewis. , , , , ,
MOPS! MOPS! Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series As Superperson travels the world, unsuccessfully attempting to defeat menacing villains, he leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. MOPS, Magnificent Occurrences Purification Services, follows him around to clean up his messes and restore peace while experiencing some drama of their own. , , , ,
Mortalverse Audio Dramas Mortalverse Audio Dramas Full Cast Superhero Anthology The Mortalverse is a collection of Audio Dramas based off the world and characters of DC Comics, all interwoven into a single narrative. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleJustice League: Mortal (FULL AUDIO DRAMA) , , , ,
My Amazing Woman My Amazing Woman Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series A young couple deals with adjustments to married life, not the least of which is that she is also a superhero with friends who are also superheroes. And we have secret agents and lawyers, too. This is a romantic superhero action comedy. , , , ,
  Netsworld Productions Netsworld Productions Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/user/NetsworldProductions> Description Netsworld Productions produces a superhero audio drama series titled The Mistress of Illusion. The audio drama is available as a series of streaming YouTube videos. The YouTube channel also contains other short stories and previews for upcoming audio dramas. , , , , ,
Neuverse Creative Neuverse Creative Full Cast Superhero Anthology Full-cast audio dramas, including adaptations of unproduced screenplays, short stories and more! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleSuperman Lives by Dan Gilroy (Audio Drama) anthology full_cast podcast superhero , , ,
  Normally Ordinary Normally Ordinary Homepage * Website: <http://www.normally-ordinary.com/> Description Normally Ordinary is an audio drama series about a world in which superheroes and villains are commonplace and a college student finds herself becoming involved in supervillainy. Additional Links , ,
Not That Guy Not That Guy Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series It's a 23 Episode Parody Radio Play Style Podcast that tells the story of an Idiot who suddenly finds himself unwittingly thrust into the role of being a hero - basically... Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Oasis Oasis Full Cast Superhero Series Shadow of Spider-man Website RSS Feed Additional Links YouTube Listen to a SampleOasis - Shadow of Spider-man first half full_cast podcast series superhero , , ,
  Old Time Radio Network Old Time Radio Network Homepage * Website: <http://otrnetwork.mevio.com/> Description The Old Time Radio Network is a group of streaming online channels that play old time radio shows. Each channel is dedicated to one particular genre. Additional Links * Old Time Radio Adventures * Old Time Radio Comedy * Old Time Radio Detectives * , , , , , , , , ,
Omegaman Omegaman Full Cast Superhero Series Omegaman is set in an alternate reality of the United States where in 2008, a real life superhero appeared: Omegaman. The story begins in 2019 centered on a reporter visiting a prison specially designed to house supervillains. Her assignment? To interview some of the more prominent villains (some super powered and some not) about their first encounters with Omegaman, in search of uncovering a secret conspiracy. , , , ,
  On Patrol with the Broadcaster On Patrol with the Broadcaster Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/onpatrolwiththebroadcaster> Description On Patrol with the Broadcaster is a comedic audio drama series about a city populated by superheroes and villains being reported on by a radio show broadcaster, who is himself has the superpower of being , , , ,
Otherwhere Otherwhere Role-Playing Superhero Series Six heroes, infinite dimensions. A Masks: a New Generation actual play podcast about super powered teens traveling through the multiverse being heroes, and trying to find a place they might be able to fit. , , , , , ,
Pal Badallion Vs The Evil Tactanicus Pal Badallion Vs The Evil Tactanicus Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series In this NOT-KID FRIENDLY podcast series, washed-up superhero Pal Badallion squares off against his aging arch-nemesis, The Evil Tactanicus! This music driven podcast culminates with a song at the end of every chapter. , , , , , ,
Phonic Phoenix Phonic Phoenix Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Phonic Phoenix Productions creates and distributes graphic audio entertainment programs. Episodes include, both short and long form, full cast, graphic audio sketch comedy skits, gags, and giggles. And feature length, full cast, graphic audio drama. , , , , , , ,
Professor Theo's Mystery Lab Professor Theo's Mystery Lab Narrated Children's Superhero Series The town of Splendid, West Virginia has a higher than average number of kid superheroes, giant bugs, time travelling teens, and much more bizarre activity. Professor Theo's Mystery Lab on the campus of Splendid University is somehow at the heart of it all. Though he doesn't like to divulge all his secrets, the Professor does enjoy sharing his hometown bedtime stories, sure to delight the young, imaginative one in your life. , , , , , ,
Prometheus Radio Theatre Prometheus Radio Theatre Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Prometheus Radio Theatre, a group of experienced Baltimore-area Fan actors, writers and directors, is embarking on what we like to think is a bold, new path (then again, maybe we're just deranged!) We're bringing original, SF radio dramas to Fan audiences at area conventions, and we plan to offer said dramas via CD and streaming audio in the near future. Our current project is an episodic series, The Arbiter Chronicles, which au… , , , , , , , ,
Protean City Comics Protean City Comics Role-Playing Superhero Series Protean City Comics is an Actual Play podcast that uses the game Masks: A New Generation by Magpie Games to tell stories about teenagers as they struggle through high school and discovering who they are. The format of the show attempts to emulate a comic book reading experience including a description for the cover of every episode, letters to the editor page, and episodes released under different comic titles. , , , , ,
  Radio Room Radio Room Homepage * Website: <http://www.radioroomshow.com/> Description Radio Room produces several serialized audio drama in various genres. Their podcast also includes episodes of Production Freebies, where the producers discuss the process of creating audio dramas. ... , , , , ,
Rapid Rita and the Speedster Rapid Rita and the Speedster Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Two superheroes with similar powers in the same city , San Francisco, bumble their ways to becoming the best they can be! Created by James Lott Jr, this is a part comedy, part action audiocomedy! , , , ,
Red Rhino Red Rhino Full Cast Superhero Series WES WHITTAKER is a high school boy who gets superpowers... that are really lame. Despite his undesirable circumstances, Wes and the mysterious Timeline Keeper, EVANGELINE, must learn how to use his annoying powers to save his family , , , ,
RedWing RedWing Full Cast Superhero Series RedWing: The Audio Drama Podcast is the story of Jordan Redfield-Wade, a queer, Black private investigator and philanthropist, living in New Ark City (an alternate history version of our world's Boston). By day, he used his resources to better the lives of the citizens. By night, he protects the city as a vigilante superhero known as RedWing. Charged by the last words of his deceased parents, and with the help of his friends, he hunts down criminals, evildoe… , , , ,
Riverside City Podcast Riverside City Podcast Role-Playing Superhero Series Riverside City Podcast is an actual play D&D 5e podcast set in the world of the Riverside City Chronicles, a modern day setting with Superheroes called Capes and Supervillains called Cowls. Mature , , , , ,
Rogues! The Podcast Rogues! The Podcast Full Cast Superhero Series The lives and misdeeds of the Gotham Rogues, from their perspective. Beginning with The Riddler Speaks, then introducing Dr. Jonathan Crane MD, this series of question-and-answer style episodes eventually became the full-length scripted episodes of Rogues; incorporating appearances by most of the Rogues Gallery, and occasionally the Bats. , , , , ,
Rosevile Rosevile Full Cast Superhero Series Ultraman was the greatest superhero alive, until he suddenly murdered four innocent civilians. Cliff Martin will investigate the reason behind the crime. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleUltraman full_cast podcast series superhero , , ,
  RPGentlemen RPGentlemen Homepage * Website: <http://www.rpgentlemen.com/> Description RPGentlemen is a podcast featuring recordings of various role-playing game campaigns. It also features a comedic fantasy campaign titled The Kain Campaign. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * SoundCloud page comedy fantasy free full_cast mature_content role-playing science_fiction superhero , , , , , , ,
S.H.U. S.H.U. Role-Playing Superhero Comedy Series Podcasts about Supers and Heroes. Listen as they fight crime, and save the world. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAmberville Heroes #0 comedy mature podcast role-playing series superhero , , , , ,
Sailor Moon E Sailor Moon E Full Cast Superhero Series Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Scouts are back with a all new adventure, When a angent evil form Tuxedo Mask past attacks He and the Scouts most find a way to take this evil down! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
  Sailor Moon Neon Goddess Sailor Moon Neon Goddess Homepage * Website: <http://neongoddessaudiodrama.yolasite.com/> Description Sailor Moon Neon Goddess is a full cast fan fiction audio drama based on the Japanese animated series Sailor Moon. Additional Links * PodBean website * YouTube channel fan_fiction free full_cast science_fiction sound_effects superhero , , , , ,
  Saturday Morning Theatre Saturday Morning Theatre Homepage * Website: <http://www.saturdaymorningmedia.com/shows/saturdaymorningtheatre/> Description Saturday Morning Theatre is a childrens audio drama podcast by Grant Baciocco, the creator of The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. Each serialized episode features a family-friendly, full cast production. Episodes so far include superhero and western stories. A new episode is released each Saturday. , , , , ,
  Seat of Our Pants Players' Podcast Seat of Our Pants Players' Podcast Homepage * Website: <https://soopp.podomatic.com/> Description Seat of Our Pants Players' Podcast is a podcast that presents several comedic audio drama series in a variety of genres. Titles KGDY The Lovecraft Detective Agency Rawhide Law , , , , , ,
Second Fiddles Second Fiddles Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Second Fiddles is a fictional audio dramedy about a superhero sidekick support group. Follow the messy lives of its members as they try to make a living sidekicking in Rose City! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
  Smash Tales Smash Tales Homepage * Website: <http://www.marvelnoise.com/> Description Smash Tales is a series of audio performances based on issues of the comic books The Incredible Hulk. The stories are broadcast as part of the Marvel Noise podcast. Additional Links * Marvel Noise RSS feed * Marvel Noise iTunes link fan_fiction free full_cast superhero , , ,
Son of El Son of El Narrated Superhero Series Who is Clark Kent and how did he become Superman? Learn the true story, starting in Smallville, of how this humble man became our greatest hero. Being the strongest won't help Clark meet his greatest challenge; save humanity from our worst tendencies, before we destroy ourselves. , , , ,
  Sound Gorillas Sound Gorillas Homepage * Website: <http://soundgorillas.co.uk/> Description Sound Gorillas are independent audio producers who have a full cast superhero audio drama series titled Code Red. Additional Links * RSS feed * Audioboo page free full_cast sound_effects superhero , , ,
  Spider Ham Radio Spider Ham Radio Homepage * Website: <http://apartofhim.com/spiderhamradio/> Description Spider Ham Radio is a podcast that discusses Spider-Man comics and related news. it also features audio drama adaptations of Spider-Man comic issues. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link free full_cast sound_effects superhero , , ,
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Full Cast Superhero Series The three-year-long love story between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson as they're pulled apart and together by Peter's complicated alter-ego, Spider-Man. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , , ,
Spider-Man: The Audio Drama Spider-Man: The Audio Drama Full Cast Superhero Series Welcome, True Believers, to what we hope will be the first of many episodes for Spider-Man: The Audio Drama. SMtAD was written and directed by long-time Spider-Man comic book fan Joseph Bozlinski, creator of Apex Shadow and head of ValiantShadow Productions, and edited by Christopher Z of Audio Anomaly. SMtAD is our newest addition to the Marvel Audio Drama Universe– fitting in nicely with the existing canon– but it's also the start of an… , , , , ,
  StarForce Media StarForce Media Homepage * Website: <http://wwellssl.wix.com/starforcemedia> Description StarForce Media produces fan fiction audio drama series. They currently have series based on Sailor Moon and Star Trek. Titles Sailor Moon: The Radio Drama ... Star Trek: Lost Universe Additional Links , , , , , ,
  Steve Saylor Steve Saylor Homepage * Website: <http://stevesaylor.net/> Description Steve Saylor is a writer who has made his books available as audiobooks, both free and for purchase. Titles Black Shadow ... The Caffeine Collection A collection of audio short stories. The complete collection is available to purchase and some individual stories are online for free. , ,
Super Kids Audio Stories Super Kids Audio Stories Narrated Children's Superhero Series The podcast starring real kids with customized stories about their adventures as a superhero. Written and narrated by A.L. Knox. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Adventures of J.J. Right #1 - , , , ,
Super Ordinary Super Ordinary Full Cast Superhero Series We all know the story of the charming underdog who gets blessed with powers beyond their control after a freak accident and spends the rest of their life fighting for the greater good of mankind. But what if those abilities came from inside you, from the very worst part of you, and there was nothing you could do to control them? What if every time you tried to help someone, things spiraled out of control, and all you did was cause more damage? , , , ,
  Super Power Hour Super Power Hour Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/will-thede/super-power-hour> Description Super Power Hour is a ten-minute audio drama that contains a pair of tongue-in-cheek superhero stories. The first is about a 1950s superhero named Miracle Man and his sidekick Miracle Man Girl, who fight enemies from the future (1981). The second is about Wonder Woman and how she battles the rival for her love interest's affection. , , , ,
Super Suits Super Suits Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series In a world full of superpowers, where superheroes and supervillains take to the courts as often as they take to the rooftops, Harper Hallo is the newest associate at the biggest law firm in Megalopolis! , , , , ,
  SuperFrenemies SuperFrenemies Homepage * Website: <http://www.superfrenemies.com/> Description SuperFrenemies is a podcast in which superhero nemeses Tropic Cyclone and The Cavalier broadcasts in-character reviews of superhero movies. Additional Links * RSS feed * SoundCloud page comedy free superhero , ,
  SuperHappy Radio Hour SuperHappy Radio Hour Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/user-244367092> Description SuperHappy Radio Hour is a sketch comedy podcast that features stories from various genres performed in the style of old time radio shows and recorded live in front a studio audience. Additional Links , , , , , , , ,
Superhero Confidential Superhero Confidential Full Cast Superhero Series With great power comes major issues. Superhero Confidential is a short-form podcast series introducing superheroes and other characters attending virtual therapy sessions with a synthetic robot named A.I.M.E.E. [Artificial Intelligence Molecular Efficiency Entity]. Required to attend these sessions by the High Council of the Extraordinaries due to recent traumatic events, super villain smackdowns, substance abuse issues, mental illness or othe… , , , ,
Superhuman Public Radio Superhuman Public Radio Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series SPR is an independent, nonprofit media organization that was founded with a single mission: Create a more informed Superheroic public. Every day, SPR connects with millions of Superhumans on the air, online, and in person to explore the news, ideas, and what it means to be Superhuman. Through its network of member stations, SPR makes local stories national, national stories local, and global stories personal. , , , ,
SuperIdols! SuperIdols! Role-Playing Superhero Series SuperIdols! RPG is a narrative play tabletop roleplaying podcast about aspiring teen idols with superpowers. Join GM ErynCerise and a table of queer, gender-diverse players for improvised stories with elements of high school comedy, magical girl anime, showbiz drama, and superhero action! , , , , ,
SUPERSONIC Pod Comics SUPERSONIC Pod Comics Full Cast Superhero Series The SUPERSONIC universe of superheroes is a free, weekly podcast series featuring ongoing series, limited series, and one shot stories! Like the monthly comics of the big publishers, each series releases a new episode every month! Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each series tells its own story but ties into a larger universe! Featuring the powerhouse SUMO GIRL, the secret super team CODENAME: SUPERFORCE, the mystery of THE RANDOMS and their… , , ,
Supervillain Corner Supervillain Corner Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Supervillain Corner is an audio advice column for up and coming villains. Hosted by the ultimate evil overlord and mad scientist Professor Brainfever, it covers the means, methods, and the lives of the evil but likeable hosts. If you want to know how to achieve evil glory, listen to Professor Brainfever, Spine Tingler, Chao-mancer and the rest of the nefarious cast. , , , ,
Tales By Thomas Tales By Thomas Full Cast Superhero Anthology Listen to stories from the mind of indie comic creator Thomas Ryan adapted from some of his most popular indie comic book series. Mature Website RSS Feed Listen to a SampleAverage Joe Part 1 (M4A File) anthology full_cast mature podcast series superhero , , , , ,
Tara Tremendous Tara Tremendous Full Cast Children's Superhero Series After accidentally receiving the powers of every superhero, Tara Callahan must learn how to control her newfound abilities and embrace her destiny to become the most powerful being in the universe. While her powers will make her extraordinary, it's her heart that will make her a superhero to the world - and beyond. , , , ,
Tara Tremendous Superhero Interviews Tara Tremendous Superhero Interviews Full Cast Superhero Series After a freak accident left teenager Tara Callahan with the ability to summon the power of any superhero she wants, she's been learning to control her newfound powers as Tara Tremendous. Now she gets to interview those heroes in one-on-one virtual sessions from her dorm room at Power University! , , ,
The A.I.M.E.E. Allen Show The A.I.M.E.E. Allen Show Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Meet the world's first sentient robot podcast talk show host named A.I.M.E.E (an acronym for Artificially Intelligent Mechanically Enabled Entity) who brings her monotone voice and unbridled passion for pop culture and superheroes to a global audience as host of the funny, strange and quirky podcast, The A.I.M.E.E. Allen Show. , , , , ,
The Adventures of June Bug The Adventures of June Bug Full Cast Superhero Series An action packed audio drama series set in a world similar to ours, The Adventures of June Bug is an original story that combines the ever prevailing super hero genre with the passion and power of a struggling young adult as she tries to make the best choices for her city, and the people she cares about. As she enters upon her journey to be a super hero, she stumbles and deals with real life problems mixed in with the bizarre. Can she over… , , ,
  The Adventures of Superman The Adventures of Superman Homepage * Website: <http://siebener.tumblr.com/> Description The Adventures of Superman is a series of newly reedited episodes of the 1940s old time radio show of the same name. Episodes are edited to enhance the pacing, as well as adding new sound effects and music. , ,
  The Adventures of the Sentinel The Adventures of the Sentinel Homepage * Website: <http://whizbampow.com/the-radio-show/> Description The Adventures of the Sentinel is a audio adventure serial about the adventures of a World War II-era superhero named the Sentinel who protects Metro City and battles against the villain the Black Scarab. The story is from the fictional comic book , , ,
The Adventures of Wonder! The Adventures of Wonder! Full Cast Superhero Series The years of perilous derring-do have finally added up for Richard Martino –– AKA, The Wonder. After seeing the comic adaptation of his life for sale at his local deli, Richard reminisces about old times and ponder his place in the world now, as an aging, retired super hero , , , ,
The Beautiful Liar The Beautiful Liar Full Cast Superhero Series An unlikely super-hero origin story, The Beautiful Liar, is an original scripted series imagined by the band the X Ambassadors. When a blind teenager named Clementine (Rory Anne Dahl) suddenly loses her father, her world is completely upended — powers she didn't know she had start to manifest and take the form of her secret friend, Shadow (Emily Hampshire, Schitt's Creek). Moving to a new school, she struggles to hide her abilities from her friend… , , ,
  The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour Homepage * Website: <http://www.captainpunishmentadventurehour.com/> Description The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour is a comedic audio drama series that parodies old time radio superhero shows. Additional Links * RSS feed * Apple Podcasts link * PodBean website comedy free full_cast mature_content sound_effects superhero , , , , ,
  The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate Homepage * Website: <http://podiobooks.com/title/the-chameleon-chronicles-colors-of-fate/> Description The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate by Andrew S. Leiter is a superhero story that has been made available as a free audiobook. “”“” Additional Links * ,
The Dark Knight Chronicles The Dark Knight Chronicles Full Cast Superhero Series A number of girls have gone missing in Gotham City including the daughter of Amanda Freeman, renowned journalist and reporter for the Gotham Gazette. Can all the girls be linked in some way? Amanda is hell bent on finding out. Meanwhile a new Super Drug is being sold on the streets and the Joker has his eyes set upon bringing a new reign of terror upon Gotham City. Can Batman and Commissioner Gordon along with the G.C.P.D stop this mad man… , , , , ,
  The DesuDes Brigade The DesuDes Brigade Homepage * Website: <http://www.desudesbrigade.com/specials/the-red-scorpion/> Description The DesuDes Brigade is a website that reviews anime, but they have a pulp superhero audio drama series called The Red Scorpion, set in the 1930s. adventure free full_cast sound_effects superhero , , , ,
The Dichotomy The Dichotomy Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Follow the everyday whacky adventures of a superhero/“retired” supervillain power couple facing equally whacky villains. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleA Villain's Monologue (Trailer 1) , , , ,
The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows Full Cast Children's Superhero Series A meta comedy audio series following supervillain Dr. Epicopolis, the self-proclaimed 'genius of all evil' who plots to destroy Earth's superheroes with his loyal but terribly mistreated slog, 1102. , , , , ,
  The Fantastic Four Radio Show The Fantastic Four Radio Show Homepage * Website: See below Description The Fantastic Four Radio Show is a 13-episode radio series, based on the Fantastic Four superhero comic books published by Marvel Comics, broadcast in 1975. The series was narrated by Stan Lee and also starred Bill Murray as the Human Torch. , , ,
The Flash: Escape The Midnight Circus The Flash: Escape The Midnight Circus Full Cast Superhero Series Barry Allen is at the height of his powers and fame, firmly ensconced as Central City's favorite hero – but when being The Flash forces him to let Iris down one time too many, she decides to call it quits. Undeterred, Barry figures he can use the speed force to go back in time and set things right. But something goes wrong, Barry tumbles into a new dimension, finding himself in a small bedroom with Captain Cold, his powers gone.… , , ,
The Green Lama The Green Lama Full Cast Superhero Thriller Series Back for the first time in decades, join Jethro Dumont--a.k.a., the green-robed Buddhist superhero known as the Green Lama--as he and his allies attempt to stop a gang war from subsuming New York City. Aided by the Riveter , , , ,
The hero's journey: A superhero monologue podcast The hero's journey: A superhero monologue podcast Full Cast Superhero Anthology In this unique podcast, you will hear some of your favourite superheroes and iconic villains come to life as they narrate powerful and thought-provoking monologues. Each episode features a different comic book hero narrating their own personal story, giving you an intimate look into their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Tune in! , , , ,
  The Last Son of Gifton The Last Son of Gifton Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/darms4/the-last-son-of-gifton> Description The Last Son of Gifton is a full cast audio drama that tells the origin of Santa Claus in the style of the origin of Superman. In this story, Christoph Kringle is the last survivor from the planet Gifton who arrives on Earth on Christmas Eve. As an adult, he battles Jack Frost, who threatens to cover the world with ice. The audio drama is a project by the students of the Conestoga … , , , ,
The Late Night Power Hour with Chip Silver The Late Night Power Hour with Chip Silver Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a PODCAST! Join Chip Silver and his trusty sidekick, Ronnie Bronze, on their late night talk show as they dish on local news and interview Arden City's favorite superheroes and most notorious villains. , , , , ,
The Mirage Barrage The Mirage Barrage Narrated Superhero Series In the Mirage Universe, a great being from another dimension sleeps within the core of the Earth. So powerful is he that even his dreams can grant individuals extraordinary powers- super powers! Tales of superheroes, supervillains, secret agents, inter-dimensional travelers and a myriad of other characters will unfurl in this- the Mirage Barrage! Expect excitement, intrigue, action, mystery and more! No tale is too big or too small for the Mirage U… , , , ,
The Misadventures of Mann and Ravenshield The Misadventures of Mann and Ravenshield Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Have you ever wondered what the current MCU would sound like as a radio show? Or ever wondered what common people (and one inept guy) do in the MCU while the superheroes are out there in the spotlight? , , , , ,
  The Murverse The Murverse Homepage * Website: <http://www.murverse.com/> Description The Murverse is the personal website for writer Mur Lafferty, who contributes to several audio drama projects and has made several of her own novels available as free audiobooks. She was, until July 2007, the host and co-editor of the horror anthology podcast , , , , ,
  The Old Time Radio Superman Show The Old Time Radio Superman Show Homepage * Website: <http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/11773> Description The Old Time Radio Superman Show is a podcast by Adam Graham featuring episodes of the 1940s Superman radio show staring Bud Collyer. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link free old_time_radio superhero , ,
The Phone Booth (The Fool's Gallery) The Phone Booth (The Fool's Gallery) Full Cast Superhero Series 15 years ago, a girl named Beca Orlofsky stepped into the sky and exploded. Over the course of the following week, 99% of every living human on the planet gained a super-power. Now, podcaster Joe Pollard travels the world, interviewing people who went to sleep ordinary and woke up as something else. , , ,
  The River The River Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/jclapper4/the-river-part-1> Description The River is a short audio adaptation of the comic book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The River Part 1, Down to the River”, originally published by Mirage on August 1989. free full_cast sound_effects superhero , , ,
  The Russian ComicBook Geek The Russian ComicBook Geek Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDB7t569v1XkjBtwDnOMPg> Description The Russian ComicBook Geek is a YouTube channel that, among other content, presents audio adaptations (referred to as “motion comics”) of scenes from comic books. full_cast sound_effects streaming superhero , , ,
The Secret World Chronicle The Secret World Chronicle Narrated Superhero Science Fiction Series Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey along with newcomers Dennis Lee and Cody Martin have joined forces to create a superhero-themed braided novel podcast series called The Secret World Chronicle, employing the talents of artist and author Larry Dixon and voice artist and author Veronica Giguere. The series depicts an ensemble cast of metahuman characters coping with worldwide attacks by a mysterious, technologica… , , , ,
  The Shadow Radio Plays The Shadow Radio Plays Homepage * Website: <https://soundcloud.com/wmco-90-7-fm-the-orbit/the-shadow-radio-plays> Description The Shadow Radio Plays is a live performance of two episodes of the old time radio show The Shadow, “The Death Triangle” and “The Plot Murder”. Between the two episodes is an additional performance of an episode of , , , ,
The Shadow: Black Rock The Shadow: Black Rock Full Cast Thriller Series When a company is swindled & an innocent man is framed, it's up to The Shadow to make sure justice prevails. The solution to the problem, however, is far from simple as complications arise that will test The Shadow's skills in both deduction & survival. A modern-day homage to the Golden Age of radio, this full-cast reproduction climaxes with The Shadow & Margo Lane flying to a dangerous remote island, where danger lurks around every corner. Thi… , , , ,
The Special Twin Sisters The Special Twin Sisters Full Cast Children's Superhero Series There are sisters in this world who are not like all sisters. These are powerful and special. But does 11-year-old Holiday know that? No. She doesn't even know she's one of them ! Join Holiday and her dog, Nugget on an exciting journey of mystery and adventure today !!!! , , , , ,
The Spectrumverse The Spectrumverse Narrated Superhero Series Everyone wants to be a superhero when they are a kid. Billy was no different. When he was growing up, he idolised Metropolis Man and the other superheroes from his home town of Haverford. After a night unlike any other, Billy is forever changed and gains the power to control light. , , , ,
The Sun on Earth The Sun on Earth Full Cast Superhero Series Flying “white boys” are “just what we need” in a world where consciousness is not just for sentient beings, nor is human experience. High above, in the sky above our sky, lies consciousness awaiting experience. Through us, it waits no more [some side-effects may occur]. , , , ,
The Trial Of Bruce Wayne The Trial Of Bruce Wayne Full Cast Superhero Series The year is 1966, Bruce Wayne has been arrested and exposed as the Batman. This is his trial. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleEpisode 1: Day One Scyther Audio Dramas batman_the_long_halloweenBatman: The Long Halloweenpower_rangers_the_audio_dramaPower Rangers: The Audio Dramatrial_of_bruce_wayneThe Trial Of Bruce Waynex_men_the_audio_dramaX-Men: The Audio Drama fan_fiction full_cast podcast series … , , , ,
The Wiper! The Wiper! Narrated Superhero Comedy Series Legendary US superhero, The Wiper, let's us take a peek behind the curtain and shares his 'deep super thoughts' about everything from property prices and fashion to superhero movies and cool food trends. , , , , ,
Theatre of Heels Theatre of Heels Narrated Superhero Series Erica Belfry always wanted to be a superhero. What she didn't want was to drive a supervillain's getaway car as her idol, the cybernetic Sleek, chased her while a Shakespeare-quoting bad guy fired lightning bolts at their pursuer. Life can get complicated when you try to follow your dreams. , , ,
Think Fast Think Fast Full Cast Superhero Series Finley is a normal teenager; she stresses about school, boys, and her future. But when she gets the power to think fast, nothing in her life will be the same again. She might find this ability useful at first, but she will soon learn that having superpowers can be just as stressful as real life. , , , , ,
TIGHTS TIGHTS Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series Geoff wants to be a superhero. But he's not very super. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleSeason 1 Trailer comedy full_cast mature podcast series superhero , , , , ,
  Tokyo Demons Tokyo Demons Homepage * Website: <http://www.tokyodemons.com/audio/> Description Tokyo Demons is a serialized story in the style of a Japanese young adult novel. The story follows two supernatural teenagers, Ayase and Jo, as they begin high school in Tokyo in 2002 and are unexpectedly pulled into an underground gang war. The story is being created as both a book and audiobook. , , , ,
Tremendous Boy Tremendous Boy Full Cast Superhero Series A spin-off from the wildly successful Tara Tremendous podcast from Wonkybot Studios, Tremendous Boy centers on Attamis Wa'Ru, aka Tremendous Boy, a mysterious 18-year-old with incredible powers from a dystopian parallel galaxy, struggling between good and evil as he serves the dark and ominous tyrant Lord Drykus of Barrington. , , , ,
  TS-D/JA Productions TS-D/JA Productions Homepage * Website: <https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/> Description TS-D/JA Productions produces a series of short audio skits, available as streaming YouTube videos (see link bellow). Several of the skits are based on Batman and Star Wars. Additional Links , , , , , , , ,
Unlabelled AP Unlabelled AP Role-Playing Superhero Series High school's tough enough without having to grapple with identity issues, a criminal past, or living in a whole new country. Add superpowers to the mix, and things are going to get weird this year at Phoenix Academy. , , , , ,
Up In the Sky Up In the Sky Full Cast Superhero Series Up In the Sky (Radio Play Adaptation) Is a fan written, cast, starring, and produced audio adaptation of Tom King's graphic novel “Superman: Up in the Sky” Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleUp In The Sky - Episode 1 , , ,
  Veidt Radio Theatre Veidt Radio Theatre Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3FBxibZmmd-Zd5Fm8pCrg> Description Veidt Radio Theatre is a YouTube channel that presents original audio dramas styled after old time radio shows, including fictional commercials. The shows are a mixture of genres, including comedy, horror, science fiction, and westerns. , , , , , , ,
Vigil Vigil Full Cast Superhero Series For years, Hero Trackers has covered the biggest news in the world of super powered heroics. What we didn't know is that some of the most influential cases all had one thing in common: Vigil. Join Maria Kennedy as she uncovers who Vigil was and the impact he had on some of the most well-known supers of our age. , , , ,
Wardcliff Academy Wardcliff Academy Full Cast Superhero Series Welcome to the Wardcliff Academy, a school for people with very special abilities. Thomas Kane is one of these people, but his abilities are, shall we say, an anomaly. Welcome to the fully dramatized reading of The Wardcliff Academy, a story written by Landon Powers. , , ,
Waypoint Waypoint Role-Playing Superhero Series We're four nerdy queer people making an actual play podcast using the “Masks” ruleset. Join us on a wild ride through the superhero city of Waypoint, where everything might be possible, but not all is how it seems. , , , , ,
Who Is NO/ONE Who Is NO/ONE Full Cast Superhero Series Nine months ago, the digital activist known as NO/ONE doxxed four people of means and ushered in a murderous “accountability movement” in Pittsburgh. Now, more bodies are turning up—and with them, plenty more questions. Join Pittsburgh Ledger crime reporter Julia Paige and esteemed Metro editor Teddy Barstow as they grapple with this current epidemic of accountability and try to answer one of the biggest questions at the center of it all. Who is NO/ONE… , , ,
Wonder World Comics Wonder World Comics Role-Playing Superhero Series Welcome to Wonder World Comics, an actual play podcast of Masks: A New Generation! Witness the Midnighters do battle with time traveling villains, wrangle rampaging hormones, and discover what it means to be a hero. , , , , ,
  Worm Audiobook Worm Audiobook Homepage * Website: <http://audioworm.rein-online.org/> Description Worm Audiobook is a fan-produced project to create a free audiobook version of the story Worm by J.C. McCrae, about a young girl in a world where superheros release their powers by experiencing extreme stress or trauma. ,
X-Men: The Audio Drama X-Men: The Audio Drama Full Cast Superhero Series X-Men The Audio Drama retells the adventures of the Uncanny X-Men from the very beginning, using the comic book history and stories as a template while retelling and modernizing the tales. Season One told the classic stories of the , , , , ,
  Young Avengers Live Young Avengers Live Homepage * Website: <http://yalivedrama.tumblr.com/> Description Young Avengers Live is a fan fiction audio drama based on the Marvel comic book series Young Avengers. Additional Links * PodOmatic page * RSS feed * SoundCloud page fan_fiction free full_cast sound_effects superhero , , , ,
Your Secret's Safe With Gus Your Secret's Safe With Gus Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series In an isolated farmhouse, miles above his secret lair, lives banished superhero Augustus “Gus” Galilei who fills his days inventing and experimenting alongside his battle android Chester. When his estranged daughter, Viola, arrives, needing his help, Gus must seek assistance from a manny named Chris, their Smart House , , , , ,