Jade City Pharaoh

Jade City Pharaoh is a serialized superhero audio drama that is broadcast on North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC. Episodes are available to listen to online - with more episodes available on the WUNC website than the main homepage.

He's the super spectacular bad ass protector of Jade City. Some call him a right-on-time hero. Some call him a reckless vigilante. All call him the Jade City Pharaoh.

As a child in utero, Herald was injected with experimental drugs which gave him special powers such as flight and the ability to shoot paralyzing beams from his hands.

Herald is also trained in the ancient practice of Bambaataa Martial Science, a discipline that has both given him the skills to control his powers and become a superior warrior for social justice.

But Herald, above all else, is mortal. He doesn't have bulletproof skin or X-ray vision. And after that incident with the Popeye's Chicken 'n' Biscuits sign, he no longer flies in the rain.